The great young warrior Yakupov showed his expert marksmanship in Neftekhimik’s last game, delivering two bullets to the heart of his opponent. The young man from the land of Petrochemistry will one day make his fortune in the land of the fossil, but for now he’s trending with a wow factor most every game.

What will he do today?

That’s Audrey Hepburn on Wall Street, maybe 60 years ago. If you click on the photo, and then the “X” on the upper right, it becomes a monster photo and you can see a lot of cool things.

This storm (Sandy) looks like an absolute monster, I’m sure we’re all going to follow the story and here’s hoping this Sandy ends up being as gentle as Springsteen’s song. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in harm’s way. Godspeed, be safe.

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13 Responses to "NEFTEKHIMIK V LOKOMOTIV 29.10.12"

  1. meanashell11 says:

    I am sitting here in southern Connecticut this morning. The wind is already gusting and has been since midnight. I still remember my first storm down here, woke up one morning and it was like Beirut back in the 80′s. Trees grow very tall here and when they fall they do a lot of damage, hope this is no worse than Irene last year which was actually kinda fun!

    As for Nail, man this kid is something and I can wait to see him light up Schneider with those laser shots. Hopefully soon, untill thyen I have some furnature to tie down!

  2. BoysontheBus says:

    1-0 Neftekhimik so far, assist for Yak on the first goal of the game.

  3. Oilanderp says:

    I’m starting to like watching hockey first thing in the morning… Yak already with a point!

  4. RickDeckard says:

    Can we pretend that NJ, NY and LI lose their arenas in the storm and have to be dispersed? Assuming the Oilers get to pick second, who do you take?

  5. engineer says:

    Can we pretend that NJ, NY and LI lose their arenas in the storm and have to be dispersed? Assuming the Oilers get to pick second, who do you take?

    Larsson, I think. Fits in with the age group, right set of skills given the roster as-is.

    I think maybe I found a stream:

    Verrrrrrry small rink, though. Looks decidedly 3rd rate.

  6. RickDeckard says:


    I was thinking that but then I remembered that Tavares is signed until 2018 at only $5.5M. He’d be hard to pass up at that price and would free up Gagner to either be tradebait or give the Oilers three scoring lines.

    As for the BJs, wouldn’t it be hilarious if they took Nash?

  7. engineer says:

    I hear ya, but we’re picking 2nd, right?

    It’s either Larsson or Staal, imo.

  8. RickDeckard says:


    Not McDonagh? I thought he was supposed to be pretty good and he’s got 4 more years of RFA still.

  9. TheseColoursDontRun says:

    Can I have the Islanders’ first round pick in 2012?

  10. commonfan14 says:

    RickDeckard: As for the BJs, wouldn’t it be hilarious if they took Nash?

    It would be better if they took DPietro and explained that they really wanted to shore up their goaltending into the 2020s.

  11. striatic says:

    Yakupov is getting only 3rd line minutes so i guess sheltering him is paying off.

  12. spoiler says:

    Some econ news…

    Check out this hockey stick:

    That’s probably the most ridiculous end of the session, end of the month manipulated ramp I think I have ever seen. Why anyone (I’m looking at you, Mark Carney & Stephen Harper) thinks retail investors want any part of this manipulated market is beyond me.

    In other news not good for Katz, the City or the arena deal: Moody’s placed the major Canadian banks on review for a downgrade (despite BNN reiterating daily that Canada’s banks are the strongest in the world)..

    In good news though, it looks like Oil has found a floor at $86 and hopefully won’t drop any farther. Not that it will make a difference to the provincial government budget-makers if it holds steady here. Making margin calls created so much sell pressure last week that Oil didn’t even blink when Israel bombed a Sudan missile factory. Hopefully we see a move off these lows in November.

  13. Dipstick says:

    This lockout has to end. If things get any slower here, Lowetide will need to get a second job.

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