The Edmonton Oilers took the BPA and added another marksmen in round one. Now it’s time to add more to the prospect list in day two. There’s good talent available.


  • 2008: None
  • 2009: C Anton Lander
  • 2010: F Tyler Pitlick, D Martin Marincin, L Curtis Hamilton
  • 2011:  D David Musil


  1. L Pontus Aberg NHLE 11-9-20. Speed winger with good skill level, Corey Pronman tells us he played about 10 minutes a night in the SEL (making his production very good). I had him #12 in my top 30, he should be outstanding value for the team taking him.
  2. D Dalton Thrower NHL 7-13-20. Exactly the kind of player teams look for in one significant way: he improved a great deal from September to March. Fine skater with good offensive ability, he’s also a hard hitter and an agitator. Oilers haven’t said a word about him but I can’t imagine they’re unaware of his skills.
  3. D Matt Finn NHLE 6-13-19. Mobile defender with good speed–this defense crop never ends–and looks like a decent candidate to push through and have an NHL career as a PP defender. Finn is not as physical as some of the other kids and that might impact where he goes.
  4. D Damon Severson NHLE 3-13-16. Makes the list for a nice range of skills and his size will make him stand out for some teams (6.02, 200 at age 18). Streaky offense, not as promising offensively as some of the others in this year’s draft.
  5. L Tim Bozon NHLE 13-12-25. I like this player a lot, he’s a good skater with a plus shot and good footspeed. Described as a terrific passer and his shot is rated as being one of the best in the draft. Thinks the game well too, and there’s not much left to criticize.
  6. R Sebastian Collberg NHLE 0-0-0. Played in the SEL this season but didn’t get a lot of playing time.Collberg did play well at the World Juniors (6, 4-3-7) and his scouting report suggests good things offensively. Speed is his calling card and elite prospects tells us he doesn’t shy away from traffic.
  7. D Ludvig Bystrom: (Pronman) Bystrom is a pretty advanced puck-moving defenseman who earned very limited minutes in the SEL this year but really showed his potential to log significant two-way time during international events. His hockey sense is pretty high-end and is evident when you watch him play as he makes so many simple, smart plays consistently all over the ice while displaying a flashy element to his game as well.
  8. L Phil Di Giuseppe: (Craig Button, tsn) Phillip is a good sized winger who plays a hard driving game and makes it difficult for defenders. He is a very good skater with quickness, that may be better than his speed, and allows him to create opportunities for himself and his team. His agility and balance is strong and he’s very difficult to push away from where he desires to go.
  9. D Ville Pokka: Described as having a nice range of skills, reports stop short of suggesting he has a complete skill set. Intriguing offense at the lower levels, had a strong playoff. He is well regarded by some and barely mentioned by others, but would seem to be a good bet to go in the top 75.
  10. L Martin Frk: (Craig Button) Martin is a goal scorer. He wants to score, is hungry to score and is that player who is lurking for the chance to score. He plays a straight ahead game and is more of a shooter. He has a good shot and can beat goaltenders with it down the wing and it’s a heavy shot. His skating is good in straight lines and he creates separation between himself and defenders.
  11. R Colton Scissons (Craig Button) Colton is a straight ahead up and down winger. There is not one area of his game that stands out but he is consistent in his effort and plays a dependable and responsible game. He works hard and plays with a tenacity that can wear down opponents. His skating is good and along with strong balance, it allows him to play strong along the boards and in 1-1 physical battles.
  12. G Oscar Dansk: (McKeens) Dansk is arguably the best stick handler in the draft. He plays a hybrid style that is both calm and collected and has solid net coverage thanks to his 6’2 frame. Dansk had a strong regular season but faltered in the playoffs, however his performance to conclude the season at the World U18 Championships led to a silver medal despite being pulled in the gold medal game. Dansk is a composed goalie with solid fundamentals
  13. L Nicolas Kerdiles: (Craig Button) Nicolas is a very skilled and talented player. He is a very good skater, effortless with speed, quickness and agility and he uses it to his advantage to create offensive chances. He is a hard player to defend against because he changes speed and keeps defenders off balance but he can quickly strike because he has very good sense and recognizes when an opportunity is there or about to be there. He has very good puck skills and a good release on his shot and passes the puck so well.
  14. R Brian Hart: (Craig Button) Brian may draw some comparisons to former NHL player Bill Guerin. Bill possessed excellent speed at 18 years of age and it’s something that Brian will have to improve upon to be considered in the same skating class. The comparison is apt in the sense that they are both hard driving players who engage physically and have the size to not only gain advantages for themselves, they have temperaments that can make an opponent hesitant to want to engage with them.
  15. C Mike Winther: Speedy center sounds like a poor man’s Todd Marchant based on scouting reports. Scored 32 goals in a very good league and has a nice range of skills. Craig Button loves him.
  16. C Lukas Sutter: A hard-nosed and physical centre for the Saskatoon Blades. He plays physical, hits hard and isn’t afraid to drop the gloves.  He’s defensively responsibly and was counted on to play in key defensive situations all season long, including as one of the teams top penalty killers.
  17. L Coda Gordon: An impressive goal scorer who lacks size and is not a speed merchant. I have no idea where he goes in the draft but man he’s an interesting offensive prospect.


