Nail Yakupov is (from all we know) eligible to play today for his town team. I believe he was eligible the other day but  didn’t dress for Neftekhimik.

From what I can gather at the KHL site, Neftekhimik has won 7 of their first 11 games and sit 4th in the Eastern division. They feature some good offensive defenders (Mamashev, Berezin, Blokhin) and their top forwards are delivering some offense:

Just click on that graph, and then click on the “X” upper right and it’ll be big enough to read. Nail is right at the bottom.

I believe the game starts at 9am our time, and you can follow the game here. When the game begins, a ‘document’ icon will appear in the SKA-Neftekhimik’ box when you put the cursor over where the starting time is now on the  Neftekhimik game.

Elsewhere tonight David Musil is tied for 7th in WHL scoring among blue (4, 1-3-4 +1) but his team is playing poorly (1-3-0 in their first 4).

Finally, a question. What would you like to see this month? Options:

  • Game day threads like this one. Featured teams will be Neftekhimik, Farjestad, the Oil Kings and the Barons.
  • Historical stuff like the 1967 expansion draft. I’ve been ripping through those quickly, maybe you’d like to see something else?
  • Stories from other NHL teams. I almost wrote an item on Don Cherry’s take re the Nazem Kadri signing (I agree completely with Cherry and that never happens).
  • I could run through a previous season game by game. Say, 83-84? 79-80?

Anyway, let me know. All ideas welcome.


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77 Responses to "NEFTEKHIMIK V. SKA 3.10.12"

  1. Nail and Nuge says:

    Put me down for a vote for the updates on our overseas prospect- specifically the Nail and Klefbom. It is somewhat difficult to monitor their progress given the language barrier.

    I enjoy the recaps and would love to see it be a regular post. Cheers.

  2. Max Powers says:

    My personal opinion is that the 1967 draft is a tad old skool for me so i would be less interested. a 1991 draft or some thing would be cool.

    Of the options above, i like the gdt for all for teams and id like to see controversial issues for other teams discussed as well. For some reason i can’t get enough “Kadri is fat” news

  3. russ99 says:

    I’m a fan of the prospect game reports, that at least lessens the non-hockey pain. Plus with OKC starting up soon, and the KHL now on ESPN in the U.S. and looking for a Canadian TV deal there will be lots to talk about.

    I’m a big fan of the historical stuff, so keep it coming. Maybe look at the recent expansion drafts in counterpoint.

    Admittedly, a blurb on “this day on the 83-84 Oilers” would be cool too.

  4. regwald says:

    If you want to talk 1979 Oilers, how about add in a few articles on the last season in the WHA, how the merger came about and how the Oilers got screwed out of Bengt Gustavsson even though he was on their protected list. And then follow it up by the results of the expansion draft and ’79 Amateur draft and how the Jets took Jimmy Mann and the Oilers had to settle for Lowe.

    Btw, I didn’t comment much, but that ’67 expansion series was pure gold. I would love to see it published for a larger audience, although all the Habs fans out there might disagree with your interpretations … lol

  5. gd says:

    Put me down for the game day threads. Between the lockout and the arena situation, I am feeling pretty bummed about hockey right now. Following our prospects remind me there should be better times ahead. I think once OKC gets going that will generate at least more discussion then we’ve had lately. I have appreciated any info on the Euro games that get posted here as it is hard to get info on Europe without spending hours shifting through Google translated websites.

    I loved the expansion series, but in some ways it just reminded me of what a joke the NHL has been, and made me realize my youth of cheering against the Habs was doomed.

