The Edmonton Oilers use advanced stats—there’s enough evidence in the verbal from coach and GM to confirm this ten times over—but it’s nice to see them trickle all the way down to the lower third.


Jonathan Willis threw this up on twitter last night, and it contrasts so much with the Corsi for % I wanted to post it for discussion.

  •  RNH: 53%; Hall 51%; Eberle 52%
  • Arcobello: 53%; Perron 51%; Hemsky 52%
  • Gagner 49%; Smyth 50%; Yakupov 49%
  • Gordon 41%; Jones 36%; Joensuu 31%
  • Acton 28%; Gazdic 21%
  • Ference 48%; Petry 50%
  • Belov 48%; J Schultz 48%
  • N Schultz 46%; Larsen 46%
  • Smid 48%

Fascinating. And considering Gordon’s drastic zone start, there are TEN Oiler forwards who are doing fine this season. Four defensemen 48%+, and the team is eleven games under .500. It’s about a lot of things, but it’s a lot about the goaltending. How much could this team improve if Bryzgalov is for real and they could add a 25 minute a night defenseman like Mark Giordano?


  • Smyth: “There’s winning and then there’s misery. And this is misery.”

Ryan’s quotes are getting better over the years, and he nailed this moment in Oilers history. Lots of good quotes in this article and I do believe they’ll play well tonight. Colorado is no pushover, however.


The deadline for pre-Crhristmas  trades is tonight at midnight, and there’s at least a chance Linus Omark will be going. It sounds like he’s pretty much had it in OKC, and the Oilers don’t have any plans for him. The problem comes with finding a trade partner who is willing to play him in the NHL, suspect many would take him on as insurance but that means playing in the minors until a need arises.

Omark needs an expansion draft. I remember as a kid you’d see a guy like Guy Charron go from team to team in fits and starts and then finally an expansion draft would give him a chance. Walt McKechnie played for pretty much every bad team that existed when I was a kid, don’t know if he would have played any in the original 6 (foot speed issues).

Anyway, best of luck Linus! I think you’re a player, but that doesn’t count for a hill of beans.


blue sledgehammer

This is the Vollman Sledgehammer for Oilers defense so far, you can find it here. All of the defenseman are in the red (bubble) and the toughest minutes are being played by Petry, Ference and Larsen (!!!) while the easiest are going to Belov and the Schultz brothers. The zone start push is going to Schultz the younger, with the drastic ZS’s to Petry.

So, the guy doing the heavy lifting for the Edmonton Oilers is……..Jeff Petry!

If the Oilers had a Giordano, or an Ehrhoff, or a Campbell, how much of this graph would be blue?



 10 this morning, TSN 1260. Preview of the Oilers-Avs and we’ll talk about the blue. Scheduled to appear:

  • Kady Hobbins from Puck Rant and HF. We’ll talk about the game, Bryzgalov and acquiring a defenseman.
  • Jason Strudwick from TSN 1260. Jason will talk to us about how tough it is for a player like Petry to play a step above his level.
  • Michael Parkatti from Boys on the Bus. We’ll talk about this Oilers team in historic terms. Are they going to give up a record number of goals (when you era-adjust)?
  • Kent Simpson, TSN 1260 Oil Kings broadcasts. Kent will drop in to talk about the Spengler Cup, which goes over Christmas (first broadcast on Boxing day). Kent played in the tournament and will tell us about it.

Questions and comments welcome, @Lowetide_ on twitter and 10-1260 via text. We’re getting some hilarious stuff from you and I thank you for it. Stay tuned!

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  1. RexLibris says:


    Those silly Flames don’t even know how to tank properly. The Oilers could put on a clinic.

    They were expecting to get a top five pick this year – could happen – and then challenge for McDavid next season.

    My guess is Burke either trades this year’s pick himself in order to improve immediately, or his hire does something along the same lines.

    Honestly, I would not be at all surprised if he, or his eventual GM hire, attempt a trade similar in nature to the Kessel deal.

    Ownership wants a quick return to relevancy and Burke is equally as impatient.

  2. Pablo Aimar says:

    The Edmonton Thrashers have 25pts after 36 games, on pace for less than 60 over a full season. At least Mac T and Eakins are on the right path.

  3. Alsker says:

    No team has had more empty net and short handed goals scored on then the Oilers

    Don’t be surprised if Gagner is suspended

    We can only hope.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Michael Parkatti ‏@mparkatti 14s

    COL led Corsi count at evens 51-42, EDM’s CF% is 45.2%. They also led expected goals 2.9-1.7, actual goals were 1-2. EG% of 37%.

