Bob McKenzie is moments away from his final list. Jon Willis has a fun item up at CULT OF HOCKEY predicting (with early help from Derek Zona) the Oilers picks this draft.

I figured it might be fun to have a lash, so here we go.

  •  #5 overall: D GRIFFIN REINHART. I think the Oilers decide to trade down and take their version of “cornerstone” defenseman.Big, strong and mobile with a cannon for a shot. Reinhart is not a short term solution and will need time to develop.

  • #16 overall:R HENRIK SAMUELSSON. Oilers deal the pick they get from Toronto and their own 2nd rd pick and move up in order to take a power winger with some edge. Samuelsson won’t come quickly but he might just be that prick Edmonton is always looking for in the draft.
  • #63 overall: C JIMMY VESEY. Took some time to develop but has a nice resume and might end up emerging a quality offensive player. Vesey is 6.02, 200 so if the scoring falters he might be able to catch on as a 2-way forward with decent hands. Turner 19 last month.
  • #91 overall:D ESA LINDELL. With (Jokerit) went 48, 21-30-51 in the Finnish junior league this season and is 6.02, 190. He may end up being that ridiculous offensive talent from the blueline Edmonton needs. His name isn’t as unique as Reijo Ruotsalainen but his numbers scream special.
  • #93 overall: F MITCH MOROZ. A guy I’d think Edmonton will take in the third round if they like him, hoping he’ll turn into that big, tough winger who can keep up to the skill guys. He is the player in the photo at the top of this article.
  • #123 overall:D CALLE ANDERSON. Impressive defender from the Farjestad factory and might be available in this area. speeds mentioned in the thread below that Redline was disappointed in him this year but at this point in the draft you’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle.
  • #153 overall: F FRANCIS BEAUVILLIER He’s a stringbean and doesn’t appear to be a feature player, but he scored 16 even-strength goals in 67 games (tied for 2nd on the team). He’s a terrific skater and apparently played quite a bit on the PK. Might be worth a later selection.

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13 Responses to "DRAFT WEEK POST #11: OILERS PICKS"

  1. RyMosh4 says:

    Awww, come on, are you going to leave out the projected trade? 5, Schenn and a pick?

  2. PDO says:

    Unless Jake Gardiner and multiple picks, including TO’s first next year, is coming to Edmonton… that would be nothing short of disastrous.

  3. TheOtherJohn says:

    How do we trade down to 5 and also acquire 16? No clue why Oil love Reinhart when they have big body defensive D in Klefbom, Musil and Marincin. Think they need Reilly’s offense

  4. Ducey says:

    Wow, two trades on Friday? For Tambo? Not likely.

    I am guessing they stand pat (as almost everyone does in the first round). They will take Yakupov at #1. If Reinhart is still there at #8, they will trade Gagner to CAR to get the #8 and some sort of prospect/ defenseman.

    I would be excited if they got Moroz and Lindell. I know nothing about Lindell but he has size and good numbers and I feel like I picked him out of the crowd a few weeks ago.

    I don’t know anything about Willis’ picks either but they look damn small. I like LT’s picks better (except Anderson) – he sounds like a KP pick/ Martindale (tools but no heart).

  5. Rondo says:

    Bob got Reinhart at #4.

  6. regwald says:

    Samuelsson @ 36th.

  7. Jafo says:

    Grigorenko at 12?

  8. blackdog says:

    Someone is going to take Grigorenko and laugh their asses off for a decade.

  9. PDO says:

    Someone is going to take Grigorenko and laugh their asses off for a decade.

    Won’t go top 10, and I bet someone trades up for him too.

    Washington won’t touch him. Neither would Minn.

    Calgary? Buffalo?

    Not sure.

    Detroit would move up for him if they had a 1st. Pittsburgh would be a good fit. LA.

    Beyond that? Too many teams have been burned and the dye is cast. Columbus, St. Louis, Washington, NYR, Winnipeg… can’t see any of them touching Grigorenko.

  10. sliderule says:

    Reinhart was dropped quickly from WJ team because of his skating.

    I see a lot more Plante in him than Pronger.

  11. DeadmanWaking says:

    Nice piece syndicated today on aldaily: Crumbling like a Roman aqueduct:

    Possibly it’s the automatism, the compulsiveness, that’s depressing. Because another variety of bad tweet is the one that would actually be pretty good if the tweeter hadn’t taken it upon himself to shtick-ify his personality. Thus a funny person, alive to the wisdom of building your brand, calcifies into a humorist, or a clever person into a witticist. It can be very amusing, Dickensian, when a fictional avatar has a narrow, caricatured personality: the girl who says, exclusively, shit girls say, or the tween hobo or out-of-touch masculine blowhard who is always true to type. It’s a lot less funny when a real person, supposedly the many-sided hero of his own life, decides to say only one sort of thing, and say it all the time.

