Maybe it is a sign of me getting old and cranky, maybe the lines of communication are wide open and all is well. However, it sure seems weird to me that no one seems to know what is going on with Martin Gernat.

I have a few questions, like “was the guy who operated on him related to the guy who operated on Adrian Beltre?” and “is it typical for a team to be waiting for a month for word on a player?

The last time we heard about Gernat was October 19th, in an Evan Daum column:

  • Injured defencemen Martin Gernat won’t return to the Oil Kings this weekend as initially expected. The Slovakian defender is waiting for final clearance to travel with his injured shoulder and should return to Edmonton in early November.

This is a pretty valuable prospect, I ranked him #5 in my September look at the Oilers top 20 and the arrows looked good before the injury. Maybe this is business as usual, maybe I’m making something out of nothing.

I do believe there’s something strange in the way this process is working itself out. When is the last time an Oiler endorsed doctor looked at this guy? Is “early November” a hard date, or are we going to get another “can’t get on a plane” story?

Weird. Real weird.

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21 Responses to "WTH, MARTIN GERNAT?"

  1. regwald says:

    LT, I thought you were being a little paranoid during the OK training camp with your comments about the strange news from the coach about his injury. Thought you were making mountains out of mole hills.

    And then strange decision to fly home for surgery with the teams blessing (?) seemed odd. This now seems really odd. I am guessing was a disconnect with regards to how injured he was and whether rest and rehab was the answer versus surgery. Not sure.

    i don’t like the sounds of where this is going. Makes me think, this could be career limiting surgery or worse.

  2. FrankenOil says:

    I saw the “Poise” ad on the side and wondered if Tambellini had decided to personally buy advertising space on your site LT :)

  3. Dipstick says:

    I probably shouldn’t speculate, but there could be some sensitive personal issue that all parties wish to keep under wraps. I doubt that either the Oilers or Oil Kings are not keeping close tabs on the situation. Gernat is too valuable of a prospect to ignore.

  4. mumbai max says:

    Slow news day.

    ANOTHER slow news day.

    How about a Jeff Petry/Dan Petry/Detroit Tigers/World Series story? I am sure
    there is the grain of something there.

    Where is Jeff Petry by the way?

    Anyway, hang in there, this too shall pass.

  5. LMHF#1 says:

    Any reason to favor the Oiler-approved docs? I’m starting to think we should ship them all to Germany when they have problems. Seems to be where the innovative treatments are coming from these days.

  6. cdean says:

    With no NHL you would think that reporters would be more on top of this…

  7. PaperDesigner says:

    Did anyone think the Oilers would end up with TWO Slovakian 6’5″ offensive defencemen named Martin? With Marincin off to a promising debut in the AHL and Gernat lost with a shoulder injury somewhere in Europe, I think we may know which one is going to turn out…

    I just keep hearing the tagline from Highlander (odd, since I’ve never seen the movie), there can be only one…

    He’s not an over-ager this year, is he? Methinks he might need another year of junior if he’s going to get cut drastically short like this…

  8. Giant Squid Overlord says:

    I have a large family in Canada with many relatives that hold dual citizenship with Germany. Many of them head there for important treatments and surgeries. Not sure if the health system is better there, but many I know have a greater confidence in the German option.

  9. delooper says:

    The German system isn’t loved in Germany but it’s pretty good. I had an emergency filling replacement while in Bonn. The whole thing took maybe 24 minutes, tops. I walk into the office, explain my situation (in English). The secretary puts me into the doctor’s office within about 40 seconds of arrival. The dentist gets my story, quickly assesses me, asks in his mildly German-accented English “zo, we do this with a needle, or without?” I reply “how painful is it without the needle?” he replies “well, that depends on how you feel pain!” I laugh. I reccomend you get the needle, though.

    I just bought tickets to the Russia-Canada Super Series. I might get a chance to see Yakupov before most of you folks!

  10. spoiler says:

    Re: RNH on face-offs

    From Terry Jones:

    You can’t look this up because the AHL doesn’t track faceoffs, ice time or fancy stats like that. It’s up to the clubs to do it on their own.

    “We have him at 50-41 and 54.9% for the season so far,” said Nelson.

    Sweet Baby Jesus, Big has been typing so much lately, he’s likely lost a pound or two (as long as he’s staying away from them there chicken-fried steaks).

    Oklahoma City Barons games indicate Edmonton Oilers centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins stronger, quicker on the draw

  11. delooper says:

    Well, it also helps RNH is battling younger more faceoff-naive kids, after a year of being smacked-around by adults.

  12. Johnny says:

    Gerta Rauss,

    So basically, Petry is doing Sweet F**k All. That’s great. Doesn’t this guy want to get better?

  13. uni says:


    While it is quite a bit more of a hit to the self-esteem, I have to say I really do prefer getting slapped around by kids as opposed to adults.

    Petry is just extended his off ice training, you know, getting bigger, faster, stronger, all that jazz.

  14. delooper says:

    I hear Petry is chatting on internet forums and eating pastries.

  15. FrankenOil says:

    For all the bashing Katz has been taking, I do offer him and the rest of the Oilers (and a lot of their corporate partners) a thumbs up for this:


    Good to see some of those who stood to lose the most have managed to keep working.

  16. "Steve Smith" says:

    I hear Petry is chatting on internet forums and eating pastries.

    I’m just confused about why he’s doing it from my parents’ basement.

  17. Ducey says:

    Ewanyk and Moroz to play in the Super Series. 7 Oil Kings in all.

  18. Ducey says:

    “Steve Smith”: I’m just confused about why he’s doing it from my parents’ basement.

    If LT leads the next thread with Toronto’s “Your Daddy Don’t Know”, you might want to get suspicious.

  19. Kris11 says:

    I saw Petry with the Hare Krishnas down at the airport. (Doesn’t bode well.)

    But he looked like he added 15 pounds of muscle, so we have that going for us.

  20. art vandelay says:

    “For all the bashing Katz has been taking, I do offer him and the rest of the Oilers (and a lot of their corporate partners) a thumbs up for this:”

    Wow. Two whole people placed in different jobs. They’re practically a privatized version of the EI office.
    You’d think for $430K some of those employees could get a job somewhere in government at least.

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