We’re here, folks. We’re at the point where the summer questions become fall answers. The highest highs and the lowest lows–they’re just around the corner. Here’s 22 things I want to know. Badly.

  1. I’d love a Nuge update bout now. We miss the boy.
  2. David Perron. How’s he fit into this roster? He looked like a million bucks as part of that giant forward group that rocked into town and rolled over the baby Oilers these past seasons. Can he catch a fire with Gagner and Yak City?
  3. Does Taylor Hall have another gear? If he does, stand back!
  4. Boyd Gordon. Did he pack his Superman suit?
  5. Ales Hemsky REMAINS one of the most talented players on this ridiculous team, and he has one thing the othes don’t: miles of experience. Can the club find a role?
  6. Dallas Eakins: is he the saviour, or a modern Tom Runnells?
  7. Can this coaching staff solve the ongoing ‘breakout’ problem on the Oilers blue, which dates back to the Steve Staios ‘rip it around the boards so Joff can push it out’ days of frustration and anger.
  8. Can this team improve at 5×5 while maintaining their 5×4 and 4×5 magic of one year ago?
  9. Justin Schultz. Can he sustain for an entire season, marry some defense to that magic wand offense and find a way to play 25 effective minutes?
  10. Is there a third line in there?
  11. Is there a fourth line in there?
  12. Will this be the season the “reverse Corsi All-Star” colors are something other than Oiler blue?
  13. Can Andrew Ference play top 4 minutes and evens and PK, while supplying that wonderful calm those beautiful veterans do?
  14. Can the highest goaltending tandem on the planet stop 92.5% of the shots? Or better?
  15. Will there be depth, real depth?
  16. Will Grebeshkov be as fun as we remember?
  17. Who is Belov?
  18. The mannish boy Klefbom–can he play in the NHL right away, and more importantly, can he stay healthy?
  19. Is Jesse Jonesuu a giant?
  20. That young Russian Yakupov. Is he as wonderful as we remember?
  21. Ryan Smyth. Can he end his Oiler run with a year to remember?
  22. MacT. Has he done enough this summer to get this team to the second season?

It’s coming soon to our town. Hurry sundown.

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24 Responses to "HURRY SUNDOWN"

  1. Rebilled says:

    19. “I started playing hockey as an Oiler.’”My side of the city was Oilers.’ Trip to Finland in the future? Goensuu!|EDM|home

  2. WheresYourTowel says:

    13. Getting to know Andrew Ference a bit this summer (through his twitter and what’s been written about him around the league) has been a treat. I really feel like he may deliver value to the end of his contract (as the cap rises) given his dedication to fitness. In fact, he sounds a lot like Coach Eakins in that regard.

    If Wanye turns out to be wrong, I’d be ok with Ferknuckle as C14.

  3. VanOil says:

    1. What if Nuge come back at 195lbs, all of it lower body because shoulder? Does Pierre McGuire start fetishizing his ass?

  4. striatic says:

    21. i sure hope so.

    i still think Smyth can play at a high level so long as he’s playing limited minutes. his first season back in Edmonton went really well until the wheels fell off. in the second, he seemed unprepared for the end of the lockout and then almost immediately was shifted over to play C with some very questionable teammates.

    Smyth is a weird case where i don’t think he’s really a 4th line player, but he needs to be playing 4th line minutes, which i think means he should be splitting time at 3LW with another player. Joensuu? Omark? Jones? whoever it is will be getting a golden opportunity playing with either Hemsky or Yakupov. as for Smyth, i think so long as Eakins understands his limitations, and deploys him intelligently, Smyth still has a hell of a lot to offer this team above and beyond “intangibles”.

  5. WheresYourTowel says:

    1. What if Nuge come back at 195lbs, all of it lower body because shoulder? Does Pierre McGuire start fetishizing his ass?


  6. Lowetide says:

    This makes him smart!!!!!!

  7. 106 and 106 says:

    WIll the sun ever be down on this quote?

    Funny quote of the offseason: “And lastly, I’ll say that there’s one other guy in hockey today that is still working in the game that has won more Stanley Cups than me. So I think I know a little bit about winning, if there’s ever a concern.” – Kevin Lowe

    No – never – nin.

  8. Lowetide says:

    I was in on a client call when lowe said that, got to my car and there was a text from WG. Basically “are you HEARING THIS?” and I wasn’t so I called him. As i recall, he could barely get the words out he was laughing so hard.

    Haha. Man.

  9. RexLibris says:

    23. If the Oilers only play the Flames eight times this year, can they beat them badly enough it adds up to nine? (Answer: yes)

    24. Is this the year that Taylor/Tyler is put to bed by the rest of the MSM outside Edmonton? (’bout time)

    25. What is the over/under on the number of times LT puts an SJ gif into an article? (19.5)

  10. Captain Smarmy says:

    If there is a world where Yak City isn’t awesome then I don’t want to live in it.

