Despite the lockout, this could be a very worthwhile season for the Edmonton Oilers. If they can find two or three usable parts in the OKC lineup that can be plug and play solutions at the NHL level when they turn the lights back on, well that’s one useful winter.

Here’s my list–in order–of the players who have advanced their cause this season. Obviously NHL regulars aren’t on the list.

  1. Justin Schultz: Who knew? Ridiculous season. Just off the rails. Lordy.
  2. Teemu Hartikainen: 21, 6-11-17 and he’s been able to sustain the offense even during periods when the big three play together. He drives to the net, is very physical and is using his size well. Hartikainen still lacks consistency but I think they’ll punch his ticket to the NHL when the lockout ends.
  3. G Yann Danis: 16, 2.70 .913 and trending up after a very poor start to the season. Danis is in a very good spot for a roster spot, what with Nikolai Khabibulin falling apart piece by piece and the organization having done absolutely nothing to protect themselves. I think he’s probably already penciled in as Dubnyk’s backup.
  4. Magnus Paajarvi: 21, 3-12-15 and I’m hoping he ends up being that 2-way winger we always talk about the Oilers needing. Paajarvi has his issues–he does play on the outside and it does appear he fades if he gets hammered enough–but that footspeed is a marvel and I think he’s been driving to the net pretty well. A smart player, man you can see it even on the hazy video.
  5. Colten Teubert: 20, 1-1-2 Tuebert is gaining the reputation for being the guy who will absolutely come to the aid of his teammates–no matter the score, the point in the game, the wisdom of the move–and Oilers management believes heavily in the value of that kind of player. He’s also won some fights, and that’ll help him too. I think he might be close to taking over from Theo Peckham, although I remain convinced Peckham is the better player.
  6. Martin Marincin 19, 3-9-12 and he’s the first of the group I believe has advanced his cause but won’t play much if at all in the NHL this season. Marincin has all kinds of good arrows but makes the mistakes we associate with young defensemen. The Oilers have been moving these  guys up the system no matter the inexperience level, but with Marincin I suspect they’ll feel patience is the better plan.
  7. Taylor Fedun 19, 2-5-7 and I think he’s done some nice things so far this season. Footspeed is a concern but he is looking more comfortable as the season rolls along. Could he move ahead of Teubert as the first callup? Don’t know. He’s been good, though.
  8. Chris VandeVelde 18, 1-4-5 he’s probably the first center callup ahead of Anton Lander and he certainly spends a lot of time on the PK. VV isn’t going to bring a lot of offense–he doesn’t bring much in the AHL.

Last night the OKC Barons lost on a late mistake involving rookie defensemen Martin Marincin and Justin Schultz. Like everyone else, I’m not fond of the timing but this is what happens when you run rookies out there so much. The Marincin-Schultz pairing is the #1 group, and they must play 25 minutes a night. The second pairing features another rookie in Fedun and an AHL veteran in Teubert, and the third pairing has Alex Plante and last night Nathan Deck playing his first AHL game.

For your reading pleasure, here’s a list of AHL-NHL games played before this season by the six men from the blue:

  1. Alex Plante 180
  2. Colten Teubert 150
  3. Martin Marincin 7
  4. Justin Schultz 0
  5. Taylor Fedun 0
  6. Nathan Deck 0

Experience. It’s pretty fucking handy, people.

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50 Responses to "OKC V SAN ANTONIO 9.12.12"

  1. steveb12344 says:

    Whenever i see VandeVelde around the net, for some reason “Horcoff hands” keeps popping into my head.

    Also good song LT, but i also can’t listen to that song without “Buffalo Bill” also popping into my head.

  2. blackdog says:

    Young Willis said that he felt Fedun’s footspeed looks like it may not be an issue, modern medicine is wonderful.

    Interesting exchange on Twitter last night with Messrs McCurdy, Dellow, Thomson, Thompson and Bob MacKenzie amongst others. The last of those opined that Ewanyk may have a shot at being an NHLer. He admitted to not being an expert on the kid but in limited viewing and based on what he has heard he thinks he has a shot if everything falls right.