  6. dessert1111 says:

    Game day blogs please. In addition, as much info about OKC as possible. I’m finding there isn’t nearly as much info and press out there for them as I’d like, since I am trying to spend as much time with the OKC team as I normally would with the Oilers as my substitute, and that is proving quite impossible. The majority of Barons are under contract with the Oil, so I think that’s a logical place to focus the majority of our attention. But I like the overseas players/prospects too. Some interesting news on other teams is good too every once in a while. I’m too young to really appreciate the history, but I have read it for interest. Barons’ first preseason game is only two days away, I think it’s time to immerse ourselves in that :)


  7. regwald says:


    I loved the expansion series, but in some ways it just reminded me of what a joke the NHL has been, and made me realize my youth of cheering against the Habs was doomed.

    But GD like mine, your hatred for the Habs was well founded based on their manipulation of the league. But it was fighting an uphill battle for sure …

  8. Jon K says:

    First and/or last option, please and thank you. Thanks for giving us out daily dose of hockey, LT.

  9. RickDeckard says:

    Game Threads or a 1970s history series, perhaps the rise of the WHA? The 70s are such a unique era.

    Yakupov in the starting lineup, bobbled the puck on a chance to break out of the zone but made a good pass to recover and get a change.

  10. Jesse says:

    As someone who was born in 88 and effectively missed a huge chunk of Oiler history, I wouldn’t mind stories of important players in Oiler history. For example, I don’t have much of an idea of what players like Miro Satan, Joe Murphy, or Jason Arnott mean to Oiler folklore, and i think it’d be cool to hear about players who have shaped Oiler history through the dynasty years, but also beyond. That 91 – 96 era seems like a black hole of information to me.

    However, if not this, I would be thrilled with game day updates such as this one.

    Thanks for all the great writing LT. It’s a treat.

  11. RickDeckard says:

    He scores!

  12. JakeOiler says:

    Just signing in for the 1st time as I have read and loved this site for a couple of years…Loved the 67 expansion series…also loved the Flyers back then…How does an 8 yr old fall for a team in 74? Get grounded on Saturday night and miss the one time you get to see a new uniform and team. Couldnt wait to see Philly and missed out because of the grounding…when I did, a month later, WOW! Those uni’s, the crest, the hair, Bernies Mask…I was sold! That was my team. Playing road hockey and I was always either Clarke, Parent or Larry Goodenough. Loved his name I guess. That series was excellent. Here are my choices going forward;
    WHA-Read that book written a few years ago and laughed out loud constantly.
    OKC and oversea updates are great. Keep em coming.
    “What does it all mean” all-star photo series…Cant have enough Scarlett to beat the dog-days of winter.
    Keep up the great work. I will be reading!

  13. jp says:

    He scores!

    Nice!!! And by the looks of that scoring chart there’s lots of room for Yak to get ice time on that team.

    As for lowetide content, game day threads and following prospects is my first choice too. The expansion series has also been great though, so any other historical items you think are worth re-telling would be welcomed too (good ideas that have already been mentioned include the WHA in general, and the Oilers entry to the NHL/early years).

    The game by game run though of some previous season is also an interesting idea, though I wonder if it would get tedious as the “season” went on. And coverage of tidbits from other current teams could also be good from time to time.

    Basically, following the prospects is #1 for me. Then whatever else you find most interesting and feel like talking/writing about will likely also be interesting to us (has worked pretty well so far!).

  14. Chunklets says:

    Well done, kid! Assist to Maxim Berezin. SKA leading 2-1 at the moment, however.

  15. skidplate says:

    Put me down for your top 3 options. I suspect we will have a bit of time to kill before the season starts.

  16. skidplate says:

    Oh, and keep up the excellent work LT.

  17. striatic says:

    livestream available here:

  18. Reg Dunlop says:

    How can we fill the days before the NHL resumes? Lets see…

    You could write about small engine repair. Maybe.

    You could critique the novels of Harold Robbins. Mmmm, no.

    You could explore ‘The Feminine Mystique’ and we could discuss how feminism has helped the world. Probably not.

    Everyone here could read my BS. Thats a possibilty.

    Maybe it would be best to stick to game day threads like this one and LOTS of info on the Barons,thank you very much.

  19. striatic says:

    hey this game is actually good!

