Hi, this is Lowetide. Each year, some of the finest draft  onlookers in the Oilogosphere post their selections in the week leading up to the draft. I’m delighted to present Blue Bullet’s list, which coming on the heels of spOILer’s means we’re doubly blessed. Almost Christmas!

Blue Bullet 2013 Draft Rankings


After last year’s weaker draft, this season’s draft more than makes up for with this year having the most depth I can remember in a long time with it possibly being the best since 2003. I really can’t wait to see how it plays out on Sunday when you have a 3rd round that is as good as other year’s 2nd rounds.  For me that meant there were more players to look into so I had no choice but to expand my list to a top 100.  So after many hours of pouring through stats and various draft guides, this is my ranking of the 2013 draft.


ROUND 1 (1-30) 

1(1)    NATHAN MACKINNON    C    6’0    182    R    SEP 1/95    HALIFAX    QMJHL    44GP-32G-43A-75P-45PIM

He was first at the start of my season, first at mid-season and after an impressive Memorial Cup, Nathan MacKinnon locked up my number 1 spot.  For the majority of the season it has been a 3 way race for the top spot and in the end I have to give the spot to the player I think most likely turns into a star player. While you can make an argument that MacKinnon has the least upside out of the top 3, he is also the likeliest player to live up to his potential and in the end the upside of Drouin and Jones does not offset their risk factor.


2(3)    JONATHAN DROUIN    LW    5’11    185    L    MAR 27/95    HALIFAX    QMJHL    49GP-41G-64A-105P-32PIM

Drouin’s draft season reminds me of Jonathan Huberdeau’s as neither player was seen as a top 3 pick at the start of the season but an impressive Memorial Cup winning season will change all that.  In terms of offensive upside Drouin is at the top of the heap and it would not surprise to see him be the biggest point producer from this draft.  However, MacKinnon plays the more important position and is the better-rounded player which in the end was the deciding factor.


3(2)    SETH JONES    D    6’3    205    R    OCT 3/94    PORTLAND    WHL    61GP-14G-42A-56P-33PIM 

The last time I had a d-man ranked as my #1 player was back in 2006 with Erik Johnson, who is a great example of why it is riskier to use a #1 pick on a d-man than it is a forward.  While I really like Jones as a player, I have to be 100% sold that he will be a cornerstone franchise d-man to rank him #1 and in the end I still have some doubts.  While I love his size, skating and smarts I just which he had that little extra edge to his game like a Weber or Pronger.


4(4)    ALEKSANDER BARKOV    C    6’3    209    L    SEP 2/95    TAPPARA    SM-LIIGA    53GP-21G-27A-48P-8PIM

Barkov is the type of big centreman that Oilers fans have been dreaming about for years but since he is such a good fit for the Preds I doubt they will be parting with this pick.   With Barkov he is not very far off being considered in the top 3 and his upside is as good as anyone in this draft.  The biggest knock on him is that his skating is not at the level of players likes Jones or MacKinnon which keeps Barkov just outside of the top 3.


5(7)    VALERY NICHUSHKIN    RW    6’4    202    L    MAR 4/95    CHELYABINSK   KHL    18GP-4G-2A-6P-0PIM 

Nichushkin was the X factor for the top end of the draft but that all changed with the conditional termination of his KHL contract.  With Nichushkin you are getting a power forward winger whose physical skill set is arguably the best of any player available in the draft.  That being said, there is more to hockey than just the physical side and the questions concerning whether he has elite hockey sense drop him just outside the top 4.


6(5)    ELIAS LINDHOLM    C    6’0    192    R    DEC 2/94    BRYNAS   SWEE    48GP-11G-19A-30P-2PIM

When doing my rankings, certain players draft season will remind you of another player and with Lindholm his season reminds me of fellow countrymen Niklas Backstrom.  Whether he becomes close to as good as Backstrom is another story but Lindholm is one of the most complete two-way players that you could select.  With Lindholm, I think his upside is right there with Barkov and Nichushkin but in the end size was the difference.


7(6)    SEAN MONAHAN    C    6’2    190    L    OCT 12/94    OTTAWA    OHL    58GP-31G-47A-78P-24PIM 

Monahan would be the ideal selection for the Oilers which must be the reason why my gut says Calgary is taking him at 6th.  What Monahan brings is a two way playmaking center with size that plays a fairly complete game for his age that has drawn comparisons to a poor man’s Jonathan Toews.  While I am a big fan of Monahan I do not see the same offensive upside as the player’s I have ranked above him and see him as more of a 50-60 point 2nd line center.


8(9)    DARNELL NURSE    D    6’4    190    L    FEB 4/95    SAULT STE. MARIE    OHL    68GP-12G-29A-41P-116PIM 

For Darnell Nurse, it must be great to be able to have family members like Richard Nurse and Donovan McNabb to turn to for advice.  Nurse’s has athleticism, size, physicality and a underrated offensive game as his even strength PPG production was second only to Jones for draft eligible CHL d-men.  With Nurse, his physical tools give him a higher upside than Monahan but there are some questions regarding Nurse’s hockey sense at times which you don’t hear about with Monahan.


9(13)    ALEXANDER WENNBERG    C/LW    6’1    190    L    SEP 22/94    DJURGARDENS    SWEAL    46GP-14G-18A-32P-14PIM 

I haven’t seen any other draft ranking with Wennberg in the top 10 and maybe it’s because he was a 94 born but he is not getting the love he deserves.  When ranking Euro prospects it always benefits to compare with a NA prospect and Wennberg is a very good two-way player with as much upside to that of Monahan.  The difference between the two in the end comes down to the fact I believe Monahan is a more natural center and is physically stronger at this point in time.


