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  1. Giant Squid Overlord says:

    One of the greats. Skill, class, and even though he did a lot of damage against the oil, I’ve never disliked him like a Modano. In fact, he’s always been a favorite, and I cheered for him anytime he wasn’t facing the oil.

  2. Lowetide says:

    Feel exactly the same. He cut the Oilers from the neck through the belt buckle but I loved watching him play.

  3. RexLibris says:

    I can’t say I’ll miss seeing him eviscerate the Oilers’ D or goal, but when I think of the kind of hockey player, and person, I’d like some of our young prospects to become, Joe Sakic is at the top of the list.

  4. loosemoose says:

    Still get chills when I think about the gold medal game in Salt Lake.

    Put a country on his shoulders and then walked around the dman and wired one far side.

    What a beauty.

  5. Rocknrolla says:

    Hopefully someone RNH can try to emulate. On and off the ice. Lots of similarities…

  6. jdrevenge1 says:

    Spent some time last night watching his highlight reels. Olympics in 2002 will go down for me as a top five hockey game/memory. Beauty player.

  7. Bushed says:

    One of the classiest guys to ever play the game.

    Too bad it never rubbed off on Patrick Roy…

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