On December 22, the Edmonton Oilers had a record of 11-24-3 (in 38 games) and a GF-GA total of 95-132. Since then, the club has gone 7-9-3 and scored 52-62. Progress? I think so. The Marincin add and the Scrivens addition surely helped, and I do think they are cobbling together a 3line here out of binder twine and old Copenhagen containers.


  • Goalie Ben Scrivens
  • Defensemen Justin Schultz, Jeff Petry, Martin Marincin and Andrew Ference
  • Center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Boyd Gordon
  • Left Wing Taylor Hall, Nail Yakupov
  • Right Wing Jordan Eberle, David Perron

That’s a helluva lot of talent, and half a roster. They should be better this year, but adding two good defensemen and a quality goalie should help. Throw in a quality center and things should be much better in 2014-15.


I wish you could read Punch Imlach’s Heaven and Hell in the NHL. Scott Young wrote the book with Imlach, and there’s so many brilliant stories contained about team building. Here’s one from page 44.

luce imlach

Somewhere out there in the mist, there is an effective NHL defenseman, a quality two-way center and men who are going to help the Jacks and Kings win the day. One of the things we have to remember is that Patrick Sharp wasn’t Patrick Sharp the day he arrived in Chicago, and Jason Smith had been traded out of two  NHL cities when he got here.

Ben Scrivens might be such a player. Matt Hendricks may end up being an effective 4line winger/center, and maybe he’ll penalty kill (I’m not sure why he isn’t doing this more) and maybe he won’t be here a year from now. The good thing about MacT is he’s aiming higher—Ben Scrivens has a much better chance of solving the goaltending than Cam Barker solving the defensive holes.

I’m pleased MacT is being so aggressive, and aware that some of these moves are going to be fails. The Scrivens pickup is an indicator to me that they are on the right track at some level, just as the Marincin showing tells me the amateur scouts have taken crazy heat for a 2010  draft that has a lot of track to go.


We talked about this trade here and I still don’t see a match. There’s the money issue (Kings don’t have a lot of cap room) and then there’s the “we’re not trading you anything that can help us win” issue. If you suspend reality there’s a trade (Dwight King and Matt Greene for Sam Gagner and Corey Potter) that sends about $2M extra to the coast (I think they can manage it under the cap). Why would the Kings do that now? I know they need offense, but King is having a good year and they’ll need him.  Guys like Clifford don’t begin to satisfy the need, and the Kings won’t trade Toffoli. Dean Lombardi is one smart puppy, I’d prefer MacT stay away.



Big show today, talking Super Bowl post and Oilers pre. Scheduled to appear:

  • Tyler Dellow from mc79 hockey. What’s happening to Taylor Hall? If anyone can find it, I’m betting Dellow.
  • Travis Yost from Hockeybuzz. What up Senators? You had one job! Beat Toronto Saturday night!
  • Jeff Chapman from Copper and Blue. He’s our Sabres expert, and one of our Oilers experts!
  • Jeff Hauser looks at the Super Bowl.

10-1260 text, twitter @Lowetide_. Rave On!


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  1. spoiler says:

    Gagner falls… Drink!

  2. VanOil says:

    Taylor Hall is not having a off night

  3. justDOit says:

    I would prefer any other PP strategy than what they’re currently employing. How about you park Fraser in the crease with Bryz, and play 4 on 4?

  4. RexLibris says:

    godot10: The Pronger powerplay was only 15th in the league. It only seemed like an improvement over the typical 20-something-ish power play coached by MacT and executed by Hemsky. Eakins is clearly cut from the same cloth as MacT.

    I did say “more often”.

    Something happening once is more often than never.


  5. Henry says:

    Wow that call was bad. The guy had his skate way out to his left to receive the ‘slough foot’.

  6. fuzzy muppet says:

    Wow. This team is really, really bad.

  7. Pouzar says:

    I turned off the game after period 1. I am done till we make a trade.

    I really worry about the heart of these youngins.

  8. spoiler says:

    Wow, you could call that penalty every minute of every game on the LA Kings.

  9. RexLibris says:

    fuzzy muppet: Wow. This team is really, really bad.

    That statement, and it’s applicability to either side in the game, is perhaps the most accurate thing that will be written tonight.

