Erik Gustafsson and a plethora of draft picks outside the top 2 rounds are off to a running start in 2012-13. How are they doing so far?

  • Daniil Zharkov, 91st overall 2012. Zharkov has a point in 2 games so far in Belleville (OHL) and is getting a push. He scored 23 goals last season, 30 is certainly possible.
  • Erik Gustafsson, 93rd overall 2012. Playing in the second tier Allsvenskan Swedish league this season, he’s 4, 1-1-2 +3 out of the gate. Early, but those are good numbers and we shouldn’t punish him too much for playing in the 2 league. Lots of good players have come out of Swe-1.
  • Samu Perhonen, 62nd overall 2011. Playing in the Fin2 league, he’s 2, 2.40 .910 so far. At 19, this is an important season for him and the early results are good (he had an .887SP last season).
  • Travis Ewanyk, 74th overall 2011. Plays this afternoon, is 1, 0-1-1 +2 so far this season with the Oil Kings. I don’t know how he’ll fit in pro hockey–he doesn’t score enough–but a big season could get him a contract.
  • Tobias Rieder, 114th overall 2011. 1, 0-1-1 +2 so far and he had a helluva game but was up against a hot goalie. He scored 23 two years ago, 42 last season. Should we expect more this year?
  • Martin Gernat, 122nd overall 2011. Shoulder injury has him out of the lineup and no one is saying much and when they do it is in hushed tones. At this point, I expect to read he’s been placed in stasis until next fall.
  • Frans Tuohimaa, 182nd overall 2011. At 21, this season is pretty important for him. Playing in the same league as Perhonen, his results are poor so far (2, 3.40 .867). He was .921 in 16 Fin2 games a year ago.

We’ll get rolling with the AHL kids next week and the college men are on the way too.


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  1. Chunklets says:

    Early, but those are good numbers and we shouldn’t punish him too much for playing in the 2 league. Lots of good players have come out of Swe-1.

    Very true, and the Allsvenskan has picked up some locked-out NHLers this fall, including Anze Kopitar (playing for Mora IK). They may not get any more, since the SEL has apparently backed off on its refusal to take part in the NHL diaspora, but that’s still a good league!

  2. Lowetide says:

    Tobias Rieder picks up another point today, an assist on the PP. About 5 minutes left in the 2nd.

  3. Dave Casselman says:

    Absolutely love your work LT, with all it`s variance. Speaking strictly for myself, please X18 continue the updates of the development and stats of all the kids in the system.

    We`re so very lucky to be Oiler fans at this moment in time. A combination of poor play, luck both good and bad, a scouting director that may be nonpariel and a decision from on high to blow it up. All of it and in it`s entirety.

    I`m reminded a bit of the old Houston Oilers circa early 80`s when they had a zillion and two first round draft choices for a few consecutive years. They weren`t able to put it together the way they might have primarily, in my opinion, because they overlooked drafting a LEADER, a Messier type, to take them to the promised land. The Oilers have Taylor Hall, by most accounts, the straw that will stir the drink. He appears to be a winner, and if he is, he`ll Messier the lads and bring out the best in them. Then, with luck and the bridge not washing out, we may well be witnessing V2 of the Boys on the Bus. Sure hope so. . . (Although I doubt there`ll be a better club team than the G&M Oil for the next 500 years or so.)

    Off topic, I chuckled at your choice of the word `statsis.` A closet Sci Fi guy mayhap. . .

    Any old way, presuming there`ll be another NHL season in our lifetime, treasure the development everyone. Sooner than we know we`ll be tripping down memory lane with “remember when` stories of the kids we have today.

  4. RexLibris says:

    Gernat, Gustafsson and Reider are my favourites from this bunch.

    I’ve watched Gernat play several times and I love his anticipation and ability to read the play. In fact last year I was at an Oil Kings game and I’m almost certain his family was sitting in front of me. The Gernat Oilers and international jerseys and the Eastern European accent were a good giveaway too.

    Gustafsson I find an intriguing guy. When MacGregor takes an obscure 20 year old in the early rounds, it is probably with good reason. The fact that nobody else knew who he was, in this case, actually made me more optimistic for him. When Prendergast did it, I would usually shudder and start self-medicating.

    Reider I love. Absolutely love that young man. Effort, skill, determination, finish. A force on the penalty kill. And he was neck and neck last post-season with Sven Baertschi for points. An Oiler fourth rounder vs a Flames first. What’s not to love?

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