The Russians have arrived and are ready for their annual fall trek across the great white north. Team Russia won both of their games against Team QMJHL in last year’s event, winning 2-0 in Game 1 and 5-4 in a shootout in Game 2. This season, Oilers fans can look forward to watching Nail Yakupov and Daniil Zharkov during the next two weeks.


LINES: Tonight’s line combinations and defense pairings as tweeted by RDS’ Stephane Leroux.
Etienne Marcoux will start in goal
Jonathan Drouin is hurt and will not play. Matt Murphy and Zach Fucale will not be in the lineup for Game 1 either.
I’ve looked for the Russian lineup (don’t know if Zharkov is playing) but can’t find it. Post it if you see it. Smoke ‘em  if you got ‘em.

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  1. Lowetide says:

    Nice pass there 10.

  2. spoiler says:

    I have to say, my man crush on Vasilevski has not been cooled by his play so far this period.

  3. OilLeak says:

    Nice goal by grigs.

  4. spoiler says:

    Back passes will killya. Not the greatest pass over to Grigs, but he still buries it.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Grigorenko plays well for a guy who is 50.

  6. Jon K says:

    Sweet Jesus.

  7. spoiler says:

    Oh. My. God.

  8. delooper says:

    Looked like a Yakupov goal there.

  9. OilLeak says:

    What a laser by Yak!

  10. fuzzy muppet says:

    WOW. What a cannon. END THE LOCKOUT! I need a new jersey

  11. Lowetide says:

    Please baby Jesus bring the Russian lad to the north country this season. Please!

  12. Rocknrolla says:

    Wow what a shot….last guy you want to give it away to! Yak!

  13. Matt.N says:

    Anyone got any info on why Peckham is playing in the ECHL instead of the AHL?

  14. delooper says:

    It might be hard to get an AHL contract. I imagine a lot of AHL clubs have contract problems, considering so many of their players presumably will vacate a month from now.

  15. spoiler says:

    If he can actually place a slap shot like that, there is going to be much weeping and gnashing of teeth amongst Westcon netminders for the next decade.

    We will see them driven before us and hear the lamentation of their women!

  16. Lowetide says:

    I think PEckham can sign in the ECHL without clearing NHL waivers.

  17. delooper says:

    If there’s no CBA right now, why are their waivers? Does the previous CBA have a clause for how they have to behave when the CBA expires? It’s a CBA withing a CBA….

  18. Jesse says:

    Those ref jerseys are hideous.

  19. Jesse says:


  20. Lowetide says:

    My understanding is that players outside the entry level deals–Dubnyk, Peckham, etc–are not eligible. Waivers has been mentioned. IF Peckham were eligible to play, I’m certain OKC would welcome him.

  21. delooper says:

    So is the AHL respecting the old NHL CBA, even though it doesn’t technically exist? Or perhaps this is some kind of separate AHL rule. Where’s that Steve Smith guy when you need him.

  22. LoDog says:

    My understanding is that players outside the entry level deals–Dubnyk, Peckham, etc–are not eligible. Waivers has been mentioned. IF Peckham were eligible to play, I’m certain OKC would welcome him.

    ECHL is not affiliated with the NHL so anyone can sign there, just like Europe.

    I am cheering for Yak therefore I am cheering for the Russians for the first time in my life. But its against Quebec so it doesn’t count. :)

  23. Jesse says:

    Is goal, that’s it. No questions.

  24. Lowetide says:

    I thought that was classic! The guy is going to be a real treat.

  25. delooper says:

    Nail’s passes are too much for his team-mates.

  26. mumbai max says:

    No Zharkov. Too bad.

  27. delooper says:

    It’s too bad CNORT 1 doesn’t broadcast all the Barons games. I like these Poccian broadcasters.

  28. fuzzy muppet says:

    Yak is so impressive. A few times he’s just feathered passes through guys right to a teammate with speed.

    Knew he had the shot, didn’t know he had the vision. He’s next level…

  29. delooper says:

    Yakupov is the new Stan Weir, apparently.

  30. RexLibris says:

    Why do they always have these games when I am working?

    I blame Subway. Damn you, Jared!

    Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to watch Yakupov play, but for the sake of argument, are there aspects of his game that might lead one to believe he could transition, in a few years’ time, to center?

    It’d solve an awful lot of problems for the roster down the road.

  31. LoDog says:


    To paraphrase yak himself, he could transition to goal but right wing seems to be where he will shine most.

  32. Wxguy says:

    There’s some information about the Russian lineups here:

    Looks like Zharkov only plays in the 3rd game, on the 8th.

  33. OilLeak says:

    Hmmn, Marcoux not showing well in this game.

  34. spoiler says:

    Russian defensemen brought to you tonight by Oiler Management.

