Photo courtesy Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved. Five years from now, we may not remember this time and how it might be an important juncture in the Oilers rebuild. If Teemu Hartikainen emerges as a useful 15-20 goal winger who can play the physical style Edmonton so badly needs, maybe we’ll look back and point to another moment in time as being the turning point.

I don’t think we will, though.

I love this 1972 video of the Stones working on Tumbling Dice. Mick Taylor is a ridiculous guitar player and plays some terrific things in this video but you can see they’re working out a few things–and the Richards guitar lines toward the end where he stretches out the riff a little is brilliant too. Plus the best rhythm section in history and the world’s greatest frontman (ask him!) and that’s a  helluva band right there.

Anyway, I think the Oilers are trying to work out their future in OKC. Aside from the three established kids, and Yakupov in west Nizhnekamsk, there are few seats available for the Boys on The Bus 2.0:

  • a big physical winger with enough skill to keep up with the Glimmer Twins.
  • a center who can complement the Nuge with unique skills not possessed by the mature midnight rambler (whatever they may be).

I’m onside with keeping Samwise as the 2C, and if Hartikainen can fill that W role (score enough, hit enough and be in front of the net enough) then that’s a huge item for the future. When I hear Kevin Lowe talking about a 2-for-1 I get a little worried, because if he’s talking about forwards that (in my opinion) would be a mistake.

Hartikainen is 2nd in team scoring (8, 3-6-9) and on track for a career year. They’ve invested the time, money and energy in his development and he’s worked like a bugger on footspeed and adapting to North America. And  God bless him, he’s a Finn.

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33 Responses to "TUMBLING DICE"

  1. Eastern_Lee says:

    Love that Stones video……..Mick T was great……Watching that was a great way to start a Saturday…..

    Its nice to see Teemu with the hot start……..it seems he is ready……and thats worth getting excited about…..

  2. mumbai max says:

    I have been stumping for a long lockout all along. At least January.
    The longer we get to develop/see what we already have the less
    chance of a premature trade.

    Hang in there boys. Keep taking those 8% pay cuts EVERY payday
    so you can achieve a moral victory. Well at least a moral stalemate.
    Ok, a moral non-drubbing. And please don’t figure out how to use a
    calculator, Don will do that for you. Really, trust him, isn’t he a lawyer
    after all.

    Anyway rooting for Hartie and MPS to make an impression before
    the Oil brain trust feel they have to make one.

  3. steveb12344 says:

    Sorry to nitpick LT, but yak lives in west nizhnekamsk. He plays for the Neftekhimik.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Damn, I knew that too.

  5. steveb12344 says:

    mumbai max,

    I couldn’t agree more. Actually this lockout is a blessing for the oilers in so many ways.

    While i still miss the NHL, the barons games have been very entertaining. It’s also been fun having morning hockey and cheering on the Oil Chemists too.

    I wouldn’t be that sad at all if the NHL season gets cancelled, and our young oilers get a chance to play winning hockey, and attempt to win a championship.

  6. steveb12344 says:


    I knew that you knew that, it’s just those Russian words can get confusing at times

  7. Oilanderp says:

    Good bye MPS… and luck.

  8. stevezie says:

    One of my pet peeves is when people describe hockey as locked out. The NHL is locked out; hockey is everywhere!
    (Sadly I can’t make my own game tonight, but it’s for the greater good.)

  9. Kris11 says:

    ” but yak lives in west nizhnekamsk”

    Do you suppose they have a West Nizhnekamsk Mall?

  10. Jesse says:

    I really hope the lockout lasts long enough for management to get a good look at Hall at C. That could change things in a big way.

  11. Jesse says:


    If Hall proves to be an effective centerman, then and only then would I not hate a Gagner trade, because then things would get crowded at C. My last two lines there are sort of thrown together, because really, there is a lot of crowding of mediocre players in the bottom half of the roster. Horcoff and Belanger are essentially the same player, and I personally would rather keep Horcoff instead at this point. Something is going to have to be done sooner or later with the fact that they’ve got Jones, Eager, Petrell, and Smyth in their bottom 6 on one way contracts.
    Eager and Petrell seem like a waste of roster and cap space, but is anyone going to actually want to trade for them? Probably not.

  12. fuzzy muppet says:

    No suspension for hall. Match penalty rescinded

  13. Marc says:

    I don’t think there is any chance that Hartikainen or Pitlick get dealt. This is an organisation that REALLY values big, physical forwards. I can’t remember the last time they dumped a big forward prospect without giving him every chance to succeed at the NHL level first (see JFJ or Winchester).

    There is nothing in the track records of Tambellini or Lowe to suggest that they would consider moving prospects like Hartikainen or Pitlick for help now. Absolutely nothing.

    The guys that are likely to move would be the one’s that the team could have given long term deals to be part of the core, but opted not to – Hemsky and Gagner – and young players/ prospects that look like they have a few guys ahead of them on the depth chart – MPS, Omark, Plante, Simpson, Rieder, Hamilton being a few that come to mind.

