The Barons are getting their fair share of shots on goal from the NHLers, but how do the AHL forwards compare to Hall, the Nuge and Jordan Eberle?


  1. Jordan Eberle 2.85
  2. Taylor Hall 2.8
  3. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 2.75
  4. Magnus Paajarvi 2.54
  5. Tyler Pitlick 2.08
  6. Mark Arcobello 1.64
  7. Teemu Hartikainen 1.61
  8. Chris VandeVelde 1.42
  9. Antti Tyrvainen 1.25
  10. Ryan Martindale 1.17
  11. Anton Lander 1.11
  12. Dane Byers 1.08
  13. Josh Green 1.00
  14. Tanner House 1.00
  15. Curtis Hamilton 0.80
  16. Kristian Pelss 0.33
  17. Cameron Abney 0.33

Justin Schultz has a terrific number for a defender (3.00) and leads the team in that area. The usual suspects are at the top, and I’d say two slight surprises are Paajarvi and Pitlick. Hartikainen was right at 2.0 as an AHL rookie and 2.33 last season (same league) so that number is slightly below what we might expect to see by season’s end. Josh Green was injured three games in, so that isn’t really a fair reflection of his ability in this area.

I’m interested in your opinion on something. My “AHL depth chart–recall list” would look like this:

  1. Justin Schultz
  2. Colten Teubert
  3. Taylor Fedun
  4. Alex Plante
  5. Martin Marincin
  6. Jordan Henry
  7. Teigan Zahn
  8. Dan Ringwald
  9. Brandon Davidson (IR)


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50 Responses to "OKC V MILWAUKEE 16.11.12"

  1. Smidpet says:

    List looks pretty bang on, hopefully they wouldn’t have to go beyond the top 2 though.

    I’d be curious to know what the Oilers thoughts are with Plante going forward. Is he a guy they still look at as a prospect for a NHL deal, or do they maybe try and keep him as an AHL vet

  2. PaperDesigner says:

    I think that depth chart is fair, but I would put an asterix beside Marincin. I think they will try to get him into a handful of games to give him an idea on where his game needs to be to function at the next level.

  3. Adam Dyck says:

    Fair list, though Ringwald and Henry are likely to get at least a cup of coffee as a thank you, as the Oil has been doing with vets for a while now.

    Also the obvious caveat that Schultz will start in the show, as opposed to being a call-up.

  4. rickithebear says:

    the speed of the game has changed.
    Horcoff who was higher foot speed is now the average.
    Slow footed Dmen drafted with the expectation of moving to average can not achieve that .
    Since 2011 draft average skating or better dmen dmen go in rd 2, 3.
    You do not draft slow footed dmen in the first round.

    Heck go back on scouting reports and 2010, 2011, 2012 alot of “above avg speed” “uses his speed”

    The first round slow foots stand out like a sore thumb.
    Mcilrath #10 2010.
    Tuebert #13 2008
    Plante #15 2007

  5. Starving_Student says:


    I think you could make an argument to not even take pure shut down dmen in the first round period.

  6. rickithebear says:

    AHL call up?
    If the cba gets done who goes to Camp.

    Whitney-N. Schultz
    Sutton-J. Schultz

    Do plante and tuebert even go to camp.

    With Klefbom those two are currently our 12thand 13th best option.

  7. VOR says:


    Just one problem. Teubert is an outstanding skater. Go look up his scouting reports. Read Lowetide on Teubert. In fact, one of the big reasons for Teubert’s high draft ranking was his skating.

  8. RexLibris says:

    I’d agree with everything on that list.

    Burying Marincin on the depth chart speaks, I hope, more to the organization wanting to take their time than how they project him as a prospect.

    The flip-side of that, as I see it, is Plante is higher on that list because the book on his development has largely been written. Bringing him up isn’t going to significantly damage his chances. They are what they are, at this point.

    Plante is similar, in my view, to Vande Velde in that both have more or less become what they are expected to be, though Vande Velde has surpassed expectations while Plante appears to be below.

    In either case, the organization finds itself now in a position where they have enough depth that they can call up these players as replacements rather than future cornerstones. That was a luxury they did not have five years ago.

