The Barons are back on the ice at 11am our time to play Lake Erie. After last night’s 2-1 loss, we might expect Dan Ringwald to draw in for Martin Marincin or Brandon Davidson.

I have an article that will be up at Oilers Nation later this morning, basically saying that when you have rookie defensemen then you must have patience. That’s how I see last night’s game. Oilers forwards could have cashed several goals and the club would be talking about the kids overcoming a few errors, but it didn’t happen. That’s what a developmental league is all about.

I watched last night’s game and the usual suspects looked good plus newcomer Justin Schultz. I think the Barons need to add a veteran defenseman but it seems that’s what I say about every team the Oilers are involved in.

LINEUPS (10:53 VIA okc Barons)

  1. Nuge-Paajarvi-Eberle
  2. Martindale-Green-Pitlick
  3. Lander-Hartikainen-Arcobello
  4. House-Byers-Pelss
  5. Ringwald-Fedun
  6. Marincin-Schultz
  7. Davidson-Teubert

Farjestad is in action today and Klefbom isn’t playing. I don’t think we should consider it a big deal, probably just making sure he’s completely healthy. Neftekhimik is also in action, it’s third period and Yak has an assist plus 3 shots and 14:39 so far in the game (just heading to OT).

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44 Responses to "OKC G2: CLEVELAND ROCKS AGAIN!"

  1. fuzzy muppet says:

    Is there any particular reason Eberle is wearing 7 and not 14? Nuge is 18 not 93? Why didn’t they just take those numbers?

  2. sliderule says:

    How did RNH do in the FO circle last night?

  3. Lowetide says:

    Final from KHL, Neftekhimik lost but the scoresheet has Yakupov with an assist. Man that kid is on a nice scoring streak.

  4. P-Ow says:

    fuzzy muppet,

    Eberle wore 7 in Regina, but couldn’t in Edmonton for obvious reasons. 14 is taken by Tyrvainen in OKC.

    Nuge wore 9 in Red Deer, but couldn’t in Edmonton for obvious reasons. No idea why he’s wearing 18 or not wearing 18 in the NHL.

  5. Calamus says:

    OKC has a team rule where noone can have a number over 40.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Eric Rodgers just tweeted that Olivier Roy gets the start in goal today

  7. DBO says:

    where can we get the game? sick today, so easy excuse to sit on couch and watch. the AHL website?

  8. Ribs says:

    Quick! Someone retire Charlie huddy’s number!

  9. Lowetide says:

    Eric Rodgers ‏@AHLBarons

    Plante, Hamilton, and VandeVelde reportedly scratched. Ringwald, Pelss, and House draw in. #OKCBarons

    Wow. Plante? Man. Hamilton I understand, VV and House are working the same part of the railroad line, but Plante coming out? Lordy.

  10. DBO says:

    is buying the ahl package worth it? how is the feed?

  11. Lowetide says:

    MPS-RNH-Eberle; Green-Martindale-Pitlick; Teemu-Lander-Arco; Byers-House-Pelss;Ringwald/Fedun;Marncn-Schltz;Davdsn-Tubes

  12. Lowetide says:

    Josh Green scores from an impossible angle, during a shift change.

  13. DBO says:

    well, that is definitely not HD. Although, I like the call of the game better then Michaels for the Oil

  14. Lowetide says:

    Assist to Martindale.

  15. fuzzy muppet says:

    link anyone?

  16. Lowetide says:

    Don’t have one today, sorry. I didn’t buy the game because I’m oot and aboot.

  17. DBO says:

    Fuzzy: $6.99 on the AHL site for the one game. Not HD, but OK. Couldn’t find a free feed

  18. Lowetide says:

    Tyler Pitlick also gets an assist on the Green goal.

  19. fuzzy muppet says:


    i coudnt either :(

    Ill save the 7 bucks and clean the gutters…bleech

  20. Lowetide says:

    2-0 OKC on another weird goal. Marincin (Green, Martindale).

  21. DBO says:

    Well, Roy is earning his playing time. Looks solid, and he is getting peppered. And yep, our D looks young. They’ll settle down in a few games, but right now it is a lot of panic back there except for Shultz.

  22. dessert1111 says:

    some first period observations:

    OKC goaltending is solid again. If it keeps up, I could foresee a situation in which Danis gets to backup Dubnyk next year while Roy and Bunz are in OKC. Roy has been impressive tonight, bailing out a lot of sloppy defense. Could work a bit on rebound control but that’s just nitpicking.

    Ringwald is a bit shaky but it’s first first game. Teubert had some major gaffes. I think pairing him with Davidson is not a good idea–neither guy can move the puck particularly well at this point, and seeing Teubert behind the net, look over to Davidson I imagine him thinking “what the hell do I do”. He made a bad giveaway in that position that nearly caused a goal.

    Marcinin’s goal was very lucky. I haven’t been impressed with him so far either day. Fedun’s penalty looked like it was because he got beat. Otherwise he looks pretty good.

    Martindale needs to do something soon with this opportunity.