  10. Lowetide says:

    I know some don’t like Nuge on the PK, but he’s terrific by eye.

  11. spoiler says:

    Lowetide: I know some don’t like Nuge on the PK, but he’s terrific by eye.

    Yep. Mine too.

  12. Alsker says:

    I know some don’t like Nuge on the PK, but he’s terrific by eye.

    It’s not 93 on the PK that bugs me it’s 89-14-4 line that follows it. Kill the penalty and then give the opp. an extra 30 sec in our zone. How bout the 4th line instead?

  13. fuzzy muppet says:


    He’s been good on the PK. At this point, in this season, Play him as much as you can

  14. vangolf says:

    This team has so far to go…Gagner is only one of many problems.

    I am a big Eakins defender (mostly based on the notion you can’t keep firing the coach), but I don’t get what he is doing with the team in terms of style of play, objectives, etc. It would be one thing if I disagreed with said style/tactics, but to my eye there is nothing discernable to identify.

    I am at the point, where Gordon is the only player I would be sad to see be traded.

  15. flyfish1168 says:

    Is Yak benched ?

  16. spoiler says:

    flyfish1168: Is Yak benched ?

    Yes. By the ref.

  17. fuzzy muppet says:


    He’s actually with 4 and 93 the last bit

  18. Henry says:

    That Girgensons looks like he might be pretty good in a while.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Justin Schultz with a nice goal there.

  20. spoiler says:

    Schultz rings the bell for a goal on a smart pass from Perron.

  21. flyfish1168 says:

    spoiler: Yes. By the ref.

    Just turn on the game and notice Yak not on with regular line mates and notice TOI difference. I write and hit send then Yak does this.

  22. Henry says:

    Nice wrist shot Mr. Jultz.

  23. Lowetide says:

    Schultz 8 (Perron)

  24. spoiler says:

    Another chintzy call, but then again it had been nearly two minutes since anyone occupied a seat in the box.

  25. Lowetide says:

    Alsker: It’s not 93 on the PK that bugs me it’s 89-14-4 line that follows it.Kill the penalty and then give the opp. an extra 30 sec in our zone.How bout the 4th line instead?

    sure, but that’s a nice added skill that may be useful next season. If the Oilers acquire a center who can also PK, that gives the club THREE centers who are useful in that discipline. AND if they decide Lander is a player (and there’s some evidence he is) then that’s all four centers.

    Nice. And gives them options.

  26. VanOil says:

    Made supper and surfed the net during the 1st, had a little nap during the 2nd and am thinking about reading a book during the 3d. Yet I might be more engaged in the game than most of the Oilers.

  27. nelson88 says:

    As a vocal critic of SchultzJr and his tendency to cheat far too much I have to give him credit the last month or so. Seems to have settled down with much less chaos in his game. Nice to see him still getting rewarded when he is making much more judicious decisions. He can certainly finish.

    Embarrassing was the word of day on Sesame Street on Friday. Murray was wearing an Oilers Jersey

  28. Younger Oil says:

    I know people have been hard on them all year, but Hall and Eberle are really frustrating to watch. This game especially. They take on two to three guys going onto the offensive zone, stop, make a soft pass backwards that results in a turnover, then take a few strides back, and start coasting once they get to the red line. Over and over and over.

    Maybe if Eberle put the effort into backchecking that he puts into his commercials, and if Hall focused on skating back and finding a man instead of screaming F**K at the top of his lungs while coasting, this wouldn’t be the worst team in the NHL.

    I’d love to see the coaches bench both Hall and Eberle for at least one game. Bring up someone like Pitlick, who plays twice as hard while making 10% of what Hall and Eberle do, and actually realizes that playing in the NHL is a privilege, not a right. Make a statement. Bring some meaning to the word accountability.

    It’s not like we can get any worse.

  29. gr8one says:


    Embarrassing was the word of day on Sesame Street on Friday. Murray was wearing an Oilers Jersey

    Was the word “tank”?