  9. ashsharon says:

    Its interesting that a comment was made about Colten Teubert being such a good skater. I have followed his WHL career & didn’t find him to be really any better skater than most of the other players & personally I think it takes more than just good skating to be a good rounded player. He’s good but not anything outstanding.

  10. Dalton says:

    Off topic, I was just reading about the 1929 Grey Cup on cfl.ca and I ran into this gem. This is how I see the CFL in a nutshell, as a Houston Texans fan:

    “The referee was knocked out of the game for a short period after running straight into the goal post following a play.”


  11. jake70 says:

    The Wreck OTEF, I’ve played this song more times than I can remember. Saw GL live a while back and he discussed changing the lyrics a couple years ago to reflect the lack of evidence that the sinking was due to crewmen not securing the hatches.

    Could be victims of ice time but those “2ndary” scorers on the Barons need to get going.

  12. Oilanderp says:

    I shudder to think of Maricin playing in the NHL just yet. Fedun looks like he might have a future, but not yet. I’d put Plante #3, as in “for the love of dog please sign a non-barkerian FA that has NHL experience”. Even to avoid calling up Teubert at this time.

  13. VOR says:


    I was merely pointing out that skating isn’t what causes Teubert’s problems. Rikkithebear lumped Teubert in with Plante as having poor skating. Plante definitely has issues with foot speed and agility that were obvious at the time of his draft and combined with the concussions probably mean he will never see serious minutes in the NHL. Teubert on the other hand isn’t caught out of position nor does he lose puck battles because of his foot speed. It is more than adequate. Right now it is about thinking the game quickly enough which sometimes comes with age.

    As I understood it rikkithebear’s point was that Teubert should never have been drafted as high as he was because of foot speed issues. However, not a single scouting report pre-draft nor anything since mentions a lack of footspeed as an issue. I’d have been dubious about drafting Teubert that high because of his lack of offence and elite skill – issues that were well understood at the time. He skates well enough to have a long career in the NHL but not the skill level to be able to be a 1/2 D which makes his draft ranking odd.

  14. dessert1111 says:

    Nice to see Eberle leading the forwards with all the talk of him needing to shoot more cuz of his shooting %

  15. dawgtoy says:

    LT, you and I tend to be polar opposites in term of music, but I’ve always enjoyed a little GL. I’d say Schultz Jr is not a call up, but an Oiler, therefore first call up to me should be Tubes or Fedun. Although the big trade might push a few down or others away as trade fodder. Still think PK find his way to Oilerville if the CBA ever gets done. Provided the price isn’t Yak, I’d do that deal.

  16. dawgtoy says:

    @OilersJambalaya: What?!? Why? RT @AHLBarons: Theo Peckham released by San Francisco. #Oilers

    That can’t be good.

  17. Kris11 says:

    Does anyone think that the Oilers are dumb enough to trade Yakupov before the next season starts?

    I think the Oilers are dumber than dirt, and even I don’t think they’re that dumb.

    I mean the kid is killing the KHL, even if his game isn’t well-rounded yet.

    At this point, I’d say he looks a little better than Hall, RNH, Eberle, or Schultz.

  18. Giant Squid Overlord says:


    Dan Tencer ‏on Twitter:
    Theo Peckham released by SF ECHL team. Team source indicates he requested to be allowed to leave.

  19. Rebilled says:


    The Oiler management is capable of anything.

    If they trade this kid before we see what he can do it will haunt us for years. Great hearing his comments after the last Russian game. Guy really wants to win.

    I can’t see them doing it but then again….

    Maybe this WOW trade will be similar to the Hossa and Heatley trades. All talk.

  20. Kaiser Permanante Power Play says:

    Buenos dias, blogerinos. Anyone have feed for this bad boy?

  21. Truth says:

    Interesting news about Peckham. It would be real interesting to hear the circumstances.

  22. Lowetide says:

    Starters for #OKCBarons tonight: Tyrvainen-Arcobello-Pitlick up front; Plante-Henry on D; Danis in net.