  11. G Money says:

    The definitive answers:

    1 Go Oilers!
    2 Go Oilers!
    3 Go Oilers!
    4 Go Oilers!
    5 Go Oilers!
    6 Go Oilers!
    7 Go Oilers!
    8 Go Oilers!
    9 Go Oilers!
    10 Go Oilers!
    11 Go Oilers!
    12 Go Oilers!
    13 Go Oilers!
    14 Go Oilers!
    15 Go Oilers!
    16 Go Oilers!
    17 Go Oilers!
    18 Go Oilers!
    19 Go Oilers!
    20 Go Oilers!
    21 Go Oilers!
    22 Go Oilers!

    Sometimes you gotta set the analysis aside and remember that you’re a fan.

  12. Woodguy says:

    I was in on a client call when lowe said that, got to my car and there was a text from WG. Basically “are you HEARING THIS?” and I wasn’t so I called him. As i recall, he could barely get the words out he was laughing so hard.

    Haha. Man.

    That presser was one of my favorite Oiler moments ever and I was 12,13, 15, 16, and 18 for the Oiler cups in Edmonton.

    They were all really awesome for their own reason, but the last two were unreal.

    Oiler 2006 run was great too, but crushed my soul at the end.

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Lowe that day.

    I was like every fake conversation I’ve posted from his point-of-view came true all at once.

    I laughed from the presser until I went to be that night and chuckled for a few days after.

    It was perfect.


    LT wrote this June 11, 2012:

    Based on Steve Tambellini’s opening comments, I have no idea about the job MacT has been hired to do. Suspect it won’t matter long term. I can’t imagine Steve Tambellini lasting in his job for long.



    HIs post the day MacT was hired was also one of LT’s best.:

    I felt incredible relief with this morning’s news; we can return to talking about the importance of what you accomplish with the puck and about the importance of what you leave. We can discuss the possibility of getting full value in trade, about dealing draft picks for NHL players, about defense, defense, defense, defense, defense, defense.

    That’s a great opening line. Prophetic about the D as well.


    “And lastly I’ll say, there’s one other guy I believe in hockey today, that is still working in the game, that has won more Stanley Cups than me, so I think I know a little bit about winning if that’s ever a concern.”

    You have to have the balls of a pirate, the feeling of being invincible, and no awareness of the moment to make that statement on the eve of a 7th season outside the playoffs.

    One of the best sentences I’ve read.

  13. Dead Cat Bounce says:

    On the eve of 8, actually.

  14. jp says:


    25. What is the over/under on the number of times LT puts an SJ gif into an article? (19.5)

    Unless you’re talking about San Jose, I’d put money on over.

  15. Woodguy says:


    As i recall, he could barely get the words out he was laughing so hard.

    I picked up the phone and screamed:

    “SIX CUPS!!!!!”


    Then laughed for about 15 minutes.

  16. Numenius says:

    Missing the playoffs last year was absolutely worth it because it got rid of Tambo. We’ll look back on that as the turning point in Oiler fortunes. Perhaps the Oilers still would have been somewhat successful, but there’d have been no Stanley in their future. With McT, there’s a chance.

    It’s too bad the season didn’t get rid of Lowe as well, but there are brighter lights surrounding him now with Howson and McT.

  17. Racki says:

    Oh Kevin Lowe. Once a hero here, now a zero. Some people need to know when to zip it.

    That line will give us laughs for many years, I’m sure.

  18. DeadmanWaking says:

    I’ve always figured zero chance Lowe gets the boot until they finally cut the ribbon on the new digs, ’cause you can’t cut a ribbon without six cups, not since the fifties, anyway, when there was a baby to kiss riding every arm.

    That’s why we still have Lowe. We just don’t do enough in the bedroom to vacate his cup holder. Or not enough, anyway, that doesn’t line Katz’s deep pocket.

  19. russ99 says:

    I don’t get the rips on Lowe, other than in the context of the Oiler old boy network.

    The president of an NHL club is basically a guy who takes direction and deflects criticism from the owner.

    As long as MacT is the “buck stops here” boss of the pro operations of the hockey club, and has the power and decision-making ability to do it right, Lowe can rant all he wants as far as I care…

  20. RexLibris says:


    Look at that picture really quickly and tell me which finger is up.

    I swear it looked like a Trudeau moment. I almost wish it had been the middle finger, the internets could have been spinning for years off of that one photo.

  21. Spydyr says:

    Let’s not forget Lowe and his second tier fans from the same press conference.

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