The Edmonton Oilers and Josh Green have some history–he was part of the return for Roman Hamrlik a dozen years ago–and he plays an important role in the organization today.

 OKC RE 12-13: 70, 17-31-48

  1. So he’s OKC’s #1 center? Yes, big guy who can help in all areas and provide leadership.
  2. How big is he? 6.03, 215 and he has some toughness. Just one fight, he also go a match penalty for a check to the head on the same play.
  3. Could he help the NHL team? He’s one of several ‘non-prospect’ forwards who could spend extended time in the NHL this season depending on how things roll out. He played 7 games with the Oilers in 11-12 and no one that that would happen.
  4. How would the Nuge playing in OKC impact him? Well, lets wait and see what happens with the lockout, but safe to say that if there’s a lockout all of these projections are file 13.
  5. How good a player is Josh Green? Over his career? Oh he was an NHLer for 341 games, that’s a good career. I think you can say he covered the bet (2nd rd pick in 1996) and he was a regular in New York, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary along the way (for short spurts). Green is a quality AHL player, and we’re now talking a man in his middle 30′s.
  6. Could he get a full NHL season in (or more) at this point? It’s kind of a pet project of mine, seeing if there’s a player over 30 who could find his way to regular status in the NHL after meandering through pro hockey for more than a decade.
  7. Very nice. Not close to answering my question. Well, the answer is that luck, timing and the Grace of whatever God you pray to would have to be involved. I covered the entire situation here, and there’s a line in there about Green and Danis.
  8. What role would he fill in Edmonton? Injury callup, I think he could end up being a bridge between Belanger and Lander on the 4line if Belanger gets hurt or sent away. Chris VandeVelde is also a candidate for the role.
  9. What role will he fill in OKC? #1 C, with size, skill and grit. He’s a really good solution. This was a solid signing.
  10. Yeah, but he takes up a spot on the 50 man list! No, he doesn’t. He gets a bigger AHL contract ($200,000/$575,000 a year ago, this is a straight AHL deal in the $300,000 range) but is not on the 50-man list. This was a wise, quality signing by the Oilers.
  11. But hell, the Oilers can re-call him now! No, but they can purchase his contract. Look, the Oilers brought back their 4th line (every freaking one of them) but the new coach might want a little different look. So we’re assuming that Belanger, Lander, Eager, Hordichuk, Paajarvi, Petrell, Hartikainen and Jones are the candidates, but maybe the Krueger is going to approach things differently.
  12. What other players would be in the mix? Well, Green for one. I’m not saying he’d make the team–that would be a helluva long shot–but when someone gets hurt and the coach looks at his list–size, experience–some of these fellows might be in the mix.
  13. Names? Green, Dane Byers, Chris VandeVelde, Antti Tyrvainen.
  14. You’re on meth! No, but I have had a coffee.
  15. What the hell? The Oilers have a new coach. He may feel the mix on the 4line is wrong, or maybe he feels that there were things done last year he can do differently and get better performance as a result. Maybe that falls apart early. Either way, the Oilers could send out Petrell, Paajarvi (although I have no idea why they would), Hartikainen (equal mystery, or close), Lander (makes complete sense) and they could trade Belanger, Eager or Jones in training camp.
  16. You’re batshit crazy. No, crazy is signing your catastrophic 4th line and then having them come back to play the same roles. I don’t think that will happen, so it means there are more men in play for the back end of the NHL roster.
  17. Eager? He’ll be back! Okay, let’s say Eager-Hordichuk is the LW portion of the 4line all year. Krueger has several choices at C (Belanger, Lander, VandeVelde, Green) and several more on RW (Petrell, Paajarvi, Hartikainen, Byers, Tyrvainen).
  18. So, Lander, Petrell, Paajarvi and Hartikainen could end up in the minors? Sure.
  19. And VandeVelde or Green and Byers or Tyrvainen in the NHL? I’m saying there’s a chance.
  20. Dumb and Dumber. Have another look at the 4th line performance on the Vollman Sledgehammer. Then tell me who is dumb and dumber.

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26 Responses to "OKC RE 12-13: JOSH GREEN"

  1. Scott Reynolds says:

    Given that Green will take up a spot on the 50-man list if the Oilers purchase his contract, I’ve got to think that he’s a long way from NHL. Of the guys you mentioned, I think VandeVelde has the best chance of playing some games but that Byers probably has the best chance of sticking. The team clearly values an Eager-type player but was somewhat dissatisfied with Eager himself. If that continues, or if Eager is injured, I could definitely see Byers getting a shot, and could further see him playing (fighting, disturbing) well enough to earn a spot on that fourth line long term.

