It made too much sense. After Mark Pysyk turned pro, the Oil Kings could afford to ride Griffin Reinhart, Martin Gernat, Keegan Lowe and hope that one of Cody Corbett or Ashton Sautner took a step forward.

However, once Gernat’s health update came (via ‘message in a bottle’) it became apparent the Oil Kings needed to add someone significant.

David Musil is significant.

The trade is Mason Geertsen and the OK 2013 1st rder from the bantam draft for Musil. The Oil Kings made the right trade, and made it early enough for Musil to get used to things before the WJs.

Job well done.

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  1. Giant Squid Overlord says:

    Fantastic…now we can keep even a better eye on him. Will he play less with the kings because of their depth though?

  2. ItsTheBGB says:

    I doubt it. Griffin’s the only defender better, and only because of his offence which is non-existent this year.

  3. jp says:

    Well dang, that happened quickly. Good for Musil, his development, the Oil Kings, and the fans!

  4. Rocknrolla says:

    Stauffer called this one early too, almost by name….makes you wonder even more about the WOW trade….

  5. RexLibris says:

    I think when the Oil Kings broke camp with a spare 20-year old spot most everybody could see the writing on the wall. Especially given the close connections between the Oil Kings and Oilers.

    I’m excited about this trade. Thinking about a defense pairing of Musil and Reinhart? Or Musil and Gernat? Those are some tall trees. Geertsen is a good prospect and one that I wouldn’t mind the Oilers looking at in a later round (3rd and on), but Musil brings a more responsible edge to the game. Geertsen was always willing to engage physically, but it seemed at times he’d go at the wrong time or push a little too far and end up costing the team. That is likely just youth, but Musil can bring the same edge and shut down opposing players.

    And the Oil Kings hang on to players like Kulda and Mayo. A good day’s work there.

  6. oilersfan says:

    I am not on twitter and dont plan on it.

    However, tonight on Hockey Central John Shannon was asked who is the best player in the AHL. He had only a few seconds to think about it, and answered Jake Gardiner.

    Can someone please tweet him on the behalf of Oilersfans everywhere, and ask him if he just hadn’t considered RNH, Eberle and Schultz, or if he actually thinks Gardiner is better than all of them?

    I don’t think there is a GM or pro scout in the NHL who would trade any of the above 3 mentioned Oilers for Jake Gardiner, I would hope.

  7. meanashell11 says:

    Jake Gardiner?? Seriously??? Maybe he thought the question was who is the best player on the Marlies! How many AHL player of the week awards has Jake won?

  8. Ducey says:


    I saw that too. I had the same reaction.

    Shannon grew up as a TV guy. He has no background in hockey. It shows.

  9. DawnM says:

    Just eastern bias again? Whatever. If the lockout goes on long enough and there’s a replay of last year’s playoff matchup, we can all enjoy watching Gardiner get undressed by any one of the three.

    Stoked about the trade though. It’s a great move. Sitting back on their championship wasn’t looking likely to get them back to the Memorial Cup this year. Hopefully this is the move that gets them fired up again.

    Question: If the CBA is settled and there’s an abbreviated training camp, do the prospects (aside from Yakupov, of course) get an invite?

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