I always liked the St. Louis Blues. Their uniforms were cool and they had a personality (the Blues, along with the Shero Flyers, wanted to kill you) that was personified by the Plager brothers. Billy, the youngest, was more a skill type defender and not tough like his older brothers. Bob was the guy who played before expansion, which in the early days of the era meant he was better (I have no idea if that’s true, it’s just that was the rule. Original 6—better!).


The Edmonton Oilers have several young defensemen on display at the NHL level now, and they could end up being the group we observe for the rest of the decade. Jeff Petry arrived early, Justin Schultz a year ago, Martin Marincin a few months ago, and Oscar Klefbom this week. The Oilers have Dillon Simpson (more on him in a minute) and Darnell Nurse on the way, and in pro hockey and a tier below these men are fellows like Brandon Davidson, David Musil and Martin Gernat.

That’s a large department of youth.

king quoteI believe there’s a very good chance Ekblad falls to the Oilers. The Sabres have a plethora of young blue and could use an elite-level center (Reinhart). Buffalo could trade down (say with Calgary) to block the Oilers, but those kinds of moves are much talked about but rarely happen. King’s point about Schultz (he mentioned it in another tweet) is that Schultz will get paid because boxcars but the defense is and may continue to be wobbly.

The Oilers love Schultz, this much we know.

The point by King is well made, though. Among Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse and Ekblad (and Simpson) the defensive side of the game contributes a lot to their value. I’d count a few of these men as “two-way” types but Klefbom would certainly be more of a defensive defenseman. If he spends 15 years in the NHL and doesn’t exceed Jason Smith’s peak season boxcars, can anyone be surprised?


Dillon Simpson’s college career is coming to an end, I’m anxious to hear he has signed with the Oilers. This guy may have the talent to force himself into the mix sooner than later. It’ll be interesting to see the numbers he signs for, too. Travis Ewanyk signed for $670,000 plus $215,000 in signing bonus money (and $30,000 in performance dollars, $60,000 AHL salary) and is a decent comparable. Ewaynk was taken 18 spots before Simpson, so logic would dictate that (all things being equal) Simpson would be a little shy of those numbers. My guess is he signs a significantly superior contract.

gregor simpson

perron common1

David Perron returns to St. Louis tonight, says he’ll be nervous. The Perron acquisition is one of MacT’s best roster moves this season, despite the price. He’s a fun player to watch, what with his weird angle goals and pissing off the opposition. Fun player, great add. His goal the other night is a perfect example of the things he does well. Drive to the net, stick down. No fear. Hell, strike that. He pursues the opposition into the scoring areas. A wonderful player.



10 this morning, TSN 1260. Lots to chat about,  and the guest list is a moving target. Scheduled to appear:

  • Dennis King, Oilogosphere icon. We’ll talk GM meetings, and that item Dennis tweeted about the Oiler blue.
  • Neal Livingston, Tend The Farm. OKC Barons in a death struggle for the playoffs, Oil calling up their best. Neal vents, 10:25.
  • Corey Pronman, king of the prospect writers, ESPN and Hockey Prospectus. The 2014 draft is coming into view, we’ll get an update.
  • Aaron Bold, Edmonton Rush. The winning streak is still rolling, we’ll talk to Aaron about this dream season.

10-1260 via text, @Lowetide_ on twitter. See you on the radio!

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  1. Big Dan says:

    Other than the occasional dumb penalty, I did not understand the diatribe of hatred towards a 7D coming from these parts – until last night.

    Ay carumba, Mark Fraser was getting eaten alive out there. After getting beaten for the puck behind the net for goal 5? 6?, the body language from Dallas Eakins was obvious. The camera panned in on him rolling his eyes and clapping his tongue. It said ‘Fraser’s done’. Fraser one-upped eakins by taking a dumb penalty the next play… wow, the refs stunk. I am surprised refs ever call a penalty when Laperriere falls down (aka dives).

    Still, I liked the spirit last night. It reminded me of the days when MacT was coach when the Oilers worked hard every night and had a reputation of being a hard team to play against. Yeah, they were young and they had Pavelec-like goaltending. But they didn’t get pushed around.

