OKC Barons take on Houston tonight in G2 of the club’s brief pre-season schedule. The lineups have been posted and look like this:

  • Pitlick-Green-Paajarvi
  • VandeVelde-Hamilton-Pelss
  • Abney-House-Cornet
  • Rajala-Martindale-Byers
  • Zahn-Fedun
  • Davidson-Schultz
  • Ludwig-Plante

I don’t know the G but it is probably Danis. Please post comments if you’re watching the game, my wife is forcing me to watch the baseball playoffs and play cribbage.

Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved.

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46 Responses to "OKC PRE-SEASON G2"

  1. Max Powers says:

    Pardon me LT, i believe i just read wife, forcing to watch, and playoffs in the same sentence and it sounded like a complaint…

    At this point what sport your watching doesn’t matter, just turn around and hug you’re old lady LT.

  2. Maestro Fresh Mess says:

    Whoever is in charge of pricing the AHL internet PPV streams must be smoking some good ganja. SIX BUCKS??!! hahahahah. That is nuts. Major league sports cost less.

  3. Jesse says:

    If anyone’s got a link to a live stream, that’d be much appreciated.

  4. striatic says:


    unlikely this game gets streamed anywhere other than the six dollar ahl ppv stream.

  5. striatic says:

    according to the oilers website pre-game video, danis will be playing the whole game, and bunz is headed for stockton.

  6. striatic says:

    watching the game.

    Granlund with a goal on Danis and Pitlick came right back with a snipe off the rush under the Houston G’s arm fora bit of a softie.

    Pitlick later looked dangerous on the PP with PRV. intermission now.

  7. striatic says:

    Tambo on the feed now, talking about Pitlick, speaking highly.

    having a good game and getting some of the limelight with Eberle out.

    game is also available via radio feed btw.

  8. striatic says:

    game on!

  9. striatic says:

    uh oh. 5 on 3 against OKC on a bad penalty by Plante.

  10. striatic says:

    3-1 Houston : [

  11. striatic says:

    Granlund been in on all 3 Houston goals. 2 Goals and 1 assist.

  12. DSF says:

    Granlund been in on all 3 Houston goals. 2 Goals and 1 assist.

    Who knew?

  13. striatic says:

    PRV getting some good forechecking and pushing and shoving.

    looks to be trying to be more aggressive with his team down.

    Pitlick still looking to be the most dangerous Baron tonight.

  14. DCB81 says:

    Y no nuge and ebs are they playin away games ???

  15. DCB81 says:

    Who ever is watching has Schultz been on the ice when Houston scored??

  16. striatic says:

    Schultz and Fedun on ice together now. looks like experimenting with D pairings.

    Aeros switch Goalies.

  17. striatic says:

    nuge and ebs aren’t playing preseason games.

    didn’t notice Schultz being on for the goals but he may have been.

  18. DCB81 says:

    Not even 1 preseason game wow u would think they would let them play 1 game it has been awhile lol

  19. striatic says:

    PRV with a great aggressive forechecking sequence. clearly trying to be more aggressive along the boards. conspicuous.

  20. striatic says:

    judging by the level of play, Eberle and Nuge will need maybe 2 shifts to tune up.

    they’re going to eat this league alive.

  21. striatic says:

    lots of close in chances for both the barons and the aeros.

    neither team getting bounces right now.

    Rajala seeing a lot of ice time since the 3rd Houston goal.

  22. striatic says:

    Schultz with a Coffey like break to the net, in too close, couldn’t find the handle.

  23. striatic says:

    Abney does something useful, drawing a retaliation penalty to put the Baron’s on the PP.

  24. Oilanderp says:

    PP barons! Schultz n Davidson on the pt. 1:35 of it carries over to the 3rd.

  25. striatic says:

    Schultz nearly went end to end on the PP. stopped again just at the net.


  26. jp says:

    Not even 1 preseason game wow u would think they would let them play 1 game it has been awhile lol

    I guess RNH and Eberle made the team already :)

    Abney, Cornet, Hamilton, Martindale, Pelss, Rajala, Davidson, Fedun, Schultz and Zahn played both games. Pretty much all the bubble guys are in there. Especially up front OKC has some tough cuts to make, so I guess those guys get 2 chances to make a case for themselves at the expense of some others warming up. As striatic said, Eberle and RNH will be OK without a tuneup.

  27. Oilanderp says:

    OKC down 2 men for almost 2 mins. :( Ouch Granlund with a hatty.

  28. striatic says:

    house with a roughing penalty, will set up Houston on the pp. dumb penalty. and now zahn sets up a 5 on 3. duuumb.

  29. Max Powers says:

    Schultz sounds like he is as advertised. Good to hear, so far anyway.

  30. striatic says:

    aeros score. Granlund hat trick.

  31. striatic says:

    Pitlick and PRV working together, desperate for a goal. PRV can’t get his stick on it despite dominating the crease as Pitlick circles the offensive zone with impunity.