  14. Bruce McCurdy says:

    fuzzy muppet:
    No suspension for hall.Match penalty rescinded

    Too late. The boys at Hockey Wilderness have already tried, convicted & executed Hall, dispensing with the quartered remains in a hell fire of flaming Oil.

    Oh well, he was only a failed second liner anyway, so no loss.

  15. fuzzy muppet says:

    Bruce McCurdy,

    That blog is only readable for the comedy. It is LAUGHABLY bad

  16. "Steve Smith" says:

    Bruce McCurdy: Too late. The boys at Hockey Wilderness have already tried, convicted & executed Hall, dispensing with the quartered remains in a hell fire of flaming Oil.

    As soon as I saw the news, I headed over there. No reaction to it as yet (although somebody posted the news item in the comments section, so presumably we’ll see some reaction soon – maybe something about the AHL office being under the thumb of the storied Oklahoma City franchise). I think it would take some doing to make me develop a generalized dislike of Wild fans that would come anywhere near my generalized dislike of Canucks fans, but the guys at that particular blog sure are jackasses (a term that, unusually for me, I use without endearment).

  17. Lowetide says:

    I have to say it is a surprise that SBN has such a noodlepuss writer. C&B is top drawer, I don’t go there often anymore because their new format freezes my computer but always click on an article from any of their authors (Zona, Reynolds, Batty, Lord Bob who am I not remembering?).

    Anyway, he’s a real fuzzbrain.

  18. Gerta Rauss says:

    per the Oilers website-

    Marincin took the optional morning skate but is doubtful for tonight

    “I think, as of right now, for precautionary reasons he’ll be out tonight,” said head coach Todd Nelson. “I’m just going to talk to him and the doctors here once he gets off the ice and see how he feels

  19. jonrmcleod says:


    I guess my comment on that blog last night caused quite a stir. If I had known of its reputation, I probably would have refrained.

  20. Lowetide says:

    Yeah, well you go by reputation though. Right? SBN is a pretty famous group of sites, I stop by NJ’s, Toronto’s, Earl Sleek’s house, etc. I was unaware–or had forgotten–about that Wild site.

  21. godot10 says:

    So are we all finally agreed that Arcobello’s two-way NHL contract was NOT a bad idea?

    One figures he will be looking for an organization that has potential openings at the NHL level next summer. That is probably not the Oilers. The Oilers would probably have to offer a really high AHL salary next summer on another 2-way NHL deal to keep him, but one figures a legit opportunity at the NHL will trump money for Arcobello.

  22. kinger says:

    That wild blog is unbelievably entertaining.

  23. Lowetide says:

    So are we all finally agreed that Arcobello’s two-way NHL contract was NOT a bad idea?

    One figures he will be looking for an organization that has potential openings at the NHL level next summer.That is probably not the Oilers.The Oilers would probably have to offer a really high AHL salary next summer on another 2-way NHL deal to keep him, but one figures a legit opportunity at the NHL will trump money for Arcobello.

    Nope. Still not sold.

  24. Lois Lowe says:

    Wow, that guy from SBN is just such an asshat. It’s “blogs” like his that make me realize just how lucky Edmonton fans are to have the likes of LT, Jonathan, MC79, and Bruce McCurdy writing content.

  25. crude says:

    I’ve read that Wild blog a few times over the past year. A couple of those times I’ve nearly copied and pasted links to it onto this blog in a “can you believe this guy?” kinda way. It’s not surprising posters are riled up over there – fans of any team would be if faced with that situation. What is surprising is that the aggressive and just plain pissy tone is fostered there no matter the topic of discussion.

    I of course feel for the two young guys hurt last night. And admittedly I do feel Hall’s hit was a bit overzealous. I do not think it was a premeditated charge I just think the puck could have been played and Brodin did not need to be completely destroyed.

    Go Bairns.

  26. Lois Lowe says:

    Also, buddy’s best retort seems to be “Well, that’s just, like, your opinion man.” The Dude abides in the hockey state.

  27. Bad Seed says:

    Tillman gone. Wow.

  28. delooper says:

    Who is Tillman?

  29. Bad Seed says:

    Edmonton Eskimos former gm.

  30. "Steve Smith" says:

    Bad Seed,

    I’m not going to complain about the move, but you’d sort of expect it to take place after the playoffs. Maybe the powers that are were afraid that they’re going to win a surprise Grey Cup, and then they’d feel silly firing the GM.

    (I initially wrote “…siring the GM”, which would be an entirely different kind of silly.)

  31. Bad Seed says:

    “Steve Smith”,

    I agree. He had it coming with the Ray trade & ending a first rounder away for a kicker. Plus they look all sorts of disorganized as an organization.

  32. spoiler says:

    Anyone else thrown by the sounds of Quinn, DeBrusk and Principe calling the Rochester — Hamitlon match?

    I keep thinking they’re calling an Oiler game, and the Oil’s roster is filled with a bunch of players I do not know, like we had traded all 20 guys.

  33. spoiler says:

    Paajarvi played the left point on the first unit powerplay there.

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