    Pajaarvi looks very good on the PK–I can’t see why the Oilers wouldn’t have him on it this year, at least on the 2nd unit.

    Lander needs to bring up his impact factor and offense to be a 3rd line C in the NHL.

    RNH looked good on the back-check.

    Hartikainen isn’t doing much but is playing a lot harder on the puck than last night, so good arrows.

    I’d love to see Arcobello play with RNH and Eberle for a bit. I know he’s a bit of an older prospect and small, but he seems to have a well-rounded skill set, can play wing or centre, can play with skill and is good defensively.

    Dane Byers can kill penalties. He isn’t a flashy player, but he is in the Eager mold and from what I’ve seen so far plays consistently shift-to-shift. I wonder if the Oilers are taking a look at him and considering him as a 4th line option.

    From a skill set perspective, I think several of these OKC players would be an upgrade on Petrell, Eager and Hordichuk. It’s still early of course but I’m assuming the Oilers are paying very close attention to OKC and that some players who might not have gotten a real look before will get one now based on their play during the lockout.

  23. spoiler says:

    According to that last advert, not one of the next three AHL games on Sportsnet will feature the Barons.

  24. spoiler says:

    By the way, for anyone jonesing for old time hockey, ESPN Classic has Flyers-Leafs 1975, Central Red Army-Flyers 1975 and Habs-Flyers 1976 all on today.

  25. Backhand says:

    Pitlick with a very dangerous shift just now. I just started watching but he looks good. Skates around a defender and crashes net then seconds later gets a clean break from the blue line but doesn’t score. OKC seems to be playing well even though the shot count is swinging the other direction.

  26. spoiler says:

    Gotta score on one of these PPs.

  27. Lucinius says:

    Only just started watching since this streak of powerplays, but…

    Eberle and Nuge do not look great at all.

    Lander with a nice backcheck on a 3 on 1 shorthanded rush to break things up.

    But what should be a dominant powerplay has been laughable.

  28. dessert1111 says:

    The big story of the 2nd intermission I think is the somehow-awful powerplay. RNH does not look comfortable and is not making any of his trademark passes. Eberle has had some nice dekes but no finish. Pitlick had a couple really nice spurts. Marcinin looks a bit better this period.

    I’ve also noticed the Monsters play together as a team much better than the Barons. I wonder how much of that can be attributed to the new additions to the Barons. I’d rather see Pajaarvi on the point on the powerplay than Eberle, Eberle looks competent but isn’t able to use his slot shot which is deadly on the PP and RNH isn’t able to feed him at the opposite point. Pajaarvi isn’t doing anything on the PP there anyway. Hell put Fedun on the point and take Pajaarvi off the PP altogether., he looks much better on the PK than on the PP.

    Barons are getting outworked again like yesterday. You can see the skill they just aren’t putting it together. To the Monsters credit they’re doing an excellent job covering Eberle and RNH and it seems obvious to me that they’ve had lots of video on them and know what to expect. But the Barons really need to turn it up a notch, the ability is clearly there.

  29. Lowetide says:

    MacTavish must be in Cleveland. They should put him in a trunk and throw it in the river when talking PP, and I love the guy!

  30. Ribs says:

    if he’s gonna have the sophomore slump, it might as well be in Oklahoma.

  31. Lowetide says:

    I’m liking Tyler Pitlick in this third period.

  32. fuzzy muppet says:


    imo he’s been the Barons best player all game. He looks much more aggresive early this year than at any point I saw him last season.

    Good news

  33. fuzzy muppet says:

    the barons don’t lok like they play very hard. lose lots of puck battles. well, now it’s tied.

    Where was the defense???

  34. voxwah says:

    I think the OKC play by play guy sounds like the dude from the bad Canadian Brewhouse commercials.

  35. fuzzy muppet says:

    Schultz with a wicked wrister late for the lead. That kid can play

  36. Lowetide says:

    Justin Schultz with his 2nd point of the year, nice wrister for a goal.

  37. Lowetide says:

    Arcobello and Marincin pick up the assists.

  38. LoDog says:

    Nice shot by Schultz. Man he looks good.

  39. dessert1111 says:

    Schultz has been excellent in all four games i’ve seen. phew.

  40. BlacqueJacque says:

    Can anyone break down Schultz for me? I can’t watch the game :(

  41. Lowetide says:

    From what I saw, he’s overqualified for the AHL and it’s going to be hard to evaluate him defensively because he’s playing with a flat our rookie.

  42. WeridAl says:

    The AHL Live feed is not the best and the Barons play by play sucks, sound and the play by play was way better with the Monsters commentators, but it’s hockey. Buy the package, $150 for 60+ games plus playoffs, you figure it out.

    Thought J.Schutlz and Pitlick were the best Barons on the ice. Fedun and Lander looked lost at times, and the team missed VV with his PK and leadership. Davidson didn’t look bad, can see what the Oilers like in him.

  43. BlacqueJacque says:

    Thanks LT.

    Would you say it’s a matter of Schultz’s speed, mental awareness, or puck skills?

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