The Edmonton Oilers signed another 2011 draft pick today, Finnish goaltender Frans Tuohimaa. The tall, lean Finnish goalie (6.02, 180) went 13, 2.29 .912 in the SM-Liiga this year and has been close to insane in the playoffs (2, 0.77 .960).

This is a 7th round pick–he was chosen 182nd overall–and the chances of him becoming an NHL goaltender are still mammoth. Still, his getting this far should be considered a pretty nice accomplishment itself. He’s 21, and part of an organization that has only three other goalies signed–Devan Dubnyk, Olivier Roy and Tyler Bunz. Niko Hovinen is rfa.

When it comes to this player, I’m always reminded of an article by Lisa McRitchie and this:

  • McRitchie: You would think that because one of the Finnish goaltenders was selected in the third round, and the other not until the seventh round, that one is better than the other. ”Not really quite true. We just thought that with the younger guy, that you needed to get at it, that if you wanted to get him you’ve got to step up and get him just because he’s in his draft year. Sometimes those later aged guys, you can take a little bit more of a chance. I know that [Oilers goaltending coach] Freddie Chabot saw these guys play over in Finland and has watched tape on them. He was really thrilled when I phoned him just before the seventh, just before our pick. I said, ‘What if we take Tuohimaa with this one’, and he said, ‘I’d be really happy.’”

In the winter 2012 Oilers top 20, I had Tuohima ranked #23:

  • At 21, Tuohimaa is a solid backup in a very good European league. However, I’m not sure the Oilers sign him this spring. Why? A couple of reasons. First, the Oilers claimed goaltender Niko Hovinen on waivers recently and that suggests the club is looking to improve their pro goaltending from outside. Second, Tuohimaa was drafted in the 7th round, so the Oilers would need to like him a lot more than Perhonen for them to sign Tuohimaa (it is unlikely they’ll sign both goalies).

Where does this put Perhonen? Well, it isn’t good.


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31 Responses to "OILERS SIGN TUOHIMAA"

  1. Jonathan Willis says:

    The good news for Perhonen is that the Oilers have his rights for four years; he doesn’t re-enter the draft this year if they don’t sign him.

  2. raventalon40 says:

    Samu still playing in the jr league over in Finland?

  3. Lowetide says:

    Samu still playing in the jr league over in Finland?


  4. raventalon40 says:

    Lowetide: Fin-2

    Can we still consider him a legitimate prospect then?

  5. Lowetide says:

    raventalon40: Can we still consider him a legitimate prospect then?

    I’d say it doesn’t look good.

  6. stevezie says:


    With goalies? Sure. Can’t write ‘em out, can’t ink ‘em in.

  7. bendelson says:

    Safe to say flexibility isn’t going to be an issue?
    I attempted a save like that in 1988…
    and I’m still on the LTIR.

  8. Ribs says:

    Any idea why they’d ship Hartikainen back to OKC? Just to help out on the farm?

  9. Ribs says:

    Ah, Barons playoffs start this weekend. Guess that makes sense.

  10. Kris11 says:

    mona-laka-hiki means hockey
    tuohima means goalie

  11. Ducey says:

    Probably means Tuohima could get a job in Stockton with Bunz. Roy and someone like Danis in OKC.

    Hovinen was terrible: .892 save %

    They can wait on Perhonen. He was always seen as a project.

  12. dessert1111 says:

    If they stick him with Bunz in Stockton, that’s two goalies in the ECHL, which I don’t think is very common. Unless they have little to no confidence in Bunz at this point, which is possible.

    Can/will they keep him overseas for another year? Is he a viable option for OKC?

  13. jp says:


    Can/will they keep him overseas for another year? Is he a viable option for OKC?

    Quite possible. Doesn’t look like a quality bet for OKC at this point, and he signed a 2 yr contract with HPK in Finland 3 days ago. The signing likely just ensures the Oilers keep his rights.

  14. BlacqueJacque says:

    Carolina falls back of us in the lottery. 5th overall is within the Oilers grasp. Can we fail at Minnesota and at home vs Vancouver? Yes we can.

    4th overall seems unlikely with Nashville facing a determined Columbus squad.

  15. Bar_Qu says:


    When Dubnyk was drafted

    I think there is time for both guys.

    2019 is a while off.

  16. RickDeckard says:


    Lightning play Panthers though.

  17. commonfan14 says:


    The following is a fairly possible scenario for the next two days.

    - Colorado beats the Yotes.
    - Oil lose in regulation to the Wild, which eliminates Columbus.

    - A dispirited Columbus squad surrenders a point or two to Nashville.
    - TBay beats the Panthers.
    - The WIld rest a bunch of guys and lose to Colorado.
    - The Oil lose to the Canucks.

    Voila; the Oil finish 29th again.

  18. Captain Happy says:

    Columbus won’t be eliminated if Detroit loses in Dallas on Saturday.

    The Jackets will be playing with their hair on fire.

    And they are 13-5-5 at home.

    This all up to Detroit.

  19. mike.c33 says:

    Do Sam Gagner and Edmonton’s 2013 first round pick get you Adam Henrique and Adam Larsson from New Jersey?

    David Staples said over at The Cult of Hockey, and I am paraphrasing here, that Seth Jones reminded him of Adam Larsson; a former top 5 pick (pedigree!) with 65 games of NHL experience has to be better than a raw rook, right?