    I think you’ve nailed it LT, Teemu has gotten the push and run with it and sometimes that’s all you need. Remember when Brodziak came out of nowhere that one TC. He never looked back.

    I still think Pitlick is a player. People forget that the second half of last year when he started getting bigger minutes he produced. Maybe he will never bring offence to the pros but he has all of the tools, I think he can make the NHL as a bottom sixer. He can skate, he’s smart. he’s not afraid to get his nose dirty. Maybe the offence will never come but he has too much going for him to not play a role somewhere imo.

  3. Lowetide says:

    BD: Agreed on Pitlick. I don’t think he’s moved the needle this season but then again the chance to play with skill hasn’t been there either. I imagine Pitlick will have a much stronger second half, especially if the lockout ends.

    As for ewanyk, I don’t see it. Not enough offense.

  4. ItsTheBGB says:

    I think we should expect this with a feeder team. Why waste minutes on an old hand when Schultz and Marincin can get the most fulfilling experience out their time in OKC? Let the kids play.

  5. spoiler says:

    I’m not concerned with Wins & Losses in OKC. It’s a development league, develop away.

    I’ve seen Fedun live, pre-injury, and footspeed was not an issue. In fact he’s an above average skater. Unless something changed when that femur snapped. Size and strength are Fedun’s issues.

    Pitlick is the very definition of toolsy. He drives the net so well, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more points from him. Might just be a puck luck issue. Or a combo of luck, linemates and lack of TOI.

  6. blackdog says:

    LT – yeah I think he started top six and then got clipped pretty quick, then got hurt. I’ve seen the kid play a couple of times, he does everything well. I know some people are down on him (and the pick) but I can see why they picked him, in admittedly a small sample size. He does all of the little things well, protecting the puck, tracking back on defence, puck battles.

    I’d like to see him get a shot with some skill and a long look at that. He may just need some confidence.

    As for Ewanyk yeah I’ve never seen him play except a little bit against the Russians. And MacKenzie admitted he wasn’t an expert on the kid, just said he brings a lot, may be a fourth line guy down the road.

  7. Lowetide says:

    BD: Well, hopefully it all turns out for him. That Oil King pipeline needs to pay off, they’ve invested several picks now.

  8. DeadmanWaking says:

    Lordy, Lowetide is resorting to some commonly accepted terminology this morning. I know the feeling.

    My squeeze turns a Teppo Numminen 29 today (don’t read too much into that, I just went for the rhyme). For all her quality time at 29, she’s holding back father time rather admirably. She’s got one tight hip that causes her horse (the bestest pony of all time) to turn somewhat more successfully in one direction than the other. We’ve consulted surgeons on seven planets and it comes down to this: I read her a bedtime story while she grouses on a hard foam roller.

    A fair chunk of our first three years were spent in low couch orbit. We worked our differences. It’s all good now. We can remember the logs instead of throwing them.

  9. Radman says:

    Hey LT. Curious what makes you convinced Peckham is the better player than Teubert ? Recognize it is largely about projection and gut feel at this point.
    Teubert is the better skater. He has WJ experience and was captain of the Pats which has to say something about his character. Has already proven he is willing to ride shotgun for the young stars. Listening to him interviewed he seems to get it.

    Like Theo, but to this point he has struggled with footspeed, fitness and consistancy. Lots of chaos in his own zone, although in fairness +/- has shown improvement and he has simplified his game a bit.

    Curious why Teubert doesn’t get much love. Is it because his name is linked to Dustin Penner around these parts ?

  10. gogliano says:

    What happened with Peckham, anyway? I was ready to watch him play with the Bulls and he exited. But I haven’t seen what that was about. He seems like a player who could benefit from some playing time.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Radman: No, I’m not one to punish a prospect for what was given up (and would add that the pick that became Klefbom was part of the deal).

    For me, Teubert doesn’t really bring a lot with the puck–I’d say Peckham is a better passer and has a better shot. Teubert’s a better skater, but where does he use it to his advantage? His coverage is still hit and miss in the NHL (last time we saw him) and he rarely carries the puck.

    The encouraging words come from the coach, and we wait and hope. But I don’t see evidence he’s a better player than Peckham.

