The truth is, I have other interests. As much as I love hockey, there are other things in life that  cast a spell. I’m neither smart nor wise enough to know if those fiddlebrains are going to end the lockout this week, but have settled on my theory about all of this crap and corruption.

I think these lockouts, these arena pissing contests, these $100,000 gaps that send Ryan Smyth away, they all cause a mental odometer in each of our heads to click. When we’re old, say 85, we realize that although its fun to enjoy the highs and even the lows of fandom it doesn’t really count for anything real. It doesn’t put supper on the table, it doesn’t improve one’s health, it doesn’t bring back the dead.

I think the lesson of this lockout is to remind us of the things that are important. For me, it’s a woman who has tolerated ridiculous behavior over a baseball (Expos) and a hockey (Oilers) team for 30 years; my two kids who despite my constant referencing of Horcoff, Smyth, Hemsky, Hall, Ebs, Nuge and Nail, remain stunningly disinterested in the Oilers, the players or any part of the team (perhaps if one of them played the guitar or starred in Saints Row they might know an Oiler); my little dog Ziggy who practically kills herself wagging her tail every time I arrive home–honestly, that dog has done more for my mental health in a year than 5 years at the shrink.

Its also about Keith Richards defying all that we know about survival and playing riffs 50 years later; a really good beer, Shawshank Redemption, Craig Ferguson, a terrific steak, Christmas, Oklahoma City, the WHL, Ed Hervey, Modern Family, Christmas morning, the new gloves I got for my birthday, the people  who drop by this blog, Advil, comfortable shoes, Saturday.

I’m so thankful the NHL and NHLPA aren’t in charge of Saturday.

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  1. Suntory Hanzo says:

    Hate Superman as a gerneral rule, but dig that picture!

  2. JohnnyRocket says:

    Here, here!

  3. madas says:

    Aye, I raise my beer to that.

  4. Clarkenstein says:

    You realize these things as you get older. Add to all the things you mentioned a couple of beautiful little Grandaughters giving Grandpa a kiss and I don’t care if the NHL ever plays another game!

  5. Clay says:

    Amen to that.

  6. voxwah says:

    Cheers LT. This blog has better staying power then the billionaires fighting millionaires club anyways.

    It’s about the spirit of hockey and the love for the game.

    … and beer … and Scarlett…

  7. rich says:

    Bravo LT!

  8. Mr DeBakey says:

    Good news, Sports Fans!

    I din`t hear most of the conversation, but
    Gregor was interviewing new-arena-spokesperson Downtown Dave Staples a little after 5:00 today.

    It seems that the Katz Groupies & City Hollers are talking arena again.

    Buckle up, the ride is about to re-boot.

  9. alice13 says:

    I had too much to dream last night.

  10. Zack says:

    Or is Katz going on the offensive?


    Lowetide, my dad went through a similar situation with the dog. Similar may not be the right term… He didn’t see a shrink or anything but he’s now often genuinely happy, especially when he comes home and sees the dog so happy to see him. It’s not that he was depressed or anything but now he’s just in an overall better mood and the dog has brought our family quite a bit closer.

    As for the lockout, I’ve taken a better liking and interest to my academics.

  11. Wes Mantooth-11 says:


  12. spoiler says:


  13. stevezie says:

    Exactly. In particular, Craig Fergeson is the most underrated guy on late night. Stripped down, no frills- just a funny guy talking.

  14. Dominoiler says:

    Well said, LT..

    I love it when you / we / I take the time to step back from the microcosm of hockey / sport and put it into perspective..

  15. maudite says:

    The fact that I still check this place pretty much first, on a daily basis, says a great deal about what hockey has become for me. I’ve become a more and more casual fan of actually watching the games. The intelligent conversation, witty banter and often interesting side tangents contained here (and a few other places) are the only reason I likely really pay much attention to the game anymore. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    If not for you, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t give much a damn about hockey.

    Glad you came back to Scarlett lol. That’s just a good way to start a day everyday.

  16. Нинтендо⁶⁴ says:

    ” the people who drop by this blog, Advil” Word Association?

    Keep that odometer clicking over places that matter. Hockey like odometers that click is only a metaphor right now. When they play hockey watch ‘em. When the play other games they’re not worth a minute of your time. Unless you have a burning log handy.

  17. DeadmanWaking says:

    Hush, little fanboi, don't say a word,
    Lowetide projects you a mockingbird.
    And if that mockingbird won't sing,
    Lowetide projects you a diamond ring.
    And if that diamond ring turns brass,
    Lowetide conjures up a looking glass.
    And if that looking glass gets broke,
    Lowetide conjures up a slick remote.
    And if that slick remote won't click,
    Lowetide exalts upon a Grecian chick,
    And when that Grecian chick does pout,
    Lowetide conjures up a whiskey stout.

    Contrary to the rhyme structure, the Grecian formula never disappoints.

    Bold Lowetide, never, never canst thou kiss,
    Though winning near the goal – yet, do not grieve;
    She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,
    For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!

    When old age shall this generation waste,
    Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
    Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou sayst,
    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

    There. I feel better already. Except for cheating on broke/remote.

  18. Lowetide says:

    Stop all the clocks!

  19. DeadmanWaking says:

    My bad for the chick missing her period.

  20. JAG-041 says:

    aw yes LT!
    love this post
    for many reasons
    ms. Johansson looks lovely

  21. remlap says:

    A couple days late.. But yes.. Well said LT. I am still a young buck by many of your standards (24). But this lockout has made me change my tune a bit. I used to get so wrapped up in the little things; salaries, wins and losses, poor management decisions. No longer. This lockout has started to put things more in perspective.

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