#18 PROSPECT (winter 2012): TAYLOR FEDUN

Taylor Fedun matches some of the things Edmonton looks for in prospects: high IQ, team leader, a reputation for playing with heart. Fedun is unusual in that the club signed him out of the NCAA (very rare, this kind of signing has been limited to names like Ty Conklin, Bryan Lerg, Mike Bishai, Tanner House over the last decade or so before the Justin Schultz big fly) after his college career was over.

We didn’t know much about the young defender when he signed, so went to the source:

  • Fedun on Fedun: “I think the positives in my game are good first pass out of the D-zone and, this year, I had a chance to play the power play.”

He was captain at Princeton, and played quite a bit on the PP and he was an older prospect:

  • Overall: 29gp, 10-12-22 +8
  • Even strength 29gp, 3-6-9
  • Powerplay: 29gp, 7-6-13
  • Penalty kill: 29gp, 0-0-0

Fedun came to training camp and played well (he and Corey Potter were the early pleasant surprises during the pre-season) but then some stupid took him out (video above) and ended his season early. Fedun had a long winter and spring of rehab but when I talked to him mid-summer Fedun felt confident he could compete and was looking forward to the coming season.

Summer 2012: not ranked

Winter 2012: #18

Fedun has been playing well in OKC this season, playing a consistent 2-way game that features crisp passing and good decisions with the puck. He’s a good positional defenseman, average size and average speed for the NHL.

  • Boxcars: 20, 2-5-7 -1
  • Evens: 20, 1-4-5 .250
  • PP: 20, 1-1-2 .100
  • PK: 20, 0-0-0

Fedun isn’t getting a lot of PP time, owing mostly to that freak Justin Schultz. Its reasonable to expect he’ll get an AHL push on the PP if the NHL ever opens its doors this season. Fedun certainly is a capable puck mover and an expert passer at the AHL level.

#18 ranked prospects on December lists:

  • December 2004: L Jani Rita
  • December 2005: G Jeff Deslauriers
  • December 2006: D Mathieu Roy
  • December 2007: C Chris VandeVelde
  • December 2008: L Teemu Hartikainen
  • December 2009: R Colin McDonald
  • December 2010: D Brandon Davidson
  • December 2011: L Phil Cornet
  • December 2012: D Taylor Fedun

Fedun is a 2-way defender and I do think he has a chance at an NHL career. I don’t believe he’ll get a lot of PP time shold be play in the NHL, so that means we’re not looking at a guy who is going to score 40 points in an NHL season.Which leaves even strength (he’s a really good passer and can lug the puck) and the penalty-kill (he should have success based on skill set). We don’t really know if he’s strong enough to battle the big men defensively and we have some anecdotal evidence to suggest he’s a good coverage defenseman. Beyond that, we’re just going to have to wait and see. Early returns are encouraging, but he’s 24 and well behind a shock of blue.

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3 Responses to "#18 PROSPECT (winter 2012): TAYLOR FEDUN"

  1. Adam Dyck says:

    Great write up as always, LT.

    I’d be sure to note that a year ago, Fedun looked real likely to make the team out of camp before that real tragic injury that sidelined him. He’s clearly still working back and may never return to where he was a year and a bit ago – which was even then only a 7th d-man on a last place team – but there’s clearly something here.

  2. dessert1111 says:

    I think he is learning in OKC and we can’t forget that he is a rookie pro, even though he’s 24. He’s an older prospect but when comparing him to another rookie pro, like Martin Marincin who actually played last season, you can see that he is much more solid and makes much fewer mistakes. In fact, out of all of OKC’s rookie defensemen, I’d say Fedun makes the least amount of “major errors”, even less than Schultz.

    I’ve seen bits of tenacity in his game, which have been pleasant surprises. A bit small for a defender but I don’t think his size is going to hold him off an NHL roster, it’s just not something that will ever be one of his strengths. He appears to be slowly improving his game but I would like to see him join the rush more because he is capable of doing it and increase the aggression with his head-man passes.

    The biggest worry I have is his Whitney-like turns, which I presume is from the femur incident. I think there has been a slight decrease on him getting beat as the season has rolled along, but every once in awhile he’ll have a slow turn and it will result in someone getting by him. To me, that’s the thing he’ll have to eliminate completely from his game to get a real shot as a full-time NHLer. Otherwise, he is solid an improving and looks like a top-pairing AHL defender right now, which is more than I can say for the other Barons defenders (aside from Schultz, who of course looks like an NHL defenseman now).

  3. loosemoose says:

    For him to be where he is now, after that injury and all the prospects ahead that could have left him in the dust, is nothing short of amazing.

    If this kid makes the show, a standing ovation will be in order.

    Go Taylor Go!

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