  12. Rocknrolla says:

    Hey LT,

    As we approach the Christmas season, I was thinking today how much joy you bring the nation with your tireless posts and stories. Especially this year with no hockey. Even though we have not met, I feel like we know you, and we are so grateful. With the last mention about the hazy video, I wanted to extend a bit of an early Christmas present to you and set you up with a month on Hockeystreams.com. If there is anyone who deserves high quality viewing and the ability to watch any and all games it’s you!

    Thanks again of all you do and all the time you devote to the blogosphere!

    Just PM me at @chriscurtola and I will give you the details.

  13. Radman says:

    Thanks LT. The Penner dig was tongue and cheek of course.

    I would add that Teubert is 3 years younger and did manage 40 points with 10 goals in his final year in junior. Potentially some latent offence to be had, but his role on this team (should he get there) won’t be for offence. I get the impression he has figured that out. His CV reads a bit like Ryan O’Mara, with the obvious diffence in position. I’m hoping the ceiling is a bit higher than that.

    My guess is the Oil have him penciled in for the Sutton replacement role ahead of Peckham. We shall see as they say.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Chris, that’s very kind but I’ve already got it on order. As soon as the NHL ends their season, it’s mine. That’s very nice of you, though. :-)

  15. Lowetide says:

    Yann Danis leads out the #OKCBarons for warmup at San Antonio. Jacob Markstrom again in net for the @sarampage

  16. Lowetide says:

    #OKCBarons scratches this afternoon: Davidson, Plante, Ringwald, Tyrvainen, Martindale, Nugent-Hopkins, House, Abne

  17. Lowetide says:

    Hall-Arcobello-Eberle, Paajarvi-Lander-Hartikainen; Hamilton-Green-Pitlick; Byers-VandeVelde-Cornet

  18. Lowetide says:

    Marincin & Schultz, Fedun & Teubert, Deck & Henry

  19. dessert1111 says:

    Deck played decent in his first AHL game I thought. But it seems like an Oilers organization tradition to have an adventure of a third pairing. Hopefully they are steady tonight.

  20. dessert1111 says:

    Yann Danis leads out the #OKCBarons for warmup at San Antonio. Jacob Markstrom again in net for the @sarampage

    Interesting that Roy isn’t starting tonight. I wonder why? Maybe they intend to give him some starts with the condensed schedule for the rest of the month?

  21. Lowetide says:

    Eberle (Schultz. Arcobello)

  22. Lowetide says:

    that Eberle goal is the best from him this season. Beauty.

  23. eidy says:

    any link?

  24. jake70 says:

    I’ve been waiting for a while now for someone to tell us not to bother with the hockeystreams site but so far noone has offered any negative comments. Does anyone have the link to their site?

  25. dessert1111 says:

    I’ve been waiting for a while now for someone to tell us not to bother with the hockeystreams site but so far noone hasoffered any negative comments. Does anyone have the link to their site?


  26. dessert1111 says:

    So far, Deck > Zahn > Henry > Plante imo for bottom pairing guys. Apparently Henry almost made the Flames last year? Really?

    Really pulling for Arcobello to get a big league shot or at least a renewed contract. He can keep up, small or not.

  27. jake70 says:

    DESSERT1111, thanks, I thought that was the site but the 4 after the www seemed a little odd.

  28. Rocknrolla says:

    Another link.


    Also no complaints about Hockeystreams.com. Quite a good product for the price. I figured since I’m watching every game anyways might as well spring a buck a game and get it nice quality.

  29. Suntory Hanzo says:

    Still crappy double sound??

    40th Bday today..I want my Oil…

  30. Lowetide says:

    I’m on Hockey streams (thanks, RocknRolla!) and its excellent. Sound matching video–who knew? The goal has been changed to Eberle (Schultz, Hall) and its 1-1 now.

  31. Lowetide says:

    Pitlick and Hamilton with a nice little sequence there. Good to see.

  32. Rocknrolla says:


    My pleasure!

  33. Lowetide says:

    Markstrom is a terrific goalie.

  34. crude says:

    Markstrom IS a terrific goalie.
    Pretty good pace to the action tonight, although I miss Nuge.

