Nail Yakupov is back in action today for Neftekhimik. As you know, Yakupov had played in a couple of games and then the long arm of the law stepped in.

Yakupov has averaged 12.5 minutes a night through 2 games, and his most impressive stat so far is the SOG total (7). I don’t think we should expect dominance from the teenage wonder, the KHL was already a good league before the Oveckin’s of the world began stepping off the plane.

At the same age–and during the last lockout–Evgeni Malkin scored 52, 12-20-32. What would be a reasonable total for Yakupov?

I’ve wanted to touch on this lately but keep forgetting. In an interview on Nation Radio awhile back, Andrey Odaschenko pronounced the young Russian’s name “yak-OOO-pov” and he did it again with Jason Gregor recently.

It’s not a big deal, but for me the Russian names have been getting butchered since Segeri Mack-CAR-ov was turned into Sergei MACK-orov. I’d like to pronounce the young man’s name correctly, and since Osadchenko knows better than I do from this point forward when I write Yakupov consider the pronounciation changed.

Now there’s no way I can force you to do this, so we’re on the honor system. :-)

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  1. MrSmitty says:

    I’ll put up my guess 50 15-12-27 I think thats a little on the high side but probably not unrealistic if he gets comfortable and starts to get a few more minutes.

  2. jp says:


    Guess something in that range would have to be considered a solid success (rather than an RE), especially considering Malkin’s subsequent success and the influx of lockout skill in the KHL this year (Malkin’s comparable year was the last lockout though, so similar situation). He should do OK this year, and unless he decides not to return to NA (don’t think that’s a real concern) then playing in the KHL should be a nice preparation for the NHL.

  3. Oilanderp says:

    Here’s a clip of Naheel Yakoopf saying his own name:!

    There is no “pov” just a “pff”, at least that’s how I hear it.

  4. jonrmcleod says:


    Thanks for that. I think I’m safe in saying, though, that no one will pronounce it like that.

  5. Dipstick says:

    I’m expecting a lot of “ooohs” when Yakupov is in action. Has anyone found a link to the game?

  6. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:

    Talking of nation radio, was there even a show this weekend just gone? I know it took a break the previous weekend, but I didn’t see any previews here or at ON, nor is the podcast up yet. Or are you just skiving off LT? :p

  7. Oilanderp says:

    the Real fans don’t always have to watch Tv to satiate their Sport diet. fans such as this Dot the sports landscape everywhere. some might wonder if i am impersonating e e cummings in that i am not capitalizing the words i should. in fact what i am doing is telling you to take each word i capitalized in this post and put them in that order in your internet-finder-box (by accident of course) if you would like a glimpse of the oil chemists. i hope its a good game and not just the Com before the storm.

  8. Oilanderp says:

    It appears to be starting now, they’re taking some warmup shots on Sokolov

  9. Lucinius says:

    Watching it as well; hoping for a good game from Yakupov.

  10. Chunklets says:

    Well blah. It doesn’t appear that Yakupov is actually in the Neftekhimik lineup today. At least, I can’t see his name on the team sheet here: (check under the “Team” tab). Can anybody who’s watching confirm/deny this?

  11. prairieschooner says:

    Did some say Marla Sokoloff?

  12. Truth says:

    Yakupov not playing from what I can see.

    They just had a 5 on 3 and he wasn’t out there. If he’s in the lineup he is definitely not being used appropriately.

    Maybe Sarnia wouldn’t be so bad after all?

    Edit: Just looked at the KHL website and Yakupov isn’t listed under the TOI or shots stats. So he is not playing.

  13. Ducey says:

    At the same age–and during the last lockout–Evgeni Malkin scored 52, 12-20-32. What would be a reasonable total for Yakupov?

    Malkin was drafted out of the KHL and played on the same team he played in his draft year.

    He went .35 ppg in his draft year and .61 in his post draft year. Average of the two was .51. This is what I would predict for N64 as he will need some time to adjust to a new league and playing against older players.

  14. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:


    Thanks, i’d read that article though and it doesn’t explain NationRadio’s absence for 2 weeks running, only the first week!

  15. RexLibris says:

    Chris Hext—formerly EasyOil—,

    As I understand it the contract with 1260 ran out and they are trying to line up sponsors or something. Either way, it is sort of a combination of no NHL hockey (blame Bettman and Fehr for something else now too, I guess) and technology, as in Kent WIlson and Jonathan Willis are dragging their feet building the Nations satellite I suggested.

  16. Max Powers says:

    I promise i will pronounce his name like that when i read your articles, but only your articles.

  17. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:


    Thanks Rex. Just missing being able to listen to the sound of LT’s voice on my ipod as I cycle to work…

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