  20. striatic says:

    game day threads!

    esp. barons and oil kings.

  21. Нинтендо⁶⁴ says:

    Love to hear about the Oil Kings especially, but the heart of the blog should focus on the young heart of the current team.

    Main and final post on OKC Games Days should be an OKC game day thread. If you do a Euro thread those days please schedule an OKC post to go up right after the Euro games.

    Ditto for Oil King game day threads when the Barons are not playing.

    That leaves lots of weekdays to mix it up with hockey historty and anything else of interest. As light on the Bettman and Batman posts as possible.


  22. RickDeckard says:

    And another!

  23. striatic says:



  24. striatic says:

    from about the same range and location as the first. really opportunistic on the rebound and got his shot high, fast.

  25. Chunklets says:

    2 for Yak! Well done again!!

  26. delooper says:

    I think things are going quite well LT. Between the old expansion draft, game threads and random other stuff you’re certainly keeping my attention.

  27. RickDeckard says:

    Yakupov with a penalty for high sticking.

  28. russ99 says:


    “Bettman and Batman”? That cries out for a silly t-shirt…

  29. striatic says:

    Neftekhimik on the PP now thought the end of regulation and a chance to win it.

    fun to see Kovalchuk and Yakupov going back and forth trading points. our boy can keep up!

  30. Lucinius says:

    Outside of the penalty its been a good game for Yak. Two goals thus far with overtime to go and he had another two good chances, the best one where he stole the puck on the forecheck behind the net then just powered himself to the net.

    Kid doesn’t look out of place in the KHL.

  31. RickDeckard says:

    Nizhnekamsk with a PP going into OT. Yakupov with more TOI than any teammate except two defensemen.

  32. striatic says:


    only 3 shots, though CKA looks to be the dominant team all around.

  33. striatic says:

    now that the PP is over, got to like CKA’s chances although Solokov is keeping Team Yak in it.

  34. striatic says:

    looks like HXK is stalling for time whenever they get the puck now.

  35. striatic says:

    phew .. sokolov with a gamesaver on an OT breakaway.

  36. striatic says:

    end of OT. Yakupov with the shootout winner? pretty please?

  37. Lucinius says:

    Interesting; offensive zone face off in overtime with less than a minute to go, and you don’t put the player who’s scored both your goals on the ice.

    Hopefully Yak gets a shot in the shootout and makes good on it.

  38. striatic says:

    Interesting; offensive zone face off in overtime with less than a minute to go, and you don’t put the player who’s scored both your goals on the ice.

    Hopefully Yak gets a shot in the shootout and makes good on it.

    it looked to me like they were playing for the shootout. lots of stalling in the neutral zone and winding down the clock. maybe went with a defensive setup there.

    playing for the points?

  39. Jesse says:

    I only ask because I’m not able to watch the game…

    Are we sure they go to shootouts?

  40. striatic says:

    yakupov comes in slow, meandering, stoned by bobrovsky : [

  41. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the updates Striatic!

  42. striatic says:

    looks like CKA is going to win the shootout.

    team yak needs a goal here.

  43. striatic says:

    and koukal gets one! shootout continues.

  44. striatic says:

    kovalchuk totally whiffs.

  45. striatic says:

    sokolov with a sick glove save on tihkonov

  46. striatic says:

    yakupov gets to go again. tries a move in close but bobrovsky has his number.

  47. striatic says:

    goaltender’s duel now for sure.

    yakupov goes again and third time is a charm! five-hole on bobrovsky!

  48. striatic says:

    fedorov beats sokolov to tie it.

  49. Jesse says:

    That’s crazy! Why would you just keep letting the players go over and over? Odd KHL rules…

    Not that I’m complaining. Heck of a game for Yak

  50. striatic says:

    koukal with a sly bluff that goes through the goalie and hits the far post. remains tied.

  51. striatic says:

    kovalchuk really isn’t good at shootouts.

