I decided at the time of the lockout to focus on the prospects and specifically Nail, Oscar and the OKC Four. There are other worthy stories though: Devan Dubnyk is getting rusty, NK and Sutton are on IR, Hall took his time to recover (a blessing) and Ryan Whitney’s status is completely up in the air (we don’t know if he can return to previous skating levels).

Hemsky is playing for his hometown Pardubice HC and leads the club in scoring (17, 11-10-21). His team is mid-pack and he’s certainly a story in Czech hockey.

Hemsky could be a big story at the end of the lockout, too. Kevin Lowe has hinted the Oilers may not be far away from a big trade designed to address weakness (which I would suggest could be blueline or goal, and suspect the Oilers also want an enforcer and a Mike Krushelnyski center).

Anyway, if you’re making a list of players other teams might want, I think Hemsky, Sam Gagner and Jeff Petry would be high on the list.

We wait.

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23 Responses to "HASTEN DOWN THE WIND"

  1. DSF says:

    Petry? Really?

  2. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:

    As much as I think the likes of Hall, RNH, Eberle and Yak are/will be great Oilers, Hemsky is and always will be one of my favourites. Quietly (too quietly for some) goes about his business, taking on the toughs and coming out on top, making sublime and exciting plays. I’ve spent the last two seasons praying that the Oilers don’t trade him, and now that he’s finally healthy I’m praying even more. And I’m not a religious man!

    For half a decade he WAS the Oilers’ offence; too quickly have people forgotten that.

  3. blackdog says:

    If they trade any of those three guys they are dumber than I thought. And I think they’re pretty dumb. Petry is a likely a top four defenceman with multiple tools. Unless the plan is to move Hall to C and I doubt it is or they would be trying him there then trading Gagner is ridiculous, the typical robbing Peter to pay Paul move loser orgs do. (During the mid 90s the Leafs specialized in those. They’re need a scoring winger so trade a shutdown D to get one, then need a shutdown D). Whether you like him or not after Gagner the depth at C consists of two aging guys near the end and then a kid who has barely brought any offence in the AHL.

    Hemsky makes a bit of sense in that the Oilers’ strength is obviously on the wing but unless the trading partner had a chance to extend him beforehand he’s not bringing that much. Penner was in the same situation and didn’t bring a roster player back (of course he was a deadline deal so different circumstances), no way Ales brings back what the Oilers need.

    I think we see something similar to this big baseball deal. Multiple prospects to a team dumping salary. Not 12 players obviously but maybe three or four kids for a couple of guys with experience.

  4. RexLibris says:

    If Lowe is involved I think we need to keep the potential of a three-way deal open as well.

    I’ve been casually looking through rosters wondering who would go and who might come back, and I still can’t narrow it down to just one team that might be interested.

    If it were a three-way deal, though, things start to open up, especially if we were to use Luongo to Toronto as a jumping-off point.

    eg: Luongo to Toronto, Gardiner to Edmonton, Hemsky and Omark to Vancouver. Not specifically those names or places, but the scenario allows one to entertain multiple needs and benefits as well as understand where the “wow” part comes in.

  5. FrankenOil says:

    I’ve been thinking that, as with Summer 2005, Lowe will be targeting Team Canada players. I was looking through teams with potential salary cap problems (with a new CBA) and one name jumped out at me: Dan Boyle. SJ is going to have shed salary and get younger as this lock-out is slamming whatever is left of their window shut. Granted Boyle was looking his age early last season, he still rebounded to have a fairly decent year. He’s won a Cup, played on Team Canada, and his current team traded for his heir apparent as their ” #1″ last summer (Burns) and re-signed Vlasic to a big money deal.

    However, I’m not sure how to quantify Boyle’s value though since he has 2 years (incl the 2012-2013 season) left an AAV of $6.67 million. So, assuming this season is lost (Thanks Fehr/Bettman/Players/Owners), he’d only have one year left at age 37. Is a package of Musil/Belanger/Omark too little? Too much? SJ gets a solid D prospect, a solid 4th line pivot, and potentially some secondary scoring.

  6. hags9k says:

    I don’t see a need to make a big trade right now before sending this roster out to see what it will look like as is. I think we need 40 games to see about Nail and the top 6, MPS, Belanger and the bottom 6, J. Schultz, Whitney and the blue, and Dubnyk. Too many questions to be answered to start making big trades. We just don’t yet know what exactly we have here.

