Brandon Davidson has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Davidson has overcome odds in life before this, and I know we’re all pulling for him in this battle. Following these kids is a fun pastime, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Thoughts are with you and your family young man.

PS, I hate cancer.

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14 Responses to "LIFE GETS IN THE WAY"

  1. mps91 says:

    Some things are a lot bigger than hockey, and this is definitely one. All the best to Brandon in his recovery.

    That being said, you have to think the Barons will address their AHL depth on D now.

  2. Kris11 says:

    Cancer sucks. Davidson is gonna kick its ass.

    Book it..

  3. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:

    Sport just really doesn’t matter when crap like this happens. At least it will give all the Barons even more reason to grow the best damn ‘taches they can for Movember.

    All the best to Davidson, everyone who knows of you is rooting for you, even more so than before.

  4. jfry says:

    schultz named AHL player of the month:

  5. jp says:

    Really tough break for Davidson. Best wishes and luck to the kid!

  6. Chunklets says:

    It’s very sad news. All the best to Brandon Davidson, and here’s hoping we’ll see him healthy and back on the ice in the near future.

    Not hockey-related, but sad news also today about Pascual Perez.

  7. Ribs says:

    Staples goes over the Kevin Lower interview with Stauffer. Some interesting tidbits in there – Link

    Also…Fuck Cancer.

  8. FPB94 says:

    Man are the CHL scrubs. All this stuff stinks so bad. So concerned with player’s education and well being, except when they sleep in the bus to save money, or have the same salaries as in the 70′s.

    Makes me think of the NCAA, so easy to tell people that they’re being treated like they should, when you’re the one racking up the money.

  9. danny says:

    The Canadian Cancer Society had a great video a few years ago that i always find inspiring. Fuck cancer.

  10. FPB94 says:


    Amen. Heard the Cubans were doing good progress on pills against lung cancer.

  11. RexLibris says:

    Davidson – this ‘stache is for you.

    Best wishes to he and his family.

  12. VOR says:

    I was driving around listening to Mark Spector when I first heard about Davidson. For some reason it really bummed me out. I got home and discovered a colleague had sent me a link to a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    You’ve probably all seen AIBO the cute little dog robot from Sony. He was collaboration between computer scientists, artists, and animal scientists and production was halted in 2006. Today AIBO was front and center in the story of one of the most exciting discoveries in cancer treatment in decades.

    For years it has been well known that humans like all mammals have circadian rhythms, quite a bit about our basic chemistry changes throughout the day. That includes our ability to tolerate and even to benefit from chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The problem has been that to have any clue what the right time to treat a patient was required that patient’s blood to be tested every hour of every day, often for months. We aren’t talking a trivial amount of blood either.

    Enter a young Japanese scientist named Hiroki Ueda. He’s your classic MD/PhD. He graduated from medical school in Tokyo in 2000 and completed his PhD in 2004. His career was not off to a great start despite the high draft ranking. Like many such career scientists Ueda didn’t look to project as much more than a journeyman AHL farmhand and he headed straight into the arms of big Pharma, just another cog in the machine.

    Then he saw AIBO. Ueda figured that looked like fun, building robots. Big Pharma is anything but fun. He headed off to Sony to work on robots. This is like JF Jacques showing up at the Florida Marlin’s training camp and announcing he is now a major league pitcher.

    At Sony they weren’t quite sure what to make of Ueda but they got that he liked AIBO so they made him the problem of Hiroaki Kitaino who was the team leader in the creation of AIBO and promoter of the Robocup – the emerging world championship for robots. The guy could have laughed at the stupid kid who thought he could build robots. Instead he pushed Ueda at the problem of circadian rhythms and how you test them. Today’s paper in Proceedings is the result.

    Ueda and his team have discovered/created a way of only testing twice a day and only needing a pin prick of blood each time. They hope to get it down to one test per day within a year. The point is their neat little test (based on some very complicated science) means tomorrow clinicians can begin using personalized treatment plans based on everything we know about circadian rhythms to treat cancer. That means far less chemo and radiation with far better results.

  13. humantorch says:

    Fuck cancer indeed. All the best to Brandon.

  14. gcw_rocks says:

    Man, I have been pulling for this kid since he was drafted. I thought he was having a real nice start to his pro career. His game ratings at Cult of Hockey have generally been nice solid 5s, which is pretty good for a late round pick in his first pro games.

    I hope be beats this thing quick. I hope players who have gone through cancer, like Kessel, Lemieux, and Koivu have reached out to Davidson to give him some encouragement.

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