My Dad gave me baseball, Hank Williams, a sense of humor and a stubborn streak that I’ve been assured is all-world. He was the first person I lost in my life–he died in 1992, and since then he’s taught me everyday just how long forever is. I wish for all the world I could hug my Dad today, to thank him for all he did for me, to show him my children, to have a cup of coffee.

Yesterday, my wife asked me what I wanted to Father’s Day. I will spare you some of what I said (this is a family site, after all) but this was my reply:

  • Scrambled eggs with some of that melted cheese and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast
  • Hugs from my kids
  • renewed subscription to SIHR (let it lapse at Christmas, forgot until this week)
  • she and I will walk Ziggy (that’s our dog)
  • Barbeque tonight with three Stella (the only woman my wife will allow me to spend time with aside from her–she’s all funny that way!)

That’s it, that’s my day. My son is a fine young man, he’s got a wicked sense of humor and more patience and thoughtfulness than I had at his age, he gets that from his Mom. My daughter is so me it’s incredible, it’s funny seeing yourself stare back at you and make some smartass remark (sorry about that again, Dad). My wife (of 30 years now, incredibly) will do everything she can to make this day special, that’s what she does and one of the reasons I married her (I’d get into more detail, but again–family site!).

To all the Dads reading this today: enjoy the day men, spend it with those you hold dear. And for Dads with kids who are little, you make damn good and sure you take a moment to look at those little ones–take a long look, so you can hold it in your mind’s eye–because the years go too quickly and that’s for sure.

I don’t know how many more years the four of us will be together under one roof, but selfishly I hope it’s at least a couple. Even though there’s an empty milk carton in the fridge, the boy left the light on and my daughter left the bathroom a mess, I love them all so much.

Happy Father’s Day!


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16 Responses to "HAPPY FATHER’S DAY"

  1. Bar_Qu says:

    Its the best job in the world & one we never did a thing to desrve. happy father’s day to all us, and sympathies to all who have sadness today. God bless you.

  2. hungoverman says:

    Having breakfast with my 10 year old son cancer surviving son with Downs Syndrome. Makes me feel great to be alive. And thankful for small blessings!! Happy Fathers Day to everyone!!

  3. dawgtoy says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow dad’s out there. Thanks for the advice LT. I’ll spend the day with my wife of ten years, my six year old daughter, and my twin four year olds. Similarly my wish is to have a big breakfast consisting of everything that will clog the old arteries.
    I am everything because of my dad, and he’ll be over for supper later. We’ll talk green and gold. We’ll talk copper and blue, and I know these days are the best days of my life. I won’t take them for granted and I pray that they never end.

  4. theres oil in virginia says:

    C’mon LT, you know the milk carton was you.

    Enjoy the day and thanks for the blog.

  5. supernova says:


    Thanks for posting this on your blog, you run this site with integrity and class.

    I absolutely love being a dad, it is quite easily the best thing that ever happen to me, I have a beautiful wife, and a dad that showed an amazing example of how to be a great dad.

    On a hockey note, man that was one heck of a overtime last night. These teams are competing hard and it looks to be a legendary series.

  6. blackdog says:

    A bit dusty in here.

    Happy Father’s Day Alan and to all the dads out there. Enjoy!

  7. RMGS says:

    First-time dad (three months and counting!), occasional poster, long-time reader.

    Happy Father’s Day, fellas!

  8. Gret99zky says:

    My son wakes me up this morning with, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

    He gives me my present. A handcrafted Star Trek mouse-pad.

    Then he asks, “Why isn’t there a kids’ day?”

    My reply was the one my Dad taught me.

    “Because everyday is kids’ day.”

    Happy Father’s Day to all.

  9. mumbai max says:

    My thoughts today are with father (and family) of Kristians Pelss.

  10. Lowetide says:

    mumbai max:
    My thoughts today are with father (and family) of Kristians Pelss.

    Absolutely. Impossible to comprehend how this day must be for the entire family.

  11. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Another great read LT!

    Happy Day to you and all the other pops out there.

    My Dad gave me a hatred of the Nucks, an inability to hide disappointment in a gift, a love of old movies and character actors, an enduring respect for the words “peace, order and good government” and a subtle sense of disdain for pomp and circumstance.

    Here’s a dad story:

    Through the late 90s early 00s me and dad would hop over to Van to see the Nucks lose to the Oil once a year (we’d split the cost, I got the tix, he got the hotel — the Y, btw is a great, cheap hotel next to GM place, or whatever it is now). He’s an early riser. Me, not so much, especially in my late teens early 20s.

    In the morning, he’d wake early (6:30 ish) have a cup of coffee from the maker in the room, go out grab a paper and basically putter about for an hour or so, Intermittantly looking over at the other bed to see if I had stirred, or showed any signs of waking.

    Over the course of the hour a slowly building resentment would take hold: “the boy should be up by now… lazy bum… 15 more minutes and that’s it… we’ve got a big day ahead… I’m getting hungry… etc.”

    I, of course, am simply asleep and without regard for his building frustration. I have no experience of the stages of resentment he’s going through.

    Instead all at once things come to a head. He brusquely shakes my foot and says something like: “C’mon, you going to laze about all day?!”

    All in all this was pretty mild. Experience thought me, however, not to test his resolve by trying to persist in sleep.

    One year, My dad’s dad wanted to visit a friend in Friday Harbour. So, dad to gramps over for the night. This was probably the first time they had traveled together in years. Gramps would have been in his mid 80s.

    When they returned Dad told what he considered an amazing story. Apparently gramps got up very early in the morning (5ish), had a cup of coffee, read the paper and puttered about slowly building resentment toward his lay-about son sleeping the day away.

    Finally, gramps shook my dad awake by the foot and said something like: “get up you lazy bum, we’ve got a ferry to catch!” (never mind there was no actual rush for travel reasons).

    My dad told this story with a sense of frustration: “who’s this oldtimer to tell me I’m lazy! 6:30 is sleeping in for me! etc.”

    He also told it without a sense of irony. I laughed uproariously and told him he’s exactly like his father.

  12. RexLibris says:

    Het LT,

    You may have seen this already but this seems appropriate.


    Great song.

  13. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Happy Father’s Day. I am remembering my dad and thinking of my son and being thankful for the natural order of things. I also have had a thought for Einars Pelss & how terrible it must be when that natural order gets messed up.

  14. Maggie the Monkey says:

    And another song for the day:


    Thanks for the touching message, LT.

  15. Milli says:

    Very nice article and I have so much to say, and will try so……I now have 2 little girls, 7 & 9. Wow, you know, some days when I look at them, I just have to laugh! My oldest, well, she hates to lose, and not just a little bit, full on ANGER! And I know just where she gets it from! My youngest, well this girl is funny, silly and a very active eater, and again I know just where she gets it from! I wouldn’t change it for the world! My dad passed away so long ago, nearly 20 years. I wish he was here to see and enjoy my kids. I am very lucky though, my parents divorced when I was 7, and because of that, I and my girls have the most amazing dad! He has been in my life since I was about 9, and god knows, some days I do not know why he stayed! We, me and my brother, were not easy kids but he stuck it out and we are very lucky that he did! he taught me so so much.

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