Marco Roy played a pre-season game Friday night, scored a goal, had 6 shots on goal (5 of them dangerous shots) and it was the game winner. The local paper run through Google translate said “Marc-Olivier Roy and Danick Martel deceived the vigilance of the visiting goalkeeper with shots in the roof of the net from the circle off faceoffs!”It appears the Quebec hockey writers have tremendous flair, or google translate is pumping their pneus.

My God  I love the game of hockey, it’s such a beautiful game. I enjoyed every season of hockey as a child and remain spellbound by it. The summer is for adding to the team, throwing away unwanted items and renewal. The fall is about hope and all things are possible, long days from the bitter, bitter pill of mathematics telling you it’s another spring without the playoffs. I want that second season, as a fan. Honestly, if the Oilers never win a Stanley in my lifetime, I have no right to complain. I enjoyed 5, FIVE, Stanley’s as a fan and I don’t think the hockey Gods guarantee anyone six (not since Pollock fixed the tumblers in his favor 50 years ago). So, this is it. The beginning. Another fall on the way, another opportunity, a brand new bullet in the chamber.

These are the things I’m most looking forward to this winter:

  • Taylor Hall, shock and awe.
  • Nuge, healthy and finding the range.
  • Eberle, continuing an incredible journey.
  • Yak City pissing off seniors.
  • Justin Schultz for a full NHL season.
  • Samwise quieting critics.
  • The new man Perron.
  • Ryan Smyth showing us some of the past
  • Oscar Klefbom showing us some of the future
  • Ference ovations at Rexall!
  • Dubnyk gets respect
  • A deadline addition that is timely and makes sense
  • A coaching staff that runs their best players and makes adjustments.
  • That young blue in OKC continuing to develop
  • One forward prospect emerging from the Barons group
  • Khaira killing it in Everett
  • The young man Nurse.
  • Marco Roy scoring in bunches in a land called Blainville-Boisbriand



We’re back on the radio, 10am on Team 1260 with a full lineup. Scheduled to appear:

  • Michael Parkatti from Boys on the Bus. We’ll talk Rajala, Grabovski and the importance of value contracts (Oilers edition).
  • Tommy Lawlor from Iggles Blitz. Team 1260 has been previewing NFL teams during my absence but not enough on the Eagles. Lawlor takes care of that this morning.
  • Brian King (PDO) is mad as hell about the Eskimos and he’ll let loose at 10:40 this morning.
  • Eric Rodgers will discuss the Barons and their sudden lack of offense for the coming season.
  • Travis Yost will join us (I hope) at 11:25, and we’ll discuss what the hell is going on with his blog!

Stay tuned!!

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29 Responses to "AND SO IT BEGINS"

  1. Ben says:

    Ah, hockey: the stick we bite down on as another too-short summer is wrenched away.

  2. regwald says:

    Love that line “Yak city pissing off seniors”

    Here’s to lots of that !

  3. nycoil says:

    Good morning! Nothing quite like kicking off the week with a post about actual on-ice happenings. Hockey is back! I don’t quite share the optimism that you have about reaching the second season, LT, as too much hangs on the shoulder of the Nuge without a strong backup plan, but it’s nice when everything is a tabula rasa. It’s like spring training when this could be the year someone hits .400 or the Expos knock off the Braves at last for the pennant. Hope springs eternal! Nice to analyze the players we do have on the ice rather than ones we should have signed or shouldn’t have let skip the pond.

  4. Woodguy says:

    I’m looking forward to Hemsky playing 2RW while RNH re-habs.

    When RNH comes back 83 will be the 2nd leading scorer on the OIlers leading Eakins to leaving him in the top 6 and explosions in the MSM about the move.

  5. regwald says:

    Loved that first goal in the highlight reel. Cross ice pass and one time from the bottom of the circle. That’s a pretty tough shot to bury. I only know 3 other players who could do that … Ebs, Yak and Stamkos.

    Ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but it was a hell of a shot !

  6. PerryK says:

    Welcome back, LT. Hope you had a nice vacation.

  7. regwald says:

    Welcome back, LT.Hope you had a nice vacation.

    Ya, now that he’s back to his day job, we might see only one post a day. lol

  8. Captain Smarmy says:

    I hope Brian King talks about how Kory Sheets cuts through Edmonton defense like butter.

  9. Captain Smarmy says:

    I’m looking forward to Hemsky playing 2RW while RNH re-habs.

    When RNH comes back 83 will be the 2nd leading scorer on the OIlers leading Eakins to leaving him in the top 6 and explosions in the MSM about the move.

    I’d like for this to be true but I doubt he has it anymore.

  10. justDOit says:

    My goodness, those are some impressive moves on young Mr. Roy. Can’t wait to see him in training camp.

  11. Jesse says:

    Man, very happy the show is back on.

  12. Lowetide says:

    Can everyone comment on the blog okay?

  13. TheOtherJohn says:

    I strongly feel the Blog is good. Actually the Blog is great! I really like the blog.

    Surprised R Kruger got hired by Babcock for Team Canada. Understand 40% of Oiler problems last year were directly tied to Ralph Kruger. Didn’t Team Canada know that?

    Also particularly liked Christina Hendricks. Talented woman

  14. supernova says:


    I share your love for Hockey, I just love the game and all that it brings.

