Team Canada rolls into this year’s WJ championships in a few hours against the Germans. Oilers draft pick Tobias Rieder is one of the German forwards and Canada has Oiler Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on their roster.

The Nuge will join a long list of young current Oilers players and prospects who have played in the WJ’s and played pro in North America, a list that includes Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Paajarvi, Anton Lander, Teemu Hartikainen, Martin Marincin, Colten Teubert, Olivier Roy and Curtis Hamilton. Youngsters like Oscar Klefbom and Nail Yakupov have appeared in the WJ’s and turned pro, but have played pro hockey only in Europe so far.


This is video of a November 2008 meteor crash in Edmonton. I grabbed it from this exceptional blog. If you’re bored waiting for the game to start maybe browse through it, what a fun spot on the world wide web.

Subban is starting, Jonathan Drouin is hurt and Boone Jenner will miss this game and two more for his hit the other day. Canada should win this game in a walk, I’ll try to stay up but am old. GO CANADA!



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22 Responses to "WJ G1: CANADA V GERMANY 26.12.12"

  1. jzed says:

    Thank God or IBM or whoever else is responsible for PVR. Happy Holidays LT.

  2. Captain Happy says:

    Keep an eye or two on Huberdeau.

  3. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Let the battle begin!

    alcohol vs. staying awake vs sleep vs pvr vs desperate for hockey vs alcohol again

    this should wake me up:


    merry merry.

  4. Captain Happy says:

    Here in Tonga, we like to watch this whilst waiting for the game to start.


    Fuck, the man can play.

  5. stevezie says:

    May I suggest PVRing the game and watching it as soon as you get up to avoid spoilers? As long as you actually watch it when you get up it should work.

    That’s my plan.

  6. Captain Happy says:

    May I suggest PVRing the game and watching it as soon as you get up to avoid spoilers? As long as you actually watch it when you get up it should work.

    That’s my plan.

    You’re not really a hockey fan, are you?

  7. Lowetide says:

    Nail Yakupov making news in Russia


    dirty Canadians! I love it!

  8. stevezie says:

    Captain Happy,

    Naw, I’m on this board for the country music recomendations.

    All seriousness aside, I’m exhausted and they’re playing Germany. A story is suspenseful the first time you hear it, doesn’t matter how many times it’s been told.

    Ah Nail, never shut up.

  9. mike.c33 says:

    Anybody know if Rieder is in the German lineup tonight?

  10. Captain Happy says:



    Ddid you sat country?


  11. Captain Happy says:

    This is as good as it ever gets kids,


  12. Dave Casselman says:

    Off Topic, but it’s Christmas and I’ve just finished my gift of Sports Illustrated’s publication of Mr. Gretzky.

    What stands out more than anything else, is not the goals, not the assists, not the playmaking, not the 8th sense when it came to hockey smarts, not even the combination of all leading to being correctly described as the best hockey player the world has ever seen. No, more than anything else, what stands out to me is the simple fact that Gretzky was meant for Edmonton and Edmonton for he. Through a combination and confluence of talent, dumb luck, and stupifying good fortune, Wayne Gretzky led a team the likes of which will likely never be seen again.

    He would have been a superstar anywhere he played, especially as a young man. It was Edmonton’s good fortune that Nelson of Skalbania was an even worse backgammon player than Peter, (spit, hack, burn in effigy Pocklington,) because only in that fashion was Edmonton even in play for his services. The results of Puck’s good fortune are iterated in the history books – it would seem thant more than I say that he was the greatest to ever play the game. Ever.

    A tragedy for Wayne and a tragedy for the Oil. Without the Gretzky money, Gainers et. al. would have taken the gas pipe anyway, it would simply been sooner. (Regardless of the bullshit that Puck trys to spin.) The City, the Club, and 99 should have had the opportunity to grow older together. And we, as fans, not to be confused with phanatics of course, would have had the pleasure of loudly singing the praises of a club that won the Cup 7 or so times in 10 years, a feat that will never ever ever happen in my, or whomever reads this whinge, lifetime.

    Woulda coulda shoulda, a familiar refrain. Maybe should have brought it up at a time other than Christmas, or maybe never. However uncertain of my timing when it comes to the above, I am certain that Gretzky and Edmonton are timeless. Despite the ongoing 2+ points per game scoring he provided the Kings for the majority of his time there, he would have scored more in Edmonton. Everything in Edmonton would have been more, not even debatable. Is there anything worse than a tragedy that didn’t have to be?

  13. Captain Happy says:

    And here’s why your Dad can make you look like a dink.

    Cream, live at Royal Albert HALL.


  14. Marc says:


    dirty Canadians! I love it!

    I had a Latvian roommate in boarding school in the early 90s. He told me that the guy that did colour commentary for domestic hockey games in the Soviet Union used to say ‘He’s playing like a Canadian out there!’ whenever he saw dirty play, so Yakupov is saying what Russian fans expect to hear.

  15. Lucinius says:

    To be fair.. dirty play has become fairly common from a subset of Canadian players (like Jenner). There seems to be a few every World Jrs or World Championships.

    Still not a fan of going with the third best goalie on the roster in terms of recent performance. Unless Subban steps up it’ll be yet another example of how Canada costs itself the best chance to win at these things.

  16. Marc says:


    God willing, no one will break Yakupov’s ankle with a two handed slash….

  17. Lucinius says:

    Decent start for RNH.. goal and an assist in the first. He looks really good out there; which he should.

  18. Lucinius says:

    Rieder scores on the powerplay for the Germans. Was a nice goal on a cross-ice feed.

    Subban didn’t really have a chance on it, but again you can see how slowly he moves from right to left (he’s much better left to right, oddly).

  19. Lucinius says:

    And.. second assist for RNH on a flukey goal, but created by some solid work.

  20. Lucinius says:

    And there’s the third assist for RNH for a powerplay goal.

    I think the kid will be all right.

  21. Lucinius says:

    And there’s the fourth assist on a sweet tick-tack-toe play to score 9 seconds off a face off with 9.2 left in the second, after about three minutes of really sloppy play by Canada. That first line is really showing some nice things.

    7-3 score.. and the Germans aren’t as good as the score, outside of about five players who’ve kept their team competitive.

    Edit: And all you people sleeping! Geez.

  22. MrSmitty says:

    I am up watching at work ;)

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