  35. eidy says:

    thanks all

  36. godot10 says:

    Markstrom is a terrific goalie.

    Which is why somewhere, Bobby Lu is crying himself to sleep.

  37. crude says:

    Schultz reminds me of Doughty a little in the way that he is calm keeping the puck in the Ozone with nifty little spins. Hall is a dumby sometimes.

  38. crude says:


  39. Lowetide says:

    Hartikainen with a beautiful breakaway goal. (Green, Eberle)

  40. Lucinius says:

    You know the ice is bad when the home team struggles with it.

    Also, its a good thing I’m not superstitious; I’ve seen every loss but just one win.

    Both of these games were ones the Barons should of been able to win, but they generally killed themselves — a true Oiler team.

  41. Lowetide says:

    Markstrom is an outstanding goalie. I don’t think the Barons have close to enough on the blueline to be honest, and that top line has to find some chem with Arcobello imo. Nice game by a few Barons, Hartikainen and Eberle specifically and I thought Pitlick had a nice game.

  42. Bushed says:

    How was that boarding hit on Lander not a 5 and a game? Ridiculous…

  43. Johnny says:

    Is it standard practice to have to ice your shoulder 8 months after surgery? Please tell me we don’t have a lemon on our hands…..

  44. gr8one says:

    I love Taylor Hall’s ability and playing style…but man have I ben getting a little bit of a sinking feeling lately while watching his game….yes his speed is amazing, yes he pushes the play in the right direction yes yes yes…but is it just me or does he seem to totally lack creativity and have average at best hockey sense?

    Every rush he does up the ice I keep hoping he does something different and yet every time he rushes up and backs off the defenders one of three things seems to happen…He blazes past the blue line and as soon as he hits the top of the circle he shoots it and it either goes wide, deflects off a skate or stick or the goalie makes a fairly routine save and holds it for a faceoff.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s a bust or a bad player, but I do fear that a lack of creativity could hold him back from being a truly great player instead of just an above average one. It just would be nice to see him use all of that space he crates a little more effectively sometimes…dish it off and go to the net, take it TO the net a little more…something…anything…but to my eye his play is just so damned predictable lately.

  45. Johnny says:

    I hear ya. And completely ineffective when in alone on a tender.

    He reminds me of Ovechkin, with a less lethal shot.

    There is a reason MacGregor was leaning towards Seguin at one point. Fact is the Oilers drafted for need and the need was tenacity and a high level of compete.

    i have no doubt that Seguin is going to outscore Hall over their careers and I am seriously worried about his shoulder.

    Would we be better off with Hall and RNH or Seguin and Landeskog? I am really starting to wonder, especially considering our two have wonky shoulders.

  46. Lowetide says:

    Taylor Hall. He’s a bad, bad man!

  47. dessert1111 says:

    Taylor Hall is a very good player and I agree to a certain extent about his lack of creativity; he isn’t un-creative, but I wouldn’t put him on the same level as RNH, Eberle, Schultz or even Yakupov from what I’ve seen of him. He has skills that those players don’t that contributes to a winning team though. I don’t know if he is as good as most other first overall picks, but that being said if Taylor Hall is your 4th best forward you should have an above-average offense because of the other stuff he brings. And his shot is good.

  48. Lowetide says:

    That’s crazy. Hall is an outstanding player and by far the best young player on the Oilers. I’ll do a post on this later in the week, but man it isn’t close folks.

  49. Johnny says:

    LT, it’s the ultimate question…if you could only chose one, who would you chose?

    You, obviously, think Hall is the no-brainer. And I would liken his game to that of Pitlick’s. Everybody watching sees a hockey player. He is very noticable.

    I think if I had to chose, I would be scared not to chose RNH. Of course him being a center plays a role, but to me there is that “Gretzky” quality there. I hope I am not being misdirected by his acumen for the power play and that his even strength numbers will eventually be there.

    What I wonder, and believe, is when the chips are down, in the playoffs, is that Taylor Hall will be a difference maker. I just wish he had a little more finish!

    And to me a fairly damning fact is that RNH, as a rookie, at 18 had very comparable numbers to Hall, as a sophmore, at 20.

    Tough call. I am glad I do not have to chose.

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