Oscar Klefbom had a strong game today in Farjstads’s 1-0 victory over Luleå. Klefbom led his team in TOI and managed 2 shots on goal. After 5 games, he’s 0-0-0 +2 and averaging 18:59 a night. We should consider that a nice start, and the Oilers will no doubt have a long look at him in training camp 2013. We might see Petry, Justin Schultz and Klefbom graduate season over season over season, effectively turning over fully half the starting 6.

A little bit of news this afternoon from Bob McKenzie. He tweeted this afternoon (what you see below is three tweets together):

  • In late August, NHL teams had to submit short list (no more than 2 or 3) of drafted CHL juniors they would like to recall if lockout ends. TOR has Morgan Rielly and David Broll on its list. EDM has Nail Yakupov and David Musil. OTT has Cody Ceci and Stefan Noesen. WPG Scheifele. IF lockout ends, these players could be recalled to tryout for NHL team and then normal rules apply for keeping or sending back to jr.

The interesting item here is Musil’s name being included with Yakupov. I do believe the Oilers see him as a realistic option in the next 24 months, and believe that Klefbom and Martin Marincin are in the same category.

Looks can be deceiving. Daryl Katz has been cast as a strong local owner–a Godsend–by this blog since he arrived on the scene in 2008. It’s interesting to read my post and the comments, and compare it to things as they stand today.

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  1. russ99 says:

    Musil wouldn’t be a bad extra defenseman, and should develop into a borderline 2nd pairing guy but I’d always assumed he’d get at least a year in the AHL first.

    Read that old Katz post. What a difference a few years at the bottom of the standings makes…

    I also think that the notion that the Edmonton will get a new team ASAP if god forbid the Oilers leave is a bit short sighted, mostly due to spite and hatred of Katz doing the only thing he can to get some leverage, which is straight out of the sports owner handbook.

    We’re still the smallest market in the NHL, the coldest winter city, and even if the city somehow builds an arena at a cost vastly higher than what they’re willing to part with now (we’re behind Quebec City and Markham now) what group would come in with Northlands having their finger in the non-hockey pie? That goes double if the “new Oilers” somehow having to play in the ancient coliseum for a number of years.

    Don’t want to go all downer, but I still think that the arena deal is the best option moving forward, and I hope there can be a compromise where both parties give a little, and I’d love to see Katz buy back a little goodwill and guarantee that missing $100 million until a source can be found.

    We’re so close, it would suck to have it all blow up now.

  2. imjustsayin says:

    I would have to say that, although this “photo op” in Seattle that Katz and his crew are currently on trying to intimidate / terrorize Edmonton is only an exercise. But, I believe that if he were to move the team he should also be prepared to close most of his Rexall stores in Western Canada, with the exception of Calgary. I’m just sayin……….

  3. Bad Seed says:

    While Katz and his henchman are out scouting cities to move to, I think it would be a good laugh if Mandel was out talking to those money losing sun belt franchises about coming up here if we built an arena.

  4. Billy Boisey says:

    There are lots of reasons why a move to Seattle will never happen, but today’s announcement by Sounders FC provides a particularly poignant one. Oilers’ “management style” and the expectations of Seattle sports fans are completely incompatible.

    See link: http://www.soundersfc.com/news/articles/2012/09-september/gm-vote.aspx

  5. Smarmy says:


    You forgot Winnipeg which is smaller and likely colder. Plus most of the U.S. cities might be bigger media markets they’re smaller hockey markets ridiculously so in some instances.

  6. Zack says:

    As the lockout draws on and wit the arena deal in limbo is anyone else finding it really tough to care what is still going on with the organization, or is it just me? I think I’d be a lot more into things if the area deal was locked in place but at this point it seems like I could be wasting my time just like I’ve wasted my time watching this team in the majority of the Tambellini era.

    Harsh I know but with so many years of crap and then when things look good there is a remote possibility that it could be taken away? Who says hockey doesn’t teach life lessons? Big picture here.

  7. Woodguy says:

    Good call on Musil earlier this summer on being a dark horse.

    Ear to the ground or gut feeling?

    Nice to see Klefbom playing lots in a feature role. More of that please.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Musil was impressive at WJ’s, but mostly its just the way they handled him last training camp and the verbal this season. Oilers signed him this summer, too.

  9. mattwatt says:

    My favorite post you had was this one Lowetide. Was actually thinking of it the other day.


    Sigh, we were so young then. And so naive. Ah, you live and you learn I guess.

  10. speeds says:

    Will be interesting to see what the system rules look like in the new CBA, whether it will make sense for EDM to have Klefbom* play a half+ year in the AHL as Weber did with NSH way back when?

    *Assuming he’s even NHL ready at that point. We talk about depth a lot, it would sure make sense (to me) to give Klefbom a half year in the AHL and have him for injury depth, off the NHL roster at the start of the year. And playing 22 min a night in OKC in all situations while doing so, vs. 15 min a night in the NHL on the 3rd pair – if he looks like a legit top 4 option right out of the box (not that I’m counting on that), well, adjust accordingly.

  11. Lucinius says:

    Katz’ problem is he has almost negative leverage on the city for the arena. He can talk about moving the team all he wants, or dropping as many threats/hints as he wants, but at the end of the day he cannot move the team without the NHL’s approval. So long as the Canadian dollar remains above 80 cents I don’t see any way the NHL allows Katz to move the team elsewhere. The team is too structurally sound here, financially, to do so compared to almost eight teams in the States.

    Only other way I see the Oilers being allowed to move is if no new arena gets built and Rexall begins to fall apart (which isn’t all that far off, from what I understand — according to someone I’ve worked with before they’ve been filling some cracks in the foundation for two years now, if I understood him correctly [we were both more than slightly drunk at the time]).

    Most likely the NHL will end up telling Katz to deal with it, or sell the team to someone else who’ll keep the team here (which, of course, gets dicey).

  12. LP says:

    Yes, I too call the bluff Katz and company just did by visiting Seattle. Edmonton may be one of the smaller cities in the NHL (smaller yet? Winnipeg, Buffalo, Boston, ?…) But there’s no friggin way EDM is a small ‘NHL market’. The Oilers aren’t going anywhere (knock on wood). C’mon. (can you imagine the riots if they did? Lol)

  13. Kris11 says:

    Art Vandelay looks like a friggin psychic in that thread that MattWatt posted.

    It just goes to show that nobody ever went broke betting that a rich guy offering money for nothin shouldn’t be trusted.

  14. "Steve Smith" says:

    Art Vandelay looks like a friggin psychic in that thread that MattWatt posted.

    In fairness, the clock that stops on “Denigrate everything the Oilers do” is going to be right a hell of a lot more often than twice a day.

  15. Bob Arctor says:


    I’m not convinced that the two Art Vandelays are the same poster. Those old comments are from blogger. Anyone could have signed up with using Art Vandelay on the new wordpress site.

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