OIL KINGS V. ICE 14.10.12

One day during the summer I was sitting in the parking lot of the radio station I work for finishing up a breakfast sandwich and listening to the Pipeline Show. If you’re a draft geek like me, that show is a gold mine.

Anyway, Guy Flaming was doing a round table discussion with various area scouts for NHL teams. I don’t recall the names, but one of the scouts represented the Chicago Blackhawks. Guy asked “anyone pass through the draft that surprised you?” and the Chicago scout mentioned Ashton Sautner. He then went on to say that the young man would probably be higher up the list next draft but he was available with the last pick in this draft.

Funny what you remember.

Now, all of this is blue sky and who the hell knows, but for me both Cody Corbett and Ashton Sautner were players “in the mix” for selection during the late rounds. I wonder what Oiler scouts think of having all these “experts” who can see junior hockey games in their own backyard? Mixed blessing, I’d guess.

Lots of talk about Curtis Lazar after his performance on Friday night, I think the Oilers would be strong on him should he be available when they draft in 2013. Others we should be following in the WHL are Hunter Shinkaruk and Ryan Pulock.



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5 Responses to "OIL KINGS V. ICE 14.10.12"

  1. spoiler says:

    Holy Freakin Schultz Batman.

    Seeing highlight packages from his fratboy days is one thing. Watching him glide and slide up and down the ice with authority against men is another. What a skater. And always pushing the play for offence. I don’t think his teammates realize how often he is trailing the play in dangerous spots.

    That wrist shot is a real weapon. Needle-like precision with a lightning release.

    His awareness is Professor Xavier-like. Subtle passes, stretch passes, seeing eye passes, he does it all.

    And the confidence… All-world moving up the ice, but he doesn’t seem the least bit shy in his own end either.

    Colour me very impressed after these first two games. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the interwebbery that allowed us to watch. Yakupov we kind of knew what we were getting. This kid came highly touted but with little hard evidence of his weaponry. After two games, Batman’s utility belt would be jealous.

    And the Klefbomber seems the perfect match for his style of play.

  2. Lowetide says:

    spOILer: Agreed on Klefbom being a nice match for Schultz. I wish Klefbom were in OKC right now!

  3. spoiler says:

    spOILer: Agreed on Klefbom being a nice match for Schultz. I wish Klefbom were in OKC right now!

    That would sure be nice. There is something to be said though about physical confidence. This was a quality alluded to earlier in Klefbomb’s career, I think Tambo or Stu said something in general about young Swedes needing extra time to find this mental edge. They don’t play as physical in the Juniors over there so there’s something to be said about gaining confidence against men, filling out the frame a little more etc etc.

    We saw Paajarvi struggle with this (and it speaks well to him that he has an extra level of “adventure”), so I am okay with Klefbomb staying there till he feels he is in full possession of his nerve.

    Some honorable mentions from the shores of Lake Erie:

    Martindale… Looks like a different player… Involved physically and mentally at a level we haven’t seen before. Never thought I’d be so happy to see a player chase and battle for loose pucks.

    Pelss… Just love his motor. Feet never stop moving.

  4. hags9k says:

    I’m thinking Musil might end up being a great fit with Schultz too.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Agreed. Musil is actually quite developed for a player of his type. Poor Alex Plante. He’s going to be parking cars within a year with all these kids arriving 6 at a time.

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