  30. D says:

    Buffalo intermission broadcast is hilarious. Talking about the trade deadline and the question was asked – is there anyone on the Oilers who could be traded? “Sam Gagner 89 for the Oilers – a very skilled forward. There are some teams that would be interested.” “Like who?” “You know what . . . I, I don’t know exactly . . . “

  31. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan Willis ‏@JonathanWillis 37s

    #Oilers EVSC: 4: +1/-1 93: +1/-2 14: +1/-3 57: +7/-2 89: +6/-3 64: +5/-2 23: +1/-2 27: +1/-2 83: +2/-2 20: +0/-1 94: +0/-3 6: +0/-1

    PP is awful, but there are some nice things there. Wish the Oilers played Buffalo four more times.

  32. The Great One says:

    Corsi For% 5V5

    Buffalo – 63.2%

    Edmonton – 36.8%

  33. spoiler says:

    Matty Hendricks evens up the shortie battle.

  34. fuzzy muppet says:

    This team is unbelievably stupid…

  35. D says:

    Sabres PP reminds me of Edmonton’s.

  36. DBO says:

    Was Nuge a PPG in minors last year? At this point how much better is Gagner then Lander? More size and grit and two way ability. He has never had consistent good linemates. I hope Gagner is moved and Lander gets 20 games with high end talent. His AHL play has earned him a shot. They better not flush him. That would end my hope for MacT.

  37. steveb12344 says:

    The Great One:
    Corsi For% 5V5

    Buffalo – 63.2%

    Edmonton – 36.8%


    Buffalo – 2

    Edmonton – 3

  38. spoiler says:

    LT must have went for a pee or a beer or both…

    Hendricks 4 (Gordon, Marincin)

  39. D says:

    Buffalo should tie the game on this Oiler PP.

  40. spoiler says:

    Feels like this game has had all of four minutes of 5 on 5 play.

  41. Lowetide says:

    LT must have went for a pee or a beer or both…

    Hendricks 4 (Gordon, Marincin)

    Supper, actually. It’s very good.

  42. anonymous says:

    Never hated a coach more. Why does he have Perron and yak playing their off wings? If he has such a problem with Yak why make it harder adjusting?

  43. kooler says:

    just catching the game…gagner, hemsky and perron…how are they playing together, seemed to have a nice cycle a couple minutes ago,

  44. Lowetide says:

    MacT’s mentor fights a war that’s over http://www.puckrant.com/Slapshot/THE_GODFATHER

  45. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Now the zebras have put the whistles away? 2 hooks missed in that shift.
    Outside shot at 50 plus shots against again.

  46. kooler says:

    how many minutes for fraser so far…playing well?

  47. Lowetide says:

    how many minutes for fraser so far…playing well?


  48. VanOil says:

    I would rather the Oilers left Buffalo with Ehrhoff than the two points.

  49. Melman says:

    fuzzy muppet:
    Ott’s saying that Edmonton has lots of guys that “cheat the game”.

    At what point do they wake up??Will they?

    Did he really? That’s what Kesler said when they were in Van. I was at that game and there were a disturbing number of plays where Gagner in particular was not where he was supposed be/leaving the zone early, etc. but got away with it because Van. has a host of troubles itself right now.

  50. Melman says:

    not watching the game, but did the wheels come off Stafford in a hurry or what? Pre-lockout there was a lot of hoopla that he should be targeted as a PF for the Oilers. Ugly stats post lockout

  51. Lowetide says:

    8-9-3 in their last 20. Progress? It still looks like a mess.

  52. Ice Sage says:

    8-9-3 in their last 20. Progress? It still looks like a mess.

    Goaltending improved. Hides a lot.

  53. gcw_rocks says:


    I would rather the Oilers left Buffalo with Ehrhoff than the two points.

    This. One hundred times this.

  54. D says:

    A dominant performance against one of the best teams in the league.

  55. DBO says:


    Gagner for Erhoff. Bring up Lander. Better team all around.

  56. Melman says:

    8-9-3 in their last 20. Progress? It still looks like a mess.

    ~ maybe its one of those recipes that leaves the kitchen a mess, but just needs some time in the oven~

  57. kooler says:


    slow feet or just not that good?

  58. RexLibris says:


  59. justDOit says:


    I think that’s what the guy in the white shirt, behind the Sabres bench is thinking too.


  60. Lowetide says:


    slow feet or just not that good?

    He’s slow, but you can see why he plays. A tough defender, he can punish people. And he’s got some experience.


