The ’92s

Every year there are some older prospects selected in the NHL draft. Re-entries, kids who passed through in previous seasons, there’s value and risk in these names.

  • Tanner Pearson, OHL: “He has the size to play at the next level, competes hard, skates well, and has really become a dynamic offensive player off the rush and in the offensive zone. The numbers don’t lie, he’s been extremely consistent this season, and frankly, he’s become a player you notice in every game.” -The Scouting Report
  • Paul DeJersey, BCJHL: Late-blooming PF with skill, described as deadly in close, shifty for a 200-pounder and with hands that are unbelievable.
  • Matthew Beattie, USHS: Tireless worker with skills to match the effort.
  • Jordan Martinook, WHL: 6.0, 209 and described as a power forward. Good foot speed for his size and a plus shot from what the internet tells us.
  • Erik Thorell, SEL: Thorell is a speedy, slightly undersized forward with good hockey sense and a fearless approach to the game.
  • Nikita Gusev, Rus Jr: Small and ridiculously talented forward who stomped the Russian junior league with 30 goals in 34 games.
  • Michael Houser, OHL: Goalie has been passed over before but a .925SP and some playoff fame should get him a look at this year’s draft.

No specific order and not intended to be a complete list. Interesting bunch. Here’s a list of Oiler picks over the last 5 seasons who were drafted in the summer they turned 20:

  • Frans Tuohimaa, SM-Liiga (jr) 2011. Had a strong season a year ago in the Finnish juniors, elevated to the SM-Liiga this fall and struggled. 
  • Kellen Jones, BCJHL 2010. Skilled forward with some size issues, he’s made very good progress in the NCAA.
  • Kyle Bigos, BCJHL 2009. Huge defender had an impressive career with Vernon and is still on the prospect radar for the Oilers after three NCAA seasons.
  • Jordan Bendfeld, WHL 2008. Drafted as an 18-year old by Phoenix in 2006, Edmonton tooki him on re-entry two seasons later. Bendfeld did sign a pro contract but played only 26 AHL games and did not play organized hockey this season.
  • Linus Omark, SEL 2007. An astute choice that looks like it’ll go for naught, Omark covered his bet and could still have an NHL career.

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21 Responses to "The ’92s"

  1. Jonathan Willis says:

    And somehow LT resists the urge to bring up Kyle Brodziak. I’m astonished!

  2. Lowetide says:

    I’ve matured. :-)

  3. DSF says:

    Or Chris Tanev.

    It’s what separates the men from the boys.

  4. DSF says:

    From a new article on ON:

    Larionov is the agent for both Yakupov and Galchenyuk.

    AO: What did the Oilers tell you?

    IL: Tambellini told me: ‘We like him. We want him. But we’re going to make a decision the day before the draft’. I also know the Habs want to get one of my guys – either Nail or Alex [Galchenyuk]. So do the Leafs. It is possible that the Leafs are going to trade their draft pick and get both of them.

  5. Lowetide says:

    I mentioned this somewhere, Burke’s the guy to watch. Massive ego and empire builder.

  6. Traktor says:

    The best 92 is Joey Laleggia.

    I actually drafted him in a mock draft in 2009 and then again in another mock draft in 2010 lol.

    38 points this year on the blueline for U. of Denver as a freshman.

  7. Traktor says:

    The best undrafted player to re-enter might be Kevin Roy.

    54 goals, 104 points in 59 games in the USHL.

    He is a ’93.

    That’s a tough league to score that many points.

  8. DSF says:


    Reported today that a trade in the works between Brian Burke and Steve Tambellini: JAKE GARDINER – NAZEM KADRI – (G) JONAS GUSTAFFSON – 5th Overall 2012 Pick for OILERS 1st Overall Pick and (G) Olivier ROY

    The Oilers would be crazy NOT to do this.

  9. Traktor says:

    Roy’s 104 are actually the highest point total in the history of the USHL.

    As for Burke.. we all heard how he was going to make a play for Tavares and then the following year it was Braydon Schenn.. and I’m sure last year he was rumored to move up in the draft as well.

    All you need to do is look up the list of top American’s to have an inside look into Burke’s draft list. Jacob Trouba probably #1 on Burke’s list.

  10. Jordan says:


    (Edited) I thought that Galchenyuk was american, no?

  11. Lowetide says:


    Reported today that a trade in the works between Brian Burke and Steve Tambellini: JAKE GARDINER – NAZEM KADRI – (G) JONAS GUSTAFFSON – 5th Overall 2012 Pick for OILERS 1st Overall Pick and (G) Olivier ROY

    The Oilers would be crazy NOT to do this.

    Where in Christ did you find this? Seriously, DSF is this you off the meds or is this real? FUCK!

  12. Bar_Qu says:


    Likely one of the six spurious Darren Dreger accounts available on twitter. I see the same rumour dated May 13 on one of his “official” accounts, so, yeah.

    Keeping bringing in stuff like that DSF, I need my garden to grow well.

  13. Dan the Man says:


    It’s just a made up rumour that someone posted in the latest thread over at Oilersnation a little while ago. Dreger never reported that information. Thank god.

  14. DSF says:


    Apparently bogus.

    But not a bad idea.

  15. Schitzo says:

    How about pending Stanley Cup champion Jarrett Stoll? Probably the best overager that we’ve drafted in the last 15 years.

  16. Doug McLachlan says:


    Burke has ego, true. He also has a clock that has been ticking very loudly. I am not sure that he can afford too many more springs without playoff hockey in Toronto (n<1).

    Nash is clearly on the block and T.O. is apparently on the list of destinations that would be approved by Nash.

    It sounds like a possible fit and it would be hard to see that deal happening without the Leaf's 5th overall pick being in the mix.

  17. Ribs says:

    I really look forward to the annual Burke Grumpy Face at the draft. It’s always a highlight!

  18. Lowetide says:

    I always think of Burke as an extra from the bank in Dog Day Afternoon.

  19. Schitzo says:

    Trade for a pair of wonder twins at the draft 15 years ago and your reputation as a horse trader is secure for life.

  20. eidy says:

    I would take that blain kid. Right handed d man with some offensive upside

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