Joey Laleggia has his down arrows–he’s way too small for an NHL defenseman–but  there’s also some magnificent offensive talent.

Lalaeggia (4, 3-3-6) is among the leading scorers (defense) in the NCAA and is on an insane early pace. Only Miles Harvey (Providence) is ahead of the Oiler prospect, who had a solid weekend against Michigan Tech.

The Oilers have employed “offense first” defenders over the years. Paul Coffey, Reijo Ruotsalainen and Marc-Andre Bergeron are just some examples. At some point he’ll turn pro and we’ll see how Laleggia can hold up against the rigors of a long season against pro hockey players.

For now, he’s a fascinating prospect to follow. How many points can he post in his sophomore season?

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  1. mumbai max says:

    A Lalaeggiand in his own time.

  2. Clay says:

    So does this a total liability on D, is it just that his offence far exceeds his defensive ability? Is he more MAB than Vishnovsky?

  3. dessert1111 says:

    He seems to be having the best early season of all the college prospects, by far. Khaira seems to be doing fine but not turning heads, and McCarron’s only had two games. Too bad Bigos is injured.

    Any idea what’s happening with Kellen Jones? I think his brother’s missed the last three games with an injury, but a quick view of his stats shows one assist in six games…his team has been offense-starved, but he’s put up pretty good college numbers in other years and it’s his last year on contract, so he was going to need a big year to get a look. I have no idea what’s happening besides that numbers I see but it’s not looking good for him as a small wing prospect.

  4. jfry says:


    Legs elc doesn’t start until we sign him. We have him for about four or five years if we do decide to offer him a contract when uni is all over.

  5. DSF says:

    Taylor Hall ‏@hallsy04

    Got served my divorce papers today. Officially off the IR

  6. commonfan14 says:

    Hall officially off the IR.

  7. RexLibris says:

    mumbai max,

    Slow clap for the bad pun.


  8. RexLibris says:

    Promising start for Laleggia, we’ll see how he does for this season and the next. Pretty soon the Oilers may be losing “promising young defenceman” to attrition simply because we have a glut of them.

  9. dessert1111 says:


    Legs elc doesn’t start until we sign him. We have him for about four or five years if we do decide to offer him a contract when uni is all over.

    I’m not sure what you mean…the Oilers have to decide if they’re going to offer Kellen Jones (2010 draft pick) a contract this year, I believe, which is who I was talking about up there. Just said Legs is having a good start is all.

  10. Matt.N says:

    Comparing Legs to some undersized college defensemen.

    Joey Laleggia
    Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM
    2011-12 U. of Denver WCHA 43 11 27 38 35 (19 year old season)
    2012-13 U. of Denver WCHA 4 3 3 6 4 (20 year old season)

    Justin Shultz
    Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM
    2009-10 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 43 6 16 22 12 (19 year old season)
    2010-11 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 41 18 29 47 28 (20 year old season)
    2011-12 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 37 16 28 44 12 (21 year old season)
    2012-13 Oklahoma City Barons AHL 7 6 6 12 6 (22 year old season)

    Brain Rafalski
    Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM
    1991-92 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 38 3 16 19 40 (18 year old season)
    1992-93 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 32 0 13 13 10 (19 year old season)
    1993-94 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 37 6 17 23 26 (20 year old season)
    1994-95 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 43 11 34 45 48 (21 year old season)
    1995-96 Brynas IF Gavle SEL 22 1 8 9 14 (22 year old season)
    1996-97 HPK Hameenlinna SM-li 49 11 24 35 26 (23 year old season)

    John-Michael Liles
    Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM
    1999-00 Michigan State University CCHA 40 8 20 28 26 (19 year old season)
    2000-01 Michigan State University CCHA 42 7 18 25 28 (20 year old season)
    2001-02 Michigan State University CCHA 41 13 22 35 18 (21 year old season)
    2002-03 Michigan State University CCHA 39 16 34 50 46 (22 year old season)

    Dan Boyle
    Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM
    1995-96 Miami University (Ohio) CCHA 36 7 20 27 70 (19 year old season)
    1996-97 Miami University (Ohio) CCHA 40 11 43 54 52 (20 year old season)
    1997-98 Miami University (Ohio) CCHA 37 14 26 40 58 (21 year old season)

  11. Dipstick says:

    Tatylor Hall is having a bit of fun on twitter selecting his playing number at OKC.

  12. Jesse says:

    Don’t mean to threadjack, but some interesting things came up on Stauffer’s show when he expanded on what he said yesterday. (All of this is mostly paraphrased).

    “Think of a player that potentially could assist an NHL organization immediately improving their hockey team, but would become a cap casualty in the next number of years. Those players might be in play.”

    He also talked about a possible feature of the new CBA, a buyout mechanism coming into effect, a full buyout that doesn’t affect against the cap. All of what he’s said thus far makes me think of Luongo and nobody else for some reason, so, this would mean that they could buy Luongo out when they have to sign Nuge and Yakupov, hoping that one of Roy or Bunz is ready by that time. But Stauffer didn’t mention the part about Luongo, that’s just my own personal feeling.

    He then said:
    “You can go ahead and try and grow things organically – and the Oilers are in a pretty good position to do that. But if you’re an organization that has the will to strike, maneuver, and make a move, then there will be those kinds of deals to be made.”

    He said that this is all contingent upon the season getting started by Dec 1. He also predicts that the lockout will likely be resolved by Nov 18 or 19.

    “Could this be a trade or an offer sheet?”
    “Let’s leave it at that for now … let’s say it would make more sense for it to be a trade.”


    Anyway. What this says to me (if it is based on some fact, which seems likely — I don’t know why Stauffer would step out and make such bold statements just to jack up the ratings) is that the Oilers are fully out of rebuild mode. They’re out of the collect picks and prospects for the future mode. I’m pretty sure everyone understood this to be true anyway, but Stauffer talked a fair bit about the Pronger and Peca episodes in 2005 as examples, and so to me, that sort of sheds a bit of light on just how much the organization has changed gears and is ready to actually try. Which is both exciting and scary, because we’ve got no idea whether or not Tambellini is going to trade Sam Gagner, Magnus Pajaarvi, and a high pick for a couple years of Luongo. I’m not sure why Luongo seems to be the most likely, but nobody else’s name is really in trade rumors right now (other than possibly Bobby Ryan, who would not fit the Oilers’ needs at all).

    Anyway. That’s all.

  13. nelson88 says:

    luongo and ballard for horc, the mvp and a b list prospect.

  14. speeds says:

    It will be interesting to see how long they leave him in the NCAA. It’s not like he’s an 18 year old, the ordinary reason, physical development, to leave a player like him in the NCAA past his sophomore year may not apply since he’s a bit older – if he crushes the NCAA this year, and it’s not clear how much he’d have to gain by going back for a third year, maybe he’s in OKC for 13/14?

  15. dessert1111 says:

    Jesse: With a shortened season and supposedly excellent list of draft eligible prospects, I’d almost argue that this is the perfect “last-suck” year to draft high without giving up too much value. There is a lot of value bubbling under but it’s still risky because the Oilers don’t have anything close to an NHL-proven roster at this point. They have a load of promise, yes, but man part of me would feel safer with starting to transition a lot of the young guys, picking up Sean Monahan and doing the big trades this summer. At that point, I think the organization would know more what they have in some players going forward (Pajaarvi, Hemsky, Dubnyk, Hall at C, Gagner, the list goes on).

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