    I don’t think he’s one of the 8 best defensemen in EDM/OKC, but the Oilers wanted to have a look and he’s better than Larsen.

  61. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Marincin over 20 min again. One of the few good stories in this debacle of a season.
    Man MacT could really have something if he could bump Petry and Marincin down to the second pair next year.
    I’d even be fine with another Gordon for the 2 line if MacT uses up all his assets on D and G.
    Likely to much to ask for though.

  62. justDOit says:

    A list of NHL scouts at the game tonight: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BflW78LIcAArHTZ.jpg

  63. G Money says:

    That was a fun game. If there’s one team that can make the Sabres look like the Sharks, it’s the Oilers.

    Thankfully, the one team that can make the Oilers look like the Sharks just enough to lose is the Sabres.

    Mind you, they won the Breaking Bad for Ekblad Toilet Bowl so, you know, temper that jubilation…

  64. The Great One says:

    Corsi For % 5V5

    Buffalo – 61.7

    Edmonton – 38.3

  65. The Great One says:

    Time for Some Big Boy Hockey. ®

    Chicago @ LA.

  66. G Money says:

    SK Oiler Fan,

    I (like many folks) have been banging the “2 NHL D” drum for a while now. Always assuming that Petry/Jultz/Ference and now Marincin would make a decent bottom 4.

    Boy does Ference look like crap though.

    Can’t fault his effort, he’s one of the few guys that battles, but I didn’t see him make one single good pass or smart clear tonight. Not one. Mind you, there was no shortage of d zone giveaways, passes into skates, passes into pressure, etc. by all the D and F, but Ference seemed the most clueless of the bunch.

    I wonder if he’s still concussed?

  67. spoiler says:

    justDOit: A list of NHL scouts at the game tonight: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BflW78LIcAArHTZ.jpg

    Didn’t know Tom Watt was still working in hockey. Nice to see.

  68. flyfish1168 says:

    Didn’t see much of the game. How did Omark play? does he have a chance to get to 15 games?

  69. hankster says:


    It’s extreme to label Hall as the cancer in the room and I don’t believe he is. Besides, talk bad about the river pusher may anger the natives here or banned from this blog. But we can talk lengths about birth order and being an only child. Being an only child and I’m still a little selfish and sulk at age 43 ! Can only imagine what i was like in my early twenties. Just because Halls our best offensive player doesn’t mean he’s the captain. Duchesne, P Kane, Kessel and many other prolific scorers in the past are not captains and it’s OK.

    Lots of blame to go around in this perpetual train wreck, starting from the top of the org. But we need a shakeup for sure. Lots of people are so scared of trading “the core” …what if it’s a rotten core ? Gasp! no, no don’t say that around here ! It’s ok, just switch the number stitching on that jersey.

    If the baby is ugly, only the parents would think it’s cute. Meanwhile, Trotz, Eller, Ferraro and Ott called out the Oilers and parents here are up in arms. What the hell do they know?

    Solutions? there’s already at least ten to twenty offered in this blog, daily. 99% of those trade proposals still won’t put this team into the playoffs next year. Team defence and cohesion is needed and looks to be at least a couple of years away. I feel that’s the cold hard truth, but now back to the sweet lies….

  70. VOR says:


    You asked what metric I used. I never claimed he was stellar over the regular season but since you did:

    “What metric was used to describe RNH as stellar?
    Many use Shots Against/60, as goal against is mostly goalie driven.
    Here’s all the Oilers Forwards who average 1min/60 or more on the PK and their shots against/60
    RYANJONES 54.2
    WILLACTON 49.6
    RYANSMYTH 49.3
    I wouldn’t use “stellar” to describe 55.1/60
    Below NHL average is more correct
    There are 177 NHL forwards who have played more than 20 games and average +1min/60 on the PK.
    RNH’s 55.1 SA/60 ranks him 154/177″

    In this article Daniel Wagner proposes using Fenwick. I have opted to go with that for the reasons he sites. Rob Vollamn uses something he calls shot differential/2 minutes which is the closest match I can come to your claim that stats guys use shots against and most sources of PK ranking use time on ice and opposition and zone start etc far more than any thing else.

