The OKC Barons are down a little star power this weekend but remain one of the major stories in hockey this season. They are “NHL ready” because they’ve played enough games against suitable competition this season and have “chemistry” from working together: perhaps the group in Okla City this winter will form the foundation of the Boys on the Bus 2.0 (Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Schultz, Hartikainen, Paajarvi, Lander, Marincin, Teubert, Fedun, Roy, others) from the year 2013-2020.

This was my Dad’s favorite song. He lost most of his hearing in the war, so when Roy Acuff (Dad called him Roy A-COFF) came on the Saturday country music shows and sang this (I honestly don’t know any other Roy Acuff songs) he’d turn it up and cup his left hand over his ear and listen closely. Wabash is in (I believe) Indiana but for this music fan it just feels like a southern song, like Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”, the Allman’s “Midnight Rider” or the Band’s “Tears of Rage.”

The Barons play San Antonio about 15 times this month, including tonight and tomorrow. They have signed a defenseman named Nathan Deck, if you’ve followed Stockton this and last season he’ll be a familiar name. He’s from Sedley, which isn’t far from Regina–joining Jordan Eberle as young men from that area on the team. By province, country or state, here’s the OKC roster:

  • Alberta:  6 (Green, Hall, House, Davidson, Fedun, Henry)
  • British Columbia: 4 (Nugent-Hopkins, Schultz, Abney, Teubert)
  • Finland: 3 (Hartikainen, Tyrvainen, Rajala)
  • Saskatchewan: 3 (Byers, Eberle, Deck)
  • Quebec: 3 (Cornet, Danis, Roy)
  • Sweden: 2 (Lander, Paajarvi)
  • Ontario: 2 (Martindale, Ringwald)
  • Minnesota: 2 (Pitlick, VandeVelde)
  • Slovakia: 1 (Marincin)
  • Washington: 1 (Hamilton)
  • Connecticut: 1 (Arcobello)
  • Manitoba: 1 (Plante)

Half of the current roster comes from the prairies (Canadian plus we’ll include Minnesota and Washington) and the Euro influence is down around 20%. That BC-AB-SK axis houses the heart of the team, boasting all of Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Schultz). I think they should add a Russian here at some point, although I’m uncertain how many Russians in North American come from Nail’s place.

Tyler Pitlick and Josh Green are back in the lineup, and the lines have been talked about by coach Nelson (and are available here). Jim Byers is a cool guy and his pre-game is here.

I’m enjoying this AHL season, but would dearly love fewer long gaps between games. These young man haven’t fired a shot in anger in 7 days–too long. Expect rust early, creativity late.

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61 Responses to "OKC V SAN ANTONIO 8.12.12"

  1. ItsTheBGB says:

    6pm puck drop.

  2. Gerta Rauss says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what the Oilers/Nuge do regarding his decision to play in the WJCs. I’m sure they wanted things neatly wrapped up for them ie: the CBA deal completed…now it’s just hanging out there and they may play NHL hockey in the next couple weeks, they may not.

  3. Jarad says:

    Completely off topic: As someone from Ontario, I find it odd that you would include BC as the Prairies. It strikes me as similar to someone from Alberta saying that Hamilton is a part of the GTA. Sure, from Vancouver you might think they’re the same, that is verging on insulting to someone who comes from either city. Would albertans/british columbians (is that the correct denonym) typically consider both provinces to be part of the prairies? I always considered everything west of the Rockies to be ‘west coast’ or ‘pacific’.

    Slightly more on topic: I have absolutely nothing to add to the discussion (other than my opinion that the players are absolutely correct in wanting to get the best possible deal. If owners are stupid enough to offer a player money they can’t afford to spend, then they still have to honour the contract. This is the real world, you can’t just go cutting employees pay on a whim), I am loving Deadman’s posts on the lockout situation, and hope you continue. I’m sure there are plenty of lurkers like me who don’t have anything useful to add to the discussion, but thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  4. Bruce McCurdy says:

    I remember Dizzy Dean singing “The Wabash Cannonball” to Pee Wee Reese (& a national television audience) in the late innings on occasions when the Game of the Week was a bit of a yawner.

  5. delooper says:

    Jarad, a big part of northern BC is east of the rockies. So they have prairies, technically. RNH isn’t from that part.

  6. Hayek says:

    If you think about it, Northern Alberta isn’t really a prairie either. It’s more like the Northern Shield I think. Cypress Hills in Saskatechewan should probably not be included either. Oh, what about the foothills, is that really prairies? What about big cities, they are more like jungle, concrete jungles!

  7. DeadmanWaking says:

    If one combines high-prairie with low-prairie one can reasonably annex Richmond. This ropes in vets Scott Hannon, Seabrook and two second-cup Brandons: Segal and McMillan, according to hockey-reference.com

    There are more high-prairie boys from Brandon than low-prairie boys named Brandon. I see Calvert, White, McMillan, and Plante with about 150 games combined.

