I don’t recall seeing a 21-game suspension, altough I’m sure there have been a few as long or longer. The ECHL threw the book at Pelss today, going into some detail about the reason for it:

  • In the first period of the game, Pelss delivered a two-handed, forceful slash, behind the play, to the face of an unsuspecting opponent, causing an injury. He is fined and suspended under Rule #28 – Supplementary Discipline.

I don’t see any video of the event, and this happened a few days ago so it should be up by now if someone caught it on video. Pelss is not considered a dirty player, so it’ll be interesting to see how the Oilers organization frames the event. As a fan, I’ve long felt having a player who can go a little loopy can benefit a team–certainly Mark Messier and Esa Tikkanen had that gear and Ben Eager from the current team has shown flashes of it. I’m not condoning violence, but my bet $$ that Robyn Regehr would have been less likely to rattle Hemsky if he knew there was some kind of crazy ready to jump over the boards.

Nail Yakupov did a little violence too in his game today against Metallurg. The evidence on thescoresheet is here,  listed as Yakupov 5 for elbowing and a game misconduct.

Must be something in the water. Don’t recall Rob Schremp doing this.


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13 Responses to "MISCONDUCT!"

  1. fuzzy muppet says:

    Can Pelss be called up to the AHL and avoid his suspension??

    Daaaaaamn thats a long ass hiatus……

  2. jp says:

    Dale Hunter. That was the first thing that popped into my mind when you mentioned long suspensions. My memory said that it was 25 games for that hit on Turgeon, but in fact it was 21 games. A quick look at the NHLs longest suspensions says that it was indeed the only 21 gamer (though not the longest).

  3. Thinker says:

    Chris simor twice. Then just last year raffi tores(though he appealed it). Thats just going off memory, I think the lockout is starting to take its toll on one of the sharpest minds on the oilogosphere.

  4. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Righto on Dale Hunter. I believe Raffi’s suspension was reduced from 25 to 21 games as well upon appeal.

  5. loilfan says:

    It sure will be nice to have a few A-holes on the team finally.

  6. olibou says:


    Suspended for a whole season after sending Garret Stafford in convulsion. Video of it; they don’t mention it, but Stafford actually cross-checked him in the face and then hacked at his head before Perezhogin lost it big time.

    Dunno what Perezhogin had done to Stafford before, but he sure was angry.

  7. DeadmanWaking says:

    Wow, those “had it coming” types on YouTube. Anger so diffuse it resembles an ideal gas law. After the post-blackout hangover, grievances are tallied up by weighing severed ears on a bathroom scale. Oh look, I found another one in my vest pocket. What’s another ear, more or less? They had it coming! Last man to complete the Manhattan project is a wispy mushroom.

    Sometimes people forget that sports leagues are not (completely) a sanctuary from the criminal code. If it walks like an axe murderer, and it chops like an axe murderer, it is an axe murder.

    I was thinking about my general drift in the comment box that I don’t really like skating north-south. Sometimes I do it just to prove to the coach that I remember how, but it doesn’t satisfy me like ragging the puck through danger.

    In my league, the goalies would set up shop in the goalie boxes, and the axe murders would be sentenced to skate thirty loops around the penalty crease before being allowed to exit the zone or retrieve their sticks.

    Sure, weapons are a good deterrence–in the moment. But I think vulnerability is a great deterrence over the two-handed sweep of time. One of these survives a hangover as a crusty relic on the balance pan of retaliation, the other belly flops out of recall onto the sticky floor.

  8. rickithebear says:

    Yakupov’s: 5 & 20 should get him the standard 2-4 game suspension of a possible 5.

    if the lockout ends does the KHL commitee give him the full 5 games.

  9. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Well… that description is horrifying. If that’s what happened, Pelss really needs to reconsider a few things in his life…

    Then again, via McCurdy there’s this:


    Not sure how “accidental” can exist in this same universe as this official description: “a two-handed, forceful slash, behind the play, to the face of an unsuspecting opponent, causing an injury”

    Either the league is puffing up the incident or there’s a couple of homers who’ve lost touch with reality.

  10. Нинтендо⁶⁴ says:

    With a 56-60 games NHL season Pless would still be losing fewer games than the stay at home Oilers.

  11. FastOil says:

    I think for crazy to work as a deterrent, it needs to have elephant memory with it.

    Messier was so good because he was also fine with serving his vengeance up cold. Possibly preferred it.

    An interesting angle would be the league calls the rules evenly and deals with hacks. Protecting the talent could revolutionize pro sports!

  12. DeadmanWaking says:

    Especially when it’s one of your own and there’s no Zapruder, it’s hard to resist parsing justice. I feel it too. I came back to my keyboard with my previous post on one screen and the front page of CNN on the other, promoting a feature article on the dark side of a voluntary root canal (consider yourself warned), high atop the tightrope of parsing justice.

    In the heat of anguish the father cries out:

    “Listen to me! You cannot die!” he repeats his morbid mantra. “If for nothing else, to exact justice.”

    With a bit more distance:

    “It felt like the sky fell on me,” he says. “As a father, there is no greater pain in the world than knowing that you could not protect your child.”

    On escalation:

    It was payback, his father says. Abed had gotten into an argument with one of the men at a tea stall.

    The boy doesn’t have so much distance:

    “I want to be a RAB member and nothing else,” he says. “When I grow up, I want to bring them to justice.”

    RAB is the first three letters of a more suitable acronym for the elite anti-crime unit known as the Rapid Action Battalion. Elite is a code word for what you’d get cross-breeding Gangs of New York with Mississippi Burning.

    The U.S. State Department’s latest report on human rights in Bangladesh accuse the battalion of using “unwarranted lethal force,” and the government of withholding figures on how many extrajudicial killings it has committed.

    At this point, the father doesn’t have much stomach left for justice served cold.

    “I don’t want this. I don’t want to be the father of a terrorist.”

    For the journalists A River Runs Through It: resiliency, hope, recovery, optimism, breaking the cycle. And finally, miracles. There’s also a darker undertone: it’s charismatic compassion that feeds this savage lion in the first place. At the end of the day, one can only parse justice so far. Some accounts are never settled for any satisfactory content of the word.

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    […] An Oilers prospect got 21 games for a hit from behind. I never knew Patrice Cormier was in the Oilers system [Lowetide] […]

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