When the Edmonton Oil Kings acquired David Musil last week, it gave the junior club four current Oiler prospects–Musil, Mitchell Moroz, Travis Ewanyk and the injured Martin Gernat. I think the Oilers may eventually add one or two more players from the current group.


Corbett was passed over in last season’s draft–I wonder if the Oilers would have picked him in the final round (they didn’t have a pick) if the opportunity had presented itself. Corbett is the anti-Laleggia: a reliable defender who can win battles and play a consistent game. Reasons he would have been passed over might include size (6.01, 196 and may end up playing at about same in pro hockey) and lack of offensive potential.


Sautner is a two-way defender (6.00, 198 and with a “projectable frame” which means he can pack on some weight as he matures) with good speed and offensive instincts. His issues have to do with consistency and the finer points of playing his position. Also passed over last season.


 I suspect the Oilers would love to get Lazar into the prospect stable.  6.0, 198 and ranked in Bob McKenzie’s pre-season top 10, Lazar would be a nice fit up front.

  • Craig Button: Curtis has the puck skills of top scorers. He can beat you with a shot from 35 feet out or by skating past a defender given the opportunity. He has excellent offensive instincts and a great release on his shot. He is very good in traffic and he is a player who bears down in the scoring areas to get his opportunities. His skating is very good and his quickness may be better than his speed, but he’s a guy who can play at a high pace and tempo. He gets involved and will assert physically to win the puck and gain advantages. He is good all around player who finds a way to impact the game in many ways, even physically. He has excellent playing sense and reads and anticipates the play very well, which combined with his skill, makes him very hard to keep in check. Comparable Style: Patrick Sharp


Has played more than expected and been outstanding when given the opportunity. In 6 games so far, he’s 1.51 and .938. He hasn’t played enough for that save percentage to qualify, but it would be 2nd in the league if that were the case.

There are others too–Edgars Kulda is an interesting prospect–but I can see the Oilers taking any of the four players listed above. The Oil Kings have enjoyed a lot of success in the last 14 months, and the talent level on the team is exceptional.

Oil Kings play tonight in Kamloops. It’ll be a tough test.

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18 Responses to "EDMONTON OIL-ER KINGS"

  1. gcw_rocks says:

    Lazar would be a great add, especially if he can add another 15-20 pounds of muscle to his frame.

    That would spell the end for Gagner, though.

  2. jonrmcleod says:

    I’m surprised that the Oilers/Oil Kings haven’t yet attempted to change the CHL rules to allow inter-league trading so that they could also acquire Zharkov and Rieder.

  3. dessert1111 says:

    At this point I think Lazar has shown he can be picked around #10, but I’m worried that if the Oilers pick at around 5 they’re going to take him even with higher ranked guys still on the board. They seem to have an Oil Kings bias. And I’m not saying he won’t turn into a really good NHL player, because he might, but guys like Sean Monahan and some of the international skaters seem to have a bit more of a touch at this early point in the season.

  4. Truth says:

    Nevermind Lazar, how about that MacKinnon? I had heard that he was a good player, but from watching him yesterday I was really impressed with the grit in his game. He’s going to be great.

    Now, what rhymes with MacKinnon.

  5. spoiler says:

    Nevermind Lazar, how about that MacKinnon?I had heard that he was a good player, but from watching him yesterday I was really impressed with the grit in his game.He’s going to be great.

    Now, what rhymes with MacKinnon.


  6. Undisclosed_Personal_Reasons says:

    LacKwinnin’ for MacKinnon

  7. Clay says:

    MacKinnon is the Great White Buffalo for the Oilers’ management team. They’ve done all this intentional losing for the last four years to secure top draft picks, only to miss out on the right-handed, potential generational centerman by one damn year.

    No matter though. I think if it came down to MacKinnon or Jones, they’d take the franchise dman anyway.

  8. jonrmcleod says:


    I’m a season ticket holder for the Halifax Mooseheads, so I’ve seen a lot of MacKinnon. It’s fairly obvious he’s going to be an impact player in the NHL. One person to keep an eye on is his teammate Jonathan Drouin. MacKinnon is faster and more explosive than Drouin, but Drouin is the better playmaker. His stick handling moves are off the charts.

    Consider what Red Line Report tweeted the other day:

    “OK, after seeing Halifax again last night we’ll be the 1st to say it publicly: Nathan MacKinnon may not be the best prospect on his own team”

  9. Wes Mantooth-11 says:

    Given all the unknowns with the Oilers, I still think the Oilers are a lottery team, where does Barkov fit into the conversation? Huge gifted centre who is doing very well in a men’s pro league.

    I’ve heard insane talk of late that the Oilers could even trade the pick this year for immediate help. I personally think this would be a terrible idea given all the unknowns with this team

  10. Bar_Qu says:


    Lockout. Wait, no.


  11. jonrmcleod says:


    Lockout. Wait, no.


    That’s quite a reach.

  12. Acumen says:

    Test the fans for Monahan.
    Skewin’ for Drouin.
    Quit Winnin’ for MacKinnon
    Droppin’ it for Popeye’s Kid.

  13. voxwah says:

    The Oil are tied for last in the league right now with 0 points. No winnin for MacKinnon.

  14. jfry says:

    OT :: Graveyard released their new album today, as did WitchCraft. Half way through the Graveyard one and it’s fantastic — really moody.

    also, if you’re into hiphop, you’ve gotta check out the new Kendrick Lamar album — it’s probably the best piece of story telling i’ve heard in 4-5 years.

  15. Rondo says:

    Oilers should go after Seth Jones. It may be a huge cost but he may be worth it.

    Something like their #1 pick wherever that is plus a player.

    Perhaps Klefbom

  16. Dalton says:

    Booin’ for Drouin?
    Grinnin’ for MacKinnon?
    Skull-and-bones for Jones?

  17. RexLibris says:

    Of those players listed, I expect that Lazar is near the top of the Oilers expected draft list (anticipating a draft position in a partial NHL season somewhere between 6th overall and 11th) with obvious exceptions for any player that unexpectedly drops.

    In terms of your article, LT: Corbett seems a decent possibility, maybe with an extra 3rd round pick or in the 4th. Jarry would be a good bet. They missed on Brossoit because they lacked a 6th round pick in favour of drafting Kellen Jones in the 7th in 2010. I don’t think that is a mistake they’ll wish to make again.

    Kulda fits the draft mould for this scouting team – Latvian, playing with the Oil Kings, and I expect he’ll drop to the 4th round or later. Decent size on the LW, and he’s averaged over a ppg pace in his Latvian leagues.

    He is one prospect I’ll be very interested to see in person.

    God this team needs centres.

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