    Travis Yost has great stuff, Looks Like he is a target because the quality he posts.

    I wonder when he will get picked up by a big network/site.

  15. VOR says:

    Roy and his goal were reminding me of a moment in hockey history that points out how hard it is to evaluate draft picks even after the fact.

    It is the fourth round of the draft the team is on the clock. They have narrowed the choice to one of two players. The first will be by any definition a superstar. A mean skilled centre who will be one of the few players in NHL history to have play over 1000 games, haver over a thousand points, and more than a thousand penalty minutes. The other player is a checking winger from Europe. He tried really hard not to take penalties and was arguably the best defensive player in NHL over the course of his career which also exceeded 1000 games.

    The team in question took the checking winger. A lot of people think, in retrospect, that it was the correct call. This is because Jarri Kurri showed up in the NHL with the most lethal one timer in hockey history and made sweet music with Wayne Gretzky while Bernie Nichols laboured in obscurity in LA. But if we look at points per game there isn’t much to choose between them. How can we ever know what each guys stats would have been if the teams had reversed picks. If the Oilers get say 1000 points for taking Kurri how many do they lose for not taking Nichols? How about all those teams that missed both players? How do we penalize the Oilers and Kings for missing another 1000 game stud scorer, Steve Larmer, later in the same draft.

    People forget what incredible moves Kurri had, but the Roy highlight looked remarkably like Kurri on one of those nights the game slowed down for him. Maybe one day we will look back at the drafting of Marco Roy and go, what were other teams thinking. But I bet we still won’t have any idea how to fairly evaluate the draft performance of any team.

  16. supernova says:

    Can everyone comment on the blog okay?

    When I use the ipad i often have issues with the loading of a post or commenting.

    Have never had a issue with a PC.

  17. Woodguy says:

    Can everyone comment on the blog okay?

    What did I miss?

  18. Hammers says:

    Want to see Dubbie play great enough to get Olympic consideration . Would mean we are winning games . Looking at Joensuu to show he can be that big Finnish winger . Belov to be a top 4 “D” .For McT to make at least 1 more move .

  19. Ca$h-Money! says:


    If we get all of those things then we just might be more than a fringe playoff contender. Unlikely they all stick, but here’s to dreaming big!

  20. russ99 says:

    Captain Smarmy: I’d like for this to be true but I doubt he has it anymore.

    I do, Hemsky has two healthy shoulders for the first time in years, and has a lot to prove in a contract year especially considering he’s been offered around the league with no takers.

    My only question is how does he get into the top-6 without Hall moving to center?

    I’d love to see my all-time crazy EA Sports preternatural puck skill line of Hemsky, Hall and Yakupov, but even I doubt that ever happens

  21. striatic says:

    supernova: When I use the ipad i often have issues with the loading of a post or commenting.

    Have never had a issue with a PC.

    posting from iPhone is often [usually] broken as well.

  22. Jesse says:

    Yeah, for the record I can pretty much never post from my iPhone.

  23. VanOil says:

    In honor of LT bringing the girlie GIFs back to the blog after the androgyny of Bowie I offer the following TMZ class predictions:

    Yak on a talented 2nd line getting the soft parade lights up the NHL to start the year. By Xmas he is on a 50 goal a year pace and makes the Russian Olympic team. In early January he breaks Perron’s foot and a slump ensues.

    In Sochi he becomes the pin up boy of the Olympics. Post Olympics affluent young Russian girls stock the Oilers both home and away. The seats behind the Oilers bench become the most expensive in Hockey. More under garments are thrown on the Oilers bench than during Tom Jones concert in ’76.

    Yak’s form returns after the Olympics but no ones notices as a healthy Nuge pivoting a pissed of Hall, who did not make Sochi and Eberle who did but was not played, destroy the league. The Russian girls pick new favorites.

    The boys get a glint in there eyes but are not distracted. Eberle, setup by his pals Jay and Dan, starts dating Clarissa Thompson. Oilers fans panic, Hall gets competitive and picks up Miss Saskatchewan and Ebs golf tournament. She wins Miss World the year he lifts the Cup.

    Yak holds out for a good Canadian girl. RNH trips over a pair of frilly panties and falls for one of the Russian groupies. She turns out to be the daughter of a Russian Mob boss. He becomes the most protected man in hockey, both on and of the ice, since Semenko offered canoe tours.

  24. commonfan14 says:

    Looking forward to “RNH for Team Canada?” becoming the #1 biggest controversy leading up to the games, a la Crosby and Stamkos before him.

  25. VanOil says:

    Malkin Fighting a 7 year old.

  26. theres oil in virginia says:

    striatic: posting from iPhone is often [usually] broken as well.

    Apple’s probably included LoweTide in their ever-expanding trade war. They must view it as a competitor. What’s your “market cap” LT? Or did you say something nice about Google? That would do it.

  27. delooper says:

    Has anyone done a comparison of the new soccer/football advanced stats techniques to the hockey ones? I just read an economist article on the new soccer stats. It looks like they keep track of much more fine-detail information.

  28. OilLeak says:

    Wow, Marco Roy is an impressive skater, it seems so effortless. I just got a lot more interested in this player, hoping for a breakout year in the Q.

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