  23. Kaiser Permanante Power Play says:
  24. Lowetide says:

    Oklahoma City Barons ‏@OKC_Barons

    #OKCBarons D-Pairs: Marincin-Schultz, Fedun-Teubert, Plante-Henry. #Oilers
    54m Oklahoma City Barons Oklahoma City Barons ‏@OKC_Barons

    #OKCBarons lines: Hall-RNH-Eberle, Hartikainen-Lander-Paajarvi, Tyrvainen-Arcobello-Pitlick, Byers-VandeVelde-House. #Oilers

  25. Rebilled says:

    Anyone have another feed?

  26. Kaiser Permanante Power Play says:

    radio it is…

  27. Lowetide says:

    Bigos with a goal for Merrimack.

  28. Kaiser Permanante Power Play says:

    Old time hockey. Are any of these quality scraps?

  29. Lowetide says:

    Fedun (Schultz, Paajarvi)

  30. Rocknrolla says:

    Tried 10 different streaming sites I use, and no Barons hockey out there, if you find one let us know. Was planning on watching the game tonight!

  31. Lowetide says:

    Rieder with a goal and an assist tonight.

  32. LoDog says:

    Thanks for the updates on all the games LT. Sucks there is no stream but at least I can listen while I play online poker.

  33. LoDog says:

    Yikes, Plante with a major for boarding. I’m listening to the Admirals feed and they don’t think it should have been a penalty.

  34. Kaiser Permanante Power Play says:

    Oil Bairns win!

  35. Lowetide says:

    Arcobello (Marincin, Schultz) GW OT

  36. LoDog says:

    WTF! He shoots he…commercial break before the announcer can finish.

  37. Lowetide says:

    Khaira with a goal tonight, Laleggia with an assist so far. Jim Byers is a fine pbp guy, gives you a really good feel for the game. I believe him when he says Danis was the key

  38. Lowetide says:

    make that 2 goals for Khaira. 9, 2-4-6 so far this season for the young man.

  39. Lowetide says:

    1-1-2 for Laleggia now and Kellen Jones picked up an assist.

  40. RexLibris says:


    I think you meant to say “Bigos with a kill tonight”.


  41. RexLibris says:

    Those are some terrific updates, LT. Thanks. I picture you sitting in front of a Batman-esque computer console (not the Adam West variety lol) with many screens all trained on each particular Oilers prospect.

    Those seem like good numbers for Khaira. Do we have any information on playing time? I’m assuming that as a freshman he’s not getting the prime minutes, which, if it is the case, only makes his productivity all the more impressive.

  42. Kaiser Permanante Power Play says:

    Are you like me? Does listening to Coach Nelson make you happy too? This station rules. Sign off from a good interview and right into some Waylon Jennings. If the lock out goes on I’ll move to OKC…

  43. Lowetide says:

    2-1-3 for Khaira tonight. Lordy.

    Rex: lol. I grew up listening to junior hockey as a kid (Saskatoon Blades, Pats if the radio waves worked right) and still enjoy it. Can’t stand bad pbp guys, though. Ruins it.

    Kaiser: I worked country music radio for a few years in my 20s. Best time I had in the business on-air. Crazy fun. Loved Waylon’s music, Honky Tonk Heroes is a great, great album.

  44. gd says:

    Khaira gets an assist on the OT winning goal. He went 10 for 21 in the face off circle, so he took way more face offs than anyone else. It looks like he was promoted to the 1st line on their two week break.

  45. LoDog says:

    Those are some terrific updates, LT. Thanks. I picture you sitting in front of a Batman-esque computer console (not the Adam West variety lol) with many screens all trained on each particular Oilers prospect.

    Ha, I totally see LT in front of the Adam West variety, doing his best mayor of Quahog impression. But that may just be me.

  46. RickDeckard says:


    He’s a center? That could be exciting.

  47. OilLeak says:

    Man It’s like Schultz never leaves the ice, another 2 points for him.

  48. RickDeckard says:


    Given who else the Barons have back there he probably doesn’t. I wish the AHL did TOI, Schultz is probably getting the Keith treatment.

  49. spoiler says:

    2 PP and 1 ES point for Jujhar. All points came from rebounds in front of the net, so he’s no Youtube Yakupov in that respect. Still, a very good game for a freshman. Judging by where Tech’s scoring is coming from–sophomores and freshmen–and by their losing record, it must be somewhat of a rebuilding year for the Huskies. First ever win at BSU too.

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