I find myself wishing the Oil Kings were playing Kootenay tonight. Don’t get me wrong, its always nice to see a team from the other conference and the Rockets always seem to have a good team.

However, the reason Kootenay is on my mind (aside from beer) is the sudden retirement of Drew Czerwonka. Hollick’s Between the Lines has the story and some great quotes from GM Jeff Chynoweth. The item I’ll quote is this:

  • Jeff Chynoweth: “he has battled through a lot in the last few years, he’s had a lot of unfortunate injuries. More or less that he had lost the fire and it’s been on his mind for about the past month.”

On his twitter account, Czerwonka said goodbye:


I think the answer to our questions is (as is often the case) the obvious one. Jeff Bromley discussed it earlier this month in his ICE CHIPS column:

  • Bromley: F Drew Czerwonka made his 20-year-old season debut last night after recovering from an off-season/training camp injury. Many ask the question of how he’ll hold up over the rigors of the season? The captain played just 40 games last year.

They grow them tough around Wolseley, so the injuries must have been significant. Sail on, Drew Czerwonka. We wish you the best.

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6 Responses to "OIL KINGS V ROCKETS 27.10.12"

  1. ItsTheBGB says:

    Don’t lie, it’s actually to see Beaumont’s hometown hero, Jaedon Descheneau, play!!!

  2. RexLibris says:

    Shades of Sutton’s retirement message. Too bad. I had a lot of hope for Czerwonka, still do – it isn’t as though he’s passed away here. I hope he takes the education package and gets a good post-hockey career. It’d be a pretty interesting twist of fate if the name Czerwonka were to turn up amongst the CHL executives in fifteen or twenty-years’ time.

    Agreed, LT. Sail on.

  3. RexLibris says:

    Kind of off-topic here, but maybe not entirely.

    A statement from the CHL regarding the CHLPA’s allegations. Interesting read. So can we expect a lockout of junior hockey players in the not-too-distant future?


    On the plus side, this increases my chances of eventually making it to the NHL, even if it is as a replacement player. I’ll be the defenceman skating in twin-blades and using a chair for support.

  4. spoiler says:

    That bases loaded flyout by Miggy might be the Series for the Tigers the way this is going.

  5. bendelson says:

    Stan Weir scores on the penalty shot.
    Of course.

  6. dj says:

    Czerwonka worked hard and that was seen in every game. He was a player that went in the dirty areas and wasnt afraid to get those dirty goals. He reminds me of Joe Thorton when he is on the ice and too bad for those injuries because he was developing into a very good hockey player. the best of wishes for Drew and his next move, i’m sure whatever he does he will be fine… Leaving the game behind isnt easy but when its time its time, and Drew made a tough decision and everyone should respect that because we dont know the all the reasons and what Drew was going through. Seriously best of wishes to the kid and his schooling.

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