10(8)    RASMUS RISTOLAINEN    D    6’3    205    R    OCT 27/94    TPS TURKU    FINE    52GP-3G-12A-15P-32PIM 

With Ristolainen there is varying opinions on his upside as some like me see him as a top pick while others have him outside their top 20.  With Ristolainen, you are getting a well rounded jack of all trades d-man with size and similar upside to that of Oscar Klefbom.  While Ristolainen has the upside to be a #2 d-man the concerns brought up over how well he will adapt to the NHL pace keeps him just outside my top 10.


11(11)    NIKITA ZADOROV    D    6’5    221    L    APR 15/95    LONDON    OHL    63GP-6G-19A-25P-54PIM 

A 6’5 220 lb physical d-man is an intimidating presence for NHL players to deal with so it must have been quite the ordeal for the teams playing the Knights this year.  When it comes to big physical shutdown d-men it is rare to find them with the mobility that Zadorov brings which is what makes him such a hot commodity.  When deciding between Zadorov and Ristolainen, I believe Ristolainen has the better offensive skills and better rounded game.


12(21)    MAX DOMI    C/LW    5’9    195    L    MAR 2/95    LONDON    OHL    64GP-39G-48A-87P-71PIM 

With most 5’9 forwards there is a concern over your size and how well you will adapt to the NHL game but that all goes out the window when you’re Tie Domi’s kid.  What he does bring to the table that his dad never could is great hands and the offensive skill set to be a top 6 forward most likely as a 2nd liner.  While I am a fan of Domi he is not as complete a player as Wennberg or Monahan as both those players have better defensive games and are more consistent players.


13(25)    BO HORVAT    C    6’0    206    L    MAY 4/95    LONDON    OHL    67GP-33G-28A-61P-29PIM

From the players I had in my mid-season rankings Bo Horvat was tied as my biggest draft riser after his very strong performance through the OHL playoffs.  Horvat is a coach’s dream as he is a hardworking smart two way player that can play in all situations and is future captain material.  While I do love Horvat’s all around game and what he will bring to a team I think he doesn’t have the offensive upside of the forwards above him and tops out more as a 40-50 point player.


14(26)     CURTIS LAZAR     C     6’0     193     R     FEB 2/95     EDMONTON     WHL     72GP-38G-23A-61P-47PIM

The player that tied Horvat for biggest draft riser was Lazar who was able to crack my top 15.  Lazar is the type of player who even if he is not producing points he is still an effective player because of how responsible he is without the puck.  My biggest knock on him is that you wish he was as consistent at scoring as he was the rest of his game.  It ended up being basically a coin flip decision between him and Horvat, as I see very similar upside, but my gut says to go with Horvat.


15(17)    VALENTIN ZYKOV    LW    6’0    210    L    MAY 15/95    BAIE COMEAU    QMJHL    67GP-40G-35A-75P-60PIM 

Valentin Zykov was not a heralded import coming into the season but that didn’t stop him from becoming the CHL rookie of the year.  After having 50 goals between regular season and playoffs, I believe Zykov has all the tools to be a two-way 25-30 goal scoring power forward who loves to drive for the net.  While it was a close decision between Zykov and Shinkaruk, as both bring different skill sets to the table, I prefer Zykov’s combo of scoring and strength off the wing.


16(16)    HUNTER SHINKARUK    LW    5’10    181    L    OCT 13/94    MEDICINE HAT    WHL    64GP-37G-49A-86P-44PIM 

Shinkaruk was a top 10 pick going into the year after having a 91 point season in 2011-2012 but he didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  With Shinkaruk you are getting a skilled speedy offensive player that can be very opportunistic and will go into the traffic areas despite his size.  While he does have strong offensive skills, I do not see him as a first liner and feel he is more likely to be a secondary scoring option.


17(12)    FREDERIK GAUTHIER    C    6’5    215    L    APR 26/95    RIMOUSKI    QMJHL    62GP-22G-38A-60P-26PIM 

At mid-season Gauthier was a player I thought had the potential to move into my top 10 but by year’s end he instead slid just outside my top 15.  He is a player that came out of midget hockey last year and has shown he is a strong two-way player that is very committed defensively for a player of his age.  While he has the potential to be better than Horvat/Lazar due to his combo of size and two-way game, out of the three he probably has the least offensive upside.


18(14)    ADAM ERNE    LW/RW    6’1    206    L     APR 20/95    QUEBEC    QMJHL    68GP-28G-44A-72P-67PIM 

There is certainly differences of opinions when it comes to Erne as he is ranked anywhere from a top 15 pick to outside the first round.  I definitely see him as a first rounder and with his size and skills he looks to have the potential to be a good north-south power forward.  At this point in the draft it is splitting hairs, as many of these players have similar upsides and little separates Erne at 18th and Horvat at the 13th spot.


19(10)    ANTHONY MANTHA    LW/RW    6’4    190    L    SEP 16/94    VAL D’OR    QMJHL    67GP-50G-39A-89P-71PIM 

Mantha is the type of player that looks so good on paper that if you were only looking at the stats he would definitely be a top 10 pick.  In terms of upside, 6’4 players with soft hands and a shot like Mantha’s do not come around often and he could be a 30+ goal scorer.  Despite that, all anybody seems to mention about Mantha is that the compete level and passion are lacking in his game which makes him a riskier pick.


20(20)    KERBY RYCHEL    LW    6’1    205    L    OCT 7/94    WINDSOR    OHL    68GP-40G-47A-87P-94PIM

So when a coach looked at Warren Rychel and said “if only he had hands” all he had to do is wait about 20 years for his son Kerby to come around.  Like the players ranked above him, Rychel is a good power forward whose size and strong shot make him a potential secondary scoring threat.  With Rychel he has similar upside to the players in the 13-16 spots but the concerns about his skating drop him down a couple of spots.