    Before I go on Vollamn’s approach suggests RNH is pretty much league average for the year to date in terms of penalty killing. Both Wagner and Vollman seem to believe that shots for need to be factored into the ratings somehow. Neither suggests using only shots against. In fact, Wagner says shots against/60 is really not well correlated with outcomes. RNH generates a lot of offence while on the PK and you aren’t factoring that in though Wagner and Vollman do factor it in as I just said.

    Fenwick for Oilers with more than thirty games played and over 1 minute per game penalty killing using Behindthenet.ca:
    1. Jordan Eberle = -56.9
    2. RNH = -61.1
    3. Matt Hendricks = -64
    4. Nick Schultz = -66
    5. Jeff Petry = -70.2
    6. Ryan Jones = -72.7
    7. Boyd Gordon = -76.8
    8. Andrew Ference = -77.9
    9. Ryan Smyth = -78.2
    10. Mark Arcobello = -79.4

    By the Oilers standards RNH looks like he is more than holding his own. Tonight he was on for 1 PK goal against but was -40 Fenwick/60 – net -2 in 3 minutes of play. The only night all season where RNH has been shelled on the PK was against Boston. -150/Fenwick per 60. Other than that he is doing okay as the 2C on the PK. Again, I can’t find any evidence his PK time is hurting his game. Like most 2C PKers he plays lower level opposition with poor teammates and it only makes up 20% of his ice-time and there is no evidence he would play more in the other two disciplines if he didn’t PK.

  71. VOR says:

    Sorry I see I kept getting Rob Vollman’s name wrong.

    Also, woodguy, I meant to say that since you raised the issue of what metric somebody might use to prove RNH was stellar over the course of the season I would show you at least one which demonstrates precisely that. Fenwick does precisely that. There seems to be universal agreement that evaluating PKers is best done with an eye to what sort of PKing team they play on and the Oilers aren’t very good. Compare Wagner’s numbers for the Canucks to those for the Oilers and you get the idea really quickly that nobody on the Oilers would look good on the Canucks. On the other hand RNH is looking as good as there is on the Oilers since at the moment Eberle is now below the 1 minute per game PKing and at least twenty games played threshold making RNH the undisputed Fenwick leader on the PK for the Oilers. In other words he is now as stellar as any Oiler.

  72. teddyturnbuckle says:

    They definitely deserved to loose that one. Can’t believe how badly the Oil got dominated by the Sabres. Starting to get really worried about this team. Like the kind of worried that our top line isn’t very good. Doug Maclean said the Oilers need to create a top nine and I agree with him. I’ve seen enough. Its been three years now and the Hall RNH Eberle line just can’t get the job done. They have a few good games and then play five bad ones. They don’t deserve all the good ice time. The top line is just as much of a problem as the defence on this team. Get killed against good top lines around the league and rarely ever bring any physicality.

  73. gogliano says:

    A list of NHL scouts at the game tonight: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BflW78LIcAArHTZ.jpg

    Yakupov is heading to Russia?

  74. dangilitis says:


    Joel Ward was signed to a slightly inflated contract following a breakout playoff campaign.

    His value during free-agency was not necessarily aligned with real roster impact during the regular season and the post season does not always provide an accurate picture of a player’s ability.

    As for Fernando Pisani and Ulcerative Colitis.

    If you knew me at all, personally that is as I don’t get into details online, you would not make this statement. I don’t begrudge you your pet peeve and passion, but you might want to reconsider before going off on me over a comment that has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Pisani’s health or illness. My comments were in regard to his being signed to an inflated contract following another post season run that produced results that were outside of his historical abilities to perform.

    I cannot speak to others on this forum, but believe me when I tell you that I can, as much as any other person I know, empathize with Fernando Pisani’s health issues.

    Again, I understand your passion, but next time you feel that strongly re-read a comment before replying.

    If that is your idea of going off on someone you must have thin skin to add to those health issues you can’t disclose.

    I like most of your comments that you post but simply disagreed that Pisanis contract was a massive overpay if he had fulfilled reasonable goals. If he had continued putting up 30-40 pts a season and played tough 3rd line minutes which he did in 2005-06 and for much of 2006-07 (pre 2007 40 lb wt loss), he’d be Boyd Gordon. Yet you speak of him and ward as players who seem to have been overvalued when in fact they are weak examples of this. Those 2 (incl pre injury pisani) are players who got slightly better deals than warranted based on a teams fear they cannot fill that need externally. If you want to use a player rewarded on a small sample size, clarkson comes to mind as a much better example and any astute gm could see that he had 2 different seasons last year.

