The Oilers went out and traded for Mark Fistric because management felt they needed him.  One problem. They forgot to tell the coach to play him.


  • 5×5 points per 60: 1.10 (1st among regular D)
  • 5×4 points per 60: nil
  • Qual Comp: 3rd toughest among regular D
  • Qual Team: 4th best among regular D
  • CorsiRel: 6.8 best among regular D (-7.13 CorsiON)
  • Offensive Zone Start: 45.7 2nd toughest among regular D
  • Offensive Zone Finish: 49.1 4th best among regular D
  • Boxcars: 25, 0-6-6
  • Plus Minus: +6 on a team that was -15

2012-13 vollman oilers d

  1. What do these numbers tell us? Fistric had a phenomenal season with the Oilers, I have no idea why they didn’t play him more. Especially considering Fistric appeared to be some kind of crazy good luck charm.
  2. Is this a real reflection of his ability? No. His 5×5/60 is unlikely to be repeated (he had 2 points in 60gp a year ago in Dallas) and the Corsi number is very strong but he’s a depth player. Has to be some luck involved here–his CorsiRel a year ago was 5th among D in big D–and I don’t think the Oilers plan on having him play top 4 minutes (should they sign him).
  3. So you admit his performance was extremely likely to fall off had he played more? Oh sure, I’m comfortable suggesting that would have happened. Still, he could have encountered lots of difficulty and still never have caught up to Whitney. Different player types, but I think it had to be a temptation (sending Fistric-Potter out there as a third pairing).
  4. Why didn’t Krueger play him more? Well, there was  that insane hit that resulted in a ‘stupid poetic justice’ goal just to show once again that the big hit never shows up at the end of the evening in the GF-GA column. Also, he did have a couple of injuries (elbow) that cost him games.
  5. And? Well, positioning is more important than head hunting, I think the coach needs to be clear on that, and if Krueger benched him for that brain camp I’m fine.
  6. Do they keep him? Oilers invested a third round pick (2013) in him, that’s a dear price for one season. I think they want to sign him, but there are issues. If I’m Fistric, I want to have some kind of conversation around future playing time.
  7. What are his positives? Big, strong, intimidating, to my eye he hits effectively without taking penalties and is solid positionally. Fistric: “What I do is try and stop the cycle, make contact and move the puck quickly, but it’s best for me when I have a guy who wants the puck more and can make a lot of plays. In Dallas, I had Trevor Daley, a skater. I’d go in the corner, win a battle, make a quick pass to him and he’d skate it out 80 per cent of the time.”
  8. What are his negatives? We might as well get used to this, because MacT has stated it’s a priority: lacks the ability to make quick decisions.
  9. Will they sign him at any cost? Oh no, he’s not that type of player. Jim Matheson: “I’m hearing the Oilers offered unrestricted free-agent defenceman Mark Fistric a three-year deal at $1.5 million a season. But Fistric countered with $2 million per season and talks have stopped, for now. How about two years at $2 million or three years at $1.7 million? Fistric will get interest elsewhere.”
  10. Where would he slot into the lineup? Let’s assume the Oilers acquire one NHL defenseman who can play in the top 4D. We’ll call him Fedor Tyutin. If they go Tyutin-J Schultz; Smid-Petry; N Schultz-Klefbom then Fistric is a number 7. I think he’d play 50 games, be the first guy to draw in and if the club decides to deal Schultz the elder he could move up.
  11. This is an everyday guy. If he’s a #7D entering camp, that’s pretty much an everyday guy. Injuries impact blue all the time.
  12. Is he ahead of Peckham? The Zamboni is ahead of Peckham.
  13. Is Tyutin your ultimate? No.
  14. Who is? Someone lile OEL, Ryan McDonough. Young, LH, wide range of skills.

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14 Responses to "MARK FISTRIC RE 12-13: COVER ME"

  1. RickDeckard says:

    If Sutton was healthy the Oilers would still have their third round pick.

  2. Jonathan Willis says:

    Let’s call him “Dmitry Kulikov.”

  3. WeridAl says:

    Fistric is not worth 2M for 3yrs, I can see him being signed for 2yrs, but not 3. I’m not sure if Fistric is that much of a upgrade over Peckham if at all.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan Willis:
    Let’s call him “Dmitry Kulikov.”

    Kulikov has some nice things, no doubt. Is he ‘a best’ option?

  5. sliderule says:

    I like Fistric and after his benching for a fly by I thought he played a lot better.

    He is a 1.5 million to 1.7m player.

    On the pipeline show they had Ross McLeod from iss scouting and they asked who impressed him most at M cup.
    He said Bo Horvat played outstanding.Face-offs back checking moves the puck ,quick accurate shot
    and knows that to get better you have to be a phsical specimen.

    Everybody knows none of us are scouts but from what I have seen in OHL playoffs and m cup if the oilers don’t pick him at seven he will be gone at eight and maybe even before the oiler pick.

  6. RickDeckard says:

    Jonathan Willis,

    Can it be Victor Hedman?

  7. sliderule says:

    Jonathan Willis,

    Jonathan after the low scoring playoff games why don’t you keep goal post counts for NHL next year.

    This might give the GMs an idea what the scores would be like.

    My thought is as you advocated a four inch increase would add two to three goal per game and change the way coaches play.

    Protecting a lead with extreme trap wouldn’t be as easy

  8. RickDeckard says:


    I’d rather see permanent 4×4

  9. RexLibris says:

    Jonathan Willis:
    Let’s call him “Dmitry Kulikov.”

    Don’t tell He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, or we’ll hear the 2009 draft diatribe all over again.

  10. RexLibris says:


    Shame Maloney got extended. Another GM might have been more naive about this player and given MacTavish a window to acquire him. Now, I think not.

  11. Captain Happy says:

    RexLibris: Don’t tell He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, or we’ll hear the 2009 draft diatribe all over again.

    No need to re-state the obvious.

  12. RickDeckard says:

    Rags are officially done. Maybe Sather could do MacTavish a favour and make McDonagh available.

  13. Gi JQE says:


    That would he tough pick up… What about Girardi ??? Had a rough playoffs. Very fair contract. Maybe easier asset to acquire?

  14. cdean says:

    I think that Fistric is negotiating himself out of a contract. 1.5m for 3 years is a sweet deal, almost exactly what he is getting paid right now and I would have actually only went for 2 years. He should take it and shut up.

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