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22 Responses to "ON STANLEY!"

  1. Gerta Rauss says:

    Congrats to the LA franchise-those fans have watched a lot of bad hockey for a lot of years-this must be really sweet for them.

    That’s great for Mitchell-the Oilers could use a couple of Willie Mitchell’s.

    ….and Jarret Stoll…and Matt Greene…good for them.

  2. jake70 says:

    Big win. Good thing they had all that cap space this year to help Lombardi shape his roster ;) . Penner with 2 cups now…..he isn’t chuckling to himself or anything lol.

  3. stevezie says:

    I’m even happy for Sutter. Sweet as it is, it’s also kind of sad every year. With each new calander it becomes slightly less likely that I will ever find a way to hoist the cup. Ah well.

  4. DSF says:

    So, how do we do this?

    Franchise goaltender √

    Franchise defenseman √

    Centre depth √

    A brace of wingers. Not so much,

  5. dawgtoy says:

    Is that Bernie Nicholls that I see with the cup?

  6. Lowetide says:

    Marcel Dionne. Played 20 years or so, never won a Stanley. His brother? Won in about 5 year career.

  7. spoiler says:

    Marcel Dionne. Played 20 years or so, never won a Stanley. His brother? Won in about 5 year career.

    Bernie was one of the management group raising the cup on the old Milton Berle.

    Ranford too.

    I think that’s what Dawg was talking about.

  8. csimpson18 says:

    DSF, you realize how faulty your logic is right? You realize that the Kings only won one of the last 95 cups? And that there’s more than one way to skin a cat? I have to give you the benefit of the doubt. Such knee-jerk idiocy.

    Congrats Stoll, Greene and Penner.

  9. stevezie says:

    So, how do we do this?

    Franchise goaltender √

    Franchise defenseman √

    Centre depth √

    A brace of wingers. Not so much,

    What’s your point? Serious question.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Ah, gotcha. I was glad to see Ron Hextall win too, crap he played like a lion for the Flyers in ’87.

  11. bookje says:

    Wonder how Ryan Smyth feels this evening. Sitting at home watching the Kings win the cup waiting for his agent to call to tell him if the one team he has indicted he is willing to play for will up their offer to him?

    Hope his kids really like their Canadian school cause dad might be a bit bitchy for a few weeks.

  12. Ducey says:

    Lost interest in the playoffs weeks ago.

    Just watched the MacT presser. Nice shot on Bob Stauffer. I wonder how he feels now that MacT is his boss?

  13. jb says:

    stevezie: What’s your point? Serious question.

    His point is pretty clear.

    It’s happy times in Oiler land.. about the draft Yakupov(likely), management now has the intention on filling holes and improving, and a great mind was brought back into the organization. The endless suckage has an end in sight.

    DSF is just sad, sad and lonely. He just watched the Kings do what the Canucks could never hope to achieve. Let him vent guys, he needs us.

  14. DBO says:


    I think he is implying that we have the opposite of the kings. No franchise goalie or dman. No top end centre depth, but we do have wingers.

    What we lack is size and top depth on D. Quick was a good goalie that blossomed the last few years behind a D with depth and talent. Add a Shultz and one more top end dman and Dubnyk will be a .920 save percentage goalie, which for us is great.

    one thing about MacT around is i expect he’ll fish out some solid two way guys to round out the roster. or am i dreaming.

    And with Chris Kelly getting $3 mill a year, I expect Gagner to get closer to $4 mill, which may spell the end for him. Unless it’s on a deal for no more then 2 years.

  15. Rondo says:

    Marcel Dionne was a great regular season player.Couldn’t score the big goals. Overrated player

  16. freeze says:

    I thought it was great to see Sutter so happy. He seems like a decent man and its great for him to be rewarded; he certainly played a role in this one.
    Also great to see all the former Oilers rewarded. I wish I could visualize it for our current group…

  17. D says:


    All in all, a good day for hockey. There are a LOT of hockey fans in Los Angeles and a big city win like this has to be good for the NHL. My only regret is that this wasn’t a Rangers-Kings final. That would have generated enormous television ratings for the league. That being said, this is a good day for the business of hockey.

  18. peeps says:

    Thanks Lowetide for making another year of NHL hockey better than the average Oilers fan should expect.

    Happy to see the Kings finally win the cup, but am especially thrilled to see Penner win the cup again. With today’s acquisition, I suppose we won’t be trying to sign Pancakes in the offseason, but it sure would be nice to have a big body in the top 6 (or even the top 9).

    With that in mind, are we going to follow the Kings model now? Or are we still on Chicago?

  19. Marc says:

    In other news, Burke has angrily denied that he has talked to the Oilers about sending Schenn for the first overall or has any interest in doing so:


  20. danny says:

    Dustin Penner Stanley Cup % (excluding trade years)

    Not an Oiler – 2/2 (100%)
    Oiler – 0/3(0%)

  21. godot10 says:

    Dustin Penner Stanley Cup % (excluding trade years)

    Not an Oiler – 2/2 (100%)
    Oiler – 0/3(0%)

    Technically, Dustin Penner played about 20 games in the regular season, and all of the playoffs for Anaheim the year the Oilers beat Anaheim in the playoffs, and went all the way to the SC final.

    Penner had really already “graduated” from the AHL…so 2/3 (67%), I believe would be more accurate for the Not an OIler category.

  22. DSF says:

    stevezie: What’s your point? Serious question.

    My point is contending teams are built from the back end out and down the middle.

    Almost without exception.

    All the Oilers need is an above average goalie, two top pairing defensemen, and a couple of centres and they should be good to go.

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