The Oilers have a nice pipeline starting from OKC to Edmonton. This fall the Barons will send some legit NHL prospects to training camp and one or more should see some action in the show. Plus there should be more on the way.


  • Martin Marincin RE 62, 3-17-20; Actual 69, 7-23-30. Marincin got a push with Justin Schultz as his partner, then slumped for a stretch during the year and was placed on the third pairing. A solid recovery was the best news all year, and he was playing significant minutes during the post-season. +8 on RE.
  • Taylor Fedun RE 55, 4-11-15; 70, 8-19-27. A terrific story, Fedun lost a season after turning pro and had to work hard just to make it back to the AHL. He was solid early and improved as the season wore on. Fedun should get a good look during TC this fall and may push for opening night employment. +8 on RE.
  • Brandon Davidson RE 60, 1-9-10; Actual: 26, 2-3-5. Davidson is an amazing story and he’s still just a kid. RE +1, but the major news is his recovery from cancer treatment and impressive ECHL showing. The explosive, breaking news is that he followed that up by playing big and effective minutes through the playoffs, establishing himself as a legit NHL prospect. David Staples tracked him as a shutdown player in the post-season.


  • Colten Teubert RE 70, 3-12-15; Actual 62, 4-6-10. Teubert was -3 RE, but his main problem came from being passed over by pretty much everyone on the depth chart. Teubert–former first rounder–couldn’t get into the lineup during the post-season and there was no talk of injury. At a career crossroads.
  • Alex Plante RE 55, 1-13-14; Actual 49, 1-2-3. His RE is -9, Plante is a first round pick from 2007 who can be fairly described as an AHL fringe player. Concussions have had their impact, but I’m not certain of his hockey future.

There are three legit D prospects in OKC: a 2nd round selection from 2010 tracking well, a free agent signing recovering from injury and pushing up the depth chart and a 6th round pick from the 2010 entry draft moving past more famous prospects. This is an encouraging list, not because all three will make it, but because with three NHL prospects knocking on the door there’s a better chance one will make the grade. A solid winter for the OKC blue.

I think the two first rounders in the red are at an Oiler crossroads–we’ll see how it goes. Photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved.

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  1. Gerta Rauss says:

    With Gernat and Musil pencilled in for the OKC blue next year, do they even qualify Plante..? What about Teubert..? I could see Teubert thrown into the 3 for 1 trade. Teubert will get another chance, not sure it will be with the Oilers though. I think they’ll flush Plante.

  2. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Is Teubert bundable as a reclamation project in a trade?

    I gather whoever is interested would simply wait and sign as a FA… but still I wonder… Former 1sts get so many chances.

  3. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    An interesting question is going to be how taught MacT is going to leave the 50 man. Is he going to have it full to the brim with hangers-on and dead weight, or is he going to keep it lean knowing you can’t add all the pieces in a week and you need flexibility for mid-season acquisitions.

    what’s the over/under on the 50 man to start the season…. 48?

  4. Dead Oiler walking says:

    i was excited when they drafted Davidson. i had been watghing the Pats in 09-10. Davidson was a rookie, an older rookie to be sure due to family finances, an Teubert was in his second season post draft. that was the first time he ate Teubert’s lunch. Davidson led the team in plus minus at +15 and I think a guy named Eberle was second at +8. Teubert was -2.

  5. WeridAl says:

    Teubert will be resign, besides Fedun, he’s the only physical RHS D in the system. Davidson just improves every game, but Marincin led in +/- with +20.

  6. Oilanderp says:

    I am bundable when I have a nice cup of tea. I’m not sure if that characteristic could help Teubert but at this point we will take whatever we can get. Maybe we can trade him as part of a package for a Onebert.

  7. justDOit says:


    But that’s only half as good – the Oilers need an Elevenbert!

  8. justDOit says:

    @LT: Any word on the reports that the Flames have asked the Oilers to borrow a few Cups? It’ll take them a long time to empty the Dome with only one!

    (not my joke – but I wish it was)

  9. delooper says:

    Since we’re shoulder-deep in draft talk… Anyone have suggestions for things to do in Frankfurt on a Sunday? I missed my flight to Shanghai. I guess I’ll go exploring downtown…. But what to see?

  10. bendelson says:


    Hungry? I hear they make fantastic hot dogs…

    In Shanghai, I’ll recommend the noodles…

    (Sorry but I’m bored sitting in an airport)

  11. edwards_daddy says:


    Saturday night in Frankfurt? Cocoon club. Awesome.

  12. Lowetide says:

    Since we’reshoulder-deep in draft talk… Anyone have suggestions for things to do in Frankfurt on a Sunday? I missed my flight to Shanghai.I guess I’ll go exploring downtown…. But what to see?

    Music? I love music.

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