  1. C JIMMY VESEY. Took some time to develop but has a nice resume and might end up emerging a quality offensive player. Vesey is 6.02, 200 so if the scoring falters he might be able to catch on as a 2-way forward with decent hands. Turner 19 last month.
  2. D ESA LINDELL. With (Jokerit) went 48, 21-30-51 in the Finnish junior league this season and is 6.02, 190. He may end up being that ridiculous offensive talent from the blueline Edmonton needs. His name isn’t as unique as Reijo Ruotsalainen but his numbers scream special.
  3. F MITCH MOROZ. Oilers drafted Travis Ewanyk in the third round a year ago and Moroz is a similar player going down a similar path. Moroz is not a player who will (likely) find a home on a scoring line but Edmonton Oilers value “energy” on the 4th line and enforcer types. He is a little raw as a player but has enjoyed a nice run during the post-season.
  4. D CALLE ANDERSON. Impressive defender from the Farjestad factory and might be available in this area. speeds mentioned in the thread below that Redline was disappointed in him this year but at this point in the draft you’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle.
  5. F FRANCIS BEAUVILLIER He’s a stringbean and doesn’t appear to be a feature player, but he scored 16 even-strength goals in 67 games (tied for 2nd on the team). He’s a terrific skater and apparently played quite a bit on the PK. Might be worth a later selection.
  6. D DILLON FOURNIER: Defender with plenty of offense should get a lot of interest at the draft. Plus skater and puck mover, he had some shoulder problems this season. LH, but Corey Pronman saw him playing right side which is a small plus arrow.  He seems to have some chaos in his game, but I haven’t read anything that makes me believe he’s the second coming of Marc-Andre Bergeron.
  7. L BRADY VAIL: Two way winger who made huge progress season over season and is described as being a very good shadow for some of the OHL’s best opponents. Add that to 22 goals and 52 points and he’s certainly worth 3rd round consideration by the Oilers.


  1. Paul DeJersey, BCJHL: Late-blooming PF with skill, described as deadly in close, shifty for a 200-pounder and with hands that are unbelievable.
  2. Matthew Beattie, USHS: Tireless worker with skills to match the effort.
  3. Jordan Martinook, WHL: 6.0, 209 and described as a power forward. Good foot speed for his size and a plus shot from what the internet tells us.
  4. Erik Thorell, SEL: Thorell is a speedy, slightly undersized forward with good hockey sense and a fearless approach to the game.
  5. Nikita Gusev, Rus Jr: Small and ridiculously talented forward who stomped the Russian junior league with 30 goals in 34 games.
  6. Michael Houser, OHL: Goalie has been passed over before but a .925SP and some playoff fame should get him a look at this year’s draft.


As I write this, the draft is one round old. With so much yet to be decided, we plan on having an enormous number of guests to cover every possible angle. Scheduled to appear:

Day two of the most wonderful time of the year. Hope you can tune in.

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  1. bookje says:

    Yesterday was easy – today is the day that the scouts earn their money.

  2. Marc says:

    A couple of interesting points from Gregor’s interview with Tambellini last night (on ON):

    “I asked Steve Tambellini his thoughts on what holes the organization will be trying to fill tomorrow.

    “On the defensive side we have a lot of young D coming into the system over the next couple of years who we know are going to play. I think where we do need to get better is to have that heaviness, and not just from a physicality standpoint, but the heaviness of being able to play with our top-six or top-nine. We need some of that in our organization. Most of the time, the players that are that strong and that skilled, you have to draft them to get them and we are looking for something like that.”

    Did you try to acquire another first round pick?

    “We did try to move up into the 2nd half of the first round, but there was at least three other teams trying to do the same thing with the same player.”

    I’m guessing that Aberg and Collberg will be passed up in favour of Di Guiseppe or Scissons (unless they really, really like one of the D).

    And it sounds like they and others tried to move up to get Maata or Samuelsson but couldn’t get anyone to play ball.