  52. Jesse says:

    Judging by the live report off the KHL website, this looks like a great game.

  53. striatic says:

    hm .. looks like yakupov didn’t go this round. no goals for team yak. not goals for team yak but none from CKA either.

    new round!

  54. striatic says:

    yak’s back .. and scores!

    huge shootout goal at the end of the round.

    CKA needs to score here ..

  55. striatic says:

    Solokov stones Thoresen and Team Yak wins on Yakupov’s shootout goal!

    We score more goals, We win!

  56. Lucinius says:

    Two goals by Yak in the shootout, nice.

    Gotta love his game tonight.

    One of the longer shootouts I can recall. 15 shooters each; think Yak’s team got 3 and CKA 2?

  57. Нинтендо⁶⁴ says:

    So that’s settled then. We ignore JW’s annual plea for Patrick Thoresen and keep Yak instead.

  58. striatic says:

    While i’d love to say Yak single handedly won this game, Sokolov had more than an equal hand in it.

    But between the two of them, they held their team in it.

  59. Нинтендо⁶⁴ says:

    “‘Bettman and Batman’? That cries out for a silly t-shirt”


    One you can barely get talking. The other you can barely stop.

  60. striatic says:

    Yak is clearly the class of his team offensively. in the shootout it really showed, where other than Koukal and Yakupov, team Yak wasn’t a real threat in close or shooting. lots of heads down, telegraphing shots, slow sticks.

    CKA looked dangerous to the last man, but Sokolov was superb.

  61. Adam Dyck says:

    I may be the only one, but I would love to relive the 06 run. Game by game, through Edmonton’s unlikeliest playoff campaign.

  62. RexLibris says:

    Great game from Yakupov. Thanks Striatic for the updates and the link.

    As for content, I’ve enjoyed the expansion series. A lot of history there and some terrific information. Very thorough and well-researched.

    I’m a bit of a prospect junkie so I may be biased towards the Barons and Oil Kings, but I’d be happy with the general content as it sits today: Klefbom updates, KHL info and game day threads, some Barons pieces and maybe the occasional article about how Curtis Lazar will be drafted by the Oilers and chase Sven Baertschi around the ice like a frightened rabbit.

  63. Jonathan Willis says:


    I think it’s safe to say that Yakupov’s NHL prospects are *slightly* better than Thoresen’s.

  64. Rocknrolla says:

    Hey LT,

    I love the gameday blogs so we can follow the likes of Yak, Klefbom, and the Barons. I think it will be tough to catch the barons games, so it would be nice to be able to keep up with the daily progress.

    The other think I was thinking about, and I think JW did this a couple weeks ago, he went through the zone entries for the first game of last season. Why dont we analyze the entire last season for the zone starts. This could be a valueable tool, and we have the time…

  65. Нинтендо⁶⁴ says:

    I think it’s safe to say that Yakupov’s NHL prospects are *slightly* better than Thoresen’s.

    (Quote) (Reply)

    Jonathan Willis,

    Wild talk. Only safe to a few dozen sigma. What next Mr. Anchovy? Taming those lively brown furry things with short stumpy legs and great long noses?

  66. Ryan says:


    The neftikhimik Oilers defeat the Ska Jersey Devils with 2 goals from Yakupov plus the so winner.

    Nice win for the KHL Oilers!!!

  67. jake70 says:

    Potential topics:

    LT, more than once I’ve seen you categorized OIler fans in terms of major events (Todd Marchant oilers, 2006 cup run oilers, etc)……I think some flashback (flashback Fridays like the bluejays marketing scheme?) type articles for each group, ……pick a player, a game, a series, whatever……rotate each time to the next group.

  68. Moosemess says:

    Hi LT, I guess I’m in the minority based on the responses thus far but I would enjoy hearing your musings on other topics and teams across the NHL. Reason being – I find the site to be at its most entertaining when you introduce a really good topical issue to chew on that prompts lively discussion and banter.