    That wasn’t the title of the piece (the actual title is sacrificed on the altar of making a point about no point). I chose instead a phrase that exemplifies missing the mark. If only the boys on the bus had crumbled like a Roman aqueduct, we wouldn’t be shirtless in the desert salivating over every twitch of the dowsing rod. Detroit crumbles like a Roman aqueduct while other teams crumble like a Jamaican bobsled track.

    I have something to say about cliche. I try to write with cliche, rather than of cliche. I was contemplating when I dropped the image of Pinball and Gizmo trying to escape Mordor through the main gate wearing the orc helmets of Frodo and Samwise (the image still makes me laugh) why I take comic refuge so often in LOTR.

    It’s because Jackson has some kind of miracle gift for dangling the audience over the cliche abyss then yanking it back again–Don’t you let go, Mr. Frodo!–as if anyone would have the presence of mind to grapple an unseen ridge after toppling over a volcanic cleft in MMA grapple with a cat-sack of eyeballs and fingernails (immediately after being shorn to nine fingers) in complete defiance of the laws of toast. Jackson helps himself to a Warner Bros second assist and the audience eats the popcorn instead of throwing it. Amazing. Notice how Gollum the bone-bag sinks into thick magma without so much as a weighted scuba belt while the metallic trinket that carved its carrychain into Frodo’s neck apron clings valiantly for the duration of a CGI set-piece to invisible bubbles of magmitic Kräusen.

    That’s the standard Jackson yank. For my taste, Jackson does once or twice lose it completely. For me, the worst moment involves the majestic eye-candy Grond.

    Aragorn: How long do you need?
    Théoden: As long as you can give me!

    That exchange would disappoint if it transpired between a pair of newlyweds equally inexperienced in the art of tipping stemware.

    What should have happened: Gimli should have evened the score with Legolas, toyboy of the X-generation, by axing the rope off one of those anchor-like grappling hooks lobbed in the first high-wall assault then doing what any good hockey player would have done instinctively and shoved the the gnarly hooks between Grond’s teeth preventing his withdrawal from his half-hymen incursion through the oaken door plates.

    Aragorn: Assemble the horses! Ride out and meet them!
    Théoden: Those gates will burst at the first mighty heave. I know my keep!
    Gimli: As any dwarf knows, it takes more to withdraw a wedged shaft than to heave it in.
    Aragorn: They’ll not succeed without stringing some tow lines. Gimli, I’ll have to toss you.
    Gimli: OK, boss.
    Legolas: That only counts as one!

    In the actual movie, how long does it take Théoden and his men to assemble the gleaming cavalry while fighting back a five on three (with a bench severely depleted after several bench-clearing brawls)? Basically a trumpet toot and a jump cut. Somehow the sad-sack non-hockey audience fails to realize that Grond’s teeth are all show and no go. Personally I can’t watch Jackon’s showy dental pyre without begging to feed it a pole snack.

    Yet somehow I keep watching Lord of the Cliche Retractor over and over again.

    The other moment when Jackson loses it completely:

    Aragorn: How long do you need?
    Théoden: Not half as long as it takes Denethir to cross the ramparts of Gonder in splendid immolence.

    If they had more Denethirs on the Hindenburg, they could have got most of the passengers into the life rafts. Please, nobody tell James Cameron.

  12. Nail and Nuge says:

    Lowetide, I am a fan but…. this would be a terrible, terrible, terrible…well you get the point, result for the Edmonton Oilers. Let me review:

    1. Reinhart at 5- Despite the sudden push by Bob M that moves Griffin to top 5, I maintain this guy is massively over-valued by the Oilers faithful. Nil nasty streak. 6’4″ and seemingly doesn’t know it with the way he uses it his size. Offensively not overly gifted. Is he even ready for the NHL next year? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose in pushing for a player now.

    2. Samuelson: From everything I have read, his rankings are skewed all over (Central scouting have hi at 45 ish non?), Yet we want our 2nd Oil Kings of 2 picks because he plays with a nasty streak.

    I could go on. The only positive here is that Reinhart was not picked number one and we had some sort of return (not described what that is)

  13. Lowetide says:

    Nail and Nuge: Please understand, I have Yakupov #1 on my list, have from the start. This is what I think they will do.

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