  3. DeadmanWaking says:

    Early post. Excellent! I didn’t think you could sleep. I thought this fresh article I came across yesterday at edge.org would be a nice seed for day two:

    The other part that’s really important, as you start to look for opportunities is what I would call pattern recognition or peripheral vision. There’s a really interesting study, if you put a dot on a screen and you put images like colors around it. If you tell the person to look at the dot, they’ll see the stuff on the first reading, but the minute you give somebody a financial incentive to watch it, I’ll give you ten bucks to watch the dot, those peripheral images disappear. If you’ve ever gone mushroom hunting, it’s a very similar phenomenon. If you are trying to find mushrooms in a forest, the whole thing is you have to stop looking, and then suddenly your pattern recognition kicks in and the mushrooms pop out. Hunters do this same thing, archers looking for animals.

    The funny thing about humans is that one day they will espouse BPA from the rafters, then the next missed trade deadline they’ll be ranting about deviations from the Chicago or Pittsburgh or–just in–the LA template.

    This team we have now is a mushroom hunter’s paradise: highly unsuited to emplate-based thinking, but potentially amazing if you can work around the holes. Here’s one potential upside among many: opposing coaches who stare at the dots are in for a world of hurt.

    I sure hope when Tambi’s eyes glaze over the answer is Justin Schultz and a prized chanterelle. Last year we got a Towering Toadstool and a Shaggy Mane. That was OK, I guess, as far as it went.

    An estimated 95% of plants form mycorrhizal partnerships with fungi. The types of mushrooms these fungi produce are difficult to cultivate and are often found only in nature.

    Sharp eyes, boys, sharp eyes.

  4. Marc says:

    Also, I’m not sure anyone said this on the thread last night, but the professionalism of the organisation in keeping their pick secret was extremely impressive. It goes to show that it if the brain trust of the organisation don’t want something known, then it isn’t going to be known.

    The fact that the scouts weren’t told who the pick was also suggests that the rumblings that LT, Woodguy and others were hearing about Murray or Reinhardt being the pick were coming from the scouts, so the top of the office shut them out of the decision to seal the leaks.

  5. Marc says:

    One more interesting quote from the Gregor interview. Talking about Yakupov:

    “He’s an emotional player, an explosive player, and so for us trying to figure out what that will look like with Hopkins, Hall, Eblerle, Paajarvi, Hemsky… Wow, it’s exciting.”

    By my count that’s twice in the last couple of days that Tambellini has listed the young core of the Oilers and not mentioned Gagner. I’d be shocked if he’s still with the team in two weeks time.

  6. TheOtherJohn says:


    With a super early, or really really late, post. The relief after Yak being selected is palpable.Tension left the room I was in. Was feeling sorry for the little Finn that dropped 10-12 slots, then he got selected by Chicago. He may actually be in paradise!!

    Astounded with what Pittsburgh was able to turn the one year remaining on J Staal’s contract into. Real, real solid deal.

    Have no difficulty using non core assets into top 4 D, everything should be on the table: roster players, picks, prospects. That includes #32

  7. Professor Q says:


    What about the professionalism of Tambi just jumping up and announcing the pick, with no thanks to Pittsburgh or congratulations to L.A. unlike most of the other Managers (although the next few picks didn’t either, the first overall selector you would think would show something)?

  8. jonrmcleod says:

    I don’t get NHL Network. Does anyone know if it’s going to be on nhl.com?

  9. jonrmcleod says:

    Professor Q:

    What about the professionalism of Tambi just jumping up and announcing the pick, with no thanks to Pittsburgh or congratulations to L.A. unlike most of the other Managers (although the next few picks didn’t either, the first overall selector you would think would show something)?

    I was glad he immediately announced the pick. Don’t put Oiler fans through any more suspense!

  10. Lucinius says:

    Personally, I actually like the fact they didn’t hand out the meaningless thanks and congratulations or hand off selection to so-and-so or utterly pointless (hello Vancouver) call outs to former players.

    You’re there to draft a player it shouldn’t take you 10-70 seconds just to get to it after the long shuffle to the podium.

    I’d also like to see fewer people trundle on up there. Some of the retinues were 8-9 people.

    I just see it all as pointless, time-wasting posturing.

  11. cabbiesmacker says:

    From nhl.com

    Yakupov is an ethnic Tatar from the city of Nizhnekamsk, 500 miles east of Moscow

    So his nickname will be Steak or Taters?

  12. Marc says:

    Professor Q,

    As an organisational weakness I prefer inability to do platitudes to inability to keep a critical decision secret.

    But that’s just me.

  13. hunter1909 says:

    Once more I say Lucas Sutter.

    That family is the western Canadian gold standard for good hockey players.

    Yaks/Hall/Ebs/RNH …the mind boggles.

  14. hunter1909 says:

    Re Oilers management plans for the upcoming season:

    By all means pick up two good defencemen, but…load up on killers who are prepared to go see Shanahan every time anyone so much as looks at any of the Fab Four.

