Jordan Eberle may be the most famous World Junior player in the tournament’s history, owing to his electric goal against the Russians with no time on the clock. Taylor Hall scored 6 goals in 6 games in his WJ appearance, and now the third amigo gets his chance. Jordan Eberle scored 14 goals in 12 WJ games, including what is likely the most memorable goal in the tournament’s history.

For Nugent-Hopkins, a couple of weeks away from OKC won’t hurt and it is a chance to win something–he is unlikely to make a playoff appearance for the Oilers this or next season based on the club’s inability to address weakness.

The World Juniors aren’t getting their usual play this winter, owing mostly to the fact that the games are going to be televised to insomniacs in Canada and pvr’d by the rest of us. I think Nugent-Hopkins inclusion will make it more interesting for Oiler fans, with David Musil and Nail Yakupov being the other big draws. Injuries to Oscar Klefbom and Martin Gernat will impact the Oilers final total at the championships.

A possible dust up with Hockey Canada has been avoided though, as the NHL and ‘PA didn’t conclude negotiations this week. Nugent-Hopkins might have been recalled by the Oilers if training camps were firing up Christmas week.

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13 Responses to "NUGE’S WORLD JUNIORS"

  1. jonrmcleod says:

    I read somewhere that Zharkov was invited to tryout for the Russian team. Any word on whether or not he’s been cut?

    Is Rieder still injured?

  2. jonrmcleod says:

    Not sure what’s going on with the commenting.

  3. Lowetide says:


  4. RexLibris says:



  5. Zipdot says:

    So, uh… Did you guys know that the city reopened negotiations with Katz?

    Katz dropped the 6 mil/year thing and replaced it with an “over and above expected taxes” reserve fund.

  6. Zipdot says:

    Oh cool, I’m a programmer and I didn’t even know it!

  7. Mr DeBakey says:

    The U of A Golden Bears beat up a bunch of punk kids, sometimes called Canada’s World Junior team, 4 – 1 last night..

    Next Bears regular season Home Game is January 11th.

    Before that, of course, is the Spengler Cup, Canada plays Mannheim first. The game is scheduled for mid-afternoon on the Feast of Stephen.

  8. jp says:

    Taylor Hall scored 6 goals in 6 games in his WJ appearance
    Jordan Eberle scored 14 goals in 12 WJ games

    So, you’re saying that if Nuge doesn’t score at least a goal a game, he’s a failure?

  9. Lowetide says:

    Yes! :-)

  10. rickithebear says:

    jp: So, you’re saying that if Nuge doesn’t score at least a goal a game, he’s a failure?

    2010 WJC:

    2009 WJC:


  11. "Steve Smith" says:

    rickithebear: ???????????

    My firetruck precisely.

  12. jp says:

    rickithebear: 2010 WJC:

    Cool to see not only Hall and Eberle at the top of that list, but also Lander and Hartikainen up among the leaders.

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