  32. striatic says:

    getting chippy now. scrum. offsetting penalties but Byers gets an extra 2 to put his team on the PK.


  33. striatic says:

    Granlund again. 4 goals, 5 point night.

  34. Oilanderp says:

    It’s the Mikael Granlund show! HOU 3/5 on PP.

  35. striatic says:

    story of the night? dumb penalties from marginal players exploited by Granlund.

  36. Lowetide says:

    granlund. Is that the guy DSF mentioned once?

  37. DSF says:

    granlund. Is that the guy DSF mentioned once?

    Or twice. :)

  38. Oilanderp says:

    Martindale from MPS on Hackett. *waves little flag*

  39. striatic says:

    PRV drives to the corner, backhand to the slot, Martindale scores.

    PRV with a lot of effort tonight, finally rewarded.

  40. striatic says:

    disappointed by Vandevelde tonight. lots of weak solo efforts, easily broken up.

    interference against aeros.

  41. striatic says:

    Schultz driving to the net again, foiled.

    he REALLY likes to drive the net. unsure how that’ll translate to the NHL.

  42. striatic says:

    coyle steps out of the box and scores. sigh.

  43. striatic says:

    disappointing game. 6-2 loss.

    only good news is that most of the weakness came from the more marginal prospects.

    best insight?

    Schultz keeps trying to drive the net more and more the more his team went down and has a tendency to pinch. he’ll need to be paired with a serious stay at home D if he retains this style of play. no way i’d team him with Whitney. Smid or N. Schultz look like the two legit options on the Oilers.

  44. dessert1111 says:

    It’ll be interesting to me to see who they assign to Stockton. The only player in camp right now that looks out of place in a bad way is Ludwig and I suspect he’ll be released tonight. On the other end, Justin Schultz and Granlund make the other players look like they’re in a beer league. Schultz will have to calm it down in the NHL I imagine but I thought the forwards did a good job covering for him except in one situation towards the end of the game that I think ended on a 2-1 for Houston.

    Cornet looked good defensively for a goal-scorer. Rajala looked like he has 2 way ability and decent hands but I don’t know if he makes the team because I don’t know who he can pass. Abney looks fine if they want a goon on the roster but he’d take the spot of a better hockey player. I don’t see how they cut Martindale after these two games, if they do he had no chance because he’s looked quite good, better than House or VandeVelde. Hamilton disappointed me, he didn’t seem to have offensive instincts tonight and he didn’t seem like he was playing a hard game, which a guy in his position should be playing. Pelss played a much harder game and he’s a much smaller guy. I don’t know if Pelss makes the team either though, they really do have an overflow of capable forwards.

    The D looked decent, Schultz was by far the best defender and I thought Fedun was the only other D in the same league as him. I was surprised to see Fedun used so much on the PK but not as much on the PP, but he seemed aware when he was paired with Schultz and played solid defense. Plante played okay but I thought Zahn flashed more skill (also made a couple mistakes though), which isn’t good for Plante considering Zahn is an AHL-only contract. Davidson looked capable but a little shaky and didn’t look like he could keep up with Schultz. I think they keep 8D for now but if they cut it to 7 I think Zahn beats out Davidson from my viewing today at least.

    Anyways that’s just my analysis for all those who didn’t get to see it, oh and Danis definitely wasn’t solid but that’s probably pretty evident from the score.

  45. striatic says:

    regarding cuts, there’s a real log jam.

    Based on last year, you’d expect a lineup like this ..

    Hartikainen – RNH – Eberle
    Paajarvi – Lander – Pitlick
    Green – Vandevelde – Arcobello
    Cornet – House – Tyrvainen
    Hamilton, Byers

    But i think there are real questions about VV and House when there are options like moving Arcobello to C to make room for Rajala, or giving Martindale a shot.

  46. loosemoose says:


    I’ve liked Martindale for a while now. Big, has hands………just need to get the drive and consistency up a level.

    I think he might be better served in OKC than VV. A couple games with Eberle on his wing might just be the kick in the ass he needs.

    I kind of brought this up the other day here, but this is a perfect example of what I was wondering about.

    If Martindale goes to Stockton, he will have to be lights out to get back. Most people will assume( I think) he’s a bust if he doesn’t get back. But the only real reason he would be sent down is because there are too many centers and one of them is an NHL caliber player, not because he couldn’t nessessarily play in the AHL.

    We still have to deal with the old ways of the NHL. Who would go to the ECHL first normally? An AHL vet like VV, or a young kid who couldn’t crack the A the year before? Its not always on skill and performance.

    This lockout affects everyone’s perceptions and expectations. Look at all the other d men. They are all compared to the best one, J Schultz, and they all look beer league. They are obviously not, but the perception is.

    Wait until Nuge and Eberle play. All these other guys will look worse than they are. Will the right people see through that?

    A lot of tough decisions to be made. I’m glad we have a good coach down there.

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