WJ: THE SEMI’S 3.1.13

The World Juniors is one part farce, one part theatre, one part national pride and one part watching teenagers melt under pressure. I’m not sure it says anything good about us, but semifinal day is a blast, blast, blast.


You have to think Canada can handle the Americans again. USA often makes critical mistakes in these games but the memory of that John Carlson goal Jan 5/10 remains. I’m thinking 4-2 Canada on a late goal, hope Nuge has a big game. Stay out of the penalty box, no stupid hits to the head or cross checks to the back. Godspeed Malcom Subban.


Russia looks lost, I don’t think they could beat either team in the other semi. Sweden dominated the easy pool, and of course they won it all a year ago. I wonder about this semi, the Swedes had questions going in and really haven’t been tested. Maybe I just remember all those times when Canada breezed through the round robin and then got slayed in the semi’s.

As I write this, there is negotiation going on (1am eastern time) at the NHL offices. Who the hell knows what’s going on, but I’m off to bed in awhile so if something happens and you have time please post below (its my first stop).

Dream big!

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62 Responses to "WJ: THE SEMI’S 3.1.13"

  1. engineer says:

    Pretty excitied to the games! Too bad I’ll be at work all day…

    On the CBA negotiations, there’s hope to be gleaned, imo. They’re playing news very tight indeed, which tells me they’re making sure that the information flowing to players and owners is factual.

    This ain’t the end, but I could envision the fat lady warming up right about now.

  2. spoiler says:

    No disclaimer of interest was filed with the League by the PA’s self-imposed deadline. A show of good faith by the union, although it’s still a hammer hanging over the negotiations. LeBrun said that the players felt there was enough traction in the negotiations to not sabotage the present process.

    Pensions are an issue but the real bottom line is still the cap ceiling for next year. Players don’t want the $60M limit and the owners don’t want to go any higher due to the effect on the cap floor and the poorer teams. Which won’t solve a bleeding thing. But that’s why we have a 110 day lockout — over an argument about an economic non-solution. It’s so pathetic, it makes a great metaphor for contemporary politics.

  3. Lucinius says:

    According to a labour lawyer I know (doesn’t deal in sports, to be fair) mentioned to me that he thinks the NHLPA not filing the disclaimer of interest was a bad move should they end up filing one later, as it proves the entire thing was purely a method of negotiation, which could damage any case they have in lawsuits or before the U.S. labour boards.

    Not a freaking clue how correct he is, but found it interesting.

    As for the World Jrs; I picked Canada over USA and Sweden over Russia. Been perfect so far (me and 66 others in the TSN Challenge — c’mon $5,000!). I believe Canada will eke out the victory over the USA but it’ll be a nail-biter. I just can’t pick the Russian over the Swedes due to the sheer chaos of the Russian game and how poorly they’ve played together as a team. Swedes don’t have the D they should have had, but have adapted their style to compensate. Russian speed may expose their weaker D, but only if they can get the separation from the Swedish forwards who’ve done a decent job back-checking.

  4. Lucinius says:

    Americans up 1-0. Outplaying Canada thus far. First seven minutes saw two shifts by the RNH line, one of which was less than 30 seconds.

    Americans look to have more jump.

  5. Lucinius says:

    Horrible puck control by Canada within their own zone. The defense especially so. Ugh.

  6. Ozzieoiler says:

    The USA look to have the better outlet passes and there transition game looks smooth, Canada not so much.

  7. Lucinius says:

    11 minutes in sees RNH’s line get its fourth shift.

    Canada having a lot of trouble. They need to wake up. Making some poor passes/decisions. Bobbling the puck where the Americans are looking crisp.

  8. Lucinius says:

    Not a fan of how the shifts are breaking down so far, for team Canada.Third and fourth lines getting most of the ice time, by my eye.

  9. OilLeak says:

    Not a fan of how the shifts are breaking down so far, for team Canada.Third and fourth lines getting most of the ice time, by my eye.

    Spot’s trying to match up certain lines against the USA and doing a terrible job of it, although Canada is looking really jumpy and nervous so far.

  10. Lucinius says:

    OilLeak: Spot’s trying to match up certain lines against the USA and doing a terrible job of it, although Canada is looking really jumpy and nervous so far.

    I understand what he’s trying to do, yeah. Unfortunately the 3rd line hasn’t looked that good. Jenner doesn’t look right. He looks off — moreso than the rest of the team.

    By my eye RNH’s line got 5 shifts, Strome’s line got 4. The “two” combos that comprise the 4th line got the most ice time, followed by the 3rd line.

    I’m not sure it would of changed much, honestly, however. Canada has been a wreck defensively at times. Its like they’re playing with an unfrozen puck whereas the Americans are playing with a frozen puck. Passes are bouncing, erratic and missing players commonly for Canada.

