Karlstad, Sweden is about the same size as my town (St Albert) but the local hockey team is a little better. Well, make that a lot better. Sweden’s delta city is home to Farjestad BK.

I didn’t know SEL players had their photos taken in a wind tunnel, but if that sells tickets then fill your hat, Sweden. Klefbom is off to a solid start, +2 in 3 games (all zero’s in the g-a-p columns) and is playing about 18 minutes a night.

He is slotted as the extra Dman today according to the gamesheet but that can change, as we’ve seen with this young man before.

Game sheet is here.

Hat tip to VOR, who passes along an interesting item from this game in the previous thread:

  • VOR: The Swedish game also features Doug Lynch who was once going to be a key piece of the Oilers. He moved to the SEL this year. I can’t help wondering if one of these days he shows up back in North America. Accept for one dump injury and his choosing to play during the lockout and before it healed he’d probably have had a long NHL career. In Red Deer he had the entire game, even his rookie AHL season was something special.

Go Farjestad! If you win today and Klefbom plays well, I promise to find out everything there is to know about bandy.

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  1. Lowetide says:

    Klefbom 4:30 so far, which is 6th on the blue in tonight’s game. Not terribly active in the first period, that has changed in the past–even during this season so far.

  2. slopitch says:

    I guess I’ll share a quick story about my trip to Karlstaad even though it’s not that great. I stayed a night in Karlstaad last year on my way from Oslo to Stockholm. It was in Karlstaad I stayed in a hotel with a hidden gem sports pub. They had more hockey memorabilia then I’ve seen in a pub in Edmonton. Most of it was interesting because being in a different country many of the photos werent known to me at first. I remember a couple large photos of Mario. That night I went down to the hot tub and while chilling there met a guy who grew up good friends with Zetterberg. He was a big story teller and loved sharing stories about Zetterberg and how he knew the Red Wings and could get me tickets. He also knew the Oilers well – especially Leeeenus Omark. I think he was surprised how many Swedish hockey players i had opinions on. Had a good chat about TJarnquist and mostly related to the 2006 run. Nothing special but It was a fascinating experience for a hockey geek like myself who wasn’t expecting anything hockey till back home.

    So ya I’m fond of Karlstaad :)

    Go Klefbomb and Farjestad! I can’t believe a guy will play 25 min a night then not play the next night. He’ll get in there..

  3. Lowetide says:

    Up to 9:21 TOI with all zero’s so far, looks like he’s 3rd pairing today and should come in 14-16 mins.

  4. jp says:

    Appreciate the updates LT!

    About Klefbom’s TOI, it’s worth noting that Farjestad has been dressing as many as 8 D so far this season (though only 7 have actually played the last couple of games). 18 min TOI with 7 D is not such a bad total.

    Re: Lynch. He certainly never was the same after that wrist injury. Not even a decent AHLer before heading to Europe. The Austrian league where he’s been playing the past 5 yrs isn’t particularly well respected, but there were quite a few guys with some NHL experience on his team (Salzburg) last year.

    Rob Davison (219-3-15-18 with SJ, NYI, Van, NJD 2002-2010)
    Ramzi Abid (68-14-16-30 with Phx, Pitt, Atl, Nash 02-07)
    Robbie Earl (47-6-1-7 with Tor and Min 07-11)
    Jeremy Williams (32-9-2-11 with Tor and NYR 05-11)
    Steven Regier (26-3-1-4 with NYI and StL 05-09)
    Danny Bois (1-0-0-0 with Ott in 06-07)
    Marty Turco played part of the season in net too.

    These aren’t world beaters, but they’re NHL tweeners or very good AHL players. There’s some talent in that league. Who knows how Lynch’s game actually looks, but it sounds like he’s actually back to being a solid AHL-level player at least. He turned 29 in April, would be great if he did end up getting another shot somewhere in the NHL!

  5. Lowetide says:

    11:27 through 2 periods, so 17-20 possible! Man I don’t understand what the Farjestad coach is doing with the blue.