21(15)    RYAN PULOCK    D    6’1    211    R    OCT 6/94    BRANDON    WHL    61GP-14G-31A-45P-22PIM 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a defenseman on my list, as it is a better bet to take a forward and as you can see, there are many good forwards available in the first round.  My favourite of the next tier of d-men is Pulock who is a jack of all trades 2nd pairing 30 point d-man with a huge point shot.  While Pulock was a player that I considered in my top 10 at the start of the season he doesn’t have elite offensive upside to be a top pairing d-man.


22(18)    JOSH MORRISSEY    D    6’0    185    L    MAR 28/95    PRINCE ALBERT    WHL    70GP-15G-32A-47P-91PIM 

All year long it has been a close battle to see who would be the top WHL d-men and it will be interesting to see who gets chosen first between Morrissey and Pulock.  While he is slightly undersized for a defenseman, Morrissey is a great skating puck mover with 2nd pairing potential similar to that of Pulock.  It was very tough to decide between which of the two I preferred but I went with Pulock’s well rounded game and his point shot over Morrissey’s skating ability.


23(NR)    SAMUEL MORIN    D    6’6    203    L    JUL 12/95    RIMOUSKI    QMJHL    46GP-4G-12A-16P-117PIM 

While Morin was always on my radar, it was the U-18 tournament that really raised his stock to being a 1st round selection.  Morin’s mobility for his size is a rare combination and in terms of upside his potential is just as good as Zadorov and Ristolainen. However, his defensive game is much rawer than those players just mentioned so there is a bigger risk factor that Morin will never fulfill his potential compared to them.


24(NR)    NICOLAS PETAN    C    5’9    165    L    MAR 22/95    PORTLAND    WHL    71GP-46G-74A-120P-43PIM 

When we’re talking about picks that have huge risk but huge rewards you just have to point to Nic Petan as a good example.  In terms of smarts, puck skills and playmaking ability, Petan is as good as anybody in this draft and has the potential to be a top line forward at the pro level.  However it is very hard to guess which small players will have what it takes to make it and if I was going to make a higher risk pick I would take a chance on Morin over Petan.


25(19)    ROBERT HAGG    D    6’2    204    L    FEB 8/95    MODE    SWEJE    28GP-11G-13A-24P-24PIM

As you move down the draft in the first round the riskier but more rewarding players like Hagg become more appealing.  Hagg is a two-way d-man with a strong shot and good size and who has all the tools to develop into a skilled 2nd pairing defenseman.  However, while he has all the tools to be a top 15 pick the varying scouting opinions on how good of a toolbox he possesses drop him to the latter half of the first round.


26(NR)    RYAN HARTMAN    RW    5’11    185    R    SEP 20/94    PLYMOUTH    OHL    56GP-23G-37A-60P-120PIM 

Players like Hartman are the type any team loves to have and the kind that other teams hate to play against.  What is great about Hartman is that he does not need PP time to get his points as his even strength production is some of the best in this draft class.  While I love his character and agitator abilities, I am not entirely sold on whether he has the natural offensive skills to be a 2nd liner at the pro level.


27(NR)    EMILE POIRIER    LW    6’1    183    L    DEC 14/94    GATINEAU    QMJHL    65GP-32G-38A-70P-101PIM 

Poirier was one of the most improved players during the season and has dropped the sleeper tag after coming onto most everybody’s radar. A well-rounded player that was used in all situations this year in Gatineau but predominantly put up his point 5 on 5, which suggests there might be more offense to his game than first believed. Like Hartman, there are doubts on whether he will be a top 6 forward but he does have all the versatility to be a very good role player if he does not.


28(NR)    J.T. COMPHER    C    5’11    184    R    APR 8/95    US NTDP    USHL    52GP-18G-32A-50P-51PIM 

When guys like Hartman and Compher play you can’t help but think of the old saying “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Compher is a good example of this as he a versatile two way centre who has a reputation as a good faceoff man. Like Hartman, I do question whether he will be a 2nd liner at the pro level as I have a feeling he is more likely to end up as a 3rd line checking centre.


29(29)    JACOB DE LA ROSE    LW/C    6’2    190    L    May 20/95    LEKSANDS    SWEAL    38GP-6G-6A-12P-31PIM 

De La Rose came into the year as potential top ten pick and while he still had a solid season he dropped down to a late 1st/early 2nd round pick. De La Rose brings a great work ethic to go along with his size and a strong two way game. The one drawback to his game and the reason why he moved down  the rankings is because he is not seen as a natural scorer and is believed he will more likely be a 3rd line checker.


30(27)    MORGAN KLIMCHUK    LW    5’11    180    L    MAR 2/95    REGINA    WHL    72GP-36G-40A-76P-20PIM 

For the last spot in my first round, it goes to a skilled smaller winger who would love to follow in the footsteps of former Regina Pats Jordan Eberle. While not the biggest guy, Klimchuk is a smart goal scorer who has been making to strides to improve his overall game. When slotting in Klimchuk, while I believe his offensive game is probably the best out of the players in the 26-30 spots, I prefer their all-around over that of Klimchuk.



ROUND 2 (31-60)


31(30)    MIRCO MUELLER    D    6’3    184    L    Mar 21/95    EVERETT    WHL    63GP-6G-25A-31P-57PIM

While not the sexiest pick, Mueller has 2nd pairing potential and is the reliable steady d-men coaches can count on.


32(NR)    MADISON BOWEY    D    6’1    195    R    APR 22/95    KELOWNA    WHL    69GP-12G-18A-30P-75PIM 

Bowey is a mobile two way defender who increased his stock with a strong showing at the U-18 tournament.


33(NR)    IAN MCCOSHEN    D    6’3    205    L    AUG 5/95    US NTDP    USHL    55GP-11G-33A-44P-48PIM 

When it’s a deep draft, being 6’3 while being the PPG leader for defenseman in your league as well as being 6th in the league in +/- will make you get noticed.


