A few days ago, I was a guest on Jason Strudwick’s show. I’m always interested in talking to Jason (he’ll be my guest at 3 this afternoon on TSN 1260) because he’s actually played the game at its highest level. He asked me how many (among Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse and possibly Ekblad) rookies I’d like to see manning the Oiler blue next season, and my answer was one: Martin Marincin. Why?

RickLeyIn the early 1970′s, the Leafs had a bunch of young defensemen growing up together. Jim Dorey, Jim McKenny, Rick Ley, Mike Pelyk, Brad Selwood, Brian Glennie and others were all kids together. This came on the heels of the team icing a group of old men like Allan Stanley, Tim Horton, Bob Baun, Carl Brewer and Larry Hillman, so the nation of Canada noticed (there was even a movie, Face-Off, which included on-ice footage and featured Jim McKenny).

Those kids, and Howie Meeker’s telestrator, taught me about young defensemen. Meeker would be featured between periods and say things like “KIDS, DON’T PLAY LIKE THE LEAFS!” in his excited voice. He would then painstakingly teach me about the game, why kids on defense could not be trusted, and what it meant to the results of the game. Meeker, who is one of the truly underrated people in the game’s history, would then show something positive about the Leafs (usually Keon, or maybe some new kid like Billy MacMillan making a good play) and that was Saturday when I was a kid.



  • Justin Schultz, 70, 10-20-30. A 23-year old college defenseman who is mobile squared. Schultz at even strength this season (70, 9-11-20) has posted impressive numbers, but there’s too much chaos. Dallas Eakins is going to have to cut back his playing time at evens next season.
  • Jeff Petry, 76, 6-10-16. The 26-year old is Edmonton’s best defenseman full stop. The fanbase isn’t excited about him in a Tom Gilbert kind of way, but that doesn’t obscure the fact that he’s effective at hockey. I think he’s a legit top 4D, and that’s news on this team.
  • Martin Marincin, 40, 0-5-5. Just turned 22, and looks brilliant in 3D. Oilers could not have hand picked a better solution to their defensive woes, and the timing of his arrival was also brilliant. Marincin makes simple, intelligent plays, is a mobile player who can pass tape to tape and move the puck up expertly. His 40 games in the NHL expose the recent seasons of Oilers blue as fraudulent.
  • Andrew Ference, 75, 3-15-18. Ference is 35 years old and brings much needed experience to the team. He’s the opposite of Petry in that the ‘informed’ fans are on his back but the fanbase considers him to be quality. My own feeling is that Ference was a solid add, but the struggles of the team highlight a need for more, not fewer, of this player-type.
  • Anton Belov, 53, 1-6-7. Big Russian rookie is 27 and seems equipped with equal parts useful play and fatal shortcomings. He’s a frustrating mark, because 500 at-bats should be enough to figure out any player. Maybe MacT’s “if you have to ask the question” applies here.
  • Oscar Klefbom, 13, 1-2-3. The 20-year old defender seems to grow in stature with each game. Klefbom is very mobile and can close a gap in a heartbeat. He’s more effective with the puck than his boxscores in other leagues imply. If Struds asked me the same ‘how many?’ question after last night’s game I would change my answer to add Klef bomb. Then again, Rick Ley says hello.
  • Phil Larsen, 26, 3-6-9. 24-year old rover who I compared to Corey Potter in the summer, pointing to the fact that players with similar stats can be wildly different as actual players. Larsen is not going to be an effective NHL defenseman, but may have a role in an M-A Bergeron kind of way. He may also end up playing right wing—Larsen has been very effective late season in that role.
  • Mark Fraser, 38,1-1-2. 27-year old enforcer/defender hasn’t worked out at all. I’m reminded of the Ulanov rental period when he came over from Montreal that year, buddy couldn’t do a thing to help. Igor worked hard to get it back, maybe this guy will do the same. There was a time in this fair land when the Oilers could find a defenseman at midnight in a snowstorm. I don’t believe they have Midas in their scouting department these days, and suspect Fraser will not be welcomed back next year.

Une question d’une réponse

  • Strud’s question to you: How many of the kids (Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse, maybe Ekblad, Simpson et al) would you like to see on the opening night roster?

PS, Saturday Sports Extra is 3-5p today, after the Oil Kings broadcast. We’ll have Jason Strudwick, Paul Almeida from a soccer pitch in Spain, Corey Graham from the Oil Kings broadcasts and Steve Dangle from Leafs Nation to preview HNIC.

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  1. jimmers2 says:

    frjohnk: I don’t know if it is coaching, injuries or just age catching up to the Sedins, but they are not the players they were 2, 3 years ago.

    Oilers could get absolutely hosed in this deal, not to mention that they could be paying 14M to two players in 2017-18 who might not even be 2nd line quality.s>

    Interesting trade. FWIW, my week eyes tend to agree with you, the Sedins don’t seem to pack the same punch they used to have. Nevertheless VCR’s 2013-2104 Vollman chart shows them being as excellent “2 Way” players, the same role they have been employed in since forever. And they have big blue bubbles once again this year as well, despite the scoring droughts, serious ongoing injuries and moral chaos all around them. They are still performing. Age will reel them in obviously and inevitably, so the end of those contracts in 2017-18 is enough time for plenty of erosion. The question on such a trade and its cost might be “do the Oilers see their window closing by 2017-2018″? If so, the trade is tempting. Nevertheless, the current core (Hall, Eberle, RNH) are on contract until 2019-20 and further and MacT will have the opportunity to sign at least some of Yak, Perron, Shultz and the young defence for as long. Maybe MacT figures that the myth of a deep balanced roster and contender status could materialize through internal development by say 2016 , if coaching works out and morale and nerves hold (and the Creek don’t rise). Lots of ifs there but that would be a longer term plan than a Cup shot by 2017.

  2. Woodguy says:

    Eric Tulsky is doing some writing for FiveThiryEight now.

    A sentence from his first piece for them:

    The magic of analytics is in recording all of the small things lost to memory that add up to something significant.

    That’s exactly it.

    We are just on the cusp of finding out some really cool stuff about why things happen on the ice.

    Read the whole thing here: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-people-pushing-the-nhl-into-the-advanced-stats-era/

  3. stevezie says:


    I remember how weak the 07 draft was said to be. It looks like the second best draft of the decade, now.

  4. Colieo87 says:

    Jamie Benn and “Tough points to lose, it wasn’t a good game for us,” Seguin said. “No excuses even though it was back to back. We expect better.”


    Gets everyone going and it seems to get the crowd going, too, especially at home,” said Hall. “Those guys play hard and want to defend their teammates. If we keep playing tough and keep playing with pride and Jordan Eberle.

    Bad mix vs 1st year success of actually challenging for a playoff spot. ( good job stars) the oilers are magic for you eyes and all you see is blinks every so often. They can’t control their own destiny. With that said my good “SIR” Edmonton has to get McDavid to see this straight.

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