    The Blues deservedly are big and have a cocky swagger. Edmonton was having none of it, despite getting their teeth kicked in on the scoreboard. This “hate to lose” attitude was brought in from Scrivens (I love his anger after every goal), Perron, Gordon, Hendricks, Ference. I like it.

    And I agree with those of you that hopes Arco is recalled, Yakupov/ Eberle go for Myers/ Stafford-ish and Gagner for Clifford/Martinez-ish. If MacT can parlay three small, one-dimensional forwards for some quality D and grit, we’re fighting for a playoff spot at this time next year. Is it possible? If so, the end is near.

    The Blues are mighty impressive. Oshie, Backes, Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester, Tarasenko, Schwarz, Sobotka stuck out last night. Steen is great at keeping the puck in the zone on the power play.

  2. theres oil in virginia says:

    G Money,
    I have issues with two of your assertions. First, Hall may look slow because he suffered a nasty knee injury that very easily could have ended his season. Second, they may be getting to pucks late due to slow reaction rather than fitness. (Other teams seem to know where the puck is going to go, the Oilers, not so much.) Third, one party states that Eberle is losing weight because he’s a lazy good-for-nothing, and the other states he’s losing weight because he’s overtraining. The opposite ends of the spectrum to explain a non-existent phenomenon. This is not the kind of statement to take as meaningful about whether Eberle is training or what he weighs: “Eberle at draft was listed at 185 he is now listed at 180 and he has lost an inch going from 6-0 to 5-11.” There are countless examples of ridiculous ranges for weight and height listings from different sources for current vitals, without even including the range from year to year. The only thing I’ve seen from Eberle regarding his weight/fitness/toughness, is his willingness and effectiveness at delivering body-checks. He is getting better at it, but if one expects him to become Matt Hendricks plus be a goal scorer, that’s delusional. Oh, and it’s “Dr. Kassian, MENSA” to you. ;)

  3. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    I’ve wandered into a dank, dark place this morning reading through the comments.

    I’m just happy to see the boys lose so I can dream my big dreams about Draisaitl.

  4. losinghope says:

    As an Edmontonian living in STL, this was my first time to see the Oilers play live this year. Watching this team live is even worse than watching them on TV. Despite all of the moans about the bottom six and D, I’m starting to believe the bigger problem is with all of our #1s. Hall, RNH, Yak looked horrible last night and all three seem to be regressing at an ever increasing pace. Every rush seems to result in a turnover due to a bad back pass. Forward coverage of the high slot doesn’t exist. No one hits. No one plays with intensity. The Perron goal was pretty, but with that much talent there should be at least a play a period where someone does something that makes you want to jump out of your seat. Growing up with the dynasty team, there wasn’t a game (even in the 79 to 84 period) where you left the rink thinking that you saw at least a few plays that were special. Last night and on too many nights over the past 7 years, I can’t help but feel that this entire rebuild is turning us into the perpetual losers of the NHL — Cleveland Browns, Sacramento Kings, KC Royals, NYI loser bad. Something drastic has to change.

  5. Woodguy says:

    Vladamir Sobotka lead the Blues with a 80% CF last night.

    16CF 4CA


    Jonathan Willis ‏@JonathanWillis 8h
    The #Oilers are now +5/-8 in scoring chances *on the power play* in their last three games.

    There are no words for how bad that is.

  6. sliderule says:

    The one positive I got from the game was the play of the young call ups Marincin and Klefbom.
    They tried to find a check and moved the puck well without panic.

    The big negative of course was Fraser.There probably is a place for a guy like him for the PK and minimum even minutes but the extra cross check when the game was not totally out of reach was stupid.

    Of course with the coach praising him after one game were he did a similar cross checking sequence without getting a deserved penalty might have something to do with his action.

  7. gcw_rocks says:


    That’s coaching. They weren’t generating crazy shot volumes or scoring chance last year, but they were okay. It’s basically the same players, so all roads lead back to Eakins and his collection of clowns he calls his assistants.

  8. Woodguy says:


    That’s coaching. They weren’t generating crazy shot volumes or scoring chance last year, but they were okay. It’s basically the same players, so all roads lead back to Eakins and his collection of clowns he calls his assistants.

    I agree with this 100%

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