    There could be a priming effect here on draft day. Cripes, the only active player in the NHL of Chinese descent is Brandon Yip. I did not see that coming. Not a ubiquitous Wang (surname) or Wei (personal name) anywhere in the league.

    The Chinese naming taboo is interesting and I had not read about it before.

    In 1777, Wang Xihou in his dictionary criticized the Kangxi dictionary and wrote the Qianlong Emperor’s name without leaving out any stroke as required. This disrespect resulted in his and his family’s executions and confiscation of their property.

    But then, the Chinese do a weird hard/soft yin/yang thing:

    Throughout Chinese history, there were emperors whose names contained common characters who would try to alleviate the burden of the populace in practicing name avoidance. For example, Emperor Xuan of Han, whose given name Bingyi contained two very common characters, changed his name to Xun, a far less common character, with the stated purpose of making it easier for his people to avoid using his name.

    Even homophones were frowned upon. If Harpo Marx were alive in Canada, he’d be forced to leave the country. Sometimes the feeling is mutual. Interestingly, the name Adolpho remains popular in Spanish-speaking countries. One has to wonder about the odd “Adolpho Franco”. My lord, what were they thinking?

  8. Lowetide says:

    You could plant a lot of crops in Chilliwack, more if you burn down the greenhouses! :-)

    As for the initial comment, complete error by me. Of course the prairies as we learned in grade school are AB, SK and MB. Its funny though, as life has taken me to more places I think the similarities are much more north-south than east-west. By that I mean that Alberta has a lot in common with Montana, North Dakota and even Minnesota in my experience.

  9. Matt.N says:

    The Nuge is going to play in the WJC.

    I’m going to care even less about the NHL for a few weeks anyway.

  10. jp says:

    The Nuge is going to play in the WJC.

    I’m going to care even less about the NHL for a few weeks anyway.

    Great. Hopefully that means his shoulder is OK. Very good for Canada too.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Oklahoma City Barons ‏@OKC_Barons

    Scratches for #OKCBarons: Davidson, Ringwald, Tyrvainen, Martindale, Nugent-Hopkins, House, Abney and Henry
    1m Oklahoma City Barons Oklahoma City Barons ‏@OKC_Barons

    Yann Danis vs. Jacob Markstrom at San Antonio tonight, warmup underway for #OKCBarons

  12. voxwah says:

    Has anyone got an online feed lined up for the game tonight?

  13. stevezie says:

    A part of me was relieved the deal fell apart because I want to see Nuge in the Jrs.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Oklahoma City Barons ‏@OKC_Barons

    Lines for #OKCBarons: Hall-Arcobello-Eberle; Paajarvi-Lander-Hartikainen; Hamilton-Green-Pitlick; Byers-VandeVelde-Cornet

  15. Lowetide says:

    Oklahoma City Barons ‏@OKC_Barons

    Defence pairings for #OKCBarons: Marincin & Schultz; Fedun & Teubert; Deck & Plante

  16. dessert1111 says:

    Just got a one month account on Hockey Streams at the recommendation of some folks on here. Hope it works out! I already feel relieved that I don’t have to search for feeds, and it’ll be nice to watch some OHL games too.

  17. Lowetide says:

    I’m thrilled ryan Nugent-Hopkins is going to get a chance to play in the world juniors, but I’m pretty certain he won’t get a chance to play in the world juniors.

  18. Lowetide says:


  19. stevezie says:

    There’s the shot he showed on his one NHL goal and never again since!

  20. Ozzieoiler says:

    Snipe by Lander.

  21. voxwah says:


    Thanks LT.

  22. dawgtoy says:

    I thought tonight might have been the perfect night to try Hall at C. Maybe throw Pääjärvi on the top line. Just a thought.

  23. Ozzieoiler says:

    Plante takes one off the melon!

  24. OilLeak says:

    Damn, Hartikainen needed to bury that Lander pass.

  25. OilLeak says:

    Arcobello can roll with the kids

  26. Rocknrolla says:


    Let me know what you think!

  27. Lucinius says:

    I’ve really, really liked that second line since its been put together.

    Arcobello looks pretty good on that first line.. honestly better than RNH the last couple games he played (probably one of the few times that’ll ever be able to be said).

    Still think Marincin is a pleasant surprise on D — we knew Schultz would be good (albeit not this good).

  28. Lowetide says:

    Eberle, Schultz and Arcobello. 2-0

  29. stevezie says:

    Damn, Hartikainen needed to bury that Lander pass.

    The two nicest plays I’ve ever seen Lander make have both come this period (the other being his goal.)