34(NR)    ZACHARY FUCALE    G    6’1    176    L    MAY 28/95    HALIFAX    QMJHL    55GP-2.35GAA-0.909SV% 

While goaltenders in general are riskier picks, the best of this year’s lot is Fucale who helped lead the Mooseheads to the Memorial Cup.


35(23)    ANDRE BURAKOVSKY    LW    6’1    178    L    Feb 9/95    MALMO    SWEAI    43GP-4G-7A-11P-PIM 

While he has the talent level to be a first round choice, inconsistent play make Burakovsky too big a risk to use a 1st round pick.


36(22)    ARTTURI LEHKONEN    LW/RW    5’11    163    L    Mar 4/95    KALPA    SM-LIIGA    45GP-14G-16A-30P-12PIM 

Lehkonen is a talented small winger who is willing to go into the dirty areas and has already proven he can play against men with a strong season in the SM-liiga.


37(NR)    STEVE SANTINI    D    6’2    207    R    MAR 7/95    US NTDP    USHL    66GP-0G-15A-15P-44PIM 

Santini is an old school hard hitting defensive d-man whose limited offensive upside keeps him outside of the first round.


38(24)    WILLIAM CARRIER    LW/C    6’1    198    L    Dec 20/94    CAPE BRETON    QMJHL    34GP-16G-26A-42P-41PIM 

It was not a good year to get an injury because of there being so much depth to this draft that Carrier has become the forgotten man.


39(NR)    DILLON HEATHERINGTON    D    6’3    196    L    MAY 9/95    SWIFT CURRENT    WHL    71GP-4G-23A-27P-80PIM 

Heatherington is a big smart reliable defensive d-man whose stock has been steadily climbing over the year.


40(28)    SHEA THEODORE    D    6’2    182    L    Aug 3/95    SEATTLE    WHL    71GP-19G-31A-50P-32PIM

Theodore definitely has the offensive skills to be a 2nd pairing d-man but will need to improve his strength as well as his defensive consistency to make it to the NHL.


41    PAVEL BUCHNEVICH    C    6’1    176    L    APR 17/95    CHEREPOVETS   MHL    24GP-8G-15A-23P-36PIM

This talented Russian playmaking center jumped up in the rankings after leading Russia in scoring at the U-18.


42    CHRIS BIGRAS    D    6’1    189    L    FEB 22/95    OWEN SOUND    OHL    68GP-8G-30A-38P-34PIM

Bigras is what you would call a safe but unspectacular choice as he is an average sized smart reliable d-man.


43    TRISTAN JARRY    G    6’1    178    L    APR 29/95    EDMONTON    WHL    27GP-1.61GAA-0.936SV%

Having to backup Brossoit and receiving limited playing time probably hurt Jarry in the rankings despite the incredible numbers he posted this year.


44    LAURENT DAUPHIN    C    6’0    166    L    MAR 26/95    CHICOUTIMI    QMJHL    62GP-25G-32A-57P-50PIM

Dauphin made the jump from midget hockey to the Q look easier than it should and could make another big jump forward next year after having a season under his belt.


45    JASON DICKINSON    LW    6’1    179    L    JUL 4/95    GUELPH    OHL    66GP-18G-29A-47P-31PIM

Dickinson was  considered to be a 1st round pick coming into this year but a disappointing season has dropped the talented player to being a 2nd round choice.


46    OLIVER BJORKSTRAND    LW/RW    5’11    167    R    APR 10/95    PORTLAND    WHL    65GP-31G-32A-63P-10PIM

Bjorkstrand doesn’t get the credit he deserves for putting up almost a PPG while receiving 2nd unit PP time on a deep Winterhawks squad.


47    ERIC COMRIE    G    6’1    171    L    JUL 6/95    TRI-CITY    WHL    37GP-2.62GAA-0.915SV%

Comrie was receiving buzz to be a 1st round choice before a hip injury derailed his season. Teams will have to do their due diligence in regards to the long term effects of this injury.


48    CONNOR HURLEY    C    6’1    172    L    SEP 15/95    EDINA   USHS    31GP-20G-32A-52P-10PIM 

A bit rawer of a prospect, Hurley had strong point production in high school but only had 1 goal in 11 games in his limited time in the USHL.


49    MARKO DANO    C    5’11    183    L    NOV 30/94    SLOVAN   KHL    37GP-3G-4A-7P-26PIM

My top ranked Slovakian, Dano plays bigger than his size and has already established himself as a bottom 6 forward in the KHL.


50    NICK SORENSON    RW    6’1    175    R    OCT 23/94    QUEBEC    QMJHL    46GP-20G-27A-47P-18PIM 

This well rounded talented Dane has battled injuries the past two seasons bouncing back from a major knee injury that limited him to 8 games last year.


51    TOMMY VANNELLI    D    6’2    170    R    JAN 26/95    MINNETONKA    USHS    25GP-8G-23A-31P-14PIM 

Vannelli is a tall lanky smooth skating d-man whose offensive upside is hard to get a read on as the opinions are varying.


52    RYAN FITZGERALD    C    5’10    170    L    OCT 19/94    VALLEY WARRIORS   EJHL    32GP-17G-19A-36P-58PIM 

Another player with good family bloodlines, he has all the skills to be a top 9 two way forward despite being a smaller player.


53    PETER CEHLARIK    LW    6’2    192    L    AUG 2/95    LULEA   SWEJE    38GP-17G-20A-37P-10PIM

The 2nd Slovak to make my top 60, Cehlarik had a stronger than expected season in Sweden where he had an impressive showing with 6 points in 8 games in the Swedish Elite League.


54    ERIC ROY    D    6’3    180    L    OCT 24/94    BRANDON    WHL    72GP-17G-22A-39P-37PIM 

Roy is a talented offensive d-man with 2nd pairing upside but he needs to improve his play in his own zone.