  35. hags9k says:

    Yak is a stud. The sky is the limit for him also.

    I know we like to be reasonable and measured and cautious of heartbreak with the expectations around here but at what point do we say that with the additions of Schultz and Yakupov it is no longer reasonable to expect the Oilers to miss the playoffs. These two are huge additions.

    I’ll say it. We don’t miss the loffs again for a decade. Book it.

  36. RexLibris says:


    Quite true ;-)

    I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if Yakupov could come in for the 2013-2014 season and move Gagner to RW?

    He’s a gifted playmaker, appears to control the flow of the game, has speed to burn and plays a physical style. Attention to the defensive side of the game will come with time and experience, but more so if the coaching staff pursues it as an option.

    This roster could use some backup at the center position. Understudying Hall and Yakupov for those positions may come in handy if/when injuries occur to Nugent-Hopkins or Gagner.

  37. OilLeak says:

    The rout is on.

  38. delooper says:

    Gagner-Hall-Yakupov could be a devastating line. Gagner would be the closest thing to a passenger on that line but it would be very capable.

  39. fuzzy muppet says:

    I won’t name who, but a rumor monger has tweeted the oilers and habs are discussing a Subban for Yakupov trade.

    Now it’s likely BS, but hypothetically, if this did happen, I have a feeling Oilers headquarters would be burnt to the ground

  40. Lowetide says:

    Trading Yakupov at this point makes zero sense. None.

  41. fuzzy muppet says:


    I couldn’t agree more. He’s untouchable. From my viewings, he may have a higher upside than all the young guns.

  42. steveb12344 says:

    As much as i would like Subban, I don’t think i could stomach losing Yak.

  43. spoiler says:

    Grigorenko was pretty damn impressive tonight. Kohklachev to a lesser degree. But damn you could tell whenever Grigs was on the ice.

    And you can see why there’s all the hype behind Nat, King o Cole, although it’s hard to say whether he’ll be as good as his predecessor, Bing.

  44. RexLibris says:


    Unless they throw in Galchenyuk, I agree. And I’m not a strong Subban supporter, so even then I can’t say that I’d be interested in a trade.

    It looks more and more like that “drop off” that scouts were talking about in the 2012 draft happened after #1 overall.

  45. Matt.N says:


    It looks more and more like that “drop off” that scouts were talking about in the 2012 draft happened after #1 overall.

    That was true for the whole year. If what LT has said, that Murray was the name on Tambos heart and mind, it would be a painful next 10 years.

  46. stevezie says:


    Rex, you seem like a well-informed person, why don’t you like PK? Zona has made math arguments that Subban is one of if not the most underrated defenceman in the league. Do you disagree, or do you think Subban really is a cancer?
    Zona’s pro-PK propaganda, for the curious:
    (Not saying I would trade Yak for him, but I would ship out next year’s first in a heartbeat. The second too.)

  47. Truth says:

    No way I would trade Yak for Subban straight across. Maybe with Galchenyuk, maybe with Paciorrety.

    If I was set on getting rid of Yakupov I would send him and Dubnyk for Subban and Price. I don’t know how lopsided that is but as an Oiler fan it seems like it would solve a lot of problems.

  48. RexLibris says:


    I have absolutely no math or statistical evidence to support my opinion. If this were a court of law my arguments would be thrown out without delay.

    All that aside, I think Subban is a tremendous player, just not the defenceman that the team needs and not necessarily the personality that we need, either. This locker room is now full of personality types that may be similar to Subban. At this point, I’d be looking for a big-defensive shutdown player who can successfullly make a 15 foot pass. Not Subban, and most certainly not at the cost of Yakupov.

    Yakupov may only be here for a few years, if the Oilers end up trading away one of the kids. His value three years from now will likely far exceed Subban’s. Based on that belief, I don’t think a trade involving those two is good for this team. Were Galchenyuk included, then we could talk, but even then I’m not entirely sold.

    This team needs to address the future of the 2nd line center and an immediate defensive shutdown player.

    Just my opinion.

  49. uni says:

    RexLibris: At this point, I’d be looking for a big-defensive shutdown player who can successfullly make a 15 foot pass. Not Subban, and most certainly not at the cost of Yakupov.

    Actually, Subban is that big defensive shutdown player (from his zonestarts and zone finish, and top 10 league ice time EV, PP, SH deployment) who can successfully make a 15 foot pass and also make stretch passes or skate the puck out himself, and on top of that he has exceptional offensive ability.

  50. RexLibris says:


    Then I stand corrected.

    Like I said, I haven’t looked into Subban’s stats and I don’t have any math to back up my opinion. I’m just very reluctant to start moving assets before they have maximized their value. Shuffling out players today that seem almost assured of greater potential for assets that have likely already achieved near-peak value seems rash, to me.

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