    Better team winning thus far.

  11. Peacecountry says:

    I got up for this?!?! Team Canada is handling the luck like a live grenade! Wingers have to stop collapsing so deep in the d-zone. Come on boys!!!!

  12. Peacecountry says:

    If we ever needed an early powerplay……

  13. Peacecountry says:

    Come on. This is brutal

  14. Lucinius says:

    Strome’s line over-stays its shift, leads to Americans getting their third goal after a decent start to the period by Canada.

    Not looking good.

  15. Peacecountry says:

    RNH line is doing the same

  16. Lucinius says:

    True, but the RNH line got penned in. The Strome line stayed on too long because they got on a rush after ~40 seconds of their shifts had already elapsed. Both are bad, but for different reasons.

  17. Lucinius says:

    RNH with the first penalty of the game. He really needed to change there, but didn’t for some unfathomable reason.

    Surprised that got called, however, given the sheer number of trips they’ve let go by both teams.

  18. Peacecountry says:

    Tripping penalty to Murphy. Canada powerplay. Pretty weak call

  19. Lucinius says:

    Wonder if Spot got infected by the Russian coach.

  20. Lucinius says:

    Not sure how the refs miss the US defenseman knocking the net off on purpose. Its right where you’re supposed to be looking.

  21. jp says:

    RNH line getting too much TOI now :)

    Too bad knocking that net off was missed. Caught red-handed on replay.

  22. jp says:

    Ddamn. 0-4

  23. Lucinius says:

    Wow. Subban has to stop that.

  24. OilLeak says:

    This game is over.

  25. Peacecountry says:

    Is this how Germany fans feel every game?

  26. jp says:

    This game is over.

    Not over yet. Not pretty though…

  27. Lucinius says:

    Goaltending change for Canada; Binnington in. Subban only at fault on one goal, imo. Canada does not deserve to win this one. Bastards are going to cost me my shot at $5,000 with this effort.

  28. Peacecountry says:



  29. Peacecountry says:


    How’s that?

  30. jp says:

    Is this how Germany fans feel every game?

    This is probably worse. Expectations for Germany are very low.

  31. Peacecountry says:

    Wow. That was an ugly high stick from Griff

  32. Lucinius says:


    How’s that?

    How what? Them costing me a shot at $5,000? I’m in the TSN challenge. Whomever has the most points from picking winners in the World Jrs gets $5,000. I was perfect, along with 66 others, up to today. I picked Canada and Sweden to win today. So far not looking good.

  33. Lucinius says:

    The way Gibson is playing there’s almost no chance Canada comes back to win this.

  34. Lucinius says:

    Refs will just have cost the Canadians a goal.

  35. jp says:

    Nice goal by Rattie, despite the early whistle.

    Glimmer of hope…

  36. Lucinius says:

    Wow, they gave it to the Canadians. Should be, but technically shouldn’t.

    God.. refs are so bad.

  37. jp says:

    Concerning that RNH is crap at faceoffs even at this level.

  38. jp says:

    Likely won’t matter much, but Binnington has been really excellent in net. Kept US at 4 goals.

    Damn, Gibson has been REALLY good all game…

  39. Lucinius says:

    Binnington should of been the goalie to begin with; not this game, but in the tournament. But they went with Subban because he’s at his best in high pressure games (not so much, though hardly all his fault).

    Subban had gotten better and better, but even against the Russians and Americans there were signs that he wasn’t completely in sync.

  40. Lucinius says:

    Canadians need to realize you can’t beat Gibson on his left side. Has to be his right side.

  41. Lucinius says:

    Fantastic powerplay by the RNH unit, but Gibson is their better.

  42. jp says:

    That’s all she wrote 5-1 with 4 min left.

  43. Lucinius says:

    Canada’s defense just cannot keep track of the Americans. RNH with a post, but its now 5-1. Well out of reach.

  44. Lucinius says:

    I’ll call it now; Americans will win gold.

  45. jp says:

    Ugly 1st 2 periods by Canada.

    Some very good chances in the 3rd, but Gibson stood tall.


  46. jp says:

    I’ll call it now; Americans will win gold.

    I sure won’t disagree. They’ve looked VERY good.

  47. Lucinius says:

    What really annoys me is I had picked the Americans to win this but second guessed myself and changed it to Canada.

    Better team (by a mile) will win this one.

  48. Lucinius says:

    So, no points from RNH in the game, but he came close a number of times. But the first 30-40 minutes absolutely killed Canada with sloppy puck control and poor decision making. Subban could have stopped two goals, but needed to stop one of those two; didn’t, no chance on the other two.

    Canada’s defense didn’t do its job over the full game and the forwards didn’t show up for enough of the game to do the team justice.

    Very disappointing game. Guess they should have practiced yesterday, eh?

