Atlant (8-9-3) takes on Neftekhimik (11-5-3) today in KHL action. Nail Yakupov has been an integral part of the team since arriving, one goal from the team lead despite playing in only half of Neftekhimik’s games.

Yakupov’s current numbers (10, 6-2-8) compare well to other 18-year old Russians from the last lockout season (04-05):

  1. Alexander Ovechkin (18) 37, 13-14-27 .730
  2. Evgeni Malkin (18) 52, 12-20-32 .615
  3. Viktor Alexandrov (18) 50, 8-10-18 .360
  4. Enver Lisin (18) 53, 8-4-12 .226

Those are RSL numbers, the KHL is most certainly a better league. It is early, but this kid is good, real good.

In college play last night, Jujhar Khaira had an assist in a loss for Michigan Tech; Joey Laleggia scored a PP goal for Denver in the same game. Kyle Bigos is still out for Merrimack; Dillon Simpson had an assist for UND in a win and John McCarron got an assist for Cornell in their season debut.

CHL Oilers

  1. Tobias Rieder (Kitchener) 12, 5-10-15
  2. David Musil (Vancouver) 12, 2-6-8
  3. Mitch Moroz (Edmonton) 13, 2-5-7
  4. Daniil Zharkov (Belleville) 12, 4-2-6
  5. Travis Ewanyk (Edmonton) 13, 2-2-4

A few words on OKC this morning. The club didn’t have a good game against Houston, and I think the blue was exposed to the point where management badly needs to add help at the position. They have too many forwards as it is, so perhaps a Mark Arcobello for AHL veteran defender deal could be in the works.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins left the game but did not return. Terry Jones tweeted after the game: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins took a stick to the face. Getting dental work. No lost teeth. Pushed back. Dimple appears to be fine, girls.

Despite a strong offensive showing from Magnus Paajarvi (and Justin Schultz), the star of the game from an Oiler perspective might have been Colten Teubert. The big defender took Brett Bulmer out behind the woodshed and taught him the facts of life after the big forward rocked Justin Schultz with a late hit.

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29 Responses to "NEFTEKHIMIK V ATLANT 27.10.12"

  1. Deans123 says:

    Got to like the way Houston’s Drew Bagnall stood up for his teamates.

  2. Deans123 says:

    Anyone have a link for the Neftekhimik game?

  3. Matt.N says:

    Nice shot Colten!

    It would be tremendous if either him or Plante could turn into Jason Smith. Looking less and less like a possibility.

  4. PerryK says:

    It seems that this one can be set to full screen.

  5. PerryK says:

    What a snipe by Yak on the powerplay!

  6. Lowetide says:

    As good as Schultz’s start has been, Yakupov scoring 7 goals in 11 KHL games (imo) has to be the story of the season so far. Wow.

  7. Deans123 says:

    Thanks for the feeds everyone!

  8. Deans123 says:


  9. Karsa Orlong says:

    Yak on fire! Basically playing 4th line minutes too.

  10. PerryK says:

    Man that kid is good!

  11. Deans123 says:

    I thought Yak may have been injured but I guess the coach is running four lines.

  12. oilredemption says:

    Make that 8!

  13. Lowetide says:

    7:54 in ice time and 2 goals. Oh my God.

  14. oilredemption says:

    The kid can pass, shoot and score! Hes as creative as i have ever seen before. Hes got it all when it comes to offensive instincts. Even hes dump-ins are slick!

  15. Johnny says:

    Used Russian hockey equpment, 3,000 Roubel…Fuel to the rink everyday, 250 Roubel…Entry Level Contract, 3.75M…Taking a pass with a bit of open ice…freezing the D-man with a fake slapper….appear to be driving wide on your backhand….pull it quickly to your forehand changing the angle and lasering it far side?…?…PRICELESS.

  16. Johnny says:


    That dump-in was nice…drew everyone towards him and put it perfectly for buddy to skate onto it…

  17. oilredemption says:

    PP, time for Nail to shine!!!!!!

  18. Johnny says:

    Does this coach run 3 power play units?? Why was Yak only put out after they scored the Shorty with 27 seconds left??

  19. Johnny says:

    I see they chose to let Horcoff run their first unit…

  20. Dipstick says:

    Every time Yak gets the puck, the damn frame freezes. I miss TV.

  21. bookje says:

    As good as Schultz’s start has been, Yakupov scoring 7 goals in 11 KHL games (imo) has to be the story of the season so far. Wow.

    The crazy thing is that we were insanely optimistic about these two before the seasons started and they are exceeding our expectations.

  22. Johnny says:

    Are they actually doing that PIP thing?

  23. Johnny says:

    That other screen covers up Yak perfectly on the half wall…

  24. DBO says:

    Wow. Just wow. Two new additions are the real deal. MPS with confidence (and PK time which is huge) and Harsky playing well. The more it drags on the more I’m happy to flush the nhl season. 6 of our top kids in OKC. Yak ripping up KHL, Buns and Roy a year of experience. And Sutton and Bulin prob done if they miss the year. Someone tell me the downside of no NHL.

  25. RickDeckard says:


    The 1st round pick is garbage in a year where the top players are far beyond last year.

    Ignoring the seasons that have odds so low they may as well be impossible (Edmonton wins cup or wins the lottery with a 2% chance), I think the best season would be one where they finish 25th and win the lottery. That’s reasonable improvement, especially if the team goes on a slide at the end. No pressure to take MacKinnon. The scouts get to honestly pick between Jones and Barkov. Either of those players will fill a major role, allowing players like Gagner and Nick Schultz to be dangled for the other piece.

  26. gogliano says:

    One of the question marks coming into this season was whether Nail would be the pre-injury phenom –not just a #1 pick but an above average / better than Taylor Hall #1 pick–or the post-injury player (best of the draft but an average #1 pick).

    With his start it is hard not get excited. He might be the best of the three.

  27. Marc says:


    I don’t want a high pick this year. You don’t get awarded the Stanley Cup for accumulating high picks – you accumulate high picks so you can win a Stanley Cup. The Oilers have what looks like a brilliant young core of four elite scoring forwards and now an elite young scoring D as well. They have a bunch of nice complementary pieces and a deep system. It’s time to focus on winning with the pieces we have instead of losing to get better pieces.

    If there is a season this year, I’m personally hoping that the Oilers don’t get a top ten pick, no matter how good the top of the draft is. Next season, and the ten that follow it, I’m hoping for bottom ten picks.

  28. frenchfrog says:

    Anyone who says Yakupov isn’t the best of the draft is dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.

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