  6. jp says:

    Yeah, very weird. May be one of the others is injured? Klefbom is now 3rd in D TOI, with all 8 of the D having played some minutes…

    PS – Lynch is still wearing #44.

  7. Lowetide says:

    He’s up to 15:12 halfway through the 3rd period.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Game over, 18:19 on the game for Klefbom. A solid showing for him imo, great spot for him to move up the depth chart. Bad things aren’t happening when he’s on the ice. Low event defender, that’s not a bad thing.

  9. speeds says:


    I had remembered Schremp being red hot to start his last OHL year, but I had forgotten just how much so.


    He had 41 points in his first 10 games.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Wow, I remember he had a monster PP season but that’s silly good anywhere. Think he’ll make it back, speeds?

  11. jp says:


    Wow! He was only ~2 PPG after that start (rather than approaching 3 PPG on the full season).

    Those OHL total aren’t doing him much good these days though. He’s 7 1 0 1 -1 6 to start his KHL career… That won’t get him back near the NHL whenever play resumes.

  12. RexLibris says:

    LT, you should check up on bandy anyway. It’s a fun-sounding sport. I’d love to watch a game live, although some descriptions sound an awful lot like some of the street hockey I played in my youth.

    It has some structural similarities to European football (soccer), but without the theatrics.

    Here’s the wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandy

    and some Youtube action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUaxDB0ea3M

    Watch that and tell me you don’t dream of what Gretzky, Anderson, Hall or even Hemsky could do with that much space. I’d love to see it become an Olympic sport.

  13. Lowetide says:

    THAT looks fun! Man, I’d honestly never heard of it before today. Loved the soccer set play. Poor goalie.

  14. RexLibris says:

    I think even I could net a few goals in that game.

    Yeah, poor goalie, I don’t imagine butterfly style would help a whole lot either.

    I think my sporting bucket list would be to see, live, a Celtics Rangers game (clad in Kevlar, of course), a World Cup of Rugby game, live Bandy championships, and a KHL game, preferably in Latvia. I’m not a hooligan fan by any stretch, but to witness that kind of excitement and intensity would be a great experience.

    Oh, and to watch the Oilers win their seventh Stanley Cup in eight years in 2025. At home. Against Toronto. That’d be fun too.

  15. Lowetide says:

    My bucket list would be to transfer back to see an Oakland Seals game about 1970, to see Orr’s shot in the 1972 series (more obscure than the goal but a dynamite play), to witness the 1984, 1987 and 1990 SC’s again.

    Okay that’s cheating.

    I’d like to see a perfect game live, doesn’t matter where. I’d like to meet Tim Raines and tell him how wonderful he was, I’d like to have a coffee with Bobby Orr and buy Stu MacGregor lunch. God I’m old. :-)

  16. RexLibris says:

    I’ll go halfsies on the lunch with Stu. Maybe that should be an Oilers Community Foundation auction prize? That or a liquid lunch with Jason Strudwick to get him talking about his days in junior, minor leagues and playing in Europe. Nothing better than rink stories.

    Ever read “Flakes of Winter”? Great stories in there. One of my favourites is from Pat Quinn about the night he levelled Orr in Boston. He had to have police escort him out of the rink for his own safety. That night it was the rookie’s turn to go get beer from the hotel (different days, probably not on Simon Bennett’s approved nutritional list today) and he went around the block to find a bar. He says right when he walked in the place went quiet, apparently the locals back then could recognize a hated player on site. Anyway, a man walked up, patted him on the back and said come on, we’ll get you something to drink. Quinn says it was likely only his Irish heritage that allowed him to walk out of that bar alive.

    There’s another one about Scotty Bowman catching some truant players on curfew by tricking them into autographing a hockey stick.

    It’s a great read.

  17. Calamus says:


    Farjestad plays Lulea today. Employ your internet minions to find us a video feed!

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