55    NICK BAPTISTE    RW    6’1    189    R    AUG 4/95    SUDBURY    OHL    66GP-21G-27A-48P-44PIM 

Baptiste had a slow start to the year with 9 points in 23 games but finished strong including an impressive performance at the U-18 tournament.


56    JIMMY LODGE    C    6’1    170    R    MAR 5/95    SAGINAW    OHL    64GP-28G-39A-67P-28PIM 

While Lodge has the talent to be a top 6 forward he still has a ways to go and a lot of pounds to put on before he gets there.


57    MICHAEL MCCARRON    RW    6’5    228    R    MAR 7/95    US NTDP    USHL    59GP-16G-21A-37P-182PIM 

If his hockey sense matched his physical tools we would be talking about a first round pick as McCarron is a long shot to be a top 6 forward at the NHL level.


58    LINUS ARNESSON    D    6’2    187    L    SEP 21/94    DJURGARDENS    SWEAL    31GP-0G-1A-1P-8PIM 

If you prefer your defenseman to be the steady and reliable type, than Arnesson is definitely someone who should be on your radar.


59    JOHN HAYDEN    RW    6’3    210    R    FEB 14/95    US NTDP    USHL    53GP-17G-17A-34P-80 PIM

If Hayden was a better skater, he would be a late 1st round or early 2nd round pick as he has everything else to be a physical top 9 power forward.


60    MATT BUCKLES    C/RW    6’1    204    R    APR 8/95    ST. MICHAEL’S    OJHL    50GP-40G-31A-71P-107PIM 

Buckles did play in a lesser league but 40 goals in 50 games is still an impressive feat and what remains to be seen is if he has the toolbox to match his toolset.



THE REST (61-100)