  15. Professor Q says:


    Oh for sure, I was only nitpicking I suppose. Excited for today as well. Why is everyone’s post italicised?

  16. DeadmanWaking says:

    You know, when people stare at Horcov’s contract, the hockey player disappears completely. Money is a funny thing.

    I wonder if Yak gets billeted with Caddybulin for a few months.

    Yak: Zdravstvuj, comrade. Are you the coach?
    Caddy: Nyet. I’m your driver.
    Yak: Sweet! Bet you’ve got a nice ride. [In Russian] Say, too bad we’re not back in the motherland. Uncle works for Sukhoi and runs a little paint shop on the side. Kicks X-band to the corner. In K-band, no rebound at all.

    Maybe he doesn’t get billeted with Caddybulin after all.

    PS: I put clever markup at the front of my post to make the italic go away.

  17. Captain Obvious says:

    They aren’t going to take the forwards with skill so I’m hoping for Finn. Based on the description I don’t like Scissons.

    But all of this is just filler. The big news is a the trade for a D making 4-5M. I’ll take anyone at this point.

    I can’t believe how much the Penguins got in return for Staal. I also can’t believe they wasted it on Pouliot.

    I repeat what I said yesterday. NHL general managers are stunningly bad at their job.

  18. bookje says:

    Personally, I actually like the fact they didn’t hand out the meaningless thanks and congratulations or hand off selection to so-and-so or utterly pointless (hello Vancouver) call outs to former players.

    You’re there to draft a player it shouldn’t take you 10-70 seconds just to get to it after the long shuffle to the podium.

    I’d also like to see fewer people trundle on up there. Some of the retinues were 8-9 people.

    I just see it all as pointless, time-wasting posturing.

    Agreed. Hearing every team congratulate the Kings and thank Pittsburg got a little dull.

  19. skidplate says:

    Got to be Finn. BPA

  20. Lowetide says:

    Why is everything in italics?

  21. skidplate says:

    Natioanl Italics day.

  22. skidplate says:

    eat lots of pasta and talk with your hands

  23. Captain Obvious says:

    Why is everything in italics?

    Cabbiesmacker broke the thread.

  24. skidplate says:

    I like Sutter as well, but maybe we can trade and get a second second round pick.

    Oh who am I kidding.

  25. Halfwise says:

    Professor Q:

    What about the professionalism of Tambi just jumping up and announcing the pick, with no thanks to Pittsburgh or congratulations to L.A. unlike most of the other Managers (although the next few picks didn’t either, the first overall selector you would think would show something)?

    The broadcast lost 4 minutes right at the start due to what TSN announced as a “Staging” issue requiring the podium to be moved. It would not surprise me if the first bunch of GMs were told to skip the empty pleasantries so that the lost minutes could be recovered.

  26. DBO says:

    Anyone have an online feed for the the NHL network feed?

  27. skidplate says:

    We took Moroz. Too early. IMO

  28. Maestro Fresh Mess says:

    wow, Moroz a bit early at 32

  29. Captain Obvious says:

    Horrible, horrible, horrible pick. Fuck the Oilers are stupid.

  30. skidplate says:

    CBL _ Dansk
    EDM: Moroz
    MTL: Collberg

  31. DBO says:

    NHL network has it online.

  32. DBO says:

    And on another note, with Duchesne’s new deal, gotta think Gagner gets no more then $3 mill right?

  33. Captain Obvious says:

    Gregor: “.Some might say a bit early, but they desperately needed a guy with his grit and skill.”

    Too bad they didn’t take someone with skill. This is worse than the Ewanyk pick. It’s official. I do not trust Stu.

    This is why you should always trade second round picks and later for NHL players. Scouts are retarded monkeys.

  34. DBO says:

    The Oil wanted an Oil King I guess. Familiarity = overvaluing. just like how we over value our own prospects (as does every team)

  35. Captain Obvious says:

    Nashville with a major steal. It’s so easy to see which teams are ahead of the curve and which are living in another century.

  36. DBO says:

    Captain Obvious,

    I actually think once we drafted the smaller Yakupov, we were sure to coke machine it in the first few rds. This is a Tambo pick, not a Stu pick.

    This is Tambo asking Stu – “who is the biggest, meanest toughest player with skill available”.
    Stu “Moroz, but we have him at 60″.
    Tambo “like that name”

  37. Captain Obvious says:


    Perhaps. I think you nailed it on your earlier comment. Familiarity=overvaluing. They should be forbidden from drafting Oil Kings.

  38. DBO says:

    fyi, new thread

  39. bubbasnickey says:



  40. PerryK says:

    Jujhar Khaira?

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