    Bring him back and see if he can have a bounce back year with these kids. Maybe he’s the one to find chemistry with Nail…

    Hopefully 83 is shooting and cutting down on his buttersofts/gm over there…

  7. calgarysux says:

    OK, Hemsky and Gagner I could totally understand, but why Petry? A top 4 D of Petry and Schultz Jr. as offensive d-men would be a great 1-2 punch. So what if that puts Whitney on the 3rd pairing? If anything, that would be the greatest offensive punch on D the Oil have had in at least 6 years, maybe longer – we could think about rolling our D pairings moreso than most clubs in the NHL. Schultz Sr. and Smid make great defensive complements to the top 2 boys, which leaves 1 regular spot open for Peckham or Andy Sutton (if he doesn’t retire) or Potter or whomever, plus 1 extra guy. Plus the pressure is off Whitney himself and he can just concentrate on playing hockey and staying healthy without all the scrutiny of being on the top pairing and being expected to produce or else.

    Petry has finally broken out as a legit puck mover, I wouldn’t trade him unless the return absolutely blew me away (PK Subban or Erik Karlsson for example).

  8. russ99 says:

    Gagner makes sense, since he’s really not part of the new young core, and his salary is getting to the point where’s hes not only getting too much for a secondary player, but also affecting how much cap room we can offer the kids.

    Having to deal with Justin Schultz’s contract in two years could be scary, especially if he breaks out the way we all think he can.

    Dealing Petry makes little sense, since we have other defensive prospects we could use as a throw in on a big deal for a top pairing guy, like Gernat, Marincin, Musil, Klefbom, etc.

    I also hope that Hemsky gets at least until the deadline to prove that he’s still a top line scorer. Trading him before that would be selling very low, unless the other team thinks they’re getting more than he’s shown the last season and half.

    Though if we can somehow dump Horcoff in that deal to get a quality player, trading Petry or Hemsky may be worth the risk.

  9. ashley says:

    I sort of interpreted that rumour differently. Trading Hemsky or Petry would be interesting to us, but don’t really say “wow”. They would be footnote items on page 5 of the sports section in any other city. Neither of them would garner much in return, and hence their value is far greater on this roster than what a trade would bring back.

    Gagner may be a little more interesting, but again, poor return, no “wow” factor. What does gagner bring back on that shopping list? Clutterbuck maybe? We’ve come this far, we might as well let Gagner have another year and see what he can do. There are flashes of brilliance there.

    I thought wow meant one of the fab 4. RNH is untrouchable because of the organizational need. I think they’re talking about trading Yak. That’s crazy for sure, but Yak and Horcoff to MTL for Subban and Plekanac plus Gomez seems to be in the ballpark of what they might be talking about.

    I wouldn’t make that trade personally. I would sell Hall instead. Hall lacks the finish and hands that Yak has. Yak is the total package and will likely make the brass look very foolish if they pull this trigger.

    Hall has less RFA years, worse hands, more injury prone. He’s the one to trade, although perhaps he doesn’t get the return they are looking for.

  10. Wes Mantooth-11 says:


    I think you maybe looking to much into the “wow” factor. I’m of the belief that the “wow factor is not what’s leaving but what’s coming back.

    You might see money (cap space players) involved, depending on the new CBA of course, other then that it will be close to what the Pronger trade was like.

    The Oilers will not trade any of the top 5 especially a first round pick who’s playing against men and doing very well.

    As for Hall, he is going to be less and less of an injury concern as he develops into a man, he’s going to be a big player for the Oilers.

  11. mps91 says:


    Hemsky’s numbers are good at first glance, but if you look at the Czech league Jagr and Plekanec are both outdoing him by a significant margin. That speaks more to the league’s strength than Hemsky’s year, no?

  12. Wes Mantooth-11 says:

    I might be the only one who thinks the Oilers are still re-building? I still think the Oilers have craters in the line up not just holes.

    To me this is why it’s essential the NHL and the PA find some type of resolution soon.

    This is a critical time in the re-build and I still think the Oilers are a lottery team, I have been saying this even before the lockout.

    The BIGGEST concern for the Oilers won’t only be at defence but a true 1-B option at center, the Oilers could lose out on that player due to this lockout.

  13. gcw_rocks says:

    I have no problem with the Oilers trading Gagner or Hemsky for the right return. Sadly, I have no faith in Oilers management to make a trade for an appopriate return.