61    MARC-OLIVIER ROY    RW    6’1    180    L    NOV 5/94    BLAINVILLE    QMJHL    65GP-29G-38A-67P-68PIM


62    PHILIPPE DESROSIERS    G    6’1    187    L    AUG 15/95    RIMOUSKI    QMJHL    43GP-3.07GAA-0.900SV%


63    ZACH NASTASIUK    RW    6’1    191    R    MAR 30/95    OWEN SOUND    OHL    62GP-20G-20A-40P-32PIM


64    ANTON SLEPYSHEV    LW    6’2    194    R    MAY 13/94    UFA   KHL    26GP-7G-2A-9P-4PIM


65    KEATON THOMPSON    D    6’0    187    L    SEP 14/95    US NTDP    USHL    67GP-4G-18A-22P-44PIM


66    JUSTIN BAILEY    RW    6’3    186    R    JUL 1/95    KITCHENER    OHL    57GP-17G-19A-36P-34PIM


67    NICK MOUTREY    RW    6’3    208    L    JUN 24/95    SAGINAW    OHL    65GP-16G-27A-43P-44PIM


68    ANTHONY DUCLAIR    LW    5’11    182    L    AUG 26/95    QUEBEC    QMJHL    55GP-20G-30A-50P-22PIM


69    ZACH SANFORD    LW    6’3    190    L    NOV 9/94    MIDDLESEX ISLANDERS   EJHL    37GP-12G-24A-36P-22PIM


70    YAN PAVEL LAPLANTE    LW    6’0    178    L    APR 23/95    PEI    QMJHL    18GP-5G-8A-13P-12PIM


71    JAN KOSTALEK    D    6’0    181    R    FEB 17/95    RIMOUSKI    QMJHL    48GP-5G-13A-18P-53PIM


72    MICHAEL DOWNING    D    6’3    192    L    MAY 19/95    DUBUQUE    USHL    52GP-3G-20A-23P-107PIM


73    ADAM TAMBELLINI    C    6’2    175    L    NOV 1/94    SURREY   BCHL    52GP-36G-29A-65P-26PIM


74    JC LIPON    RW    6’0    180    R    JUL 10/93    KAMLOOPS    WHL    61GP-36G-53A-89P-115PIM


75    VINCENT DUNN    C    5’11    181    L    SEP 14/95    VAL D’OR    QMJHL    53GP-25G-27A-52P-98PIM


76    BRENDAN HARMS    RW    6’0    172    R    DEC 2/94    FARGO    USHL    64GP-25G-45A-70P-45PIM


77    SPENCER MARTIN    G    6’2    192    L    JUN 8/95    MISSISSAUGA    OHL    46GP-3.02GAA-0.906SV%


78    HUDSON FASCHING    RW    6’2    214    R    JUL 28/95    US NTDP    USHL    65GP-11G-25A-36P-58 PIM


79    BRETT PESCE    D    6’3    175    R    NOV 15/94    NEW HAMPSHIRE    H-EAST    38GP-1G-5A-6P-10PIM


80    RYAN KUJAWINSKI    C    6’2    203    L    MAR 30/95    KINGSTON    OHL    66GP-17G-31A-48P-40PIM


81    GABRYEL PAQUIN-BOUDREAU    LW    5’11    167    L    FEB 21/95    BAIE-COMEAU    QMJHL    67GP-22G-41A-63P-43PIM


82    GUSTAV OLOFSSON    D    6’2    185    L    DEC 1/94    GREEN BAY    USHL    63GP-2G-21A-23P-59PIM


83    RUSHAN RAFIKOV    D    6’2    185    L    MAY 15/95    YAROSLAVL   MHL    53GP-1G-9A-10P-38PIM


84    ANDREI MIRONOV    D    6’2    176    L    JUL 29/94    DYNAMO   KHL    40GP-0G-5A-5P-26PIM


85    JORDAN SUBBAN    D    5’9    175    L    MAR 3/95    KINGSTON    OHL    68GP-15G-36A-51P-47PIM


86    MITCHELL WHEATON    D    6’5    225    R    FEB 6/95    KELOWNA    WHL    39GP-1G-7A-8P-27PIM


87    MASON GEERTSEN    D    6’3    200    L    APR 19/95    VANCOUVER    WHL    58GP-2G-8A-10P-98PIM


88    BOGDAN YAKIMOV    C    6’5    202    L    OCT 4/94    DIZEL PENZA   VHL    37GP-8G-14A-22P-16PIM


89    LUCAS WALLMARK    C    5’11    176    L    SEP 5/95    KARLSKRONA    SWEAL    16GP-5G-5A-10P-4PIM


90    JONATHAN DIABY    D    6’5    225    L    NOV 16/94    VICTORIAVILLE    QMJHL    67GP-4G-22A-26P-117PIM


91    JACKSON HOUCK    RW    6’0    184    R    FEB 27/95    VANCOUVER    WHL    69GP-23G-34A-57P-68PIM


92    GUSTAV POSSLER    LW    5’11    181    L    NOV 11/94    MODO    SWEJE    36GP-19G-21A-40P-28PIM


93    WILHELM WESTLUND    D    5’11    184    L    MAR 15/95    FARJESTAD    SWEJE    33GP-3G-12A-15P-76PIM


94    VIKTOR CRUS-RYDBERG    C    5’11    190    R    MAR 21/95    LINKOPING    SWEJE    35GP-12G-23A-35P-24PIM


95    NIKLAS HANSSON    D    6’0    175    R    JAN 8/95    ROGLE    SWEJE    39GP-3G-20A-23P-47PIM


96    TYLER LEWINGTON    D    6’1    189    R    DEC 5/94    MEDICINE HAT    WHL    69GP-2G-24A-26P-131PIM


97    CARTER VERHAEGHE    C    6’1    181    L    AUG 14/95    KINGSTON    OHL    67GP-18G-26A-44P-22PIM


98    GREG CHASE    C    6’0    195    R    JAN 1/95    CALGARY    WHL    69GP-17G-32A-49P-58PIM


99    ANTON CEDERHOLM    D    6’2    205    L    JAN 8/95    ROGLE    SWEJE    36GP-5G-8A-13P-64PIM


100    CARL DAHLSTROM    D    6’3    211    L    JAN 28/95    LINKOPING    SWEJE    37GP-5G-8A-13P-12PIM





VIKTOR ARVIDSSON    LW    5’9    172    R    APR 8/93    SKELLEFTEA    SWE    49GP-7G-5A-12P-12PIM


TAYLOR CAMMARATA    C/LW    5’7    156    R    MAY 13/95    WATERLOO    USHL    59GP-38G-55A-93P-49PIM


JUUSO IKONEN    W    5’9    169    R    JAN 3/95    ESPOO    FINE    57GP-13G-13A-26P-4PIM


CALVIN PETERSON    G    6’2    180    R    OCT 19/94    WATERLOO    USHL    35GP-2.97GAA-0.906SV%


JUUSE SAROS    G    5’10    180    L    APR 19/95    ESPOO    FINJR    37GP-1.86GAA-0.933SV%



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50 Responses to "BLUE BULLET’S TOP 100 2013"

  1. BONVIE says:

    That is a nice list of talent. I will never forget deadline 2013 when tambelina sits on his hands instead of dealing his assets during the only time depth players have any real value. We should be sitting with our own third and fourth and we should have acquired an additional 2 to 3 picks in the first 3 rounds.

  2. Lowetide says:

    Bonvie: I do think that deadline contributed to his release, or at least the timing. The Oilers wanted Ben Bishop, and the fact they have had a hard time getting a G since likely shows how difficult it’s going to be. Plus Calgary ripped the Oilers right after that.

  3. striatic says:

    a question on format here .. the number in brackets is the predicted actual selection? or is it the other way around?

  4. Lowetide says:

    Striatic: The bracket number is their previous mid-season ranking. so, a guy like Lazar closed strong.

  5. BONVIE says:


    No sense a non playoff team should be acquiring players at the deadline, as real NHL players are at their peak value this is the time he should have acquired prospects and picks for any aging vet that could still contribute. I do like Bishop as well, but why sure up your goaltending after your on the outside looking in. Brown is a serviceable NHL player maybe at 13 or 14 forward, but Smithson is done like dinner. Believe me if none of the playoff GMs took him for their playoff runs, when depth D and centres are going for a premium then he doen’t belong in the NHL the smartest people in the league think he is finished already, and I believe MacTavish is also in this group.

  6. BlacqueJacque says:

    How does an amateur fan come up with a better list than a pro like Woodlief?

    Woodlief’s endorsement of Klefbom is almost more worrying than if he was slagging him. Bo Horvat at #7 my ass.

  7. godot10 says:

    How does an amateur fan come up with a better list than a pro like Woodlief?

    Woodlief’s endorsement of Klefbom is almost more worrying than if he was slagging him.Bo Horvat at #7 my ass.

    Horvat at #7 is a mock draft, NOT a ranking. A mock draft and a player ranking are much different beasts.

  8. Rondo says:


    Here is Transcript of Kyle Woodlief’s NHL draft chat today

    He was asked about Nurse, Woodlief replied

    “He’ll definitely be a shutdown type defender, but we also believe he’s got plenty of offensive ability to tap into. That began to show through this season once he got comfortable and took on more responsibility. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think he could become a legitimate #1 defenceman at the NHL level.”

    Asked about the tiers

    I know of at least two NHL teams who have Nichushkin as the #2 overall player on their boards. I really think the top tier of forwards is four deep with Drouin, MacKinnon, Barkov, and Nichushkin. And then the second tier has Monahan and Lindholm.

  9. BlacqueJacque says:

    godot10: Horvat at #7 is a mock draft, NOT a ranking.A mock draft and a player ranking are much different beasts.

    I know, and that makes it even worse.