  5. bookje says:

    Ghastly. Ghastly.

    I think the question as to whether the team has regressed is a fair one. Last year, I think the team had a worse defense, more injuries, and better goaltending. With that said, they were never boring and at least I felt like there was a general upwards trajectory. Eakins may be a really good coach, but the timing of his hiring was terrible. If MacT and Eakins came in a year earlier right after Renney, it may have worked out better.

    I had the game on and didn’t even look up at it in the last 10 minutes. I think I am tuning out because the two emotions I have are frustration and boredom and the frustration is fading into apathy.

  6. RexLibris says:


    Frustration, apathy, boredom, tuning out.

    Yes to all.

    Only reason I watch is to come on here and share my pain.

    Hello. My name is Rex……and its been four days since my last Oilers game.

  7. Lowetide says:

    Edmonton Oilers ‏@EdmontonOilers 5m

    “The chances were there like they have been all year. We battle hard but once again it wasn’t enough. Time to go home and regroup.” – Hall

  8. Kevin Lowe says:

    And lastly I’ll say, there’s one other guy I believe in hockey today, that is still working in the game, that has won more Stanley Cups than me, so I think I know a little bit about winning if that’s ever a concern.

  9. RexLibris says:

    Edmonton Oilers ‏@EdmontonOilers 5m

    “The chances were there like they have been all year. We battle hard but once again it wasn’t enough. Time to go home and regroup.” – Hall

    Watching what this is doing to Hall is getting to me.

    it took Yzerman what? Five years of futility before they got a sniff of the playoffs? And another four or five before anything came of it?

    The trade freeze comes into effect this evening, is that correct?

    I wonder if MacTavish has some sort of press availability between now and Christmas.

  10. hags9k says:

    It was only a year ago when there would be over one hundred new comments if I didn’t check them for an hour. Today, there was 20 – 30 at best.

    I wonder if Batman realizes how many die hards ARE actually heading for the exits…

    Santa, all I want for Xmas is for you to sneak down one of Katz’ many chimneys, dress up like an alien from planet Vulcan, funnel Van Halen into his ears and threaten to melt his brain unless he fires management. Thanks. Cookies will be in the usual place big guy.

  11. Pablo Aimar says:

    Kevin Lowe,

    Kevin, you were once a very good GM. Its really too bad the Pronger thing caused you to go insane. Please take pity on all Oiler fans and leave. And take Mac T and Eakins with you. (Katz to if you can.)

  12. Lowetide says:

    Gene Principe ‏@GenePrincipe 8s

    Dallas Eakins used the word “digusting” to describe a pp that allowed a shorthanded goal. Also pp ‘sucking’ the life out of the team

  13. hags9k says:

    Kevin Lowe,

    Uh Kev… There’s some concern starting to seep in I have to admit.

  14. Andy P says:

    So near and yet so very far.

  15. hags9k says:

    At least Pocklington won some cups before trading Gretz. Daryl, we appreciate the work on the new rink, but if you stay in the cave and let the cronies continue to run this rotten club, all it will be is a shiny new place where people boo.

  16. Lowetide says:

    Gene Principe ‏@GenePrincipe 34s

    D.Eakins on T.Hall penalty for yapping. It wasn’t Hall but someone else. Eakins asked for explanation.” I can’t tell you what the ref said.”

    That’s actually a relief.

  17. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan Willis ‏@JonathanWillis 10m

    #Oilers chances: 4: +7/-4 93: +8/-5 14: +7/-5 57: +3/-9 89: +1/-5 64: +3/-7 94: +3/-4 27: +3/-5 83: +4/-4 20: +1/-3 51: +1/-5 28: +1/-4

  18. Bank Shot says:

    So I guess the Oilers should look at selling off some parts. They need to finish below the Islanders as I doubt the Isles would consider trading Ekblad.

    The Oilers might as well push hard for Ekblad. yay

  19. bookje says:

    Jonathan Willis ‏@JonathanWillis 10m

    #Oilers chances: 4: +7/-4 93: +8/-5 14: +7/-5 57: +3/-9 89: +1/-5 64: +3/-7 94: +3/-4 27: +3/-5 83: +4/-4 20: +1/-3 51: +1/-5 28: +1/-4

    Accountability time. Time to sit 57, 89, 64, 94, 27, 20, and 28. They might need to call up Omark and Vendeveld to rotate in for a few of these guys!