  2. Lowetide says:

    Byers is an interesting player, no doubt. Eager had some famous failures this past season–I think it was against CBJ where he was on the ice with Nuge while the kid was being manhandled and Eager didn’t show up at all.

    Having said that, I don’t know that Byers could catch him at this point and with two years left on Eager’s deal and one on Byers’ contract it would seem (once again) the NHLer will win the day.

    HOWEVER, a strong season by Byers and showing well in the minors might mean a trade of Eager and then Byers stepping in. I can see that happening.

  3. Lowetide says:

    A really good one-on-one with Ryan Jones


    includes this ask and answer about the difference between EDM and NAS:

    Jones: “It’s obviously different than Nashville. You can walk around everywhere in Nashville and no one recognizes you. You are mainly trying to figure out what country star is next to you at the table half the time. In Edmonton it is the exact opposite. It’s pretty cool to be noticed and have the fans come up and talk to you about the game and tell you how much they appreciate what your doing. It’s a fun fun place to play hockey, and yeah its kind of cliché but I think Edmonton is the best place in the league to play.

  4. ashley says:

    It would be good to see the Oilers take a critical look at the 4th line. As you infer (I think?), the difference between the 80 or so veterans enjoying 4th line duty in the NHL and the 1000 bubble talents in the AHL is probably close to imperceptible, in aggregate.

    Apologies for pulling from the previous thread.

    DSF said:

    Most analysts think Hall is being rewarded totally for potential and that his contributions so far, especially given his injury history, make the contract a huge risk.

    I would agree with all of that except for the “huge” risk part. There is risk, but not huge risk.

    The only difference between what you and I think is that I believe the contract is a very fair one for both parties, maybe even slightly favourable to the Oilers in the latter years given its length and assumed cap inflation. I suspect the difference between our opinions lies in the “potential”.

    I submit that Hall’s potential is immense, and barring a career threatening injury (rare), as close to a sure thing as you can find in this game. I think you are suggesting something else, based on your contrarian posting history.

    I very good bet by Tambellini/Lowe on one of the finest young colts on the ice.

    Regarding the Eberle contract demands rumours: The rumour seems quite plausible, but you have to admire the Oilers for holding their ground. They are in the driver’s seat with the CBA expiring, the owner’s with all the leverage, and probably reversion to the mean for Eberle’s stats.

    All the risk lies with Eberle. There is not need to buy high here. If they can’t get what they want, let it run for a year or even half a year and readdress.

    Remember when Hemsky (and Hall, and Horcoff, and Gagner, and anyone with talent) was injured at the end of the 2011 season? Eberle got a lot of attention and his production fell off a cliff. After posting his 2012 season, he’s going to get a lot more attention next season where the opposition will have to choose how to divide their top end defensive attention between Eberle’s line and Hemsky’s line.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Ashley, did you want that comment deleted? It showed up twice in my moderation tray but I can’t tell why.

  6. ashley says:

    Oh, sorry about that. I tried to edit a spelling mistake…”There is no (vs not) need to buy high here” but I guess it got hung up. It gave me a funny error on my end.

    As long as you don’t see a reason to delete it, I’m happy with it. :)

  7. LoDog says:

    I am certainly not going to defend the 4th line ,it was pretty bad. However, looking at the Vollman chart for other teams seems to have similar results for 4th lines around the league. In LA for example, Clifford, Nolan and the magnificent Colin Fraser all have bubbles that look a lot like Petrell and Eager.

    I looked through every team and most 4th lines seem to get killed by this measurement. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. Dahoosman says:

    Lowetide, onetime Oiler Tony Hrkac might fill your requirement of a pet project. He was drafted n 1986 and then played one full season for a terrible Nordiques team in 90-91. Looking back, it doesn’t seem that he really played a full NHL season until 1998 where he played 69 games with the Stars with no stint in the minors.

    If I recall correctly Hitchcock recruited him after the Oilers used him against the Stars in the previous season’s playoffs.

    He might be an interesting case study.

  9. Woodguy says:


    I’ll bet JJ Herbert started hyperventilating when he heard Jones did an interview with a “non-Oiler approved blogger”, but then calmed down when Jones said that Edmonton is the best place to play in the league.