    A bigger pet peeve is people who say that others don’t read but have missed the point of another because of careless misreading. 14 years of post secondary education and I still get lectured by Rex

  75. fifthcartel says:

    Kings lose 4 in a row, Sam Gagner watch 2014 amp up?

  76. Ribs says:

    gogliano: Yakupov is heading to Russia?

    Maybe the Greenville Road Warriors.

  77. Caramel Obvious says:

    Didn’t see much of the game. How did Omark play? does he have a chance to get to 15 games?

    He played with Ennis and Stafford and they dominated the Oilers shift after shift. He was better than any Oiler that’s for sure. 61.5% Fenwick on the game.

  78. dangilitis says:

    Referenced in an article by Scott Cullen in defense of Ovechkin. Even though he argues that +/- is a crap stat (and I agree), he then goes on to show cumulatively, best and worst +/- players since 2000. Not surprisingly, look whose name shows up on that list as the only current Oiler (albeit some familiar names as former Oilers, as well)


  79. auzy11 says:

    Cant see where Gagner wil help kings score more?…Maybe Eberle,but Gagner?

  80. auzy11 says:

    There has got to be some moves made,,and soon,,,,the top line gets killed by other top lines just as much as the much maligined D,,,time for one to go for sure,,,Hall easily gets you big return,,,woops,,,Hall is a swear word, here in trade talk…..wake up!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna watch this for 3-4 more years…man

  81. Andy P says:

    I believe the time has come to move out any and all players who, for coach after coach, have refused to show the effort required of a true professional. Skill is worthless without effort, and the vast majority of our so-called skilled core are putrid with occasional flashes f brilliance that bring us back time and again.

    the players I’d keep include Nuge, Hemsky and even Yak. I would no longer care if we swapped any or all of Eberle, Jultz and Hall out, and I cant wait for them to ship out Gags.

    If we were a real but inconsistent team then pride would have come in last night and they wold have blown Buffalo out the water 8-0. They have the firepower to do that. But they are not, we have a bad core, and we need a new core, of perhaps less skilled but much more hard working players, who are prepared to get their hands dirty.

    Seeing that they have successfully resisted every effort of every coach that has tried to turn them around. They’ve screwed the coaches, us and the franchise.

  82. hunter1909 says:

    They say if you live long enough you get to see everything, and here’s the first time I’ve ever read anyone crazy enough to want to run Hall out of Edmonton:

    Andy P: I would no longer care if we swapped any or all of Eberle, Jultz and Hall out

    Laughing stock of the 29 other NHL teams, and fan bases – check

    Everyone and their dog KNOWS it’s down to Lowe+his cronies – check

    Having fucked up the development of Schremp, Mikhnov, Rita and so many others it’s going to take forever…we finally see 1ST OVERALL PICKS being pilloried – check


    Not sure about anyone else around Lowetide, but am becoming 90% apathetic re whatever eventually happens. Lowe’s Losers are easy to ignore.

  83. Pouzar says:

    Andy P,

    I worry man….I really really worry.

  84. Gary69Roberts69 says:

    I’m imposing some serious moves. Our organization should be seeking out such trades as follows.

    (1st) Gagner / Edmonton’s first round draft pick (they will be receiving at the end of this year) for Evander Kane.

    (If it’s a number 1 pick, then they should trade Ganger and the #1 pick for Sharp.)

    (2nd) Hemmer for Wayne Simmonds, straight across the board.

    (3rd) – I would like your input on this one. I don’t know who for, but I am thinking possibly a large package deal involving Dustin Byfuglien / Sharp or Evander Kane

    Your input is greatly appreciated

  85. Gary69Roberts69 says:

    BLOCKBUSTER DEAL – (Klefbom / Hemskey / Gagner / Edmonton’s 1st round 2015 Draft pick / Ryan Jones) For (Evander Kane / Patrick Sharp / Dustin Byfuglien)

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