Oiler fans will be able to (pending lineups) watch both Russian forwards taken in the 2012 draft this evening. G3 sees the touring Russian team (loaded with talent, but tired from a physical game last night) take on a team of OHL Stars on Sportsnet.

The feature player for Oiler fans is of course Nail Yakupov, who has been outstanding so far (2, 1-2-3, leads the Russian team) save for a Bob McKenzie tweet about hanging by the boards during shifts. I guess memories aren’t what they used to be–I seem to recall a Canadian kid faring pretty well doing something similar 30 years ago in our town.

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  1. Jon K says:

    I just wanted to comment on today’s TSN CBA negotiations article.

    “Thursday’s talks were held at the offices of a midtown Manhattan law firm. So far, the sides have had little to say publicly about how the discussions have gone.”

    I would suggest that we can reasonably infer from the presence of lawyers that some serious work is getting done toward the CBA. Might we expect a deal to be reached some time next week? Seems like good news to me.

  2. RexLibris says:

    If there is an NHL season, this kid if going to be tired by the time March rolls around. The time zone shifts, a rushed NHL schedule, and a Super Series to boot, not to mention the outside chance of an appearance in the WJC, should the Oilers feel generous.

  3. Jon K says:

    I did notice from the first game that there were a few instances of Nail hanging on the sideboards rather than committing or engaging in the board battle.

    The Super Series probably isn’t the best place to judge a prospect on these kind of things, but it does somewhat take the shine off of his otherwise fine performances so far.

  4. Lowetide says:

    yakupov is a little chippy tonight. I like it.

  5. RexLibris says:

    Jon K,

    The lawyers were present to facilitate the lunch orders.

  6. RexLibris says:


    He probably subscribes to MacKenzie on Twitter.

  7. voxwah says:

    Anyone have a good online feed for this game tonight? Thanks in advance.

  8. dessert1111 says:

    Yakupov has looked excellent to me in the offensive zone, throwing hits, skating very fast and making nice passes. Is a lot to handle.

  9. DSF says:

    Another Minnesota draft pick.

    Good grief.

  10. voxwah says:

    Minnesota is so awesome. I especially love how many cups they have won. They are always in the playoffs too. In the last 10 years they have been going for the cup at least 12 times. So amazing. I love them.

  11. Ontarioil says:

    The more I see Yakupov play, the more I think he’d be great with MPS. Imagine that kind of speed down either wing as an option for zone entries and MPS could cover defensively for Yak’s tendency to turn the puck over a bit. Maggie has shown he can contribute offensively if you give him linemates that can take and make a pass

  12. khlhfss says:

    How does monahan look? There’s an outside shot he could be an oiler come june.

  13. Jordan says:

    Right now, I see Magnus Pajaarvi becoming Marty Reasoner with size. He would be a player I would want on my team.

    But not playing with Yakupov.

  14. dessert1111 says:

    Shalunov looked good scoring that goal. Anyone know anything about him besides that he was taken by Chicago around Rieder’s area in 2011?

  15. dessert1111 says:

    LOL Yakupov misses the open net right after he needlessly iced the puck….oooff

  16. godot10 says:

    The more I see Yakupov play, the more I think he’d be great with MPS. Imagine that kind of speed down either wing as an option for zone entries and MPS could cover defensively for Yak’s tendency to turn the puck over a bit. Maggie has shown he can contribute offensively if you give him linemates that can take and make a pass


    Paajarvi, Horcoff, and Yakupov for this year and next.

  17. Giant Squid Overlord says:

    Read this Krueger quote in a Jones article:

    “I think a good team in the NHL needs two groups firing.

    “I think Justin on the right side and Nugent-Hopkins on the left is a pretty good foundation for the power play on the back. I’m thinking Nail more as the scorer with Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner. Nail is definitely a shooter. And I see Eberle as kind of like the clean-up man in baseball on the other unit.”

    Hmmm. Nuge and Ebs split up? Does on the back mean the half-wall where Nuge was amazing last year in an umbrella, or does he plan to have him on the point?

  18. vishcosity says:

    It rained. Its raining. Its amazing to me how significant a change in climate really can be. I lived in Michigan, Ontario, Alberta and Massachusetts, but between San Diego and Phoenix, I’m way farther south than ever before. Summer is over. wtf was that. The desert is the summer is like nothing in Alberta ever. Death valley should be on on Mercury.

    I wonder how significant the change in latitude is for players. I wonder if the kids that grew up in the far northern reaches of the hemisphere are more able to function in Oiler blue.

    Are the kids that do well in Edmonton, looking at where they were born, are they from similar latitudes? Jimmy Carson is from Michigan, though it doesn’t say where he was raised. Joffery Lupul could single handedly ruin this whole train of thought.

    Carraza during the Mexican revolution, had issues with defections to Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata so he moved troops from the north to fight in the south, however the mountain rangers had no immunities to the jungle and no one can best a zaquis on his own turf, certainly not a conscripted villager from Oaxaca. Alexi Kovalev used an airplane to mitigate his social issues.

    I wonder if we could figure out patterns for projecting players using physical locational variance as a variable. If Klefbom shows in E town, should he get 1 full year to socially adjust? Will Nail need 3, but because he did the last two in ON, he can probably adjust to 85% in Edmonton but only 62 in Glendale? Maybe an Eberle for OEL trade would ruin both players. Maybe failed prospects fail sometimes because they just land in the wrong town.

    I managed to remember about the game today but not the time change. That is the thing about PST, it all happens before I’m ready, in EST its all starts when I’m basically wrapping it up. When I turned on the game (thanks for the link), Canada was up 1 – 0. The very first play had Yakupov streaking through team Canada, he totally carried the puck trhough the entire neutral zone with possession the whole way. Subsequently his team scored twice.

    As much as I want to shake my passion for something as commercial as pro hockey, I feel a fascination with these kids and ultimately a desire to tune others slightly so they can more possibly reflect their results.

    I really want Nail to be the best of the fab five. I hope he adjusts to Edmonton well.

  19. Woodguy says:

    Another Minnesota draft pick.

    Good grief.

    What happened?

    Another big injury?

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