    I still bet that Jones gets a call from PR.

  10. "Steve Smith" says:

    ashley: I would agree with all of that except for the “huge” risk part.There is risk, but not huge risk.

    You take a risk when you get out of bed in the morning, cross the street, or stick your face in a fan.

  11. Lowetide says:

    “Steve Smith”: You take a risk when you get out of bed in the morning, cross the street, or stick your face in a fan.

    Man, I hate when that happens. I just want to say, that after watching this team sign Souray, Khabibulin and others to long term deals, watching them risk a lot of future dollars on Taylor Hall seems downright rational!

  12. LMHF#1 says:

    Much as I was hoping for a cinderella story, watching Green with the Oilers last year was painful. I really hope we don’t see that again.

  13. Lowetide says:

    Much as I was hoping for a cinderella story, watching Green with the Oilers last year was painful. I really hope we don’t see that again.

    He did seem overwhelmed, no doubt. However, at the point when he got called up there were holes everywhere iirc.

  14. bookje says:

    Ashley, did you want that comment deleted? It showed up twice in my moderation tray but I can’t tell why.

    It’s because he said DS-F without the hyphen. I presumed you blocked that just to give the rest of us a much needed break from D S F.

  15. Lowetide says:

    I do, but it appeared twice. Hurricanes fans still getting it wrong:


  16. gogliano says:

    Carolina might have been the weakest team the Oilers faced in 2006. They had no business beating Detroit and the Sharks were an absurd save away from sealing the deal.

    What a run, though. My favorite Oilers moment and I remember two of the Gretzky cups.

  17. Lowetide says:

    I don’t know where I’d rank the ’06 run but it would be in front of some of the Stanley seasons for sure. Not the first one, and not the last one, but yeah it is one of the greatest memories I have in my time as an Oiler fan.

  18. godot10 says:

    With an AHL-only contract, it is highly unlikely Josh Green sees any air shuttle time to Edmonton. VandeVelde and Lander and maybe even the Lowetide-maligned Arcobello will get the frequent flyer miles. (Decision years on VandeVelde and Arcobello). Green’s job description this year is to hold the fort in OKC, while the other guys collect the air miles.

    Green is picking up some nice retirement funds playing in an AHL city with good facilities and with a good coach and likely a competitive team, which is a pretty good gig where he is in his career.

  19. Eskimo44 says:


    I would argue the reports of Eberle’s production falling off a cliff are greatly exaggerated. The Oilers were so beset with injuries that the 1st line was Jones-Cogliano-Eberle and guys like VandeVelde were on the 2nd. Let’s look at some splits and how those numbers would look over a full season:

    Final 11 games he scored 7 points (52 point pace).

    Final 16 games he scored only 7 points as he had a 5 game slump prior to the final 11 and considering his teammates and probable opposition it’s a little understandable. In saying that he also had 4 and 3 game slumps earlier so it’s not like this is unheard of either. This is the lowpoint for him and it’s only 15 points off his full season pace.(36 point pace)

    Before that 5 game slump things were going very well he was productive for some time. Over his final 25 games he scored 13 points, and considering the lineup i think that’s pretty respectable production especially when a 5 game slump makes things look a lot worse. Besides the slump he was productive for the vast majority of games. (43 point pace)

    So sure his production went down but considering the circumstances and compared to his production over the full season (51 point pace) i really don’t think it was as bad as i commonly hear it described as. If we are being realistic Eberle’s production going downhill a bit was the only logical expectation. His linemates were not 1st line material, for him to have produced as much as he did in the circumstances he played in i think it’s more of a positive arrow than anything else. Just my two cents.

  20. jake70 says:

    The Carolina article. Maybe it’s just me but it seems a colossal oversimplifiction to say merely slotting in Roloson for the games the the Canes won would have resulted in the same scores/outcome. The 5-0 loss–it’s like he is saying the Canes might not have scored 5 but Edmonton still would have been shut out.

  21. jfry says:

    hey lt, i’m trying to find the article you did on the AHL players that you think are primed to make the move next year — not just oilers, but all AHL players i can’t, for the lfe of me, find it.


  22. BBG&CS: AHL Youth, Swiss Omark, & Tee Cannon says:

    [...] “So, Lander, Petrell, Paajarvi and Hartikainen could end up in the minors? Sure. And VandeVelde or Green and Byers or Tyrvainen in the NHL? I’m saying there’s a chance.” – via Lowetide [...]

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