Throughout their history, the Edmonton Oilers have suffered some major injuries to their blue. In the last decade or so, prospect Doug Lynch lost a promising career and a year ago Taylor Fedun looked like he was on the same course.

RE 12-13: 6, 0-0-0

  1. He’ll play in the NHL? I think so, if he can show enough during the OKC season.
  2. What is his scouting report again? It’s been awhile. Yes it has. He’s a little undersized, but is a good puck mover and can play defense,. Of couse there are the usual questions about levels of ability and that’s what we’ll begin to find out.
  3. That injury was too bad. Damn straight it was.
  4. Eric Nystrom felt bad. I don’t give a crap, the guy is an idiot. Could have ended a career. Complete dough head.
  5. Pretty harsh, his Dad was a great Islander. Maybe you don’t know where you are, but recalling the name of a former Islander won’t get you far around here.
  6. Still, he felt awful. I. don’t. care.
  7. Does Fedun have an NHL future? He might. We didn’t get enough time to see him as fans, but the organization liked him plenty. He was in the mix for an NHL job in TC.
  8. The Oilers just said that after he was injured.You’re smoking the drapes today. He was certainly in the mix, would likely have been the victim of a numbers game, though. Here’s what Renney said right before the assault: “Fedun has been very good. There’s a level of maturation that’s allowed him to stick around and deal with everything that’s going on in an adult type of way.”
  9. THIS is your first callup? Yes, although the other guy is right behind him and if there’s an early season callup Fedun might be unready.
  10. Fedun isn’t at the top of the depth chart in OKC. I’m guessing he will be, as the club doesn’t have a lot of ready puck movers in the AHL. Stay-at-homes Colten Teubert and Alex Plante are at the top of the table, but after that the OKC Barons will feature unproven (Marincin, Davidson) prospects.
  11. Perhaps they’ll add someone? Sure, AHL veteran depth is already in place with Dan Ringwald and Teigan Zahn, and the club could add one more veteran to the group. But none of those guys are strong candidates for NHL time.
  12. Of the group in the AHL this season (Teubert, Plante, Fedun, Marincin, Davidson) which player has the best future? My bet is Marincin but the draft pedigree favors Teubert. Feduin and Davidson are wild cards and Plante–despite a fine season–is a long shot due to foot speed.
  13. Even with Schultz are defensive prospects an area of need? I’d say no, the long term depth is very good. At the top of the charts you have Schultz and Klefbom, and then a gap before Marincin and Gernat, and then a bigger gap to David Musil, Dillon Simpson, Colten Teubert, Brandon Davidson and Joey Laleggia.
  14. Laleggia? Oh yeah. He’s the modern Reijo Ruotsalainen.
  15. Not hardly. Well, he’s gifted offensively and his name is impossible to spell.
  16. Are the Oilers doing a good job of stocking the defensive shelves? Yes. Very good. The Schultz acquisition turned the tide imo, because the team had done a good job of stocking shelves without hitting a home run. The Justin Schultz signing was a home run.
  17. So MacGregor couldn’t get it done? I’m going to do you physical harm. MacGregor and his staff have done an outsanding job at the draft table, using the higher picks to grab forwards and then plucking defenders in the secondary areas.
  18. They’ve used 1st rounders on blue. Klebfom (#19), Musil (#31), Marincin (#46), Simpson (#92), Gernat (#122), Laleggia (#123), Davidson (#162). One first round pick and another right at the beginning of round two.
  19. Which of those guys make it? Hmm.  I’d say Klefbom is a sure bet to have a career, Musil is a strong candidate to play in the NHL. None of the rest are sure things, but I’d bet money that one of Marincin or Gernat has a career.
  20. Is that a good average? Three legit D from a list of 7 prospects? That’s very good.

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12 Responses to "RE 12-13: TAYLOR FEDUN"

  1. franksterra says:

    Give the lad one assist for chrissake! :-)

  2. ashley says:

    Wow, Fedun in the RE series? I wasn’t that impressed with him in preseason last year, but I know that you and others were, and granted the sample is extremely small.

    I’m going to say he’s a long shot to get an NHL game this year. It looks like you have him at 6gp, so I guess we’re not far off. :)

  3. Bushed says:

    Nystrom the elder was hardly a Lady Byng candidate himself. Loved the SCF game in which Stan Smyl beat the crap out of him. It was easy to cheer for anyone but the Islanders in those days, and the Canucks were actually likable back then–heavy underdogs, and some colorful players like Snepts, Tiger Williams, Richard Brodeur, plus the colorful flying V uniforms.

    Fast forward to now, and the Nucks are my most vilified team. Burrows is an even bigger idiot than Nystrom–saw him pull a similar very deliberate hit on an Oilers AHL player in an exhibition game. Ran him from behind after targeting him (Roy, I believe) from his own side of center ice. Could have killed him, to prove what? What a total douchebag.

    Here’s hoping for karma on all the Nystroms and Burrows around the league.

    And best of luck to Fedun–he deserves it.

  4. Bar_Qu says:

    Fedun would be my pick to make it up to the NHL this year too. I don’t think his TC last year was a fluke – a combination of ability and smarts gets him beyond natural talent. Since D is the one position it pays the most to be able to see the game and think your way into the right play, this gives Fedun a leg up.

    The only thing I think might hold him back is if he is Foster’d by that injury – if it takes away some of his speed and mobility.

  5. TheOtherJohn says:

    I expect that Fedun will be an NHL regular and may play 250+ games. I also expect that he may have to play a couple of years in the AHL to overcome his injury and develop. .


  6. jonrmcleod says:

    LT is now threatening the voice in his head with physical harm. Clearly the Oilers’ futility is taking its toll on him.

  7. SinceTheWHADays says:


    Your RE series has been great, it really helps an average fan to get a better grasp of the teams depth. I was hoping you might consider doing a RE of Ralph Kreuger. You know dig up some info from his coaching time in Europe, then suggest what we might expect from him over the course of his three year contract. It might be that RK has the biggest impact of everyone. What do you think?

  8. dessert1111 says:

    Fedun for the 12-13 Masterton. I guess 13-14 Masterton would work too.

  9. Mr DeBakey says:

    Fedun for the 12-13 Masterton. I guess 13-14 Masterton would work too.

    Doubt it.
    There’ll always be a Leaf who played through an agonizing hangnail.

  10. spoiler says:

    The thing working against Fedun (besides the injury) is his birthday. But I have to admit he looked smoother than Potter last TC, Potter probably being the biggest beneficiary of the Nystrom cheap play.

  11. Dipstick says:

    You’ve gotta hope that the kid can fully recover and play in the NHL. Even though he has come a long way down that road, there are a lot of miles left to travel. If he plays here this season it will either be a pleasant surprise because he has made a miraculous recovery or a great disappointment because the Oil have suffered unprecedented injuries.

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