  49. jp says:


    Given that it’s a TSN challenge, probably 58 of 66 picked Canada. Maybe you still have a chance at the $5000…

  50. Lucinius says:

    I’ll need the Swedes to beat the Russians as there’s a fairly close split between the two in how many people have picked them. Canada/USA was fairly lopsided in Canada’s favour, but unlikely. Find out in a bit! I can hope, but, honestly, I never expected to win. Second guessing myself and the effort put forth by the Canadians is what bugs me about it.

  51. Lucinius says:

    Got passed by 131 people, ouch. No one I was tied with before picked the USA, however, so only 3 points back. Not it really bugs me I second guessed myself. Would have been alone in first!

  52. jp says:


    Too bad. That game was difficult to watch even without $5000 riding on it though. Team Canada got what they deserved. Sigh…

    I’m about ready for some Oilers hockey now. Get something done guys!

  53. hungoverman says:

    How long until Terry Jones tweets a question about RNH’s character? Putz that reporter is.

  54. Lucinius says:

    Odd. Russians not starting Makarov. I mean, both of their goalies have been pretty good, but I thought Makarov was the better.

    And I can easily spell his name!

  55. Lucinius says:

    Wow. Utter domination by Sweden. Hold the Russians off the shot clock, let alone the scoreboard. Russia looking like Latvia out there.

  56. Lowetide says:

    The Russians are the least organized team I’ve seen. Simple things become impossible. Yakupov will be well served by getting the hell of out Ufa and back to his KHL team schnell.

  57. Lucinius says:

    Yakupov with a nice play for an assist on the first Russian goal; they trail Sweden 2-1. Gives the Russians some life after continued domination by Sweden.

  58. bookje says:

    I think makes it clear that RNH is a failed first overall pick because he is clearly not a a big game, clutch player who can will his team to victory!

  59. copperblueandwhite says:


    Nonsense, when your goalie has a .750 save percentage you won’t win many games.

  60. tapper says:

    Spott and Subban very suspect, all tournament. Murphy too (shoots on a 3-on-1 with Nuge in the middle, regular fly-bys in the D zone), though less so this game.

    Hubie with the -4, Strome -3. Nuge even, though not a +.

    Without natural wingers, and poor outlets from D, they just couldn’t get the puck into his hands enough. When they did, he was always dangerous. The strategy vs Canada turns out to be pretty simple, shut down the RNH line.

    Also, worth pointing out his defensive game. Saw him below his goal line many, many times, all tournament including today, breaking up plays and moving the puck out. Canada was rarely in trouble with him on the ice, and generally pushing the play in the right direction.

  61. rickithebear says:

    This was my Post on Dec 13 in Canadian WJC roster dicussion version 3
    on HF Boards
    Post #829
    I questioned the politics of selection in Canada.

    //There is a point!
    A fact about winning and player selection.
    we have won 5 of the last 15 WJC.

    the russian hockey reconstruction started in 2002 after they did not medal in in thier home country the year before.
    Junior availabilty was priority over league play.
    Since then they have been in the medals 9/11 times
    3 gold 4 Silver 2 bronze

    Sweden had a extended period of failure.
    In 2005 they Had hockey summit
    Created a new junior development approach.
    With results starting to show in 2008, eliminating a 12 year drought.
    Since 2008 medalled 4/5
    1G 2S 1B

    In 2006 US started giving CHL/USHL americans a better shot at the team. Saw a consistent jump from 2-3 to 7-8 CHL/USHL players on the roster the last 4 years.
    Since 2007 medalled 3/6
    1G 2B

    From 2002 to 2006 finland got bronze 4 of 5 years.
    After the resurgence of Russia, Sweden, USA

    So year to year there are really 4 teams who can win.
    with entrenched systems since 2009.
    You really cannot see a strong diffrence between the 4.

    records during the 4 years 2009-2012
    1G 2S 1B
    1G 1S 1B
    1G 1S 1B
    1G 1B

    these teams realized politics of team or media did not matter.


    We cannot afford any of that.

    I often question some of the goalie decisions.
    Giving visiten the second Chance?
    What the heck he choked!

    Subban with weak goals.
    He has been the worst goalie in camp.

    I want to win!
    Gold only.
    A silver in the group of 4 makes you average
    3rd is loser.

    Worse yet
    2009 Gold
    2010 Silver
    2011 Silver
    2012 Bronze Good thing USA was a major Failure this year.
    I do not like the trend.
    2013 ???????????//

    The flaw of our system!
    - Old Boys Club!
    A selection pool driven by U17 and U18 Rosters
    Not based on current merit.
    Just pick the best of that year from US College/ CHL.

  62. fuzzy muppet says:

    The problem should be pretty obvious to us Oiler fans:

    Kevin Prendergast

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