The Edmonton Oilers scored via a summer trade on July 1, 2011 with the acquisition of a tall tree in Andy Sutton, Big, strong, punishing and borderline filthy, Sutton became a very popular player.

RE 12-13: 52, 2-2-4

  1. Why did they bring him back? Aside from being a mountain, Sutton’s Vollman Sledgehammer is a nice shade of blue. And not just easy minutes, although he got them, but a fairly difficult zonestart compared to the defensive group overall.
  2. You wanted him traded at the deadline. Always, ALWAYS trade your 36-year old UFA defensemen at the deadline if you’re in 29th place. Unless it’s Lidstrom and he’s coming back.
  3. How did they use him? 15 minutes a night at evens and 2 on the PK. Textbook 5-6 veteran minutes and he supplied solid, solid play.
  4. How do you see the Oilers using Sutton this coming season? Same way as this year. Oilers used Strudwick and Vandermeer in similar fashion in 10-11; maybe Sutton will see more playing time 4×5 but other than that business as usual.
  5. You have him paired with Whitney? Ideally, you’d like Sutton-N Schultz on the third pairing any maybe that’s how it’ll go. For me, the key to the defense is Whitney.
  6. Could Sutton mentor Justin Schultz? Yes, but Nick Schultz is quicker and has better footspeed. Those things aren’t important until the rookie screws up, but the rookie always screws up!
  7. Is Sutton blocking anyone? If he is, Edmonton can trade him or send him out. Based on what we’ve seen, I doubt Alex Plante or Colten Teubert are going to force their way onto the roster in the fall.
  8. What about Peckham? We’ll discuss it in the Peckham RE, but I do think that this is Peckham’s chance to grab a 5-6D job. You can’t give it to him but if he comes to camp and plays well maybe the club shops Sutton.
  9. Trading AWAY a defenseman? That’s a new wrinkle for you. Oilers have 8D under contract, meaning they’ll be moving out someone.
  10. Oilers are set on LD. Well, no they aren’t. Oilers have Ryan Whitney, Ladislav Smid and Sutton all going UFA summer 2013. I imagine they’ll sign Smid and possibly Whitney too, or use Nick Schultz in there. Either way, the club is anything but set.
  11. Let’s talk about ascension. This is a hockey blog, we stay away from that sort of thing.
  12. No, no, no. The kids on the blue. When do they arrive? I’ve learned over the years that it is best not to predict defensemen. They arrive when they’re ready and in between we could see anything from a cup of coffee in the NHL to a full season. It depends on injury, development, need, talent, all kinds of things.
  13. Could you take a guess? I would think that Justin Schultz leads the field, but based on what we read at the development camp the gap to Oscar Klefbom might not be a large one. After that, I’d guess Fedun is next up and then it really breaks wide open. Martin Marincin turns pro this fall, but from the accounts available David Musil is a very mature player and might end up jumping ahead of people the year he turns 20.
  14. What about Teubert? Oh he’s in there somewhere but his NHL career probably depends on what the team does with Sutton and or Peckham. I think Teubert is pretty close to making the grade but there are duplicates all over the roster.
  15. Do you have him in the RE? We’ll see.
  16. How much does Edmonton lose with Teubert in the lineup instead of Peckham? Oh, I’d say Peckham is a fair walk from Teubert in terms of being able to play NHL defense. Theo Peckham is down the road apiece from where Teubert is standing today.
  17. So, maybe Teubert gets traded? Hmmm. I don’t know. Sutton is UFA at the end of the season, I can see the Oilers using Peckham and Teubert in 13-14 in their 5-6-7D rotation.
  18. What about Plante? What about Plante?
  19. He’s good. Sure, he lacks footspeed but has clearly progressed. However, where do you play the guy?
  20. They’re going to trade Sutton aren’t they? Sooner or later.

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17 Responses to "RE 12-13: ANDY SUTTON"

  1. justDOit says:

    Here’s hoping Andy can have a solid season without donating too many dollars to the strike fund.

  2. BrazilianOil says:

    Any chance to get a better 4th liner in a trade for Sutton?

  3. justDOit says:


    Maybe they could trade Sutton for Colin Fraser? He’s a solid 4th liner with a Cup ring!