    It’s a terrible mock draft! The Avs have flat out stated “we are not taking Seth Jones”. The Oilers have flat out stated “we like skill”. Horvat is a career third liner in the making. Arguably not as good as Lazar.

    Gah. Woodlief’s mock drafts and rankings are more out of step with the mainstream than anyone else on a consistent basis. I think he does it to stir the pot and draw attention.

  10. bookje says:

    Wow, what a ton of effort by all of you to put these lists together. My sincere thanks to Lowetide, SpOiler, Blue Bullet and even Richard Cloutier for all of the work you put into these posts. I don’t have any other comment as I won’t have time to read in detail these until draft day morning, but they look great.

  11. BlacqueJacque says:

    Wow, what a ton of effort by all of you to put these lists together.My sincere thanks to Lowetide, SpOiler, Blue Bullet and even Richard Cloutier for all of the work you put into these posts.I don’t have any other comment as I won’t have time to read these until draft day morning, but they look great.

    x2. You guys know a lot, put in a lot of effort to know this all, put even more effort to write it up for us and I thank you.

  12. sliderule says:

    I have not seen Nurse play .I have seen Wennberg and I cannot believe you see him as better than Horvat or even Lazar who will play wing at NHL level.

    The oil will draft Horvat if the top centers are gone.

    Horvat reminds me of Dustin Brown except he wins face-offs and is a shutdown center.

    He will be a better center than any other pick other than Mackinnon.

  13. Lowetide says:

    Sliderule: I think your take on Horvat matches the Oilers. I believe he’s a strong candidate.

  14. Rebilled says:

    I can see it going like this:

    1. MacKinnon
    2. Jones
    3. Drouin
    4. Barkov
    5. Lindholm
    6. Monahan
    7. Cloutier
    8. Nurse

  15. Lowetide says:

    I can see it going like this:

    1. MacKinnon
    2. Jones
    3. Drouin
    4. Barkov
    5. Lindholm
    6. Monahan
    7. Cloutier
    8. Nurse

    That’s close. I’m thinking:

    1. Cloutier
    2. Cloutier
    3. Cloutier
    4. Cloutier
    5. Cloutier
    6. Fucale
    7. Antoine-Cloutier

  16. BlacqueJacque says:

    I think you guys are out to lunch on Horvat.

    Draft year comparables:

    Dustin Brown: 58GP, 34-42-76. Best on team.
    Brandon Dubinsky: 71GP, 30-48-78. Best on team.
    Zack Smith: 72GP, 22-48-70. Best on team.

    Bo Horvat: 67GP, 33-28-61. 4th best on team, 3rd best centre.

    However, I did find a comparable for Horvat, from the 2003 draft, at that:

    72GP, 32-30-62. Kyle Brodziak. Available in the 7th round. 3rd best on team.

  17. striatic says:

    sliderule: The oil will draft Horvat if the top centers are gone.

    ok, but they better be trading back to 9th, 10th or 11th to do it.

  18. prairieschooner says:

    I know that Centre is a high priority, but the write ups on Nurse with an apparent as yet unfulfilled offensive upside make him look awfully appealing plus a mean streak….very tempting

  19. BlacqueJacque says:

    I know that Centre is a high priority, but the write ups on Nurse with an apparent as yet unfulfilled offensive upside make him look awfully appealing plus a mean streak….very tempting

    In my books, he’s Pronger Jr.

  20. Blue Bullet says:

    I have not seenNurse play .I have seen Wennberg and I cannot believe you see him as better than Horvat or even Lazar who will play wing at NHL level.

    The oil will draft Horvat if the top centers are gone.

    Horvat reminds me of DustinBrown except he wins face-offs and is a shutdown center.

    He will be a better center than any other pick other than Mackinnon.

    Bold statement about Horvat. I’ve been doing this long enough to know better than to make predictions like that one lol. That’s whats great about the draft is the variance in opinions. The majority of the draft rankings have Wennberg rated higher (Bob McKenzie, Craig Button, McKeens, Future Considerations, The Hockey News) while ISS and RLR preferred Horvat.

  21. Kris11 says:

    I will be mad if they don’t do one of the following, with almost no exceptions:

    1. Take one of whoever is left from the consensus of top prospects at 7th, i.e. one of: Nicushkin, Monahan, Lindholm, or maybe Barkov. (Nurse doesn’t make this list, but taking him would make me a little less mad than Horvat or Lazar or something.)

    2. Trade the pick outright for a young player, and it better be a good player.

    Maybe theree is some other move that works here like trading down and getting Crosby in return, but I doubt it. So, it is either 1 or 2 or feel my whining sarcastic comment wrath, MacT.

  22. sliderule says:

    Blue Bullet,

    I appreciate all the work that you do and I like the analysis you do of each draft pick.

    Probably the best of the ones I read including redline .

    I have been watching junior players for close to fifty years so I have my own ideas of what it takes to move to the next level.

    Maybe they are not exactly the same as yours but we are probably not too far off on assessments.

  23. Rondo says:

    I can’t see Horvat going at #7. Oilers may trade down for him at 8, 9, or 10. I would think Lindholm is ahead of Horvat. Also NICHUSHKIN and Nurse I would think is ahead of Horvat.

    I don’t believe Horvat is in the top 7 on the Oilers list.

  24. Kris11 says:

    Also, if you move Hall to center (will happen either this year or next, IMO) and sign Gagner, or do one or the other, then this team is either well set or almost overloaded at C.

    A player like Lindholm (who could eventually be a C) or Nicushkin (huge powerforward) is as much a need going forward as a C.

  25. Kris11 says:

    D are just riskier picks, unless they have shown elite offense and project to NHL-level size and skating, which is rarer than anything.And even those D are riskier than the Hall and Mackinnon type forwards.

    Nurse couod be the best pick in the draft, but that is less likely than Monahan or Lindholm, etc.

  26. Rondo says:

    From what I have read I agree with the top 8 order of Blue Bullet.

