Tobias Rieder is an interesting prospect. Drafted below where some (Redline) projected him, the young German import was outstanding in Kitchener last winter.

  • Redline: Undersized, but exceptionally smart playmaking winger with excellent offensive instincts and creativity. Has decent speed, but lacks the explosive first step burst and acceleration you’d like to see in a player his size. Super soft hands and slick with the puck in tight; can create separation with sharp cuts/turns. Sees the ice very well and can saucer touch passes through traffic off either side of the blade. Makes imaginative set-ups, often surpassing his mates with unexpected plays. Average shot, but has good finishing ability from the circles in with a quick release he hides well. Anticipates developing plays, stepping in to intercept passes and start quick counterattacks in transition. Desperately needs to pack on muscle – lost weight during the season and was out of gas from January on. Not afraid to go into the corners and will take hits, but can’t battle effectively.

Rieder’s 17-year old OHL season (65, 23-26-49) was good, and his follow-up season (60, 42-43-85) suggests he might be something else again. He needs to add strength and speed, and a growth spurt would help, but it looks like there might be a player here.

  1. So this is your new ‘Curtis Hamilton’? I think they had similar seasons the summer after they were drafted, but there are differences of course.
  2. You compared them over at ON. Yes. That is here, and I think it shows Rieder is likely a slightly better offensive prospect. Rieder had better numbers at evens and PP, and by eye I would guess Hamilton’s team was a little better. Not a huge gap, but Rieder appears to be more talented.
  3. How are they different? Hamilton is bigger, maybe three inches taller and 15 pounds heavier. Neither are rugged types, but Hamilton has the size to hold his own against men (eventually, he didn’t do it this year based on reports).
  4. How are they similar? Well, over at ON the boxcars suggest both of them played in all three disciplines. Lots of icetime, probably 1line minutes.
  5. Is Rieder a LW? He’s listed as a RW but shoots left. Suspect he can do either. He was listed as a C/W on draft day.
  6. Why did he fall in his draft year? Size, and the draft day reports said he lacked an explosive first step.
  7. Why are you high on Rieder? I have him ranked behind Yakupov and Hartikainen among current Oilers F prospects. That means I like Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, Hemsky, Hartikainen and Paajarvi more than Rieder among the under 30′s. This is a stupid depth chart on W now.
  8. If he continues to score they’ll find room. You bet, and if he maintains that wide range of skills we should allow for the possibility he could make it as an offensive type or a 2-way type.
  9. You don’t sound convincing. The Oilers already have their skill wingers for the next decade or so–well not quite but the next guy who’ll need replacing is Hemsky.
  10. Maybe the Oilers will go with three scoring lines? Oh you mean like they did back in NEVER?
  11. Why are you so touchy about it? They have enough skill now. There’s too much white noise around the Oilers roster. They want a bull, 2 coke machines and a faceoff guy–makes it difficult to have a skilled 12 like, say Detroit.
  12. Where do you see Rieder fitting in? Maybe as a Reddox type at first, then moving his way up the roster as the coach begins to count on him. His PK acumen should help him leapfrog a knuckledragger or two and then it is a matter of hitting enough to stay in the lineup.
  13. You mean goals, right? Yes. And Rieder scores them, more than most prospects we see outside the first round.
  14. This series is about TC hopefuls. How does Rieder make the team? He would have to be amazing and injuries would have to intervene too.
  15. Not likely to happen? No, but he has a wow factor. If he turns heads, he’ll stay longer. If he plays well against increasingly difficult opponents, he stays even longer. At some point someone says ‘hey, we’ve got a lot of forwards’ and then they have to make a decision.
  16. Let’s assume he’s a RW. How far down is he? Long way. Hemsky, Eberle, Jones, Petrell and Paajarvi battling for #4 slot.
  17. And then the AHL guys? Sure. We’ll say Arcobello, Pitlick, Tyrvainen. Abney.
  18. What are the odds? Hmm. Less than 5%. All of these TC hopefuls are pure long shots.

