Its Monday with Nail tonight, as Oiler fans get a chance to look at another elite level teenager (lordy). Nail Yakupov is 3, 1-2-3 so far in the series and the Russians are up 2-1 in games against the Q and O.

The Russians are a wonderful team, all speed and skill and passing and piss and vinegar. The Q and now the O are certainly a worthy opponent (fine Canadian hockey players grow on trees, I swear to God). The Russians who have caught my eye are Yakupov, Grigorenko, Shalunov, Zykov and those bloody goaltenders.

Russian hockey players have been delighting and frustrating me since this guy:

Nice to have one of them to cheer for after 40 years.

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  1. Lowetide says:

    Forward lines for team Russia: Kapustin-Khokhlachev-Yakupov, Kosov-Sigarev-Shenfeld, Nichushkin-Tkachev-Shalunov, Mozer-Yakimov-Zhafyarov

    Defensive pairs for #Russia: Yarullin-Nesterov, Naumenkov-Dyakov, Koledov-Mironov, Lyubushkin-Dyblenko

  2. dessert1111 says:

    From all the KHL I’ve watched and now these Russian feeds maybe I’ll pick up a few words before the lockout’s over.

  3. smelltheglove says:

    Where to watch online?

  4. spoiler says:

    What a turn by Yakupov.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Smell the glove: Sportsnet doesn’t stream and I don’t think its anywhere online.

  6. smelltheglove says:

    @LT – Thanks. Wow – what a missed ad revenue opportunity. The broadcast infrastructure is all setup, essentially zero cost to add an online component.

  7. Professor Q says:

    Wow, Cox is a loser. Yakupov can’t handle OHL players because he’s Russian, and doesn’t measure up to the other 1st overalls?! Where did he play the past 2 years…

  8. Rondo says:

    Yakupov looks like a shark he hovers and then attacks quickly.

  9. Gerta Rauss says:

    Jeezuz I’m glad Yak looked up and saw Wilson coming-that kid hits huge.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Wilson is a freak. Lordy.

  11. smelltheglove says:

    @Blankie Thank you very much sir!

  12. Rebilled says:

    Sigarev reminds me of a young Fidel Castro.

  13. spoiler says:

    I love our little Russian tank.

  14. spoiler says:

    Attaboy Yak.

  15. stevezie says:

    Professor Q,

    I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about but I’m sure I agree. Cox is a loser. I don’t know any other sports journalist whose opinions I hold in lower regard (Steve Simmons is right there with him). For awhile I was actively hoping his career would fall apart, but I’ve learned to let go and ignore him.

  16. hunter1909 says:

    Cox is okay. He just lives in Toronto, and has immigrant(Brit) parents. Cut the guy some slack, and he’s really not all that bad.

    Now, as soon as they make that WOW trade, and fuck up the future, well…they’re doing me a big favour…because once they do that I can forget this fucktarded franchise until they’re in game 5 of 6 of the SCF’s leading 3 games to whatever.

    Think about it: The Pronger trade was a shock. Why? No one saw it coming. Lately, Lowe has a tendency to tell the world his stupid Irish assed intentions…nice one Kev. Let the world know so they can calibrate accordingly. Real smart – not.

    I can only guess they want to trade away Yakupov before he plays as an Oiler, and yes, that should do it for me as an Oiler fan.

  17. spoiler says:

    Schultz Jr. explains why he decided to stick it in the face of D.S.F. and choose Oil over Orca.

    Also some news on Dubnyk and Baertschi talks about Koach Krueger in the same article.

  18. DSF says:

    Schultz Jr. explains why he decided to stick it in the face of D.S.F. and choose Oil over Orca.

    Also some news on Dubnyk and Baertschi talks about Koach Krueger in the same article.

    You should never prevent your kids from making their own mistakes.

  19. spoiler says:

    According to @BobMckenzie Yak gave away his helmet to fans after the game. Apparently the Wilson hit broke it.

  20. Professor Q says:


    I think I was just irate about him dismissing Yakupov’s tenure in Sarnia and reverting to a xenophobic account of the series and Yak’s career (and I suppose Russians in general), and the fact that the rest of the panel (Aaron Ward) seemed to agree and harped on the Russians for “not being able to win if they focus on scoring and fancy plays so much” with such passé vindictiveness.

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