    C – Sean Couturier DOB: 1992/12/07 H: 6-3 W: 197 lbs

    2013-14 – RE: Regular Season – 78GP 10-17-27 +2
    2012-13 – Regular Season (to date) – 44GP 4-11-15 -8
    2012-13 – Regular Season (on pace) – 46GP 4-12-16 -8
    2012-13 – Adjusted for 82-game regular season – 78GP 7-20-27 -13
    2011-12 – Regular Season – 77GP 13-14-27 +18
    2011-12 – Playoffs – 11GP 3-1-4 +2

    Advantages/Disadvantages vs. Henrique:
    +Pedigree (8th OV vs. 82nd OV)
    -FO% (44.0% vs. 49.0% in 2012-13)

    C – Adam Henrique DOB: 1990/02/06 H: 6-0 W: 195 lbs

    2013-14 – RE: Regular Season – 73GP 18G-23-41 +3
    2012-13 – Regular Season (to date) – 40GP 11-5-16 -1
    2012-13 – Regular Season (on pace) – 42GP 12-5-17 -1
    2012-13 – Adjusted for 82-game regular season – 73GP 20-9-29 -2
    2011-12 – Regular Season – 74GP 16-35-51 +8
    2011-12 – Playoffs – 24GP 5-8-13 +12

    Advantages/Disadvantages vs. Couturier:
    +PPG (0.558 vs. 0.347)
    +Played junior with Taylor Hall(!)

    Henrique is older than Couturier but the size difference minimal. Couturier is taller but the weight difference is negligible. Henrique may be performing better than Couturier this season, but Couturier probably has more potential. However, trading for Henrique and Couturier brings back a cornerstone D-man along with a 2C. I would make that trade any day of the week.

  20. commonfan14 says:

    mike.c33: However, trading for Henrique and Couturier brings back a cornerstone D-man along with a 2C.

    Time to get some sleep my man.

  21. mike.c33 says:

    Henrique also has not fared as well as last year, but his point production is on par with Gagner’s point production; I am new to advanced stats but his Vollman chart makes him appear to be more defensively sound than Gagner too. Plus, he’s bigger. Not much bigger, but average size.

  22. commonfan14 says:

    commonfan14: – Oil lose in regulation to the Wild, which eliminates Columbus.

    - A dispirited Columbus squad surrenders a point or two to Nashville.

    And for me too, since I failed to notice that Columbus can still leapfrog Detroit and will undoubtedly be giving Nashville their best Saturday night. Of course Columbus could still get a little dispirited during the game if the Wings jump out to a huge lead on the nothing-left-to-play-for Stars.

  23. mike.c33 says:


    Would you be so kind as to elaborate upon what makes this trade so crazy? I am still learning about advanced stats, is there something in the underlying numbers that I am not seeing? There doesn’t appear to be much difference between Couturier and Henrique right now; Henrique could be had for $$$ similar to Gagner’s current contract (possibly even less!). Couturier will most likely become the better player, but if RNH is our 1C and Eberle and Yakupov are our 1aRW and 1bRW going forward, the money just isn’t there for a 1aC and 1bC.

    Does a top six of RNH-Hall-Eberle and Henrique-Paajarvi-Yakupov really look so bad?

  24. justDOit says:

    Kris11: Perhonen

    and if I recall correctly, Perhonen means ‘butteryfly’.

  25. commonfan14 says:


    The crazy part is that the post starts out with the pick and Gags for Larsson and Henrique idea, then randomly brings up a Couturier-Henrique comparison, and then concludes by saying that trading for Couturier and Henrique (different teams, neither a D-man) would bring back a 2C and a cornerstone D-man.

    Just meant to point out that you’re obviously getting punchy and pasting the wrong parts of different posts together.

  26. mike.c33 says:


    I see what you mean now. I meant to type a paragraph leading into the Couturier-Henrique comparison but could not think of a nice way of saying people were creaming themselves over Couturier’s size and pedigree when a trade with Jersey could bring back Henrique and Larsson so I skipped it meaning to come back to it later, but I was rushed and forgot about it.

  27. Hammers says:

    Goalie depth has to be handled by McT via trade . None of our drafted goalies have taken the next step . Still believe in DD but a solid backup is needed .

  28. Beaker says:

    It really is too bad, I want the Oilers to lose to keep our draft spot. (Badly want that) but at the same time I’d LOVE to see minny lose their last two and CBJ and Detroit make it over them.

  29. Undisclosed_Personal_Reasons says:


    I recall rooting for the Oil to beat Calgary in their final game of 2007 only for them to end up with the 6th instead of 5th pick and missing out on Kane.

  30. Beaker says:


    I recall rooting for the Oil to beat Calgary in their final game of 2007 only for them to end up with the 6th instead of 5th pick and missing out on Kane.

    I know, I dont want them to get any more points. But personally I dont want Minnesota to make the playoffs. Oh well Oil are more important I guess.

  31. RexLibris says:

    If MacTavish could somehow turn Gagner into Adam Henrique via trade, I’d be lining up to kiss one of his SC rings. A center depth chart that read RNH, Henrique, Horcoff, Lander, with one of Ewanyk or Khaira, and perhaps Barkov or Monahan coming along behind….

    I suspect it would take Gagner and at least a pick or decent prospect to convince Lamoriello to do it. Although, if MacTavish could get Vanderbeek behind the deal he could force Lamoriello’s hand into making a bad deal similar to the Kovalchuk signing.

    Maybe the Oilers should make up a promotional DVD espousing Gagner’s budding star potential with lots of clips of the River Valley and his 8-point night against Chicago. ;-)

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