    Petry, on the other hand, should not be traded as two way defencemen are very hard to find.

  14. regwald says:

    I have no problem with the Oilers trading Gagner or Hemsky for the right return.Sadly, I have no faith in Oilers management to make a trade for an appopriate return.

    Petry, on the other hand, should not be traded as two way defencemen are very hard to find.

    And underpaid two way dmen are very valuable.

  15. Truth says:

    I don’t know how the Oilers could possibly trade Gagner without getting an equal or better center in the deal. Who is the next best center in the system? Any one of Belanger, Horcoff, Lander, or Vandevelde is a significant step down. The Oilers would be trading a center (arguably hardest commodity to acquire) for a defenseman (talked about in length about being most easily acquired through trade or free agency). I do not see an instance that involves the Oilers trading for goalie, unless Dubnyk is included and at this point that would be plain dumb of the Oilers management.

    Deal would have to be Hemsky + for a defenseman. PRV probably being the extra piece, IMO.

  16. stevezie says:

    I understand the desire to upgrade at centre, but do not see it as a need. The people of this town should know better. In 1990 the Oil brought home cup number five with dominant playoff performances from Messier, Kurri, Tikannen, Anderson and Simpson (all were at least a point a game). Only one of these guys played centre.

    The Oilers won a cup when their second line centre was Mark Lamb. (Randford helped, but still- Mark Lamb.)

    Depth at centre is preferable to depth at the wings, but let’s not pretend we have to move a winger, or turn Hall into a centre, or whatever.

    As long as I’m pointing to history, in 88-89 Lemieux tied Gretzky for assists and had thirty more goals in two fewer games, yet Gretzky won the Hart. Lemieux did win the first all-star team honours, but not the Pearson (Lindsay). That went to Steve Yzerman who was not a first or second team all-star. Isn’t that weird?

  17. godot10 says:

    Hemsky plus for Yandle plus makes sense for both teams…I keep saying.

    Phoenix has not replaced Ray Whitney and has a slew of young D (like Gormley, Rundblad, etc) ready to move up.

  18. spoiler says:

    Personally, in my own mind, I have already traded Nikolai Smirnoffovich Khabibulin.

    He will not be reporting to my mental training camp…. that is, after I mentally fire Bettman and get the season re-started.

    Do you hear that Nikki? Do NOT report to my mind’s traning camp! Understood? Good.

  19. spoiler says:

    10pm start? Is that right? Are they playing in Hawaii?

  20. Kris11 says:

    I thought Brownlee did a good job explaining the (possible, not certain) WOW trade was for Luongo. There were reports the Oilers met with Van to discuss Luongo, but everybody thought Luongo wouldn’t waive his NTC. But the Stauffer disucssion of the trade mentioned that guys are now willing to move to Edmonton, given the kids, the new CBA environment, or some such.

    And the big name who is most lilely (almost certain) to be moved once th CBA tis resolved is clearly Luongo. And there is no doubt that Van will want young players and picks in return for Luongo, because their current payroll is too high, and great youth helps keep the cap down. And clearly the Oilers have more expendable young players and prospects than TO, so Edmonton has more to offer for Luongo. So of Luongo is willing to come to Edmonton, then Edmonton is the strongest contender for being ale to offer the right price.

    Or could Luongo’s agent be pulling a Healtey manouever? Fool me once…

  21. oiler4ever says:

    Hemsky has a verbal no movement clause he’s staying I believe whatever trade that happens the only for sure things included are the 1st or 2nd round pick, and a prospect

  22. CrazyCoach says:

    ashley: That’s crazy for sure, but Yak and Horcoff to MTL for Subban and Plekanac plus Gomez seems to be in the ballpark of what they might be talking about.

    The very fact that you mentioned Gomez makes me think that you couldn’t possibly be serious. Who would want Gomez unless they were trying to reach the cap floor? Last I heard Gomez was back in Alaska taking a roster spot away from an ECHL player.

  23. CrazyCoach says:

    On another note, I would really like to thank LT and all those who post here on a regular basis (yes, even DSF and Hunter). I recently completed my masters degree in Sports Management and I did it through an online program. From time to time, courses would get tough, frustrating, or simply boring (NCAA Compliance anyone?). It was during those times that I would check in here and catch up on my fave team and sometimes would formulate ideas for assignments based on what I read here.

    Thank you to everyone!


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