    Oilers will pick one player from 5- 8. If they keep their pick. They will pick BPA

    Since Oilers have not talked about Elias Lindholm, maybe Nurse is in their top 7.

  27. sliderule says:


    Here are some others if you only look at boxes

    Bergeron. 70 23 50 73 pts
    Getslaf 70. 29. 39 68 pts

  28. Hammers says:

    For me it’s Lindholm 1st & Monahan 2nd at #7 but if there not there trade down to Philly for a Player plus there pick . If we have to sweeten the pot with N.Schultz of a player from Okl we can live with it . After the top 7 the next 4 to 7 are are all future NHL players . Anything they get get after 7 could be bonus but go no futher than #14 . OMG I still want Johnson or Tyutin.

  29. Maverick says:

    For me it’s Lindholm 1st & Monahan 2nd at #7 but if there not there trade down to Philly for a Player plus there pick . If we have to sweeten the pot with N.Schultz of a player from Okl we can live with it . After the top 7 the next 4 to 7 are are all future NHL players . Anything they get get after 7 could be bonus but go no futher than #14 . OMG I still want Johnson or Tyutin.

    You had me at Lindholm ;-)

    But you lost me on Johnson. I would like the Oilers to draft Lindholm or Monahan at #7 but if they are gone I think Philly might want the Russian and a deal could be worked out there. A player and their pick at #11? Might be possible. So many options.

    Great read as always from Blue Bullet, pretty cool to make a list with 100 draftees, lots of hard work and it is much appreciated by many here. (Yes, Allan we appreciate you too ;-) )

    Just a quick note however, is anyone else having difficulty downloading today’s podcast?? there is just hour 1 and I missed the show this morning (damn work, lol) and was hoping to listen to it this evening.

  30. Rondo says:

    Would Oilers consider trading it’s 2nd rd pick 2013 and its 1st rd pick 2014 for a player in this draft ?

  31. "Steve Smith" says:


    I think we can safely say that it depends which player. Who did you have in mind?

  32. striatic says:


    what are they doing with the 7th OV?

  33. Rondo says:

    “Steve Smith”,

    Lets say they take Lindholm /Monahan/ Nurse at 7

    and Lazar or Horvat at ? for 2nd rd pick and first 2014

  34. Captain Happy says:

    Here’s a rumour from the Twitterverse tonight that could rock the draft.

    Kris Letang to Toronto for a 1st round pick, a roster player and a prospect.

    Perhaps Toronto’s 1st this year (Pittsburgh doesn’t have one), Jake Gardiner and a Marlie.

  35. striatic says:

    regarding Horvat, they did invite him for an interview but that’s just for if the top tier Cs are gone and the Oilers trade the 7th OV to move back 4 or 5 spots.

    Horvat might well be taken by 11th spot, but if that’s the case they can still pick Lazar who they already know.

    if i’m MacT i try to get the provisional deal in place with, say, Philly, before the draft occurs. if Lindholm and Monahan are gone at 7, trade with PHI. FLyers can pick Nichushkin or Nurse. Oilers get 11th OV and prospect later in development like a Tye McGinn or a more complicated deal for Braydon Coburn.

  36. striatic says:

    Rondo: Lets say they take Lindholm /Monahan/ Nurse at 7
    and Lazar or Horvat at ? for 2nd rd pick and first 2014

    i don’t like that deal.

    if you take Lindholm or Monahan, you don’t need Lazar or Horvat.

    it only makes sense if you really, really like Nurse and still want a C.

    maybe you try swinging a deal like that if Lindholm and Monahan go in the top 6, but if either is available, the deal is unnecessary.

  37. Rondo says:


    Lindholm/Monahan and trade for Zadorov

    or Nurse and trade for Horvat or Lazar

  38. BONVIE says:


    Please don’t mention Nikushkin at 7, this one is a landmine that will bring back the Mhinkov, Bonsignore, and Jesse Ninimika memories

  39. Captain Happy says:

    Also hearing, if the Avalanche draft MacKinnon which is pretty much a done deal, they will move Statsny to Toronto for Phaneuf.

    Would make both teams much better.

  40. DonDon says:

    Hall and Gagner at centre wouldn’t serve the best interests of the Oilers competitively. MacT spoke of Gagner at wing and I don’t believe the organization sees Hall best suited at centre. Power forward, yes.

  41. BlacqueJacque says:


    Here are some others if you only look at boxes

    Bergeron. 7023 50 73 pts
    Getslaf 70. 29.3968 pts

    Good point.

    Why do we bother with NHLEs, then?

  42. BONVIE says:

    I can’t see it either the only winger we have that is a beast on his wall and makes Dman leave the zone early

  43. striatic says:

    Rondo: Lindholm/Monahan and trade for Zadorov
    or Nurse and trade for Horvat or Lazar

    is Zadorov worth next years first, *and* this year’s second?

    are Horvat or Lazar?

  44. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Great work from the “amateur” draft experts these past couple days. Well done spOILer & Blue Bullet!

  45. DBO says:

    need the new post. so much to say:

    Lecavalier being bought out. Bolland and Leddy available form Chicago to help them move up in draft and free up cap space to sign Bickell. Kunitz being smart and resigning 3 years at $3.85 mill. Giddy!!!!! let’s get this shit rolling.

    FYI any Calgary folk Deerfoot from glenmore to 17th is closed due to a bridge failing with a rain on it and flammable materials on it so evacuation all around it. stay home people if you are in the south. traffic at gridlock.

  46. hodgkins says:

    I wonder what the market for Lecavalier will be once he’s bought out? You would have to think that he’d be a target for many teams.

  47. russ99 says:

    Hmm… is Nichushkin the top of the draft equivalent to Moroz in the second round last year?

    So in love with size and physicality you might overlook lack of elite hockey skill?

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