  30. Ozzieoiler says:


  31. Lowetide says:

    2-1. Damn

  32. OilLeak says:

    Just an absolute filthy goal.

  33. OilLeak says:

    Then Danis loses his mind and gives up an easy one

  34. Ozzieoiler says:

    Arcobello could have shot that but made a smart play to Schultz who then fed Eberle. It’s true Arcobello has the head to play with the 1st rounders.

  35. Lucinius says:

    Whomever is in charge of the cameras for these games needs to be fired.

    They love to watch the penalty box, bench, etc., while the play is ongoing.

  36. OilLeak says:

    stevezie: The two nicest plays I’ve ever seen Lander make have both come this period (the other being his goal.)

    Seems like his game is finally coming around, a shame the Oilers destroyed his season last year.

  37. Lowetide says:

    Leave Lander down. Let him kick the shite out of the AHL for 40 games, then call him back.

  38. jp says:


    Lets hope that shite kicking actually continues for an extended period. Would be huge for the organization, so thin on centers who aren’t already over the hill, if Lander could be that 3C for the future.

  39. sliderule says:

    If they ever get NHL going how about Arcobello instead of the commie union guy.

    In the games I have seen he has looked better than Lander.

  40. Lucinius says:


    Because by the time they get it signed Arcobello will have retired.

    Damnit, and they scored.

  41. Lucinius says:

    Nice combo there by Harski and Paajarvi!

  42. Lowetide says:

    Paajarvi (Hartikainen, Marincin)

  43. jp says:

    Nice to see those nordic guys doing some damage! (specifically Lander and Paajarvi – Harti has been producing all year).

  44. stevezie says:

    That goal was exactly the right thing. I think the hot combo will score once more too. This game is looking good thanks to some good second line action.

  45. OilLeak says:

    What was Pitlick doing? Rushing towards the net and then drops it back for no one.

  46. Lucinius says:

    No, I don’t think he was dropping the puck back so much as forgetting to take the hard black thing with him.

  47. Lowetide says:

    Another goal for Khaira tonight.

  48. OilLeak says:

    No, I don’t think he was dropping the puck back so much as forgetting to take the hard black thing with him.

    Well that’s even worse then

  49. dawgtoy says:

    Pronman had some nice things to say in regards to young Khaira yesterday.

  50. Lowetide says:

    khaira’s point now an assist, Laleggia and Zharkov with goals tonight.

  51. Ozzieoiler says:

    What do you say about young defenceman Lowetide?

    Marincin with the ill advised hip check that missed.

  52. Lucinius says:

    Of course, had Marincin connected it would have been a brilliant move to make up for the stick breaking.


    He’ll learn, though.

  53. Lucinius says:

    I’m a little concerned at the management of Schutlz’s ice-time. I think they’re relying on him way too much (especially if the lockout ends).

  54. Lowetide says:

    Marincin with a tough minute there, costs the Barons at least a point. Oh well. More tomorrow.

  55. Lucinius says:

    That entire line and D-pairing stayed out way too long (and they had a chance to change, but didn’t take it), and not for the first time in the game.

  56. stevezie says:


    I though Schultz looked really bad on the tying goal, but am less concerne about his ice-time. He is getting in shape for the NHL, and since games are usually only on weekends he has plenty of recovery time. Should the lockout end I am even less worrie as he will be playing about a third less. (I am choosing to believe the extra time off will do Whitney’s foot well.)

  57. dessert1111 says:


    Let me know what you think!

    Pretty clear picture and no annoying double sound or feed freezes. First game was a good experience, and now tuning into the Oil Kings game. It looks like a good purchase, thanks! :)

  58. Lucinius says:


    Schultz didn’t look good on the 4-3 goal either (the pass to Marincin that led to the goal wasn’t exactly crisp), looking very tired after that horribly long shift and the sheer number of minutes he logged in the game. Doesn’t bode well in a league where back-to-backs don’t seem to be uncommon, and long layoffs between games doesn’t always mean you’re well rested; it can lead to rust and stiffness if you’re not careful.

    And I’m not worried about his ice time in-so-much as it will affect Schultz if the lockout ends as I am about how it will pose a massive challenge for the Barons to fill that gap. We’re talking almost 28-30 minutes a game sometimes (if not more often?) that suddenly has to be filled by far less capable players who won’t have been exposed to that amount of ice time this season.

    That said, I understand the benefits for him and why the coach does it. Though in tonight’s game the coach takes the blame, imo, for the repeated overly long shifts by the first line and Schultz. Lots of ice time is one thing, but extended shifts are another unless there’s a very good reason and its an isolated case.

  59. Rocknrolla says:


    Good to hear…ya for the price it’s pretty damn good!

  60. Rebilled says:

    Late, but that was a great pass by Harski on that 3rd goal.

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