  20. Lucinius says:

    Didn’t watch the game. Not surprised to read how the game went. Powerplay allowing another short handed goal? Shocking, given its one of the worst constructed powerplays I’ve seen in the NHL (worse than Krueger’s defensive zone system from last year, which was atrocious). I’ve gone through how to fix it before (as its actually quite simple).

    The Oilers are simply out-coached at every aspect, honestly. Offensive zone, entries, exits, defensive zone, special teams, even in goaltending. Every assistant, minimally, needs to go, period.

    Same with Gagner.

    Also, maybe its just me.. but the players themselves have looked like they are having less fun this year than in any year previous since the dreadful time of Shayne Corson. They don’t look to be having fun at all, which can have a serious impact on performance especially its impact on the ‘give a shit’ meter, which most seem to have bottomed out.

    I want to see Hemsky and Yakupov (and RNH and Perron, but they’re less important to me) traded to actual NHL teams this year (so long as they aren’t, you know.. Vancouver, Calgary, Minnesota, Columbus or Florida — i.e., teams I can’t stand to watch). They deserve better than this bullshit excuse of a hockey team.

    Hall, Eberle and J. Schultz? Meh, imo, never been a huge fan of them despite their talent.

  21. Hammers says:

    God people its a loss not the end of the world . Are there things to point at ? Yes . For this game I won’t throw Gags under the bus as 9 out of 10 guys would respond the same way . Refs f=== up .It was a retalition penalty only . Hall wanted this one and I wish he had that fire every game . It is what it is and a team that needs its GM to make a bold (sucker ) move . Thanks to McT for giving Omark a chance in another organization . Classy . We will suck all year as we have been doing but I give him this summer & beyond to get this team going in the right direction .Hell that 20 year old scotch was gooood . I remember & watched the Eskies & Oilers win , win , win but it was so long ago . City of CHUMPS . so sorry .

  22. Doc Savage says:

    Is it actually possible that this team is worse than before we drafted Hall, RNH, and Yakapov? What about a team that also has Eberle and Perron? This doesn’t make any sense.

    Do we actually overvalue our players to such a degree that the combination of Smid, LaBarbera, and Omark can’t even return a single actual NHL player? And I’m not talking about a #1D or #2C, but a single NHL player that is better than anyone currently playing in our lineup?

    I know its just a game, this is all just very perplexing.

  23. Andy P says:

    With competent coaching, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We have good parts. Players that would do well under most coaches, a GM who has given us some good new pieces, and a coach who was considered the top of the pile.

    One thing one needs to minimize is churn, but something is likely to break soon. the only track record Smith and Bucky have as associates is abysmal.

    It’s hard for us as fans I can only imagine how hard it must be for the players, Eakins and MacT, and the associates. But that’s why they get paid the big bucks. Something has to give. I just it gives for the better, as in giving Eakins the right that every other coach surely has.

    If the assistants are the problem, we may be closer than we think to MacT having to choose between his Coach and his associates. What else could there be?

  24. hoser313 says:

    Actually think it’s good Gagner stood up for himself. Good to see Hall get angry too. These things work in funny ways. The team will find ways to play better.

    The Western Conference is better than it’s ever been. That’s the way it is. To be competitive in the West, the Oilers need to keep getting better.

  25. hankster says:


    Good observation. Someone else here sees the players objectively instead of the hometown bias. The only untouchable player on this team should be RNH and yakupov.
    hall and eberle didn’t get invited for the Olympic team try outs…people here we’re throwing hissy fits when they mentioned hall’s attitude. Time for a real rebuild starting at the top…btw I wouldn’t change my comments even if the current roster managed to get to .500 hockey.

  26. russ99 says:

    Andy P,

    Ultimately, the head coach is responsible for this. That comment about the powerplay is endemic to the whole issue, as Eakins is the only one who can do something about it, yet he’s the one complaining to the press about it.

    Makes me wonder if MacT is a little too much hands-on at this point or if this is just rookie-coach itis.

    IMO, this organization needs a house cleaning from the top to the bottom. Really telling that none of the current group running things had a transparent hiring process with multiple candidates up for the job.

    Katz can’t wait to shake things up until the new arena is built, since they’re won’t be fans left to fill the building.

    After viewing the last days of the Equally nepo-tastic Bill Wirtz regime here in Chicago, I can’t help but notice the parallels in play with the Oilers, and sadly we don’t have the option of waiting for the progressive-thinking son to take over ownership here. So there has to be a real changing up of the overall mindset from ownership for things to be able to progress.

  27. Gret99zky says:

    Missing the playoffs for 10 straight seasons seems much more likely than qualifying for the playoffs in the next 2 seasons.

    Serenity now!

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