    The point is, 4th line players are often the product of their environment – use them wrong, and you’re gonna have a bad time. Count on the 4th line for goal production, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

    Sutton is a valuable piece of the blue line, and will most likely be counted on during the annual injury-athon that is the Oilers’ blue. At the trade deadline his value will be as high as it gets – maybe even a 2nd rounder?

  4. justDOit says:

    RE: Sutton. Cue crickets.

  5. loosemoose says:

    I like Sutton. It has been a lomg time since we saw a hitter of his caliber in town.

    The best since Bobo?

  6. justDOit says:


    Bob Boughner? Hmm. Didn’t ever wear blue & orange – did he?

    Boris Mironov?

  7. stevezie says:


    The Edmonton Oilers: Crossing their pizza and french fries since summer 2006.

  8. Woodguy says:

    Sutton surpassed expectations last year and his fancy stats were better than most had him by eye.

    I like the odd guy who can hit to hurt when he wants to.

    Needs to cut down on the suspensions, but they suspend him for hitting with his shoulder.

    Since his shoulder is 6’0″ it hits a lot of guys in the head.

    Would nice to see him give Kessler or some other deserving opponent the Reghr treatment.

    Just beat the piss out of him on every shift because he can.

  9. Ducey says:

    A good guy to have around in many ways. Like him better than the guy he was traded for (Foster).

    He will likely get flipped at the trade deadline for a third round pick.

  10. Rebilled says:

    His suspensions were horse shit. I honestly think the league needs to look at them again.

  11. TheOtherJohn says:

    Sweet Jesus Duce Foster was horrible!! I HATE to say this but Barker was a better player than Foster. Christ, Shawn Belle was a better player than Foster (ok, that last one was a stretch). Like Sutton in 6/7/8 role

    Heard Barker was 5/6 D man on Stony Plain Eagles Senior A team next year. We all have em but : when Spec said Barker was our 3rd best D man, I thought I missed news of Bus crash injuring 5 of our D men.

  12. art vandelay says:

    when Spec said Barker was our 3rd best D man, I thought I missed news of Bus crash injuring 5 of our D men.

    That was funny.

  13. bookje says:

    Why do you hate Nick Schultz?

  14. dessert1111 says:

    Sutton is a great (overpaid) player for this team…if they make the playoffs. If not I feel like he is just blocking cups of coffee for younger guys. But with the Oilers history of rushing players, maybe that’s a good thing. Sutton is a quality bottom pairing defender though for sure and I don’t think he gets enough love for the season he had. Too bad he’s 36 but he’s got hands and the occasional dangle that makes you wonder why he doesn’t do that more often. One of his worst plays of last year always stick in my mind though–I think it was Bertuzzi who got Sutton to try to make a big hit when he was rushing the net. Bertuzzi (or was it Iginla?) deked him out and scored.

  15. russ99 says:

    Considering all the injuries we’ve had on the blueline the last few years, 8D isn’t a bad thing.

    This way there’s competition for the 7th and maybe 6th spots, and after camp the 8th guy ends up in the press box or OKC with the prospects unless waivers comes into play.

    Also, if we ever make that trade for another top 4 guy, a defenseman would surely be traded away.

    Every team needs a big, tough, hard-hitting stay at home defenseman, and Sutton fills the bill for the Oilers.

  16. Dalton says:

    We could really advance stats far if the pucks had RFID readers in them and players put RFID tags in the tape on their sticks and the officials embedded RFID tags under the red and blue lines and in the crease.

    Then unless the puck becomes a souvenir during a play, we could plug the puck in to a computer and download the information and process:

    - Total time of possession for each player and team
    - Average time of individual possessions for each player
    - Per-zone time of possession for each player and team
    - Pass completion % and other pass trends like distance charts
    - Turnover % by player and other turnover trends
    - Other obvious things I’m missing

    And maybe we could get crazy after that.

    - Average distance a player takes a shot from after intercepting a pass
    - Assists per o-zone pass

  17. Jordan says:

    Why do you hate Nick Schultz?

    The same reason he will hate Justin Schultz – He’s not Tom Gilbert.

    No one will ever play for the Oilers again who had such wonderfully full and luxuriously golden hair.

    And don’t try to talk to him about the Ryans and their hair. Sure their nice mullets, but they’re not even in the same league, when it comes to hair.

    If there were awards for best hair in the NHL, they would have to name the award after Tom Gilbert, because he’s be the only man who won it for a long as he played.

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