    As well, I would love to see an LT series of articles wherein you put yourself in the GM chair of various NHL clubs and discuss the things you would do to get them Cup worthy. How you would fix the Leafs, Flames, etc.

    I think you’ve gathered a fairly impressive cast of armchair GMs and I think a series along those lines would prompt a lively discussion, much more so than monitoring some faceless KHL team near some Siberian outpost.

  69. prairieschooner says:

    I really like current stuff it just feels like something is happening

  70. Boondock says:

    Full highlights including Yakupov’s 4 goals:

    2nd goal in regulation was pretty lucky, it just bounced in. You can really see how fast Yakupov’s hands are on his second shootout goal though, he gets the shot off very fast while stickhandling, very deceptive.

  71. Mr DeBakey says:

    Exciting news from the Land of the Hapsburgs:

    10/02/2012: Now the lockout has reached in the best hockey league in the world, the Erste Bank Hockey League. Ljubljana in the last hours the Graz 99ers and the Vienna Capitals have brought reinforcements from the NHL. Above all the interest around Thomas Vanek is huge, which is why the LIWEST ​​Black Wings respond to the guest appearance of the star striker.

    Already on Friday for the first time will attract an NHL star in No worries ice arena in circles. Corey Potter goes to mid-November by the Edmonton Oilers to the Vienna Capitals and is in a duel with the Black Wings LIWEST ​​give his debut season in the EBEL. The defense attorney was presented today by the Viennese as “signing on time” and brings NHL flair to the ice rink on the lower banks of the Danube.

    Even more spectacular was the transfer yesterday of Graz 99ers. The Styrian presented yesterday with striker Thomas Vanek a true superstar and the best hockey players of Austria as a new member, the 4th to November, the 99ers will dress coat. That means for all the fans in Upper Austria, the Austrian Sportsman of the Year will be hosting the 2007 Do not worry in the ice arena.

    On 30 October there comes a home game against the Black Wings of LIWEST ​​Graz 99ers and immediately after the announcement of yesterday’s transfer coups were also in the office of the Linz hot phones. Interest in the game against the 99ers has soared, which is why the defending champion has decided. The ticket for that match on 30.10 already to start early.

    From tomorrow, Wednesday 3 October, 10 clock, the tickets for this match at Black Wings office be purchased. For the fans, it is said to be fast, especially because the few available seats will be sold out soon. VIP seats are available for this game now no longer available and it is expected that there will be the standing a great crowd. After all, it is the only chance to get to the NHL superstar in Linz to face.

    One can guarantee that Vanek played like course not LIWEST ​​Black Wings. Should contrary to all expectations, the NHL record by early November the operation of the striker has an exit clause in the contract with the 99ers.

  72. Mr DeBakey says:

    Game day threads like this one. Featured teams will be Neftekhimik, Farjestad, the Oil Kings and the Barons.

    What about Zug?

  73. commonfan14 says:

    Reg Dunlop: You could critique the novels of Harold Robbins.

    Bah – nothing but aimless thrills, the most awful American tripe. A sort of pornographic muzak.

    Although he is better than the rubbish put out by Harold Robinson.

  74. RexLibris says:


    I’ve always preferred Rarnaby Budge by Charles Dikkens.

  75. stevezie says:

    I’d love to see some historical stuff. For example, I’m not really old enough to understand how Messier beat out Lemiuex for a Hart despite finishing way, way back of him in scoring. Hell, Lemieux wasn’t even second that year, Ray Bourque was. How did that happen, and how did we move from that to Thornton beating Jagr by two points and becoming the de facto Hart winner? Jagr had twenty-five more goals!

    How did Ron Languay ever beat Coffey for the Norris? How… I’ll make it short and say the history of some of the awards would fascinate me.

  76. raventalon40 says:

    A little off side on that second Yakupov goal, but beautiful anticipation by Nail nonetheless, following up on the play as the third guy.

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