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  1. blackdog says:

    LT – one thing I’ve always wondered, who is asking you these questions? Is it Dellow? Your wife? Hobo down the street? Or is it just the dozen beer talking? Inquiring minds and all.

    ‘So I says to myself ‘Self, what do you think of this Moroz kid?’ and I knew it was me because I recognized the voice!!’

  2. jfry says:

    In an interview with his coach recently, he said he had reider playing his off wing all last year (right) and that it was most likely the case he’d do the same this year for a line of puemple/faksa /reider. So if he doesn’t get hurt we should see some sugar tits like production.

  3. delooper says:

    I’ve always taken it to be the *dark side* of Lowetide’s personality. The Mr. Hyde.

  4. GetYerAivazoff says:

    I always assumed that the other voice is an aggregate of all we commenters, intended to defuse the strength of our arguments by anticipating our reactions (though lacking the brilliance of our dry wit, of course).

  5. Jordan says:


    It had always been my assumption that we were the ones talking to the dark side of Lowetide’s personality.

    I mean, to cheer for the Oilers and Expos… anyone who’s that big of a masochist needs to be the dark side, right?

  6. russ99 says:

    Can’t see how it would hurt to have a skilled 4th line of guys like Rieder breaking into the NHL at some point. Otherwise they may never develop completely and if we need to trade them, we’d rarely get full value.

    And what are we really talking about icetime wise – 4-7 minutes per night currently given to goons and one-dimensional checkers?

    I’d especially be up for that 4th skill “tryout” line if we can clean out the bottom 6 the next two offseasons and acquire 3 proven vets to finally give us a NHL-quality checking third line…

  7. "Steve Smith" says:

    Aggregate, nothing – it’s all me. Lowetide calls me up the night before each of these is posted, tells me who he’s posting about, and I let the questions fly.

    Unless that’s just my dozen beers talking, and they just sound a lot like Lowetide. LT, does your voice have a certain oaky feel? I’ve been drinking Innis & Gunn.

  8. Lowetide says:

    The guy asking the questions is sort of an amalgam of the personalities of this blog. There are elements of the entire cast to be honest, maybe embellished a little to reflect the entertaining posters here. The 3 scoring lines thing for an example goes all the way back to MacT, I’d bet pretty much everyone is familiar with it.

  9. Ducey says:

    10.Maybe the Oilers will go with three scoring lines? Oh you mean like they did back in NEVER?
    11.Why are you so touchy about it? They have enough skill now. There’s too much white noise around the Oilers roster. They want a bull, 2 coke machines and a faceoff guy–makes it difficult to have a skilled 12 like, say Detroit.

    Well if Detroit has 4 skilled lines then the Oilers must have three.

    Smyth 46pts Horc 34 Jones 33 is better point wise than any three of the 6 guys Detroit plays in their bottom 6: Cleary 33 Helm 26 Tootoo 30 Miller 25 Abdelkader 22 Holmstrom 29

    And Innis and Gunn is a good choice!

  10. GetYerAivazoff says:


    You say amalgam, I say aggregate – let’s call the whole thing “Steve Smith”.

  11. danny says:

    Anonymous 1
    Godaddy 0

  12. Ducey says:

    I think your site was broken for most of the day LT…I couldn’t access the page …

  13. sliderule says:

    I don’t know were redline got the idea that he has no acceleration.Did they time him?

    At oiler development camp he was paired with Pelss and by eye was as fast and quick.

    They had timed skating at the camp and I would like to see the results compared to Pelss.

  14. commonfan14 says:

    sliderule: I don’t know were redline got the idea that he has no acceleration.Did they time him?

    This reminded me of a question that was bugging me a while back:

    Why exactly does the NHL draft combine apparently never at any point put the kids on skates? It’s like if the NFL combine never had the guys run.

  15. Jesse says:

    Can anyone fill me in on why Rob Schremp is known as sugartits on this blog?

  16. delooper says:

    I have not seen a thing of myself (or Bookje) in your alter-ego. Represent me!!

  17. OilTastic says:

    i just LOVE the fact that we took Rieder ONE pick before it was Detroit’s turn! ya baby!!

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